View Full Version : A Model Request

02-13-2004, 04:10 AM
Okay, this is really only for those who have played Warcraft III, and/or it's expansion pack. Plus you would've had to play the Single Player Campaigns to know who I'm talkin about. :/

Ok, I want a model + skin of Arthas (the traitor, Death Knight version), to use in JA, this is also better left to those who actually own WC3 coz then they can locate sounds to put in the model file (geez, I'm gettin fussy). I dunno if I have a pic of Arthas to show here, but I can take a screenshot later for reference, if needed.
If anyone can make this, it would be greatly appreciated. :D


PS: If anyone does decide make this skin, I'd like the taunt sound to be "I'll be twice the king my father ever was". But any sound of his will be cool.
PPS: You may have to extract the Warcraft III mpq files to find the sounds to add to the model.