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02-24-2004, 07:51 AM
Hey! This is a spin-off thread of There is no peace, origanlly started by Shado Vorn in the roleplaying forums of starwarsknights.com, and a conclusion of There is no peace part 2, started by Rick Ulo in this very forum. I STRONGLY sujest you read them both to get the full story before joining this threat, otherwise some things might confuse you.

The rules are simple and standerd. No Godmodeing, no character killing, no major character control, like haveing somebody elses character make a important choise that could majorly affect the story and that character. Though haveing them ask simple questions and perform simple actions and choises and such is okay. Also, though if you really want to, and MUST be a Jedi, you can. But I would strongly prefere you not be, instead be a soldier, a commando, a fighter pilot, hell be a gun turret operator, or you could play some sort of non-combat role if you wish. Just try and stay clear of Jedi characters, they tend to over shadow non-Force sensatives.

( And please forgive my spelling, I know, its awful... )

Oh, and I think, from what I can tell, the TINP threads and this are happening at about 2000 - 2500 years before ANH. Atleast thats what I think.

Many years after the war of the Sith, at the command of Malak, the Republic has finally recovered from the strain of the conflict, all appearing to be calm. The Jedi order, also healed from the crippleing war, felt that they might truely find peace. However, this was not to be. For a evil Sith Lord by the name of Zera, had been rebuilding the Sith Armada for quite a few years. It had reached an impressive size, and he was prepareing to strike down the Republic, but instead, it was he who was struck down.

Takeing up this mantle was Sukara Delwynn. He proclaimed himself the new Sith Lord, seeking to capture the Jedi that foiled Zera, he sent a strike force to capture Rick Ulo and Brittany, the two surviveing members of the assault on Zera's base. He sucseeded, but, with the help of Jamis Yon, a ex-Dark jedi, he was defeated.

However, the force was not done with Sukara. Drawing the young Jedi Visona onto his burning ship, she restored the Sith's damaged mind, and gave him another chance. Together, they fled the ship and begain there travels. They soon found out, though, that they where not alone. The mantle of Sith Lord is not easy to shead, and betraying it for the 'weak and pathetic' light side does not sit well with the Sith. They soon found themselfs under attack.

Suspecting these asaults to be more than a simple random attack, Sukara realised a startleing possability. Despite all that had happened, someone else had taken up the mantle of Sith Lord. His asumption was indeed correct. Doyen Armala, a elite student who sat with him at the Sith Acadamy had snatched the mantle. Determind not to make the same mistakes of thoughs who have come before her, she and her newly organised Sith Armada set out to conquer the galaxy in the name of the Dark Side, and the Sith.

After a encounter with the powerful Sith capital ship of Sukara Delwynn over the planet Tatooine, the Republic was alerted to the devestateing truth. The Sith had returned. Word quickly reached the Senate, who decreed that they would not hesitate to strike at this new threat before it could fully bloom. The army of the Republic was dispatched and there fleets where sent into all known Sith space. The greatest of these fleets was the one under Admiral Katach's command.

For his heroism in the past, Admiral Katach was granted power over the entire Republic armada. His own fleet consist of over 40 capital ships of various types. One of the largest ever asembled in the Republic. Not wanting to give the Sith a chance to become as strong as they once had, so many years ago. Attached to Admiral Katach's fleet are a group of the Republic best commando's. Trained from a very early age in the arts of combat, all of them are highly skilled, and very deadly.

This is the story of the non-Jedi. And it shows that you don't have to weild the force to do great things. This is the story of the soldiers of the Republic!"

Okay, you can have two characters in this thread. However, only one can be your primary. The other is your secondary. The way this works is that your primary character will be played normally, as you would in any other thread. Your secondary character is one that you will play less, but still fairly often. When makeing important choises, try and have your primary character make them, unless you feel it would disturb the story.

Your profiles should look like this.

Primary character:
Weight: (optional)
Hight: (optional)
Weapons of choise: (if any)


Secondary character:
All of the above.

Note that you do not HAVE to make a secondary character. But the option is always open to you. Thats about it I guess. Time for my profile. I hope you all have a great time in here! :)

Primary character
Name: Torian Ryth.
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Weight: 177 ibls
Hight: 5'11
Weapons of choise: Republic blaster pistol, Republic issue blaster carbine, Rocket Launcher, special issue flame thrower, short vibro-sword sidearm. Also is a trained Teras Kasi artist.
Rank: Major. The commander of the Republics special elite forces.

Profile: Submited to the Republic army by his father and trained heavily from the age of 12 to be part of the Republics elite forces program. He graduated with top marks and since then has proven invaluable to the Republic. Torian does not talk very much about his childhood, apperantly being raised in a strict household, and a sometimes abusive one.

He is completely loyal to the Republics couse, and is more than willing to give his life in the line of duty. He and his team have been summoned to aid in the Republics campaign againts the Sith. Acking for some action, he quickly awnsers the call and joins as a division of Admiral Katach's fleet.

I do not wish to have a secondary character at this time. :)

Torian enters a large room full of waiting soldiers, takeing a front seat, that was saved for him, he looks up at the stage as Admiral Katach takes the stand to begain his speech.

(( Admiral Katach is a character made by Ninir, by the way. You may not control him without her permision. ))

02-24-2004, 05:31 PM
Primary character:
Name: Gregor "Sneak" Soffelich
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Weight: 135
Hight: 5' 10"
Weapons of choise: Republic Blaster Pistol, Republic Light Carbine, and grenades of various types.
Rank: Private

Profile: Sneak, as he is commonly called, is a hacker of fairly good ability, thus making him a useful part of the team. His past is unknown, but he seems fairly well-adjusted. He has better-than-average aim with the blaster pistol, and is rather deadly with the Light Carbine, although the carbine takes several shots, accurately placed, to down a Sith Soldier.

Secondary Character:

Name: JA-36
Age: Old
Sex: Not applicable
Race: Droid
Weight: Very heavy, indeed.
Hight: 6' 3"
Weapons of choise: Anything. He loves heavy guns, especially the Heavy Repeating Rifle. He also carries a rocket launcher.
Rank: Sergeant

Profile: Many battle droids usually head for the scrap heap after a while. Not JA, though. He upgrades himself, and due to this little habit, (And the fact that others often too scared to try forcibly wiping his memory core) he's developed a bit of a personality. He was a new robot when he was built just after the Malak ordeal. He loves to mock humans, but yet continues to fight for the Republic.

"I really have nothing else better to do, amazingly," he says. "I just like blowing things up."


Sneak watched as Major Ryth entered the briefing room, looking just a touch nervous. Must actually be an actual mission going down, he thought. Finally. One more piece of training, and I'd go crazy.

Behind him, JA-36 thought similar thoughts, or at least, they were similar in that they were thoughts. His thoughts were, as they were at roughly 7200 times a day, about biological beings.

What incredibly stupid beings... he thought.

02-24-2004, 05:39 PM
As Admiral Katach was prepareing his speech Torian leaned over to Sneak, whispering to him. "I think this is going to be more than our standerd mission. Thats Admiral Katach up there."

02-24-2004, 05:44 PM
Sneak gulped a little. A full Admiral giving the presentation?


JA heard the comment about the Admiral's rank. Of course, being a droid, and a hyper-intelligent one at that, he'd known as soon as his excellent visual sensors had caught sight of the man that he was Admiral Katach.

Still a biological being, and therefore, an idiot... he thought.

02-24-2004, 05:56 PM
Torian thought for a minute as Admiral Katach conversed with the other officers. "I wonder what this is all about? I've never seen so many soldiers gathered in one place before. I heared the Sith have returned...I wonder if this has anything to do with that?" He whispered to Sneak.

rick ulo 11103
02-24-2004, 06:54 PM
name: gogin cun
age: 22
sex: male
race: human
weight: 132
height: 6' 1"
weapons of choice: heavy republic blaster carbine modified to be more accurate and powerful with a slower fire rate and a scope (a sniper rifle), blaster pistol, light blaster carbine.
rank: private
profile: gogin has a weird desire to shoot people in the heads and often talks about it, even though called sadistic he could not stop. he started training at the age of 15 and is very useful to the republic and torian's team, although often immanture.


bah i wish we could just get going with it so i can shoot some people in the heads gogin thought to himself

02-24-2004, 08:55 PM
( Welcome, Ninir! :) )

Secondary character:
Name: Nordan Frackerd.
Age: 61
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hight: 6'1
Weight: 164
Weapon of choise: None
Rank: Senator of Dantooine. Head of Republic secret intelligence.

Starting out as the govener of Dantooine, he eventually rose thru the political tree, eventually finding his place in the council. Over the years, he has aided the Republic many times, and he has since been elected as the Head of the Republics secret service. He has been attached to Admiral Katach's fleet to protect againts assasins and spys.

Nordan walked up to Katach, nodding to him. "It is time for your speech, old friend. I hope we can end this war soon..."

02-24-2004, 09:25 PM
Torian nodded at her. "You're right, they have certenly had the time to build an armada. We haven't heared from them in over a thousand years..." He says, shakeing his head. Well, I guess thats what we're here for, hey? Lets get suited up, commando's, we've got a ways to go before we reach Sith space.

Torian, Sneak, Gogan, and Sylvana made there way to the equipment storage depot. After gathering there gear, they headed twords the Freedom, the Flagship of Admiral Katach's fleet. "Make sure you didn't forget anything, we won't have a chance to stock up for a while." Turning to Sylvana he smiles. "Welcome aboard Sylvana, if any of these guys give you trouble, just give me a yell." Leaning closer to her, he whispers. "And just ignore Gogan...he's sorta crazy."

In the ship, Nordan stood by Katach, watching the soldiers board the transports and capital ships of there fleet, many of the Republics finest had traveled great distances just to be a part of the fleet, and be the first men to get a crack at the Sith. "I beleave your neice is with the commando's that where asigned to your fleet, is she not?"

02-24-2004, 10:20 PM
"Could we forget JA?" pleaded Sneak, semi-jokingly.

"I will ignore that comment, you organic waste disposal... for now." said JA, clonking his way into the transport.

"Major Ryth is right. They have had too long." Sneak faked some knowledge of the situation to impress Sylvana. He was a slicer, and usually, the outside world passed him by while he worked with his beloved computers.

JA-36 made a noise that was the electronic equivalent of snorting, and stood on the other side of the transport. "I was made just after when the last mess with the Sith happened." he said. "It's not been that long. Only a millenia or two- one tends to lose count after the first one."

02-24-2004, 10:31 PM
(Hey whos leaving me behind?? :( )

Primary character:
Name: Aiden Jast
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Weight: 165
Height: 6"3"
Weapons of choise: Modified dual blaster rifles and viroblades.
Rank: Private

Profile: Skilled in useing all types of weapons, he never even dreamed of joining the republic until he met a high ranking officer who seeing potential in Aiden suggested he join the republic. He joined the military when he was 15 and was placed in the elite forces training program. On one of his missions, with slave dealing crooks, he saved the life of Jowamba or Jo, a wookie who swore him a life debt.

