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02-26-2004, 05:56 AM
Got a new mod looking for talent, long story short: just before Christmas we
released a Star Wars fanfilm called The Planet with No Name. (Available for
download at the site). Naturally there were dozens of ideas that did not
make it into the film due to time and budget concerns, however most of these
ideas would fit perfectly into a Jedi Academy mod, so I'm officially
announcing The Jedi with No Name mod for JKA open for business. We've got
original story, the original crew available for voice acting, unused footage
and music from the film as well as a ton of skins and weapon effects from
the now-defunct WB Academy and Blade mods to play around with.

We could use guys with the following skills (amateurs welcome):

SP Mapper
Cutscene Scripter
Character Modeler/ Importer

Weapons Modeler
Saber Animation Coder
Gunplay Animation Coder
Environmental/ Prefab Modeler (i.e. vehicles, destructible objects)

There's a rough information page available at our site under the Game Mods
section. Thanks for your interest,

Editor in Cheif
Writer's Block Media

03-08-2004, 02:33 AM
Got some more concept pics and infromation up at the site: