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The story is set after the events depicted in the Jedi Academy. Jaden, (the blonde-haired human male) turned to the dark side, stealing the scepter and defeating Tavion as well as Katarn. What happened next? Read on....

Episode One: A new Reign Of Terror

Ahead of him lay a vast planet. Hopefully uninhabited and hidden from the eyes of the Republic. The planet was none other than Onderon, the planet on which Exar Kun was converted.

Jaden's mind was full of revenge. Revenge against the Jedi. Revenge against Kyle. And most of all, Revenge against the Academy. He knew that Kyle was holding his students back. Kyle had experienced the dark side, but why didn't he convert? Jaden's mind was getting more and more corrupted every second.

Jaden landed his X-Wing down in a clearing. The area around him was of a temperate nature. Jumping out, Jaden rushed to the Sith temple nearby. The stairs were short, but well-detailed. Inside was a huge cave, not very dark, but with Ancient Sith inscriptions everywhere.

"Where are you? I sense your presence!" thundered Jaden. "Don't play games with me!"
After a moment of silence, a spirit took form in front of Jaden. It was of somebody in a long, hooded robe. Apparently, a great Sith Lord.
"So, you will be the one, won't you". The spirit smiled after the last word. "Tell me your name, The New Sith". Jaden glanced at the entrance and back, then answered, "I am Jaden Korr".

The spirit placed it's hand over Jaden who tried to fight it back. "You are not Jaden Korr". Jaden gave way to his anger and exploded, "Are you Insane, you weak Sith? I am Jaden Korr and I am going to be the greatest Sith Lord in the Galaxy. Better than that puny Darth Vader, better than YOU!"
The spirit gave a sign of disgust at Jaden and said aloud, "You are not Jaden Korr, atleast not anymore. Now you are Darth Qollous!"
Jaden stood where he was, taking his time to accept the news. He rose his head to the spirit weakly. "You... You are what I thought. You must be..." His sentence was interrupted when the spirit rose it's hand and faded away.

Darth Qullous turned away and descended the stairs, satisfied. Just then, a voice erupted in his head. This was not of the spirit. "You, you are finally alive. You have finally become a Sith, that too by my Master! Go to Yavin 4. Go to the Masassi Temple where those weak Jedi train. Avoid all Jedi especially Luke Skywalker. You must reach the top of the temple using the Force and stealth. Together, you and I, we will establish the new reign of terror!"

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Oooh. Interesting, I'd like to see where this is going! :)

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At first Jaden hesitated, but his curiousity took him into the deep jungles of the fourth, tropical moon of Yavin. "Hmm... The Jedi have just returned". Using the force, Qollous guided his X-wing through the dense jungle and landed with a few scratches about 300 metres to the south of the temple.

Jaden used his force powers to sense Kyle and Luke. They were heading towards the Academy hall. there were atleast 3 more Jedi left. Jaden used Force Speed and zipped past Luke and Kyle before they could even sense him. "I sense a disturbance in the force, Kyle" declared Luke. Jaden was already leaping the ledges of the temple.

The temple was made of grey rock and whoever built it were experienced and skilled builders. There was an dark side aura emanating from it. Jaden had sensed it in his Academy days but this time it was more stronger. Even stronger than the time Tavion was there.

After climbing about three-fourths of the temple, Jaden was hardly exhausted. He continued climbing relentlessly. His rage and anger was building second-by-second. He climbed a ledge and laid down for rest. Leaning his head slightly from the ledge, he surprised himself by realising how much distance he had climed in just fifteen Yavin minuter (32.4 Earth minutes).

He rose his head in an attempt to get up only to find a female Twi-Lek Jedi gazing at him in an attacking stance. Qullous showed no sign of surpise. He kicked her by launching his laid body straight to her like a rocket. Getting behind her, he ignited his orange saberstaff. She rolled up and ignited her two purple and yellow sabers.