Secondary character:
Name: Jowamba
Age: 50
Sex: Male
Race: Wookie
Weight: 400
Height: 9 ft
Weapons of choise: Bowcaster

Profile: As a child he was captured by slavers and was with them until Aiden saved his life. Aiden is the first true friend Jowamba has ever had, Jo is fiercely loyal to him and refuses to leave his side, even on military missions.

02-24-2004, 10:43 PM
Torian and the others where makeing there way to the crew quarters of the ship when they happened apon Aiden and Jowamba. "Wow...err, Hello, Aiden. You must be the other member we where teamed up with, correct?" Asked Torian, trying to ignore the rather large creature standing next to him. "And what do you call this big fellow...?"

02-24-2004, 10:46 PM
Aiden Jast was sitting in a republic transport due to rendezvous with the Freedom. Though he missed the breifing meeting, being on leave to attend his Mother's funeral, he had been informed of what had transpired and was about to join his assigned group under Major Ryth.

He turned towards Jo as he growled his concern, "I'm fine Jo, just tired from the long trip. Hopefully I'll be in my bunk on the Freedom soon enough."

The wookie grunted something and Aiden answered, "I don't know what to make of all this. It's amazing really how the sith were able to organize a fleet without the Republic having a clue."

"All passengers buckle in. We will be docking in 3 mins," the pilot's voice floated in through the speakers.

02-24-2004, 10:50 PM
"Major Ryth I believe?", Aiden saluted. "This here is my friend Jowamba. I'm sorry if you were not informed that he would be accompanying me sir. You see its not easy for us to be seperated..." Aiden trailed of. By the look Jo was giving at the moment, that was clear enough.

02-24-2004, 11:17 PM
Nordan nodded slowly at Dodain putting his hand on his shoulder. "Well, you know you have me and my men by your side, old friend." Nordan walked to a window, looking over the docked ships. Most of the troops had boarded and made it too there quarters. "I guess its time to get going, don't you think Dodain?"

Torian walked along the hallways of the freedom with Aiden and Jowamba aswell as the others. "I beleave we'll be lifting off soon, I think its best they we move to our quarters. Full starship hyperspace can be hard if you're not use to it, you know. They go much faster than Star Fighters or shuttles." Torian said, ariveing at there bunks. "I'll see you guys after we go into hyperspace, don't forget to strap in, now. Oh and Aiden, I'd tell your friend to keep a low profile, I'm sure he's an alright guy, but he IS intimidateing." With that, Torian walked into his room, closeing the door behind him.

The ships restraints where disengaged as the starships begain to lift off.

02-25-2004, 12:25 AM
Sneak had stayed away from the new guy and his wierd buddy. He preffered computers, they never intimidated you. He could always control computers, bend them to his will.

And that was what he was doing now, in his quarters. He was re-routing some 200 thermomoters from the Medical Bay to Ammunition, along with a note that said "Best of luck".

He got a kick out that sort of thing.


JA watched as Adrian and Jo joined the group. The Wookie was an impressive specimen, physically, for a meatbag. But it was still probably an idiot. He really had yet to find an intellect that could match his.

02-25-2004, 12:43 AM
Torian sat in his quarters, reading the most recent report on the situation. He let out a long sigh, tired from all of this reading. "I hate long waits." He mumbled to himself.

On the bridge of the Freedom Nordan sat by Dodain. "We should be ariveing at our first destination soon. Hopefully the Sith will not be expecting us. Though it is hard to hide such a fleet as ours."

02-25-2004, 03:31 AM
Torian heared the knock on his door, standing up and walking over to it, opening it up. "Yes? Oh, hello Sylvana. Can I do something for you?" He asked, not quite sure why she was in his room. "I beleave we have almost arived at our destination, and about damn time too if you ask me!" He stated, clearly as bored as her with the wait.

The Freedom, aswell as the rest of the fleet emerged from hyperspace, the ships holding a steady orbit over the world Bakura.

"Hmm, Admiral, I'm detecting a Sith outpost on the planets surface. We are also picking up three Sith Capital ships, however, at the moment they are on the other side of the planet, out of the direct line of site. Our jammers should keep there sensors from detecting us." Stated a sensory control officer.

"Looks like we arived at a good time, old friend. Though I doubt we can hide our position for long." Stated Nordan, looking at the planet Bakura thru a window.

Back in his quarters, Torian realised, by instict and experiance, that they had disengaged from hyperspace. "Finally. Maybe we'll get some excitement here." He said, with a hint of anticipation in his voice.

02-25-2004, 03:50 AM
Nordan smiled at him. "You mean simply whipe them out?" He pondered it for a moment then shook his head. "Though the sensors only detected three ships, the Sith could indeed be tricking us. If there is anything we have learned from history, it is that the Sith are no fools. And it would be foolish of us to risk casualtys becouse of a rash attack. I advise plan A, Dodain."

02-25-2004, 04:04 AM
JA-32 was, unlike the weak biological life-forms, was not nervous or impatient. He felt reasonably confident in his ability to wipe out an entire garrison of troops. (He'd had to do that once, but that was just after being recently commissioned. he was out of practice and rusty.)

As the ship slid out of hyperspace, he actually found himself looking forward to this.


Sneak detected the tell-tale rumble of the ship leaving hyperspace. He started a program he'd had in place since nearly the start of the trip. His terminal monitor lit up with the lights of the sensor board, a direct feed. He selected the enemy ships, and whistled. The planet looked reasonably serene.

For now.

02-25-2004, 04:10 AM
Torian knocked on the crew quarters of each of his team members, alerting them that they are wanted on the bridge. "Lets move Commando's, we've been called by the Admiral." He barked, as they quickly made there way to the bridge.

Saluteing Admiral Katach firmly, he begains to speak. "Major Torian Ryth and his squad all present and acounted for, sir!"

02-25-2004, 05:36 AM
Torian saluted and headed for his ship. "Okay, lets move commando's, hurry up now, thoughs Sith ain't gonna wait forever." He barked to them as they boarded the ship, once they where all secured in there seats, it lifted off, quickly makeing its way to the surface of Bakura, setting down about three miles away from the base.

"Alright, boys. Lets do this." He said, unstrapping himself from his seat, gathering his pistols, and his carbine. "Pilot, head back to the freedom, we don't want to risk them spotting you here." He ordered as the last of his squad moved down the ramp, the transport takeing off, heading back the leviathan. "Alright, Aiden, I want you to scout out the area directly north of our current position, we need to know exactly whats waiting for us before the rest of our squad moves any further." He turned to look at the large hairball that insisted on comeing with them. "Does he have to aid you in this? He isn't exactly covert-friendly."

02-25-2004, 06:31 AM
"Yes sir!" Aiden saluted then turned to the wookie. " Jo I need you to stay here while I go and investigate."

"Ahh oohw waoo." Jowamba grunted.

"No you can't come with me right now." Aiden insisted.

"UHH WAA OOHH AAAHHH." argued a rather irked Jowamba .

"Oh alright i guess you can come then." sighed Aiden "But listen carefully we need to be really silent ok?"

Jo nodded his agreement.

They left silently and swiftly, the wookie amazingly making no sound.

"Major Ryth, I met no resistance on the way but the facility is heavily guarded." Aiden reported upon return. "The Sith have no idea we are here, the idiot guards were chatting idly."

02-25-2004, 02:36 PM
Torian nodded to him. "Lets move out then, theres no time to waist! Keep quite as we make our way twords the base, suprise is still our greatest ally in this mission." He instructed to his squad as they silently made there way forward.

"Thats the best, correct Aiden? Good. Use the grass for cover, keep low." He stated. The team of commando's went low in the grass, slowly moveing in on the base, once they where within 100 meters, they stopped. Torian raised a fist, and quickly flattened his hand, the fingers of it pointing left, as he looked at Gogin, who quickly made his way 15 meters to the east. Makeing another sign with his hand, he had Sylvana move 15 meters to the right.

They stayed there, waiting for the opertunity, waiting for the troops guard to completely drop. It didn't take long. When he saw that they had lost there concentration, he raised a flattened palm, thrusting it forward, directly his troops to move in and attack. And so they did.

(( Uber_saber, is your secondary character directly part of this team? And is he with us on this mission? ))

Gogin quickly ran forward along with Sylvana, while Torian, Sneak, Aiden, and Jowamba stayed back, fireing there blasters at the troops infront of them. Gogin in the meanwhile approached from the east, as the troops where distracted by the group infront of them. Gogin shot one Sith trooper directly in the helmet of his armour, burning a hole thru it. Sylvana rained fire down on the western side, takeing another troop out with a clean shot to the chest. While the four in the front mopped up the troops fireing on them just as easily.

Torian moved closer into the base, approaching the door, that is now locked. With another quick hand jester, he ordered Sneak to hack into the bases security, and get the door open.

02-25-2004, 04:56 PM
(He is part of the team, but considering he's more like a walking tank than anything else, (And not too good at stealthiness) he's probably best used as heavy cover/distraction, backup. Oh, and I think he's probably with you, just waiting further back.)

Sneak worked the lock on the door, quickly slicing past the password screen and to the console beneath. Using his new access to the base of the operation for the panel, he quickly found the pathway to open the door, and the door was now unlocked.

He pumped his fist to indicate that he was done, maintaining the silence as much as possible.

02-25-2004, 05:08 PM
Torian rose his fist again, and directed them to get on each side of the door. Torian threw a small pad on the ground, the pad displayed a image directly infront of them, showing the door. Torian nodded at Sneak, telling him to open the door. He did so, and the pad showed several Sith Troopers, the troopers shot the pad, destroying it, but Torian quickly thru a frag grenade into the hall way, the Sith Troopers reacted too slowly and where blown away by the blast.

Torian rose his hand again and once again thrusted it forward, instructing them to move in. The commando team moved thru the base, checking the corners of it. Finally, they found a terminal computer. Raiseing his hand again, he instructed Sneak to hack it and recover the area scematics. Sneak quickly did so, and they located the primary terminal on there personal field map.

They made there way to it, checking for any nearby Sith troopers. The room was filled with them. To many to be killed be a single frag. Torian thought for a second on what to do.

02-25-2004, 06:34 PM
"Allow me," said JA, and he stomped to the door. It hissed open when he pressed the pad, and he sprayed fire into the room, seemingly at random. However, they were actually very accurate shots, placed oddly. Accurate shots made faster than the human eye could see. The door hissed closed automatically, and JA stepped back, his armor a bit singed.

"That was very nearly most of them," he said. "I believe the count is now five Sith Troopers."

