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02-20-2004, 02:47 AM
Im at that point were I have to find Landosīs ship:

I just went everywhere, even found the secret area above the big deposit that has all the pipes, all ready tried to blow up some of the pipes to see if some one colapses, hopping thas the way in, and went to te other side where the green and red codes are, but nothing.

I almost forggot, there is a strange noise (like doors open and closes) just in front of the big gates where the plattform its, I think there is a secret entrance, even i been there for a while an the noise repeat it self many times, I use the force of speed so if i catch the entrance but nothing.

Even been in the room that has a big hole with red ligts an enter the dark room (that the only door besides the entrance that opens).

And the last one have been all ready in the next down aile, but cant find an entrance.

If you could give me a hint I will apreciate very much.

PS: Sorry if I write like an apache speaks, Im doing my best. :bdroid2:

03-02-2004, 12:31 PM
So you have to get to Lando's ship? Have you opened the big door that leads to his ship? If this is the case than just head pretty much in the direction of the starting area, on your way there you should see that this gigantic door has been opened and that lando will be waiting for you there.

hope it helps.