The two stared at each other, predicting each others next move and waiting for the move. The Twi-Lek moved first. She reached for the comlink and communicated Luke. Before she can say a word, Qullous' saber destroyed the comlink. In a fraction of a second, Jaden kicked the Jedi and thrust his saber through her chest.

Without any emotion or feeling, the Sith leapt to the final ledge from where he leapt again to reach the top of the temple. The top was of a squarish shape. At two opposite sides stood two tall, artistic pillars. One was carved and well-deatiled, the other plain. Both were nearly flat in breadth, stood aout 6 feet high and were pointed.

"Allright, I am here! Stop being a coward, Kun and face me!" shouted Qullous. "I am here, Korr". said the voice. The spirit of Exar Kun materialised and stood next to the detailed pillar. "These two pillars were built by Masassis. I commaned them. This pillar," said Kun pointing at the pillar next to him "represents me. It represents one of the greatest Sith Lords ever!"

"And the other one?"
"That one, that one represents you, Exar Kun's successor'.

Episode 3 Preview:
"Go to Korriban. There you will find the greatest secrets of the Sith!"

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Jaden was taken aback. He never expected to be anybody's successor, especially a dead Sith lord.

"You forgot, Kun. I have my scepter with me".
So saying, Jaden took off a rod from his back and it automatically extended and unleashed to form a complete scepter.

"Before you do anything, Jaden..." The spirit's entence was interrupted.
"I AM NOT JADEN! I AM DARTH QOLLOUS!" Qullous pointed his scepter to Exar Kun, ready to attack the spirit.
"Travel to Korriban. There you will find the greatest secrets of the Sith!" Said the spirit. No sooner did he finish the last letter than he was scattered into a million pieces by the scepter.
"He wants to use me. Just like Ragnos would have used Tavion. But she lost for she was weak. Listen up, Kun! I AM NOT WEAK!"

Then, Jaden took one look at the plain pillar. He grunted and dived off the top of the temple.

Luke was having a meeting with the students at the Hall. He tried to concentrate on discussing but he was constantly disturbed by the sudden appearence and disapperence of the Dark Side.

"Since there are just seven of us left, we will cut down on missions. We'll need more Jedi recruits after the loss of many at the hands of Jaden".
Kyle wasn't paying attention to the speech. He was wondering about Jaden. Kyle knew that Jaden had become stronger than himself, this was proved when Jaden defeated Kyle in their duel at Korriban. "Luke, we'll need to keep an eye on Jaden. He stole the scepter, defeated me and... well... he's next to invincible now".
"Sorry, Kyle. That would not be possible with such a small number of Jedi. I know you care about your... lost student but Jaden will have to wait".
"We may not be able to spy on Jaden, But I know one person who can".
"Who is that?" asked a Jedi.
"A friend who has met Luke, me and most importantly, he has met Jaden".

Episode 4 Preview:
"Now why the heck do we need to steal a Podracer?"

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The grand Mos Espa Podracing Arena. A center of crowds, excitement and racing. At an isolated part, near the maintenance rooms, two shadowy figures change their positions. They are bounty hunters. One is the best in his job, and the other is his apprentice. Both are in Mandalorian armour. The first is in a strached and faded green helmet, the other in sleek blue-black suit.

"Now why are we here again?" asks the one in blue.
"See that red podracer?" the other asks pointing to a podracer. "We have to steal it."
"Now why the heck do we need to steal a Podracer?"
The other went furious and rose his voice. "It is our job. Our client tells us, we do it. You'd better watch out if you are to become a great bounty hunter like me."
"You got to train under your father, I'm just..." his sentence was cut short by Fett. "OK, you get the podracer, load it onto that carrier and get out. I'll spread chaos to cover you."

Boba exited through a back door. His apprentice waited, looking out. "He always does that." he said to himself. He waited for what seemed to him an eternity. A janitor then came along.

"Hey! Hey! It's a bounty..." The Janitor didn't finish. He ringed the alarm and the ringing siren was heard all over the arena. A voice came up on the comlink. "Now look what you did. Get out and get that podracer! I'm going in!"