Sneak glanced at the security cams and took a quick count. JA was, as usual, correct. Damn.

rick ulo 11103
02-25-2004, 06:52 PM
gogin grinned at the hole through the mans head and followed the others inside taking out his light carbine

02-25-2004, 06:54 PM
Torian nodded at him. He motioned with his hand to prepare to open the door once more, and move in. The door hissed once more as it opened, and the commando's rushed in, takeing there positions. Torian and Gogin stayed in the center, while Aiden and Jowamba went to the right, and Sylvana and Sneak to the left, all fireing with extream accuracey. After another few seconds, the room was cleared.

After checking there suroundings and makeing sure no one was around, Torian finally spoke. "Good work, commando's. Now lets blow this place." They quickly set the charges, after sneak has downloaded the Sith's planet-wide status, and fleet status from the primary terminal. Makeing there way out of the base quickly, and over the hill.

"Everybody, get down!" He barked as they fall on there stumachs. "5...4...3...2...1" He slowly counted as the base exploded right as he arived at 1. Smileing, he and his crew stood back up. "A mission well done, men."

Raiseing his communicator to his face he spoke into it. "Admiral Katach, mission was sucsessful. Please send recovery team."

rick ulo 11103
02-25-2004, 06:59 PM
"you see that" he seemingly said to everyone "i got two of em in in that room"

torian called him a sadistic little b*tch and he gigled

02-26-2004, 03:39 AM
The recovery transport landed a small distance away from the commando's, who quickly boarded it, looking around at the escort wings flying in a circle around them, Torian looked to the pilot for awnsers. "Whats going on? Why so many escorts?" "The Feedom has picked up a fleet of Sith cruisers and sent them to insure our safe return. Now please take a seat, we have no time to waist." The pilot said calmly.

Torian and the rest of the commando's took there seats, and transport, aswell as it escorts left the planet behind, the transport makeing sure to stay out of range of the Sith ships, as it docked with the Freedom.

On the bridge, Nordan watched as the enemy's ships grew closer. "Strange, something just doesn't feel right about this, Dodain. Its a gut feeling. Heh, maybe its just an old man haveing indigestion...I hope." He stated in a worried tone.

"The ships are moveing into combat formation sir!" Stated the helmsman.

02-26-2004, 08:38 PM
As the battle ragged on, a hyperspace reading was picked up, and a strange Sith Cruiser appeared along side the others.

"Sir! There is a fourth ship approaching, it just dropped out of hyperspace...I've never seen that model before..." The flight officer stated.

Nordan's eyes grew wide. "I have..." Nordan said with a clear dread in voice. "Its a prototype the Republic was working on 10 years ago, but the plans where stolden...we never found out what happened to them." He reached up, whipeing some sweat from his brow. "Its a special class of ship, that uses a 'Gravity-well System' to block all hyperspace travel in or out of of a 2,000,000 kilomiter radious..." He looked up at Dodain, clearly worried.

The door hissed as it slid open, Torian walking thru. "We have your mission report here, sir. I'm afraid it isn't good news...it seems they where expecting us here all along..."

rick ulo 11103
02-26-2004, 10:51 PM
"2,000,000 kl!?!?!?!? ****. there probably gonna protect that one and put it in the back"
and almost as if on cue the for other ship moved in front of it

02-26-2004, 11:09 PM
Torian growled. "They've got us outnumbered, and the rest of the fleet can't hyperjump in to save us!" Torian cursed under his breath. "Well I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around and do nothing! Admiral! I request permision for my unit to take the new prototype Z-95 Headhunters out into battle."

Nordan looked at Torian. "Thats too risky! The Z-95 Headhunter is a untested fighter model! It could explode when you try and take off!" Torian turned to Nordan. "It could be our only chance, however!"

02-27-2004, 01:18 AM
Torian nods, and smiles at Admiral Katach, nodding to his crew next, before they all make there way twords the hanger. All prepareing to climb into there own Z-95 Headhunters. "Hey, Aiden. Tell Jowamba that he HAS to stay here, he cannot fit in a Z-95, theres nothing we can do about it, and we need you out there."

02-27-2004, 03:21 AM
The Wookie roared angrily. JA-32 stepped up beside him. "Look, you'll get to spend time with me," he said. "You can only come out of that improved for the experience."

The wookie snarled something less-than-vaguely obscene at him and moved away. If JA could shrug, he would have.

"I offered. He had the chance to improve himself."

02-27-2004, 04:27 AM
"I'm sure he'll get over it. Now lets get out there before the Freedom gets blasted to pieces!" Torian barked, as he quickly leaped into the cocpit of his Z-95 Headhunter, the glass covering closer on top of him. The other commando's went thru the same process.

"Ready to launch, Admiral." Torian stated. "Alright, you have clearence." Dodain said back thru there com-link.

The hanger force-feild dropped, allowing the fighters to take off. The Z-95's burst from the shuttle bay and into space. "Damn!! These things are fast...A hell of alot faster than your standerd Republic Snub Fighter." Torian exlaimed with amazement. "Alright, we need to target that Gravity-well thing. We have to take it out or the fleet will be decimated."

Concerned with Sylvana, her being the Admiral Neice, he opened a com channel to her. "Is your fighter stable, Sylvana?"

02-27-2004, 07:46 AM
Nordan smiled as he watched the fighters progress from the bridge of the Feedom. "It appears, old friend, that the Z-95's are preforming perfectly. I'm glad, I would hate for such coragous souls to come to harm."

The Z-95's manuvered around the turbo-lasers of the ships, approaching the one that was causeing them the great distress. "Aproaching the gravity-well vessel, Admiral, requesting cover fire!" Torian requested

The five Z-95's flew twords the ship at blazeing speed, never before had such powerful fighters been seen. "Prepare to launch the proton torpedo's! Target the gravity-well projecters!" Torian barked.

02-27-2004, 08:18 AM
Jowamba growled. He was very angry, how could Aiden even consider much less leave him behind?

"Still brooding over it Hairy?" JA asked. " Maybe you should consider my offer once more, I could really improve you?"

Jo ignored him, he knew if he paid attention to JA right now, then he would surely tear the droid in pieces, and besides, as JA had asked, he wasn't done brooding over it yet.

Jo would have done anything to stay with Aiden, he would even squeeze in a Z-95 Headhunter if it were the solution...

Jowamba suddenly had a very brilliant idea, if he hadn't squeezed in a Z-95 yet then that didn't mean he couldn't now.

rick ulo 11103
02-27-2004, 03:02 PM
and thats exactly what they did, one by one the sith ships exploded in fire and smoke

02-27-2004, 04:10 PM
The now vastly outnumbered Sith fleet crumbled under the Republics massive fire power, the 5 Z-95 Headhunters mopping up the remaining Sith Fighters, takeing out of 6 times there own number, due to both there vastly superior fighters, and vastly superior piloting skills.

"Lets finish this!" Barked Torian as he fired two Proton Torpedo's at the bridge of the Sith flagship, fire erupting into space, the whole front of the ship explodeing from the impact, the rest falling to the surface of the planet.

"I think thats it for the Sith. Requesting docking clearence, Admiral!" Said a happy Torian. "Great job out there, Commandos."

02-27-2004, 04:18 PM
(( Under the circumstances, I'll allow you, Sulah, to have three characters, so you can control Armala in this one too. ))

At the homeworld of the Sith, Korriban, the door to Armala's chambers hissed open, Shah'Raa walking in and kneeling before her. "I have grave news, my master. It would seem that our force stationed at Bakura has been whiped out, not by Jedi, but by commen Republic soldiers." She stated, her head still lowered in shame.

rick ulo 11103
02-27-2004, 09:08 PM
even though they one the battle gogin was upset the reason:

he could not shoot anyone in the heads through the ship

"*sigh* i couldnt shoot anyone in the head"

he said to himself as he got out of the ship

02-27-2004, 10:30 PM
"Don't be a sadistic b*tch!" Torian barked, shakeing his head at Gogin. "Anyway, we all did a great job, I'm proud to have every one of you on my team!" He said, smileing as they walked twords the bridge.

The door to the bridge hissed open. "Ah, good shooting out there, Commandos." Nordan states to them. "You've shown the more promise than I've seen in over 20 years!" He said nodding.

02-28-2004, 03:05 PM
Torian saluted the Admiral. "Thank you sir, it is my honer to accept this metal." He said, smileing.

rick ulo 11103
02-28-2004, 03:13 PM
"aahh !@#$ you stabed me" he yelled

he then calmed down and a little embaresd he thanked the admiral

02-28-2004, 07:29 PM
Sneak smirked and saluted the Admiral. He'd gotten a medal. Another one. Actually, this would only be his second, but he thought of it as another one already. And now, in his off-time, it would be time to hack into the main computer systems again.


JA, if he had had eyes, would have rolled them. Biologicals, he thought disdainfully. They have to make a big fuss over everything.

He was not jealous. No, he had too many medals already, despite the fact that it was technically against Republic Orders to award a droid a medal. As old as he was, and powerful, he'd been in many small scraps.

02-28-2004, 08:46 PM
Nordan held his comm-system to his ear for a few minutes, as the commando's where being awarded there medals. Nodding as he listened to it, he finally took it away from his ear, shutting it off. "Dodain, we have new orders from Republic high command. We are to head to Dothamir and whipe the Sith presence from the world."

He said, remembering the rest before he continued to speak. "Also, we are warned to avoid, if at all possible, conflict betwean our soldiers and the Night Sister clans there. We are only to engage in combat with the Sith."

"Well, it looks like we won't have to wait long for some more excitement, heh heh." Torian said, stretching slightly. "But for now, I think I'm going to get some rest." Saluteing the Admiral once more, he walks out of the bridge, and twords his room.

The fleet turns twords the direction of Dothamir, picking up the hyperspace booey on there radars. The ships egnines screeched as there hyperdrives kicked to life, a few seconds later, they zoomed twords there new destination.

02-28-2004, 10:43 PM
"I gave you such a nice opportunity Shah'Raa, to land a devious blow to the unworthy Republic, and yet you have failed me my apprentice." Doyen said regarding him calmly. If one looked closer, though, they could see the dangerous glint in her beautiful dark eyes.

"The glory and power we could have had Shah'Raa, had you fulfilled your task." Doyen smiled wickedly.

"I find you unworthy Shah'Raa, to even call you my apprentice would be a disgrace to my title." Summoning the Force to her, Doyen raised her hand and gave it a sligth flick. Shah'Raa started choking and withering in agony.

"Remember till your last breath apprentice, Lord Armala does not forgive failure, she does not forget." Doyen stood gazing down at him in disgust.

"And yet she is merciful to those who deserve it, but not to you dear no you have disobeyed me one too many times." Doyen said eyeing him with disdain.

"I presume this will be our last meeting, Farewell." and with that Doyen Armala turned on her heel her cloak swishing behind her, and left her apprentice to die.

02-28-2004, 10:59 PM
As Doyen walked away from her dieing ex-apprentice, her com-link beeped. "Lord Armala, if you would be so kind, would you come to my laberatory? I have something I beleave you shall be most pleased with." The voice was then silent, the voice of her cheif sciantist.

