View Full Version : Problems with academy mod 1,5

02-18-2004, 02:01 PM
Hello guys

iam having a bit of problems here and i hope that you pro's can help me out.

#1: in my jedi academy 1.5 mod, i cant get the config file working so that names can appear when someone gets slapped. in consol n% turns into n, what have i done wrong?

#2: i cant get dismember working! i think the command is /cg_dismember 1 but it wont work. i also tried changed the number to ex 1500 but i doesnt change anything.

#3: if i in my server wants to be terminator the command is /amterminator playername but nothing happens. how should i set up my server to get i work?

#4: and the last thing! limited force powers... how?

If you want to help me out my mail is jonas2906@hotmail.com

you may also just right it here.... hope you will help me out :)