Blaster shots were heard outside. The apprentice jumped out and using his jet pack, naivgated the blaster shots. The Tatooine police had stormed the arena. Criminals and betters, fearing the prison had fired the police. Boba Fett was firing at anyone and causing a menace. Civilians and Racers ran around like headless taun tauns. "Mordale, watch out!" shouted Boba as he fired a missile targeteds for a group of cops. Mordale, the apprentice found the podracer and was already heading for the pod-carrier.

Since he had never driven a podracer before, Mordale was cautious, focusing on his speed. A blaster shot zipped past him which destroyed his concentration. With his heart thumping, Mordale zoomed past the carrier into the course. He was heading at a boulder with uncrontollable speed. In a split-second, he ignited his jetpack and got off the podracer which, after a few secods smacked straight into a boulder. "Darn! Get back to your ship, you're never gonna be a bounty hunter". Sulking, Mordale Korr returned to his ship and took off Tatooine.

Episode 5 Preview:
"Take that saber Jaden, it has been waiting for a master for 2000 years."

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This is a good story. Keep 'em coming. :cool:

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Jaden's X-Wing had landed. He was walking about, looking for a secret tunnel which would take him to the Sith Chambers. He was near the tomb of the Kel Dor Sith Lord, Baret Kloopon. Qollous had already investigated the site, but there was nothing of importance. Kun's words echoed in his head. Then, like some jolt of electricity, The Force guided Jaden to a patch of sand. Curious, Jaden moved towards it. On stepping on it, Jaden fell through. It was the secret passage.

Jaden was sliding down the smooth rocky, tunnel till it finally became levelled. It was then he realised that he had come in feet-first and there was no way here to change positions. His irrtation turned into rage and unleashing his saber, he started a fury of wild attacks. His speed was so high, it was over light speed. The tunnel was cut to make a sort of small cave. He then let himself cool down, changed his postion and crawled through the tunnels, head-first.

After crawling about 200 metres, Jaden found a dead end. Unleashing his anger again, he cut the door open with his saber and further, there was another dead end. This one was a roof-fall. Qullous slashed it with his saber but the rock was barely scratched. The saber bounced back instead. Exar Kun reappeared in Qollous' mind. "Use the force, Qollous. These rocks were dropped on me by my master, Freedon Nadd when I crawled through here. Use the Force". Qollous didn't say a word. He used his Dark Rage and fired powerfull lightning on the rocks They sustained it for sometime, only to get brittle and crack up later. Jaden crawled through and found his tunnel ended near the ceiling of some huge tomb.

It was an enormous hall of scorching, red tiles and Sith statues all over the walls. Jaden jumped down walked ahead, glancing at every statue as he passed by them. They usually depicted Sith vicories or the use of the force.He approaced the end of the hall, where the Qollous once again heard Exar Kun. "Good work. I didn't expect you to get this far".

"That's 'coz you didn't reach here, Kun" Jaden answered.
"I did, I did. Now, sense a statue, then use te force to move it over the black tiles. If it is the correct statue, another secret passage shall open up" explained Kun. Qollous plainly nodded. He closed his eyes, put two fingers of each hand to his head and concentrated. In a flash, he pulled a statue depicting the Kel Dor sith's death and laced it over the square of black tiles.

Sounds of primitive mechanics was heard as slowly, the floor in front of him lowered. Jaden jumped on to the floor and descended on a great tomb. It was similar to Ragnos' tomb, but it had lots of junk and rock in it. The thing that interested Jaden the most was a case in front of the grand statue. Slowly, Jaden moved to the case, sensing greed and violence inside the case. Qollous smashed the case with his hand and inside, he found a saber-hilt similar to that of a saberstaff.

The only peculiarity in the saber was that it had four ignition points. At the point of ignition in a saberstaff, two ignition points were placed in it's place. This made the saber-hilt look like an X-Wing. Then, Jaden heard the voice...