02-28-2004, 11:57 PM
Aiden Jast saluted and thanked the admiral. Thinking that Jowamba would probably be in their room he left for his quaters.

When he entered to see no one Aiden groaned and sat on his bunk putting his head in his hands.

"Oh no!! Knowing Jo he probably had some stupid idea to come after me." he thought. "I shouldn't have left Jowamba behind, but how could I have taken him?" He asked himself in dispair. "And besides I was needed so I didn't make the wrong choice right?"

Stop talking to yourself he scolded, it will do you no good. Oh there he was starting it again. Aiden sighed as he got up, well he would just have to go look for Jo then.

Meanwhile Jo was trying to squeeze in the Z-95 but with no luck, he certinly was not succeding. He leaned against the jet breathing heavily.

It was no use he knew it, but still he would try it one more time. Grumbling he got out to hear someone calling him. The voice sounded odly familiar.

He moved from behind the jet to get a better look and saw...

"AHH OWWW YAA." He ran and gave Aiden a bone crushing hug.

"You are suffocating me." Aiden managed to gasp out.

The wookie growled happily and let go. Aiden dusted himself and asked.

"What were you doing here?" Eyeing Jowamba's rumpled appereance and then the jet Aiden put 2 and 2 together.

"Don't tell me you were "trying" to fit in there!!" Seeing Jo's dicomfort Aiden roared with laughter. "Hahaha that would be some hahaha scene a "9 ft" wookie trying to get in that small thing HAHAHA!!"

Jowamba turned away embaressed and growled something inaudible. Wiping away his tears Aiden punched the wookie on his shoulder. "Lets go mate we both need some rest."

02-29-2004, 12:58 AM
The ship flys thru hyperspace, the blue tunnel surounding the whole fleet, as they all travel to the planet Dothamir. Nordan walks over to Admiral katach, looking at him.

"The reports say there is actually a large Sith encampment on Dothamir, and there are atleast 12 ships." He said to his dearest friend. Seeing that though Dodain is listening to the best of his ability, he does so thru heavy lidded eyes.

"You really should get some sleep, old friend. You don't need to push yourself so hard, we're safe in the hyperspace rout."

Across the galaxy, on Korriban, Armala enters the lab of her top sciantist, Matorian Vourn. He looks at her, and smiles. "Ah, good to see you have come. I have something to show you." He leads her to a special room, where a 6'5 tall droid sits in a pod. "This is my new weapon, my Lord."

He pulls out a data pad, reading it. "Though not yet finish, it will be soon. You must realize that the Republic will not be alone in this war for very long. The Jedi will soon join them. This is for that." He said, a wide grin on his face, knowing she will be pleased when he finishes.

"This droid has 6 inch thick armour, each intricate fiber of it heavily weaved with cortosis, it has a chance of couseing a lightsaber to shut down when it strikes its surface. Also, the armour is smart, and will regenorate over time." He said.

"The weapons are its fists themselfs, capable of crushing even a Jedi with there power, and a blade that extends from its right wrist, also weaved with cortosis. It also has a powerful, rapid fire, tri-carbine on its left arm. It can fire all three at once, each with the exact speed and power of a reguler carbine. It also has a shield, to protect it from blaster attacks, makeing it not only useful againts Jedi, but even the most highly trained Republic officer."

"It also contains a small packet of Ysalamiri blood in a small container, deep within its chest. This prevents it from being effected by force powers of any kind. It is lightning fast, faster than your standered Jedi Knight even. Its sensors are top notch, capable of senseing even a cloaked force user."

He finishes, smileing still. "Although, do to the great costs, it will be very expensive to build one. So I imagen we will only be able to aford three. But even the presence of one of these droids, will turn the tide of the battle to our favor." He finally finished, bowing to her.

02-29-2004, 01:43 AM
"Rise Matorian Vourn." Doyen said smiling evily. " I dare say your invention is rather impressing."

"Thank You my Lord." Matorian bowed again flushing with pride, it was not eveyday the Sith Lord praised you."It truely is my pleasure to serve you Master!"

"This lovely droid will surely give those Republic and their puppies (the Jedi) a run for their money." Doyen said as she walked around the droid examining it. "Amazing!! The stuff we come up with these days."

"I can't wait for this beauty to be ready!" she exclaimed clapping her delicate hands.

rick ulo 11103
02-29-2004, 01:44 AM
gogin walks to his quarters, and sits on his bed cleaning his gun to perfection.
after a while he got bored and his hands starterted to hurt

i think ill go annoy the new girl he thought

he walked up to sylvanas quarters and knocked

"yes?'' she asked as she opened the door

"you called me" he said as he tried and failed miserlby to conceal a grin

02-29-2004, 01:56 AM
Torian stepped out from behind her, glareing at Gogin. "I was in here the whole time, giveing her a run down of commen commando tactics Gogin. She did not call you." He stated, knowing that he only wanted to tease her.

"Do you have something productive to do her, Gogin? If not then I sujest you go back to your quarters." He said, giveing Gogin a fermilier glare, that said he ment buisness.

On Korriban, as Doyen turned to leave the Sciantist to his work, her apprentice appeared at the door way, apperantly haveing broken free from her power. "Master...give me one last chance, I beg you! I CAN stop the Republic! I can defete them all!! All you need is me!" Shah'Raa pleeded.

Doyen was abviously irritated with her Apprentices defiance, dare he ask her for a second chance? However, before she could make an action, Matorian spoke. "I have just finished some operations on my droid, it is...semi-active, but deadly." Smileing at Doyen, he spoke again. "Perhaps you should give Shah'Raa another...chance, perhaps a...test?" He said, his grin widening.

02-29-2004, 02:12 AM
(( Strange, its still claiming Rick had the last post on the RP main page o.O ))

02-29-2004, 02:44 AM
"What a wonderful idea Vourn." Doyan replied smiling maliciously. "You really are coming up with brilliant ideas today. Maybe I should, lets say, raise your pay, promote your status, or perhaps both? What say you?"

"Your highness you do me too much honor." Matorian replied clearly pleased.

"Yes those who get my gratitude deserve it." Doyen said eyeing Shah"Raa who was kneeling at her side. "Well I think it's time we tested your "invention" on this piece of filth."

02-29-2004, 03:20 AM
Vourn grined once more, and pressed a button on the panel beside him. The droids eyes glowed red, as it took its first steps forward, moveing twords them.

"What the hell?!" Gasped Shah'raa. The droid moved beside Vourn, looking down at him, as if it was expecting to assaigned a task by its 'father'. "Go, my child, prove your worth to us! Kill that worthless excuse for a Sith, Shah'raa!" He commanded, as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"What?!" Shah'raa yelled as it marched twords him, and then suddenly smirked. "You think one of your droid rejects can kill me?! You're a fool!!" Shah'raa raised his hand, and tried to use the force to throw the droid across the room, however, to his great suprise, the droid did not even flinch, and continue running twords him.

Jumping back, Shah'raa growled, ignighting his lightsaber, and diveing twords it. Not haveing its armour on yet, the droid chose to dodge the blade, and dodge it it did. Several times. Growing angry, Shah'raa picked up the pace.

"He only has his fists and blade right now, but it should be more than enough for him." Vourn said happily as he watched his creation. The droid continued to dodge his attacks, untill it finally ducked under a blow made by Shah'raa, and gave him a hard punch to the gut, knocking the wind out of him, causeing him to cough of a trinkle of blood, and also sending him flying into a wall.

"Ugh...Grrr!! You'll die for that you piece of scrap!!" Shah'raa snarled at the droid, and once again ran twords it, ignoreing the pain he felt, but as he foolishly rushed twords the droid, it was standing there, carefully monitering his movements. As he drew closer, the droids wrist-sword extended, crouching slightly, the mechinized master waited for its target.

As Shah'raa was right on top of him, his saber about to come down on the droids head, the droid quickly thrusted its arm forward, impaleing Shah'raa thru the heart, the stund ex-Sith's eyes shot wide open, as he coughed up blood, and stumbled back, holding the wound on his heart, looking up at the droid in suprise.

The droid waisted no time, however, and rushed twords Shah'raa. Before the stunded Sith could do anything, the droid had sliced his head clean from his shoulders. The head bounced across the floor till it hit the wall and stoped. The shocked look imprented on its cold, stiff face.

The droid walked back over to Vourn, bowing. "Good work, my son. Now go and rest." The mad sciantist spoke, a slightly crazed tone to his voice. The droid nodded, happy to please its father, and returned to its tube, deactivateing.

turning to Armala, he looked at her. "I trust you're happy with my work my Lord?" He said, bowing once more.

02-29-2004, 06:02 AM
"Yes I'm quite thrilled Vourn, once again you have my gratitude."Doyen smirked looking at the remains of Shah'Raa. "I haven't seen such excruciating tecnology all my life."

She called one of her aids, the servent came rushing in and bowed hastily.

"I want you to case Shah'Raa's head and put it in my trophy room."
Doyen told the aid giving him her attractive crooked smile. The Twi'lick blushed bowed again and quickly set to work.

When the servent had left Doyen turned her attention back to Matorian and asked.

"I trust you haven't made any error which would be our undoing?" Doyen asked the scientist observing him critically. " How does he know who his "father" is?"

02-29-2004, 08:55 AM
Matorian looked at his creation, prepareing to awnser Doyens question. "I have programed him to think of me as his father, and respect me as a young child would his real father. I have also programed him to be unable to harm eather you, or myself. He is also programed to not harm friendly troops, unless they eather try and harm one of us, or indanger the mission that was assigned to him."

Matorian grinned as he noticed Doyen's attention was turned completly twords his creation. Thinking to himself. 'And should she try and do to me what she did to Shah'raa, well, my 'son' might not like that.' He thought to himself, holding back a grin. "Ahem, well. If there is nothing else I can do for you, my lord, then I must continue my work. What you saw is nothing compared to what he will be able to do when he is finished. His name is Jedi Hunter 001."

================================================== ==========================================

Nordan sat in the Admirals chair, takeing over for Dodain whilst he slept, monitering the progress of the ship. The officers where busy makeing sure the mission data was up-to-date. The ship was approaching Bakura rapidly, and by tommorow it should arive. Nordan let out a heavy sigh and smiled. "I can only hope this next mission fairs as well as the last."

In Sylvana's room, Torian was speechless. Why would she want that sick b*tch Gogin to ever come in? I guess she didn't know what he was like, but still...Well, maybe Gogin for once would actually try and behave, he'd give him one last chance atleast. "Well, shall we continue?" Torian said to Sylvana, as he continued showing her the advanced tactics of a elite Commando.

02-29-2004, 06:24 PM
(Jedi Hunter 001? JH-001? JA-32? heh. I kinda like it. Actually, it gives me a great idea for JA...)

Sneak sat down in the cafeteria. He was starving. Unfortunately, there was not much actual food in evidence here. He shook his head sadly, and stocked up on desserts.

He tried sitting down next to a couple of attractive female crew members, but they took one look at him and began to get up.

