View Full Version : Heli attack 2

02-21-2004, 04:22 AM
I've been at this game for a couple of days now it's tres sweet.

Heli attack 2 (http://www.urbnet.com/arcade/HELIATTACK2.html)

I ranked 17th today

my best heli's destroyed is 58
my shot accuracy is 71%
and my best high score is 1794700

Try and beat some a those and post your scores n stuf.
Let's hear what you people think of the game.

In my oppinoin ist's the best mini game I've ever played, hours and hours of fun.

And a litte tip if you've never played it before. Use the hyper jump to jump above the choppers, if you blow them up when your above them you get a little bit of ammo for a random weapon.