"Take that saber Jaden, it has been waiting for a master for 2000 years."

Jaden grabbed the saber, turned and walked away.

Episode 6 Preview:
"We meet again, Jedi".

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Yeah thats a good story! Now all we need is someone to make a new map of it :p

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Why don't you make one, genius?
Jaden ignited the saber and unleashed 4 blades in an x-shape. "Good work, Qollous! Now you..." the voice was interrupted. "This time I will do it my way! I don't need your tips or hints anymore. I am a Sith! I can do anything!" shouted Jaden.

"Really? Where would you have been if I hadn't guided you? Now listen. You have stolen the saber and must face the trials of the X-Saber. If you win, then only you keep the saber."
"And If I lose?"
"You lose not only your saber but your life."

Just then, a statue of a single-saber duelist came to life and attacked Jaden. Qollous was caught by surprise and suffered a blow on his back. Giving way to his anger, he rammed two of his blades into the duelist's abdomen.
"Good, your next adversary has arrived".
The next opponent, a ninja weilding two saber in a frenzy flashed past Jaden. The Ninja ran at a speed 10 times faster than normal. All Jaden could do was defend himself with his new saber. All this time he could hear the mocks and jeers of the maniac. Finally, Qollous used Force Speed and gave a chase to the ninja throughout the hall. The ninja made a sudden dodge and Jaden, surpised, slammed into a pillar.
The fast Sith held his sabers in front of him like pikes and inserted them deep into the pillar. Qollous sped behind the ninja and with a well-aimed slash, sent the ninja back into his statue.

Darth Qollous turned off his saber and walked slowly to the hole in the ceiling from where he had come. "You still have one more opponent, Qollous."

"Yeah, you."
"You will face me later, first defeat the maker of this saber."

The 40-feet statue of Sith Lord Baret Kloopon came to life and ignite a powerful saberstaff. Each blade of the saberstaff was approximately 30 feet long. The new adversary, although being enormous was lightning fast and made Qollous jump a spider.
Qollous was unable to keep jumping away from the two powerfull blades. He wasn't even able to damage the skin of the Kel Dor. "Are you really that weak, Jaden?"
At being called Jaden and weak, Qollous was fully fueled by Dark Rage and jumped up to the Sith's head. Then, he used two of his blades to penetrate Baret's eyes. The blinded sith covered his eyes as Jaden cut off his life supporter coils which were coiled around his ears.

"How did you know those were his life supporters?" asked Kun as Jaden walked back to his ship.
"Living in the academy does have it's advantages."
"How did that sith get that big?"
"No time now"
"Kun? Kun? Blast it! He disappeared!"

Jaden got on his X-Wing and shot out of Korriban, brandishing a brand new X-Saber.

Qollous had reached about halfway to his destination when a tractor beam from a Star Destroyer caught him. Puzzled, Qollous switched on his comlink. "You imbeciles! I am Darth Qollous!" No reply.
As soon as he reached inside, he found stormtrooper and officer bodies lying all over. "We meet again, Jedi" a voice spoke up on the comlink. Jaden recognized that voice. "I am not a Jedi anymore, Fett."
"I have a surprise for you, enter the command center".

Episode 7 Preview:
"So, you say you're Jaden's brother, eh?"

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Yep, very good.
I'm sure someone will turn it into a mod for JA.
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Thnx guys, I never expected this much! This is my first ever fanfic!
Qollous ignited one blade of his saber and stepped towards the command center which lay in front of him. The doors opened and Jaden switched to a defensive postion, expecting a rain of blaster shots. Instead, a single stormtrooper stood, making a few adjustments. Jaden lowered his saber but didn't turn it off. He movede towards the stormtrooper who turned back and reported, "Sir, everything is under control". Jaden raised his saber and beheaded the stormtrooper.