"No, look! I'm a Commando! I helped win the battle! I have a medal!" he pointed to an empty spot on his chest. "Actually, I've got two, I just don't them with me. They're in my room. Want to see?"

One of them shook her head. The other laughed.

"Could we jsut skip past looking at the medals, then?" he asked. But they were leaving. He sighed, and started eating his food morosely.

Suddenly, a metal hand set itself down on the table beside him. "I believe your technique needs some work," said JA-32.

"What would you know about it?" asked Sneak, rather petulantly.

"Please remember that I am over a millenia old. You don't go through that and not know something about the species you are forced to spend most of your time with. Watch, my idiotic companion." The droid turned off in pursuit of the two women Sneak had been just unsuccesfully tried for.

Sneak watched, laughing inwardly. The droid caught up to them at the garbage disposal. He talked to them for a moment. Sneak watched as one of them tossed her hair and laughed. "That's right. They're about to laugh you off, Droid Boy." said Sneak, though JA could not hear him from across the cafeteria.

Then one of them wrapped her arms around the droid, giving him a hug. "What?" said Sneak, rather disbelievingly. "What? What the... What the..." he kept trailing off, at a loss for proper curse words. (And he knew quite a few.)

The two women linked their arms in with JA's, and they left together, the three of them. JA turned his head around, and from across the cafeteria, Sneak could clearly see one of the eye-lights turn off and on, off and on, in a winking pattern.

"I don't believe it!" cried Sneak, pounding a puny fist into his custard. He cleaned the custard off his hand and found he had no appetite. "I just don't get it..." he said.

02-29-2004, 07:30 PM
(( LOL! Nice one, Uber_Saber. :) ))

Torian yawned, wakeing up the next morning. What a restless night he had had. He had to comfort Sylvana, after that sick little b*tch Gogin actually made her cry. Though Gogin probably didn't mean for it to go that far, he sometimes doesn't know when to stop.

Sighing heavily, he got out of his bed and got ready in the mirror, going thru the standered morning rutean. "Man, I hate hyperspace travel, we should almost be there by now." He exclaimed to himself. A few minutes later the ship dropped out of hyperspace.

Nordan still sat in the Admirals seat. It had been 12 hours sinse Dodain had went to bed, but he needed the rest, he knew. So he decided to give him a little longer. Besides, they needed some information on the area first, before they took any serious action.

Nordan tapped his com-link. "Sneak, please report to the bridge."

rick ulo 11103
02-29-2004, 07:40 PM
(((hehe to chicks and a droid, id laugh my @$$ off if i saw dat)))((( :confused: i thought the whole time it was in a joking way when you called gogin a sadistic b**ch :confused: )))

gogin came in, ignoring the hard gaze torian gave him

"sure. i might be able to point a few things out myself"

he gave a small grin as torian looked at him in awe
youve got to be kiding me torian thought

(((hiroki, do you post in like 5 different places here, i mean youve gotten in weeks what i got in months)))

02-29-2004, 07:46 PM
(( Well almost all of my posts are in the role playing forum, but I put a few in the senate chambers, the JA/JO/JK/DF forums, and the KOTOR forums. Most are from this forum though, I just really LOVE role playing. :) And yes, most of the time, Torian is just jokeing when he calls Gogin that. ))

Torian watched as sneaks com-link beeped. He wondered why only his was beeping, why would they only want to see Sneak and not the rest of them?

rick ulo 11103
02-29-2004, 07:50 PM
((( i didnt uderstand that last post)))

02-29-2004, 07:57 PM
(( Wich part? The story part or the me explaining why I have so many posts? ))

02-29-2004, 07:59 PM
Sneak clicked his commlink. "Right away, sir." He got up and made his way to the bridge, where Nordan was waiting. he saluted, despite the fact that the man was not technically military, and waited a moment.


02-29-2004, 08:04 PM
Nordan looked at him from the chair. "Ah, good. Fast as always! Admiral Katach is resting right now, and I am in charge for the moment. I have decided to do a bit of recon, to determin what we are up againts."

"Reading your profile, I learned that you are not only a good hacker, but a exellent scout aswell. I would like you to take your Z-95 Headhunter, and carefully determin the number of ships blockadeing the planet. Please make sure you are not detected, and do come back safe." Nordan said, nodding at him.

"You are dismissed commando."

02-29-2004, 08:31 PM
"Very well, sir." said Sneak, saluting again, and moving off towards the vehicle bay. Once into a fighter, and strapped in, he turned it on. A moment later, he left the hangar sedately, then, once out in space gave himself a bit of a boost with the engines, then shut the engines down. He shut down the active sensor system, putting it on passive mode.

Then he shut down just about all the systems except for life-support and the passive sensors. He was just going to go through on a ballistic course if possible, without drawing attention.

(Gotta go. Will do more later.)

03-01-2004, 02:09 PM
The sensor beeped lightly at Sneak, and he put down the book he was reading, securing it into the crash webbing underneath his seat.

He examined the sensor screen, the only source of light in the cockpit of the Z-95. He whisteld at what he saw there.

That's a lot of capital ships, he thought to himself. Lessee, 9, 10, 11? Those aren't small ships, either. He turned on the active sensors once, just to see what they would get, and his entire sensor board lit up with enemies. He instructed the sensor data recorder to record that, and shut active sensors off.

There. He'd only been active, or at his size, noticeable, for a few seconds. Now to see if the Sith were on their toes. He waited and sweated and fretted.

Nothing came though. He gave a very brief blast with the maneuvering jets, altering his course so as to go behind the moon of Dathomir, hopefully concealing his presence a bit. He had an idea.

Once behind the moon, and hopefully out of range of their sensors, he activated his active sensors again, to make sure the moon would be where he wanted it in the plan that was unfolding in his mind.

Suddenly, turbolasers and missile launchers lit him up. He shut off the active sensors, but they started peppering the area right where he'd been. He had to get out, and to do that, he'd have to put on his engines, and that would make him visible to passive sensors and active sensors alike.

He had no choice, though. He turned them on, and performed a loop, a jig around enemy fire, then shut off the engines and used maneuvering jets to alter his heading. A few moments later, enemy fighters boiled out of a hidden base beneath the surface of the moon. Fortunately, they started looking in the wrong spots, and he soon left them behind.

He breathed easier now. However, the churning in his stomach continued unabated. And the Sith were not supposed to know about his fly-by.

Oh well, he thought. I found out the number of capital ships waiting, and found out about the moon base.

He headed back, to report on what he'd found.

03-01-2004, 02:24 PM
As he returned, Nordan debriefed him, asking him about all that he found, when he finished, Nordan was still quite pleased, despite the fact that he had been detected. "I thank you, Sneak, for the information you have obtained for us." He said, smileing.

"So the Sith have turned the moon into a Star Base have they? That could defenatly pose trouble for us. And they have a fleet of 14 capital ships around the planet aswell. This will need to be done alot more carefully than before." Nordan said nodding. "I shall leave it up to Dodain to decide our next course of action."

Nordan sat back down in the Admirals chair, awaiting Dodains return. Meanwhile, Torian had been eating what he could in the cafe' thinking about what they needed with Sneak. "I'll have to pump him for awnsers when he gets back." He said to himself.

03-01-2004, 02:47 PM
Sneak made his way back to the cafeteria, finding he suddenly had an appetite. (He hadn't before he left.)

There, Major Ryth spotted him and sat down next to him. "What did they want, Sneak?"

Sneak looked around. "I scouted out the system. They've got a big fleet around Dathomir. And a moonbase, hidden on the dark side of the moon. I think someone's going to be using the Z-95's again. Whether it's us, or someone else..." he trailed off. "We're going to need them."

Ryth nodded. "I see."

03-02-2004, 01:18 AM
Nordan gave him the report that sneak had given him. "It would appear that the Sith have 14 capital ships that currently hold this planet, they also have a base on the dark side of Dothamir's closest moon. It has a large comploment of Sith Fighters in it." He states.

"We have yet to run any recon on the surface of the planet, however, so there presence on the planet itself is still unknown to us, I'm afraid." He said, shakeing his head slightly. "I'm sorry I can't give you more to go on, old friend."

03-02-2004, 01:41 AM
Sylvana's question caused Sneak to blush horribly. "Well, uh... I think it's because he hates a particular meatbag that he was walking around with those two hanging off his arms."

Beyond that, he refused to say anything on the subject.

03-02-2004, 06:41 AM
"What plan are you two sujesting?" Torian said, as he walked onto the bridge. "Hmm? Torian? What are you doing here?" Torian shrugged at Nordans question, leaning againts the wall. "Please tell me, since I'll most likely be a part of it."

Nordan sighed, but decided to explain to the Major. "Well, perhaps I should start with how it happened. We where sent to investigate the disapearance of merchant vessles along one of the most populer trade routs from Corellia to Coroscant. It turned out the raids where being made by none other than Koragen 'The Pirate King'. You where just a kid then, so you probably don't know him, but he had quite a nasty reputation. We where quite startled to find it was him ourselfs."

"Well, the Pirate King posessed a fleet of ships - roughly the size of our own, as well as a heavily foritfied asteroid base. We seemed to be out classed between the two of them, and knew if we rushed at it head on, we would most likely be destroyed - Even if we wern't, there would be heavy casualtys on our side."

"What the Admiral was sujesting was that we split a small section of the fleet off to preform a 'faint' attack, as we did then. However, back then he was commanding a fleet of only 8 ships, so we send only two to keep the Pirate Kings attention for us, while the other 6 hyperspaced onto the asteriod base, quickly devistateing it, and then attacking the Pirate Kings fleet from behind, while he was still distracted by the two ships. We didn't lose any capital ships in the attack, but the two we sent on the faint attack looked like they where going to break in half when it was done." Nordan said, with a slight chuckle. "Ahh, thoughs where the days."

"Though we actually outnumber our enemy here, we are not on any single mission. So makeing the forces sent to us last as long as possible is quite important." Nordan stated. "I suppose such a faint could work, but how many would you use for the faint attack, Dodain?"

03-03-2004, 02:22 AM
(( Hehe, edited it before I could post, but I saw you put Visona! Nyah! *poke* Hehe, j/k. ))

Torian stood at the Admirals side, looking at him. "So you plan to use a faint attack? While me and my Commando's attack a moon base all alone? We may be in Z-95's, but I hope you plan to send some Republic snub fighters for back up. We're not invincable." Torian said, though holding a respectful tone as he said it.

"Nonesence!" Nordan barked. "You haven't even really seen what the Z-95's can do. They are amazeing Star Fighters, not only are they insanely manuverable, but they have very thick shields, as thick as some capital ships almost. And they are equipt with special Ion Canons."

"Ion canons?" Torian asked, tilting his head slightly to the left. "Yes! Special lasers that will cause a targets computer systems to shut down, this applys to bases, capital ships, and other fighters. You can use these to easily bring down the bases turbo lasers. Do not worry, the Z-95's are more than up to the task. I helped design them myself." Nordan said confidently.

