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Black Knight of Keno
02-14-2004, 06:05 PM
Ok, I am one of the three dragon lord's. Two are allway's on war between each other's. The silver dragon lord and the black dragon lord have grand armies and they have divided the world into three countries and the silver dragon lord's Silverine is the largest. The darklands of the black dragon lord is the second largest. The no-one's land is the divided country where every city control's themselfs. Then there is the eagle mountains that rise high on the north that have not been yet conquered by anyone... well, they think that no-one hasn't conquered it, but the third dragon lord lives there.
Profile example:
Bio: (not necessary)
Name: Tepe Goldurion
Homeplace: Eagle mountains
Occupationt: Unknown dragon lord, wizard
Tepe walks down the street on his helmetless armor (http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/v/i/vibe/blackwarriorfix.jpg) that is covered by a cape. ((The pic has the helmet, but think it without it))
He look's at the people on the market, buying fruits and put's his hood on. He has the reputation of a lonely magician of the town that is near the eagle mountains. "Those people hwo know that they know nothing but think that they know everything... They are just pathetic" Tepe mumble's and sit's on a bench to see the people walk by and the children that come playing around him.