"You thought you can deceive me, Fett?" said Jaden, leaning over the dead body of the stormtrooper.
"I didn't just think, I have deceived you" replied a voice from behind. Qollous jumped back and the blasters shot out for Jaden. Qollous ignited the rest of the three blades and defended the shots. Fett, who had never seen or heard of such a saber was surprised and stopped shooting. Qollous took advantage of this situation and rushed for Fett.

Fett knew that he had no chance and started running backwards. As Qollous came near, he ignited his flamethrower. Miraculously, the Force prevented Jaden from getting burnt. Fett ran till his back bumped on a wall. He continued shooting, since the flamethrower was useless. Jaden thrust the saber into the wall. Two blades had gone inside the wall and Boba was stranded.

"Now what will you do, the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter?"
Without replying, the bounty hunter used his jet to get out that saber-trap and flew towards the hangar. Qollous reached the hangar and suddenly stopped. He felt dizzy and fell over. Boba got in and escaped the Star Destroyer, but Jaden was in a half-confused, half-afraid state of mind.

Before passing out, he managede to utter a few word, "He... He... He was in that shi..." then he passed out. The Force had disturbed Jaden's mind so abruptly and powerfully that he fainted.
Yavin 4, Jedi Academy

"So, how was it?"
"Not good, that former-Jedi has grown too powerfull and weilded a new saber"
"A new saber?? That's bad"
"Bad??? If I hadn't escaped with the aid of my apprentice, He would have definitely killed me!"
"Your apprentice?"
"Yeah, the name is Mordale Korr"
Mordale stepped forward. He looked remarkably like Jaden. He just had a broader face and his hair colour was slightly more brownish.
"Korr? Jaden's surname is Korr as well"
"Who's Jaden?"
"Doh! The one whom you just faced!

There was complete silence.

"I am Jaden's brother!" declared the young apprentice.
"So, you say you are Jaden's brother, eh?"
"Okay, I'll take your midi-chlorian count. If it's high, you have a good feel of the force and you have a higher chance of proving yourself as Jaden's brother"
"I'm ready"

After the test was complete, Kyle returned with the results. "Mordale, you truly are worthy of being a Jedi and possibly brother of one our most promising students".
Mordale looked at Fett.
"Y'think he's right?"
"My most toughest adversaries have been Jedi. Go on, kid. You were born to be a Jedi. I'll keep checking up on you"
"Thanks, master. Kyle, I'm ready to be a Jedi now"

Episode 8 Preview:
"So, you Imperials had secret weapons all along..."

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keep up the good work!

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Jaden was in a Star Destroyer. A diffrent one, though. His mind was conorted by the fact that he had sensed his own brother. Was it a force illusion or was it real? Qollous couldn't tell the diffrence.

A stormtrooper commander came up to 'Lord' Qollous.
"Lord Qollous, we have news for you. The production of the Stinger Batch is complete. The TiE crawlers, AT-ATs and AT-STs are also ready".
"The Stinger Batch?" asked Jaden with a questioning glance.
"Uh... Lord Qollous, we forgot to tell you about the..."
Qollous fired a thunderbolt at the stormtrooper.
The stormtrooper replied only after feeling okay. "We remnants created a new wave of war technology in hiding. Our technology is superior to that of the Republic who believe that technology need not be advanced further. Our Technology centers lie on the planet of Scorate, slightly further from the Outer Rim."
"You still haven't answered my question, what is this Stinger Batch?"
"Sorry, Sir. We have developed a design of bombers and interceptors much more superior than the TiEs and the Republic Fleet"..
"I want to see these 'Stingers' myself. Go to Scorate".
"Yes, Lord Qollous"

The Stormtrooper returned to the command center and Qollous thought about it all. Soon, they were in hyperspace and when they jumped out, an emormous water planet loomed ahead. Qollous stood gazing at the planet. His comlink spoke up, "Lord Qollous, we have arrived."
"Good. Come with me. I need a guide, after all." replied Jaden and got to the hangar. The Stormtrooper officer was giving orders to a few stormtroopers there. As soon as the other stormtroopers dispersed, Jaden and the Officer got into their TiEs and sped towards Scorate.