Torian hesitated for a moment, but in the end decided to trust the old mans judgement. "Well, if you are sure of them, I will put my faith in you. I will prepare my men for the assault. Good luck on your part, Admiral, Spymaster." Torian said as he walked out of the bridge, meeting up with his team mates. He quickly explained what he had been told.

03-05-2004, 05:40 PM
"If those Ion Cannons work, it should go well," said Sneak. "Those Z-95's are lovely little fighters."

JA looked around. "What about me? Are they going to be landing many troops on the planet? I could blow some things up that way."

03-05-2004, 05:50 PM
Torian looked at JA. "I would asume, after the space battle, they will send in a ground assault force. There is a heavy presence on the planet, after all." Torian stated to JA as they walked twords the hanger bay.

Torian turned to Jowamba. "Hey, I don't know if its going to work for you, but I had the last Z-95 modified. It had the seat lowered, sense thats mainly why you couldn't get in, and for the fact that you don't need a prop-up anyway. If you can fit in it, and if you think you can fly, you can come with us." Torian said, nodding slightly.

03-06-2004, 08:52 PM
Jowamba growled gleefully and ruffled the surprised Major’s hair. “AWWW OWWW WAAA!” he rumbled laughing.

“What’s he blabbering about now?” The tousled Torian asked Aiden.

“Oh, he’s just excited.” Aiden replied his eyes twinkling merrily. “He doesn’t like being left behind, as you probably know?”

“Yes ofcourse.” Major Torian cleared his throat hastily and asked. “So I take it that he’s coming along?”

“Yeah.” Aiden grinned at Torian. “Well let’s go now, before Jowie here wrecks this place down in his excitement.”

As the entire squad went in their respective Z-95’s a voice floated in through their com links. “Alright headhunters, you have clearance. Oh yeah and the Admiral wants you all back in one piece, so his message, Look out for each other and Take Care.” They took of together, leaving the Capital ship far behind.

“Commando’s do you copy?” the Major’s voice floated in through everyone’s speakers. “This is Major Ryth.”

“Affirmative Major.”

“Your ships functioning all right?” he asked. Everyone responded, their ships were in perfect condition.

“All right then. Let’s put that moon base out of existence Commando’s.”

And with that they flew towards their goal.

03-07-2004, 01:34 AM
The Z-95's screamed twords the Moon base, soon comeing within sight of it. "Alright Commando's, passive sensors, engines to zero. We have to wait for the the Freedoms say so, before we attack, or this mission will be over before we even get a shot off."

On the Delamar, one of the ships in the decoy force that the Admiral had sent, Nordan, who had insisted on leading it, stood on the bridge. "Right, we're going rush them head on, but do so with some intelligence. Don't get yourselves killed. We hyper jump them from the side, and then Admiral Katach will hyper jump in from the front. They'll be helpless. Lets get this right!." Nordan barked to the officers of the ship he was on, telling them to relay his orders to the other ships in his small fleet.

On the Freedom, one of the Officers reported the current situation to Admiral Katach. "Nordan's fleet has begain its hyper Jump's. They should be ariveing at the side of the Sith fleet within five minutes. Shall we begain our operations?"

03-07-2004, 12:36 PM
Torian's head quickly turned to look down at his comlink. "Major Ryth here." He said. "You are clear to proceed, sir." A flight officer said calmly. "Very well. You heared him, commando's. Let move it!" He barked as the Z-95's engines fired up, launching them twords the base.

The bases turbo lasers turned to them, fireing there powerful canons at the Z-95's. However, the speed of the Z-95's kept them well out of the range of there blasts, as they manuvered into position. But soon things got tougher, as Sith Star Fighters begain pouring out of the hanger of the moon.

"Look out! Sith Snub Fighters, be on your guard. Me, Aiden, and Sneak will hold the star fighters off, the rest of you use your Ion cannons to disable the base while we distract them!" Torian barked his plans to the other commando's.

The three fighters broke off to engage the rapidly approaching star fighters. The Sith Snubs, while no match for the Z-95's at all when compared to each other, heavily out numbered them. "This will be some fight, boys." Torian said, half grinning.

The Sith fighters swarmed around them, there green lasers hailing down at them. The Z-95's returned fire, there blue Republic class lasers tearing into the thick haze of enemy fighters, the acurate shots of the commando's ripping into there numbers.

Torian guided his fighter around enemy fire, targeting each ship one by one, his finger squeezeing the trigger only when he felt that he had a clear shot. Aiden and Sneak where keeping the fighters off him with great effeciency aswell, provideing a stern back up, when he needed it.

The three, with there expert piloting skills, and insanely advanced Star Fighters, begain to smash the vastly larger Sith Squadren into pieces, something nobody could have done in a simple Republic snub fighter.

As they held them off, the remaining Commando's closed in on the moon base. Switching there lasers to Ion, prepareing to attack the heavily armed and armoured moon.

03-11-2004, 05:22 AM
Nordans fleet, with the combind power of Admiral Katachs where quickly decimateing the fleet. However, despite everything that was happening, the stubern Sith Admiral Soch did not once bother to hail them again, clearly wishing to die, rather than be capture.

Nordan shook his head, muttering to himself. "Why must the Sith be such fools? What good would dieing do them? Nothing! They are saveing nothing by dieing, that poor pathetic fool. I really do pity him." Nordan let out a heavy sigh, as he watched another one of the Sith's Capital ships explode.

Torian, Aiden, and Sneak where meanwhile hammering the fighters with a volly of laser fire, the skilled pilots, and there advanced fighters blasting away at the Sith's fighter squadrens, the Sith pilots quickly becomeing demoralized and scattered.

The moon base was wide open for Sylvana, Gogin, and Jowamba's attack, the three fighters screeching twords the base, despite most likely never being in a fighter before, Jowamba evaded the moons turbo lasers quite well, and shot with a fair amount of accuracy.

They switched to there Ion canons as soon as the Turbo lasers had been thined out some, begaining to attack the base itself, aiming them first twords the hanger bay, wich was rapidly deploying every Sith fighter that they had in a mostly vain effort to stop the Republics victory.

03-12-2004, 12:09 AM
Sneak was behind Major Ryth, and to his right as they entered a large group of Sith fighters. he fired at one target, destroying it, and moved to another. He took that one out, too, and then maneuvered.

Too late, though. A sith Fighter, intent on him, hit his shields, and sent his fighter spinning. Sneak yelled out, involuntarily, then regained control of his fighter. He couldn't find the other two. He didn't have time. He was surrounded, and had to move fast.

Sneak yanked his fighter's controls to the right, avoiding fire from two Sith fighters. He returned fire, destroying one, and zipped past the other. Suddenly, fire from another pair of fighters struck his rear fighters. He pulled up, and shoved the throttle control all the way forward. He left the two fighters shooting at him far behind him.

Looping around, he saw a flight of six Sith Fighters trailing in his wake. They sped up as he turned around. He switched fire over to the Ion Cannons, and fired into the midst of them.

Miniature lightning crawled over the enemy fighters, and three of them stopped maneuvering. He switched over his weapons just as the other fighters opened fire. But he had pulled a sudden turn, slewing his fighter around nearly 90 degrees. He felt no problems due to the turn, though, with the new inertial compensator that his ship was equipped with.

The three enemy fighters were shooting at empty space, and he was zooming off towards another zone of engagement. Then fire from another three, three that he had not seen, hit his fighter. His shields, stressed, broke, and laser fire hit and damaged one wing at the base, right where one of his engines was. His ship started spinning to the left, picking up speed, and he put his foot down on the rudder pedal to correct. It made very little difference. He saw the stars spin around him, and Sith Fighters closing in on his damaged, uncooperative craft.

Lasers struck the Z-95, and warning screens popped up on the Heads-Up-Display. His right engine was about to blow up. He shouted across the com waves.

"Sneak. Ejecting!" He suited actions to words and yanked on the handle beside his seat. The canopy popped off, and his seat shot him away, into space. He checked his air reserves, strapped to his seat. He had enough for an hour.

As the cold of space, a cold that his suit could not keep out, seeped in and started chilling him, he knew he wouldn't need that much air. He'd freeze to death first.

03-12-2004, 12:27 PM
A small shuttle slowly lifted out of the hnager of the Freedom, containing the recovery team that was ordered by the Admiral, heading twords there destination without a thought to there own safty. The shuttle dodged around the stray fire that happened to come there way in the hail of green and blue lasers.

The team managed to get close enough to Sneak so that he could tell them from the other fighters that where rapidly zooming past him. He waved slowly at them, moveing againts the slowness of space to signal that he was alright. The shuttle begain to approach him closer.

After quickly makeing its way up to him, a couple of men floated down from the door at the bottum, wich had opened, keeping the men still inside safe with a shield. The two men floated over to him, one almost loseing control of his suit, as a green laser streaked across his path.

The two men gripped Sneak gently by both arms, and tugged him twords the shuttle, quickly makeing there way back inside, and thru the shield, as the door closed behind them. There fermilier feeling of gravity quickly rushing thru the three men again. Quickly removeing there suits as the pilot begain to turn there shuttle around.

"I don't know how happy Nordan will be when he hears you ruined one of his Z-95's..." The shuttle pilot said in a mocking tone twords Sneaks direction, cracking a half grin on his face, as the other crew members snickered at the image of a fumeing Nordan.

As the shuttle made its way back to the freedom, the battle continued to be waged outside, now heavily tipped in the Republics favor, as the remaining Sith Capital ships where slammed with countless blue bolts, the Capital ships of the Republics fleet hammering them, almost all of the Sith Snubs where now destroyed by eather the Commando team, or the standerd Republic fighters.

For any ships that wished to surender, it was sadly too late, there com systems haveing been knocked out for a long time already. Explosions bursting from the mighty vessles as they exploded in a amazeing display of fire and debre', the shattered pieces of the ships plumeting twords Dothamir, and burning up in its atmosphear.

Torian, seeing that the battle was mostly over, picked up his comlink. "Mission Acomplished, Admiral. Requesting permision to land!" Torian said happily. "Alright Commando's, Report in as I call your name." Torian stoped for a second, before once again continueing.

"Aiden." "Here." "Sylvana." "Here." "Gogin" "Here." "Err...Jowamba?" "Rawrrrg." "Right...Sneak." "..." "Sneak? Are you there...?" Torian said, a slightly concerned tone in his voice.

03-15-2004, 05:35 AM
Torian Ryth sighed in relief as he saw that Sneak was not badly injured, allowing himself to smile and slap Sneak on the back happily. "Well, atleast you're not dead, eh? Torian said happily. All of them walking twords the bridge to report there status.

Nordans shuttle had just docked with the Freedom, and he had quickly made his way to the bridge of the ship, a worried look on his face, he had heared a Z-95 was shot down, though he knew the pilot was alright, he was more worried about the loss of the expensive fighter.

