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02-24-2004, 05:31 PM
I am stuck on EfMI, where i have to gt other the other side of the island i have tried the SCUMM BARS walkthough, but that dosen't work. I am stuck on the step of the alkthrough that says (POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING):

The Accordion
1. Go the hill on the west side of the island. On the top you see three canals. Go to the pile of rocks and pick one up. Throw the rock at the canal on the right side of the cliff and watch for the root that moves. At the same time as it moves, throw a rock in the middle. When it reaches a root throw one in the left canal. When that one reaches a root throw another one in the left canal.

2. Go back to the cathedral and ask to do the lava ride again. This time steer the boat into the little lava pool.

I have tried this, and nothing has happened to the lava (as in step 2)


02-24-2004, 05:46 PM
If you look at the maze of tunnels that you throw the boulders into, there are little tree roots hanging in places and when a boulder moves past them, they shake. So, when you throw a boulder into the right hole, the boulder will pass a root and when that happens, throw another boulder into the middle hole (this involves keeping a boulder ready to throw into that hole at that moment). then when a boulder moves another root, throw another one in the left hole, and then it'll happen again and you just need to throw one more into the left hole.