Soon they had arrived and Qollous was taking a tour. Their first spot was the Stinger Fields were the magnificent birds lay. The Stinger Interceptor was seen first. It had a sleek fuselage, morestreamlined than the Raven's Claw. It's wings were bent back and completely vertical. The officer explained that the vertical wings can be retracted to horizontal also to give better maneuvrability than speed. It's back was the special feature of the ship. It's back was curving down similar to that of a scorpion's tail. The interceptor had two lasers on the 'sting' as well as a powerlaser.

The next version, Stinger Bomber was similar. The diffrence was that the tail was not curved too much to focus targeting the surface. The 'bomb' of the Bomber was actually a powerfull antimatter core created by the magnificent bomber by it's bomb generator. It also sported two mini-lasers.

There were many other such variations of the stingers there. "Any other development?"
"Yes. The stormtrooper armor is changed as well."
A trooper, clad in a clone-trooper-like armor came ahead. His armor's main diffrence was that it was black and grey and a glowing golden Imperial Symbol was seen on his forehead.

"How many such Stingers do you have?"
"1 million Interceptors, 50,000 bombers and 75,000 light bombers."
Jaden took a minute to look at every ship and mech. Finally, he spoke. "So, you Imperials had secret weapons all along"
"We are ready, sir, just mention our first target to blitz and destroy".
"Your first target is Jedi Academy on Yavin 4".

Episode 9 Preview:
"Got news, Luke. Jaden is raiding the Academy with his new army".

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Absolutely wonderful!:D :D :D

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This is a well thought out story, and basing it off the Dark path in JA certainly is a good twist. If you keep 'em coming, we'll keep sending feedback!

As if I hadn't said that before! :p

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The army of Star Destroyers was stationed just outside Yavin 4. Two TiE interceptors approached the destroyers from Yavin 4. On board, Qollous was thinking hard, trying to sense the feelings of every single Jedi on the planet. "So, they had a new batch of students just after I left, huh? If they think they can stop the Empire with that, they have already commited their greatest mistake".

The doors to his chambers opened and two Imperial spies arrived, escorted by five new stormtroopers. "So, what are their plans?"
The first spy spoke, "They don't seem to expect an attack but are alert. Our best shot to get them will be at dawn which should break out soon. We should get movin', Lord Qollous".
Qollous turned to the StormOfficer and spoke, "Is everything ready?"
"Yes sir"
"Good, commence the attack"

Soon, stingers shot out of the Star Destroyers and headed for Yavin 4. There were moving towards the forest to the east from where they will turbo to blitz the Massassi Temple. After the last stinger left, the mech carriers proceeded to Yavin. They would settle to the north, release the mechs and attack the temple. Then came the carriers of the immense Imperial army. The drop-off points were set strategically and the temple would be attacked from all directions.

Qollous himself piloted a Stinger Interceptor and led the flying army. The stingers reached the forest as planned and headed for the Massassi temple. The sun was rising behind the stingers, watching the pre-battle scene. Jaden's sleek blue and silver interceptor set it's first target on the window pillars of the Academy Halls. The pillars were crushed by Jaden's lasers and fell off. The stingers quickly divided into their formations and attacked the temple.

The Jedi were already out, defending the blaster shots from the stormtroopers and killing them. The mechs were ravaging the forest and blasting off anything that held a lightsaber. The special division of the Imperial army, the Swooper Squadron launched off their carrier and zipped past the stormtroopers and trees to get the Jedi who were overwhelmed by the sudden and powerful attack.

Jaden landed his stinger inside the Academy Hall. He got out he felt a river of the Light Side flowing through him. He shook himself and stormed the temple from the inside, killing everyone.
Kyle was moving through th corridors of the academy, looking for any stormtroopers that might have entered. He reached the Hall, where many corridors met and where most Jedi would 'hang out'. He reached the center and met his old student who ambushed Kyle.