"Thoughs cost alot of money, I do not like waisting out spare ones on replacements..." Nordan griped slightly, rubbing his temples with his index fingers.

03-15-2004, 01:45 PM
"I would offer for you to take the fighter out of my allowance Major, but I'm afraid you'd take me up on it," joked Sneak. "I managed to take out quite a few Sith Fighters first, though."

He grinned, covering the discomfort he had from running that close to death. Floating in space, slowly freezing to death, he'd had the perfect opportunity for some soul-searching, and that had made him very uncomfortable.

03-15-2004, 02:27 PM
Nordan calmed down somewhat, and allowed himself to smile. "Well atleast your alright, Sneak. The Republic can afford more, I suppose. Just try and be more careful in the future." He stated calmly, turning to the others.

"You all did your jobs well, Commando's. I'm glad none of you where lost, as I am sure the Admiral, here, is." Nordan spoke, getting a com signal in, holding it up so that he could see it. "Hmmm, yes, alright. I understand, I'll tell them." Nordan spoke in the com.

Nordan rose his head to look at everyone in the room. "The planet is now open to our invasion, we must clear it of the Sith Presence, and then leave it be. We will not be trying to take the planet, just liberate it. I should also warn you to be ware of the Nightsisters, who inhabit it, they are Dark Force useing witches, who ride atop the great beasts known as Rancors." Nordan stated calmly thru the whole thing.

"We want to try and avoid them, if at all possible" He said, once more looking at his comlink. "We're ready to go in at your orders!" Torian said, looking at both Admiral Katach and Nordan, saluteing.

03-20-2004, 01:09 AM
Nordan cleared his throat as he begain to speak. "My fleet has been probeing the planet for orbital defences, the northern hemisphear is heavily guarded by ion canon implacements, it would be very risky to try and send an invasion force in that way." He said, stopping for a moment to collect his thoughts.

"However, the southern himisphear has little or not defence, as that was where the Sith fleet was stationed. Though landing there will place us a good distance away from our targets, we have little choise but to do so." Nordan nodded, showing that he was finished speaking for the moment.

"Very well, Nordan. How would you sujest we approach our objective?" Admiral Katach asked his closest friend.

Nordan looked up at the roof of the ship for a moment, thinking, lowering his head once more, and locking eyes with the Admiral once more. "I beleave the quickest way would be to use the all terrain vehicles to move the soldiers, and commando's to there targets destination. However, the all terrain vehicles are fairly large, and could disturb the Night Sisters liveing there..."

Nordan's eyes visably darkend, showing he did not wish for that last outcome to happen. "We must try and avoid that, at all costs old friend. It could prove hazerdes to our men."

The officers around the room watched silently as the two men conversed on the matter.

04-10-2004, 08:23 AM
Matorian typed rapidly at his consoul, thinking heavily on what upgrades he could add too his rapidly progressing Jedi Hunter. It had been improveing stedily since its initial test againts Shah'Raa, which it performed wonderfully in. But Matorian still knew that his creation lacked something...

"What is it...You are already deadly beyond comparison, you where capable of killing even the apprentice of Lord Armala...but there is one flaw that you have, yes..." Vourn spoke quitely too himself, walking over to his creation.

"What you lack, is the ability to change with your enviroment, a flaw in all droids, I am afraid. That is one thing you can not do, you can not quickly ajust your tactics to a new situation, as a sentiant being might..." Matorian said, frowning.

"Aslong as you have that, my son, you will not be the perfect killing machine. But, how could I give you this? There is no known program that would allow you such free thought, you would need independance, which a droid can not truely have..."

Curseing slightly under his breath, Vourn staired at the ground, a frown on his face. However, the frown was soon replace by a malevolent grin, his eyes twinkleing with a bit more insanity than was normal, even for him.

"Yes...thats what I can do, just like a Jedi mind meld...I will link my brain to yours viea a special type of radar, and from the safety of my lab, I will dictate your orders. We shall be joined as one, father, and son, to destroy the Republic together!"

"Soon, my son. Soon you shall be perfected, then together, we will lead the Sith to victory!"

04-10-2004, 04:46 PM
Name:Rustic Royal
Weight: 230(all muscle :p)
Hight: 6'2
Weapons of choise: Green Saber
Rank:Jedi Guardian

Profile:Born on Taris, grew up Speeder bike racing, found to be force sensitive by a visiting jedi

05-01-2004, 01:49 AM
( Please post in here guys, this will get very interesting once the two storys grow closer together, time wise. :) )

05-01-2004, 10:13 AM
JA-32 watched with his eyes that were not eyes, as the soldiers around him strapped in and nervously checked their weapons again and again.

Being a droid, it was technically impossible for him to feel nervousness, fear, desire, hate or love. Technically. The many long years of not having his memory wiped, like most droids did, had lent him nearly a personality. He worried that perhaps he would be hit by an Ion rifle that would fry his circuits. Of course, he had some surge protection, but he'd never had to find out except that one time whether or not it worked.

And that time, he'd had his personality restored to him after they uploaded the last copy of him that had been saved onto the main computer. And that had been after his body had spent a week in the shop, getting all its circuits replaced.

Maybe he was nervous. He had no way to tell, though. He would go ahead and do this job. He glanced around. Due to some problems with crowding in the Commando's transport, he'd been put into another transport, one filled with regular troops. They looked young, even for humans. Odd, really. Most of them were human. There was one Rodian, and that was it.

As JA understood it, the Commandos were going to be taking swoops into the North Continent, supported by some regular troops. There, they would start knocking out some of the southernmost Ion Cannons, and when enough were damaged, the main force would lift up, having never left the transports, and do some terrain-following flying to get as close as possible to the Sith and whatever base or bases they had set up.

A young man, sitting beside him, sweating, looked over at JA. The droid calculated how much experience the man must have, and how many Sith Troopers they were likely going up against. The outlook for nervous man was not good. Nevertheless, JA did something he'd seen battle-hardened humans do numerous times when confronted with the same situation: A young man, possibly entering his first fight, nervous, sweating, ready to puke... he said those magical words, that for some reason that he could not fathom, made them feel better.

"You'll be allright." he said, clapping his hand on the boy's shoulder. For some reason, he didn't look like felt any better.


05-02-2004, 03:49 PM
Torian sat by his swoop bike, preparing it for there journey ahead. He packed his E-11 onto it, along with his standered Republic issue blaster pistol. Climbing on the swoop, he turned to look at Sneak, a slight look of concern on his face. "Do you think you are up for this so soon after your last close call?"

The other commando's where busy prepping there speeders for the long trip that lay just ahead of them.

05-03-2004, 01:10 AM
The Commandos were busy preparing for departure. Brushing his hair out of his eyes, Aiden Jast double checked his weapons. He had his blastors, virobaldes, grenades and his swoop bike was all ready. Ticking these of his fingers he suddenly remembered Jo.

He could not sense the bulking figure of his friend behind him and was rather surprised since Jowamba rarely left his side. Glancing around, not far from where he was standing, he spotted the wookie chatting comfortably with Sylvanna.

'Huh?' Aiden though, musing up his hair even more in his confusion.

'Well no point in standing around here.' Shrugging, Aiden decided to go over and quench his curiosity.

"Hello!" Aiden said, reaching the two. They all but ignored him...

"Whats up Jowie, you aren't usually this talkative?" Raising his eyebrows, he spoke rather loudly to catch their attention.

But the wookie seemed to find his conversation with Sylvana quite interesting and after a slight nod, gave Aiden no other response.

"More interesting than me it seems." Aiden muttered grumpily. Hands in his pocket, Aiden watched them talk away with a vicious scowl.

05-03-2004, 03:43 AM
The Republic troopers had begain walking down the many transports ramps, eagerly awaiting the commandos sucsessful mission, so that they may go in. Over 40,000 of the Republic Royal Army had landed there, a combination of rookiees, veterans, and hardend War Hero's.

It was true, that they expected some heavy resistance here, the Sith held this planet in a much tighter grip than Bakura, litterly thousands of there troops being garrisoned here. And for your average soldier, a Sith Trooper was anything but a push over, highly trained in both marksmanship and melee fighting.

The Sith put there troops thru rigerous obstical courses, training exorsizes that bordered on torturous, painful and almost cruel work outs and sleep patterns, but in the end, it produced the deadliest army the Galaxy had ever seen. Highly dicaplined, a Sith Trooper never questioned orders, and was willing to throw down his life in an instant, as the training crushed nearly all indeviduality that they might have once had had.

The Republic had a much less harsh way of training its soldiers, standered boot camp, then combat training, produced high quality troops, but not nessasarily devoid of a will of there own. None the less, the Republic troopers where just as willing to throw down there lives as the Sith, though out of loyalty, not fear. They both have about the same accuracy, however, the Sith Troopers also have there ghostly armour, not only does it offer extra protection, but it can become demoralising to have a expressionless face staring back at you.

Yes, the Commando's where about to head into territory crawling with litterly thousands apon thousands of these men, all who would love to just kill one of them, even at the cost of there own life. Torian knew this, and was prepared for the risk, it was there job to make sure that the transports could get in range by taking out those Ion Canon implacements.

The Commando's would be supported by a group of the Republic's finest. 200 men, all hero's in there own right. This swoop squad was preparing to face off againts impossible numbers. Stealth and suprise would be there only advantage here.

"Are we ready, Commando's?" Torian asked the others, as they sat, ready to leave, the other 200 men behind them, all on speeders of there own.

05-03-2004, 04:49 PM
Sneak bobbed his head. "Yeah, I think I'll be okay. I knew the risks. A bit of a shock, coming that close to the risks, but I think I'm going to be more careful, which is perhaps a good thing..." He looked around and realized that Torian was no longer there.

"Guess I did drag on a bit, didn't I?"


JA watched his companions, as well as the support troops they had. The men from the transport he'd been in were part of the support group. He checked his speeder again, and ran one last quick diagnostic test.

He pumped his hand in the air along with the other commandos to indicate readiness.


Sneak turned on the map screen that was built into his heads-up-display. It showed their objectives, and his current position. He looked at the speeder bike once more. It was not as big as a standard swoop, with smaller engines, meant less for insane speed, (although it was a fairly fast vehicle) but for size and maneuverability.

He sighed once, and looked around at the clearing. This was just one of many such clearings.

05-04-2004, 01:23 AM
Torian reved his engine to signal that it was almost time, checking behind him, seeing that his commando's where ready to move. "Alright! Lets move em' out!" He shouted, as his speeder blazed off into the distance, followed by several others.

The dpeeders raced thru the thick jungles of the planet, avoiding tree's and rocks, as they made there way twords the ion canons. The 200+ engines roared as the emerged from the jungle sailing over the vast landscape and swamps of the world. It was clear that this was a very wet planet.

They made there way across the small expance of water, there speeders hover-engines keeping the aloft above the small lake. Finally, as they rose above a hill, Torian turned his speeder sharply to the side, slamming on the breaks. The other speeders did the same.

