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02-20-2004, 04:34 PM
This has been asked before but I dont think there has been a working answer yet.

Now when I attempt to play the game the hud is all messed up. The radar screen is in the middle of the targeting reticule, the text font is all wonkey and the wrong sprites are used for many of the usual icons on screen

Now i was wondering if anyone had encountered this before and if they managed to solve it.

Im running and Athlon 2800+ with a GeForce 4 ti 4200, although I've had the same problem with my old p3 733 with a GeForce 3.

Before you leap to the conclusion that its the video card a friend of mine can run it on his computer which also has a GeForce 4, that and I HAVE had it running properly on my old computer (the 733) though i got no idea how i managed it.

I have all the latest drivers for my video card, mother board and even bios but nothing seems to help.

Any advice would be appreciated

André Friedrich
02-25-2004, 07:59 PM
Hey there...

I only had once seen a totally corrupted screen, after leaving the computer alone and screensaver activated (one hour later). "I brought the ship back", but deinstalled the bios(!) energy/screen saver. Never had a problem again.

Your problems start with mission/skirmish start? Say: you can start XWA, you can go into the different rooms, but you can't play (due to the graphics)??
- First try to check you computer within the start popup window of XWA (hardware-check).
- Second: set all graphic values to no/not used/lowest = basics. If this works, you can change parameter for parameter and see, which one causes trouble.
- Third: Alternativly you can set all to on/used/highest; especially the graphic-cards own 3D-hardware chip is of interest (hardware-options, including special effects, mip-mapping and so on).

If the problem isn't solved inside the game:

Check your pc-setup, compare it to another players computer. Any chance for a hotline (PC, Bios, card, game)? Check internet customer support, even they can't help, it could give new ideas!

- You checked the readme on CD about good/bad graphic-cards?
- You can play other games like Rogue Squadron or XvT or BoB or games programmed that time (about 1998-2000)?

- Besides: you have completely reinstalled XWA and patched for Version 2.02 for sure?
- Try to deactivate most background programms (anti-virus and whatever isn't needed while you are playing).

- Never change a running system, but if anything else fails, you may try another card (any friends available for testing yet?)

If it helps: I can play XWA on an old PII-333 with 4MB graphic (AGP), 3GB HD and Windows 98 - also on an AMD 1400+ with NVIDIA Gforce2 DDR, shortly updated with DirectX 9.0b with much more Ram and diskspace.

Hope some people can help in a better way...

03-04-2004, 07:44 PM
Well I have the same problem on my portable Dell M60 system.
Game runs fine only all text in the cmd is totally unreadable.
Sort of takes the fun out of the game.

However, if I run in software mode the text i readable. But who want's that? I mean Hardware 3d is soo much nicer.

Time for a patch to surface.

Anyway I get no problems if I run the system test and everything else seems to run fine.

I sure hope that they will support a longer lifespan for their games. what is it 4 years old 5?

-at this time somewhat dissapointed-