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Black Knight of Keno
02-21-2004, 09:39 PM
After the incidents on Independence day(the movie), the humans have armed their fighters so they can fight in space and so on.

Name: Tepe Garrison
Age: 29
Country: USA
Occupation: Lieuetant of the U.S. Air Forces
Bio: unknown
Tepe pilots his fighter, Valkyrie 1. He is one of the huge group that is heading towards the huge ships near moon. They intend to destroy as many as possible. Tepe looks the other's and then the closing enemy. Then he hears a familiar sound. Buzzing. The enemy fighters attack and so the battle is on. Tepe starfes to the left, hitting targets one at a time. Then he heads towards one of the landing ship that is going towards moon to destroy the human colonies there. He gets help from Valkyrie 2 and 3.