"We are here..." He said quitely. "The Ion Canon control compound should be close by. We are vastly outnumbered here men. It is the 200 of us againts over 10,000 of them..." He said bluntly. "Stealth is of the utmost importance."

With that, Torian climbed off his swoop, and picked up his blasters, and vibro-blade. He made his way to the top of the hill, and with a quick wave, signled the commando's to move to his either of his sides. "There it is, the Ion shield center. Before we attack the canons directly, we'll need to take that out..."

05-08-2004, 01:59 AM
The Commandos carefully looked over the hill, waiting for there chance to strike. The guards patrol rout was very tight. Never leaving an area out of eyes view for long. Sneaking into that place would be extreamly hard.

"We'll need to catch these guys off guard for sure, commandos. It won't be easy...if we move too much closer they would see if for sure. We could just try a frontal assault, but they would have enough reinforcments on us to whipe us from the face of the planet within five minutes." He said bluntly.

"We need to hit there communications aray. That way, if its down, they'll have trouble calling for help if we attack. It is our only option, I'm afraid. So, move out, commandos!" He said, as he crawled down from the hill, and signaled for them to follow him.

Torian marched twords the com aray, a short distance away from the ion control center. The other 200 men where given orders to wait with the swoops while they disabled the com station.

"We'll need some disguises..." Torian stated calmly.

Torian held the infored goggles to his eyes, as he zoomed in on the facility. He rose his hand, quickly pointing two pressed fingers twords his right, behind a tree. Gogin quickly moved there. He then pointed to the left behind another, Sylvana moving to the location. He ordered the other two commando's, as well as Jowamba and JA to stay down behind him.

A patrol of two slowly marched twords them, on there normal rout, talking to each other. "You know, I hear we lost contact with the space blockade." One trooper stated. "Really? Probably just a few short circuts. I'm sure it'll be back up in no time." The other trooper assured his comrad.

As they neared the Commandos, Torian quickly pumped his fist. Sylvana and Gogin dashed from the tree's, Gogin stabbing his vibro-blade into the troopers neck - the closest thing to a head without damaging the helmet, Sylvana stabbing the trooper in the gut. Only damaging the fabric between the troopers armour. Somthing they wouldn't notice with there black undercloths.

Torian smiled, looking down at the troopers. "Good, Aiden, you and I will put these on, and make our way back to the communications relay. Make sure Jowamba knows he must stay here."

05-09-2004, 11:10 PM
Sneak set up his datapad. It was much larger and bulkier than a normal datapad, as it contained some longer-distance transmitting capabilities, as well as a few other items that came in handy. He started tapping away, finding the Sith signal.

"Just like I thought. They're using about 8 channels for transmitting data between stations. However, their coding is good enough that I'm going to have difficulty breaking it, let alone getting into the system in such a manner as to be undedected and still able to perform major tasks." He sighed. "I'm going to need access to a Sith Terminal to do anything, really." he tapped a few more items. "I'll see if I can break the code. If I could transmit it to the ships in orbit, they could probably break it in a while. If I did that, though, we'd be giving ourselves away..." he trailed off as a thought occured to him. But that was something that might not be best for now, he decided. However, it was somthing to bear in mind.

He realized he was getting odd looks. "I'll just keep working away here."


JA scanned the immediate area at a rate of two million times a second. His sensors, built without the natural limitations that humans had, detected nothing dangerous. No sudden clumpings of Sith Soldiers beyond those in the barracks. A plan began forming in his head, should a fight break out. Obviously, their small number, even with the 200 hundred with them, were not going to manage much, but it was best to have a back-up plan.

Just in case.

05-13-2004, 07:23 AM
Torian listened to Sneak for a moment, and then odded his head. "In that case, Aiden will stay here. Sneak will come with me so that he may hack into there terminal once we are inside. Suit up Sneak, this will take some convincing acting." Torian stated, a slight grin on his face.

05-14-2004, 01:43 PM
Sneak put on the Sith Troopers gear. "Hi. I'm here for rampant destruction and the oppression of native species." he waved a hand in front of his face. "I thought these helmets were supposed to enhance vision, not detract from it."

Torian pressed a button on his fore-arm, and the visor cleared. "Ah," he said, relieved, "That's much better." Torian shook his head, because the commandos all knew about that. Still, Sneak regarded it as his duty to keep things light occasionally.

05-14-2004, 01:56 PM
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05-14-2004, 03:42 PM
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11-04-2004, 11:59 AM
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After everyone going had finished suiting up, they slowly made there way towards the communications outpost. "We will be getting sneak to the Sith terminal. There he will be capable of disabling the Sith's communications arrays."

Torian ordered the rest of the commandos to stay in there current location until he called for them, and the three then set off.

Torian, Aiden, and Sneak moved silently through the trees, making sure to stay hidden from any camera devices that where set up in the forest. As they neared the edge of the forest, the Sith com array now in clear view, Torian ordered them to act casual, and make there way 'innocently' into the Sith outpost.

The three, posing as Sith Troopers walked into the com array, and, aside from a Sith Officer stopping them to ask about there 'patrol', they made it in without any delay.

11-05-2004, 08:47 AM
Name: Ana
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Weight: 120
Hight: 5' 2"
Weapons of choice: blaster pistol, 1 sword (strange, I know, but she likes it) The sword has been passed down in Ana's family for several generations.
Rank: N/A

Ana was barely listening to her father as he told her of all the equipment in this terminal. She had never truly been interested in joining the Sith army, even now that she was over the age they would accept. Her father, on the other hand, was eagerly trying to get her to join.

Instead of paying attention to her father, Ana found it interesting to watch the people walking around. Most wore helmets, preventing her from seeing their faces, but she didn't care. Everybody had a different way of carrying themselves and it was this she was paying attention to.

"You're not listening to me," her father suddenly said. Ana's attention suddenly snapped back to him, just as the three (you guys) walked past.

"I'm sorry, father," Ana said. "I'm just not interested. I don't want to work for you. I've got my own plans."

"Ah, yes," he said angrily. "Your plans. Being a pilot. There are places for you in our forces if that is the way you would go."

"Forget it, father," Ana sighed. "I'm not joining your military."

"So be it," he snapped. "Get out."

Ana turned and headed for the exit. She was glad to be leaving this place. Even as early as the next day, the ship she had been building since she turned 15 would be complete. When that happened, she'd be leaving this planet.

11-07-2004, 01:52 PM
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Sneak watched many of the others around him, though they would never know because of his helmet. he nervously pulled at his right index finger, cracking it. He moved down the fingers of his hand, doing likewise.

They reached the terminal, an impressive set up with many blinking lights. The terminal had only 1 screen, though, and that was facing towards the rest of the hall. Sneak knew that'd never do, but they didn't have much choice. He just looked as natural as he could and started typing away. He indicated to Torrian that he might want some privacy from the rest of the Sith, and the other man nodded.

A few moment's work, and he was in. He took a program he'd made, dropped it through the Sith network to another station, one with lots of comm arrays, and made it look like another station had set it in there. That program had very specific instructions on when to start broadcasting the decoding for the Sith comm channels to teh Republic ships above, and that time was not yet.

Nearly 15 minutes more, and a good deal of sweat later, he managed to make the shutting down of the shield generators look like a bit of maintanence. He then put in a program to lock out any kind of control for the Sith at their control terminals, and started it up. Then he shut down the screen, and stepped away from the terminal. He nodded to Torian, and it was at that moment that the red lights started blinking and the alarm klaxons started going off.

Sneak shrugged, and legged it to the doors behind Torian, looking for all the world like a normal pair of Sith Troopers.

11-07-2004, 08:00 PM
"Ana!" her father called. She had not yet left the terminal and her father came hurrying after her. "Ana, don't go outside. The Republic has a fleet in orbit and there's no telling what they'd do to you."

"Maybe they'd get me off this rotten planet," Ana retorted. "I'm tired of this place. As soon as I complete my ship, I'm gone."

"Under the legal system, I can do nothing to stop you," her father growled. "There's no telling what I'd do in the seclusion of our home."

"You'll not get the chance," Ana snapped. "I'm leaving. I don't care if my ship isn't entirely ready. It's ready enough."

She turned and stormed out. Her father followed her, a look of pure rage on his face. When they entered their house, Ana spun around and put her blaster in her father's face.

"Like I said, you can't do anything to me," she told him. He froze for a second. Then, with a smile on his face, he began to put his hands up above his head. When they were at the level of Ana's blaster, he spun, knocking the blaster away from his face. He kicked her in the stomach and sent her flying across the small room.

"Can't do anything to you, eh?" he smirked. She groaned and attempted to get up and move toward the door. He stood in her way, preventing her from getting out. "I think I'm in the process of beating you to pieces!"

Ana backed away and drew her sword. Her father hissed. "I knew it was a bad idea to give that to you!" He slipped out the door and Ana followed him, retrieving her blaster and placing both blaster and sword in their proper places on her belt.

"Go back to work, sir," she said, refusing to address the man as her father. "You'll get in trouble if you don't."

With a hiss of anger, he turned away. Ana ran quickly back inside and took what little she could call her own. Then, she headed for the place her ship was parked. A young man stood in her way when she got there.

"Going somewhere?" he demanded. Ana laughed and nodded.

"I'm leaving, Arnos," she told him. "Would you like to come?"

"Your ship's not entirely complete, is it?" Arnos asked with a frown. Ana shrugged.

"It's ready enough," she answered. "Let's go."

They entered the ship, more a shuttle than anything else. Ana prepared it to take off, but as they lifted off, something happened and it set back down on the ground heavily. Ana groaned.

"Maybe there's a fuel leak," Arnos joked. Ana gave him an evil glare and he laughed. "I'll check it."

"I'm coming," Ana said quickly. "I don't think I trust you any more."

This was, of course an absurd thing to say. Arnos and Ana had been friends for as long as they could remember. Nothing would change that. Both left the ship and began examining the exterior for a problem.

11-09-2004, 09:53 PM
With a sigh of frustration, Arnos headed back to the interior of the ship. Ana did not follow. Instead, when Arnos had completely entered the ship, Ana spun, putting her left leg above her head as she did so and kicking the side of the ship.

"Oww," she muttered. In seconds, the ship sputtered back to life and Ana limped back into the cockpit.

"You kicked it again, didn't you," Arnos said with a frown. Ana grinned and nodded. "And again, it was an internal problem, wasn't it?" Another nod from Ana as she took the controls.

"Hope the Republic will believe us when we say why we're leaving," she muttered. They would soon find out... they were almost free of the planet's atmosphere.

12-01-2004, 06:20 PM
Ana made no attempt to resist raising her eyebrows as she crossed her arms in front of her.

"My friend, Arnos and I do not wish to be a part of this war," she answered. "That is not, however, our only reason for leaving. My father is abusive and I'm not willing to take that any more. His abuse has trained me to hate the Sith he wanted me to join."

As she said this, a fire lit in her eyes. "I will not return to the surface."