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Das Mole
02-26-2004, 09:48 PM
a reality tv show. i mean, think about it. on every reality show they always pick certain people that has specific personalities. and although i can't tell you exactly who's who...i think it's pretty accurate of me to say that.

there's always...

the liar
the clueless person
the bitch
the jerk
the underdog (the one who nobody notices)
the idiot
the genius
the sweet, girl-next-door (not sure if anyone fits that criteria...)

and so on...

and going along with that same idea...i've begun to write a story. and i think it ((might)) be a fairly good concept. it's basically going to be a reality tv show, in story version, except it'll be a parody, with allusions and references and stuff to reality shows and things that people have said. here's all my characters:

chelsea "the hot chick"
victoria "the underdog"
kristin "the big talker"
meghan "the fiery redhead"
madison "the bitch"
olivia "the sweet, but game-clueless girl"
alani "the delicate genius"
dave "the snake"
tom "the workaholic"
joel "the lazy-ass bastard"
jim "the old guy"
will "the leader"
mark "the jerk"
rob "the schemer"

so...according to the list, say which character you think that you would be if you were on a reality show, disregarding gender.

and i put a poll to see who you think you would be...putting the top 9 i think people fall under in here, i left out 5 so if you think you're one of the five then i guess you can't vote for it *shrug*

02-27-2004, 01:37 AM
Hee, hee "reality tv" indeed!!

Das you really are affected by every single passing fad in the universe aren't you? ;)

I'm going to plunge all my money into advertising yellow pvc gimp suits round Das's neck of the woods.....guaranteed he'll buy 10 himself!!:)