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02-10-2004, 03:49 AM
Yeah so I suck at modding, whatís your point? :)

Anyway what Iím trying to do is to make it so when the Jedi NPCís equip their robes they will look like their cloths. Understand what Iím saying? Now Iím sure it will be a pain for someone but would anyone mind typing up a walkthrough for this for me to follow? Like type up one for Jolee that can be used for the other two, etc.

I tired doing this myself but what ever I did was not what I wanted to do. Now the second and third thing I want to do will probably not be possible to do both. I want to replace the Dark Jedi Robes for the PC with Darth Bandons Robes like the mod (I forget who made it) then I want to make it so the White\Tan Jedi Robes some of the Jedi at the temple wear replace the Jedi Robes for the PC.

Now, if anyone feels like helping me out great! However please be a detailed as possible, as I donít know how to do hardly anything.

Thanks in advance!


02-10-2004, 02:05 PM
To do this, you need to download kotor tools. You can get the link from the sticky thread posted in this forum.

Once you have that, open the tool and go to BIFs --> 2da.bif -->appearance.2da. Notice that the line #2-10 are the lines that determines the look of your party member. Now go to Jolee's line, which is the line #7. Then scroll right to the column ModelB and TexB. These two column contains the appearance for the normal clothings. Now copy the value inside it "P_JoleeBB" and scroll further to the right until you see the column ModelI and TexI. Paste it there. save the file under your override directory. thats it =)

You can do the same thing for DarthBandon and Tan Robe also. However, instead of getting the value that you want from the same line, you have to scroll down until you find Darth Bandon's line, then note the value from there. To make it easy for you, Darth bandon's model and texture name is "N_DarthBand". Change the ModelI and TexI to this value and you should get the robe. For the tan robe, it is "N_JediCounM" and "N_JediCounF" for the male and female respectively.

If you want to change the player model, the player lines are located from #91-180. There are a lot of player lines, each for the different appearances that you can choose when you begin the game. Either you have to know which line is your character's or you can change the value of all those line.

To make specific armor, let say Dark Jedi Armor only but not the rest of the armor, to look differently, you need to change the item file.

02-11-2004, 12:13 AM
Excellent! Thanks allot! The weird thing is I did that exact thing for the NPC's cloths but I got a freaky error. But anyway it worked this time so Iím not complaining. I made two different files one with bandon armor for robes and one with the tan ones. Yes, I donít even know how to do it the other way but this way works fine. :)


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