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02-26-2004, 12:18 AM
10 He and his fellow Republican soldiers slipped around the narrow passageway, peaking around the edge and quickly shooting down a Stormtrooper. The small base on Hoth contained countless Jedi from the Academy on Yavin 4. The squad's job was to rescue as many as possible. The squad was made up of Eldarion, who was the commander of the small force of ten. The rest of them were either close friends or complete strangers.
Eldarion motioned his hand and all of them slipped out in twos across the wide, snowy plain. It was only a few hundred feet long, until they reached the remnants of a few ships in the snow. As the squad crept up the hill, hundreds of lasers shot their way. All of them hit the ground, holding the guns in their hands tightly. One of the soldiers quickly tossed a frag over the hill and into the area below.