"Jaden, you... you are back"
"I am not Jaden, Kyle. I am Darth Qollous, and I am going to end your miserable life".
"Stop it, Jaden. You have gone far enough. We can end this battle now if you..." he never finished his sentence.
Qollous had ignited his four-bladed lightsaber because of which Kyle stood stunned.

"Now do you know the what the Dark Side can offer?" asked Qollous as he attacked Kyle in a fast Kata.
Kyle ignited his saber which was almost useless in front of the X-Saber and for the first time, Kyle backed away from a duel.

Kyle approached Luke who was finishing off stormtroopers. "Got news, Luke. Jaden is raiding the Academy with his new army".
"I can see that, Kyle, but what? Jaden?"
"Yep, I saw him just now. He calls himself Darth Colon or something and he has got some sort of four-bladed saber which looks like an X-Wing".
A voice replied from behind them, "It's called a X-Saber, Kyle and it's gonna KILL YOU!"

Episode 10 Preview:
"Sir, we have conquered Yavin 4".

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OOOOOOO! bit of a clifhanger there. you cant kill off kyle though, surely? nah not gonna happen. Kyle and luke will live.

when work out how to make sabers for Jedi Accademy, that X-saber is gonna be the next one I do!

(off toppic but any help with skinmapping in Gmax gr8fuly recived!)

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The two Jedi stood in a defensive stance. The Sith had a wide grin on his face. He rushed ahead with the X-Saber in front of him. The two blocked it by applying force with their sabers on each side of Qollous' saber. This ended up in a tough saber lock where Jaden finally forced his way through. Kyle swooped his saber near Qollous' arm and Luke tried to use Mind Trick. Jaden thrust his saber over at Luke who ducked and went over to Kyle's side.

Qollous, rather than facing the two, got on an empty swoop and zipped through, attacking the others. This left Kyle and Luke puzzled.
"Why do you think he would just leave us? He was too confident that he would beat us..." Luke grabbed Kyle and lunged into the bush. Soon, a shock antimatter bomb fell on their former postion. The place was bombed.
"Got it" approved Kyle. He ran from one place to another. The stingers were attacking them. Luke and Kyle defended some and evaded some, but the Imperial army was too overwhelming. Wave after waves of stingers and troops raided the temple.

"Kyle, I think we might need to evacuate from here".
"Good Idea. I'll tell everyone to get out, if anybody is left, that is".

Kyle sprinted, looking for survivors. He found the armour-clad Mordale Korr killing stormtroopers with his regiment. "Mordale, we should best get out of here".

Mordale had been one the best students. He had also been the quickest student, in just about a week, he had earned the status of Jedi. He had completed a countless number of missions successfully throughout the galaxy in the week.

"OK, Where shall we go?"
"Fine, we'll meet you there".
"Good, notify others as well".
"Yes, Master Kyle".
Mordale and his Jedi ran for their X-Wings. Soon, they were in the air, but still under attack. One unfortunate Jedi was shot down. The group turned to Coruscant after leaving the Yavin atmosphere and jumped into hyperspace.
Qollous tood on top of the Massassi temple, where the spirit of Exar Kun had appeared. "What happened now, Kun? Why so quiet?"
"That was the plan, guess it failed".
"Why shall you do next?"
"Establish the New Empire. Without you help".
Once again, he leapt off the temple and landed on the ground without a scratch. The troopers were checking for any captives.
A stormtrooper officer approached Qollous. "What hapened to the Jedi?" asked the Sith Lord.
"They fled, Lord Qollous"
"There's only one place where they can flee" mumbled Jaden.
"Sir, we have conquered Yavin 4".
"Good Work, offficer. Re-build your army, I have already decided the next target..."

Episode 11 Preview:
"Says here that Ben visited a planet called Kamino before the Clone Wars. Wonder what's on that planet?"

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"So what's the plan?" asked Kyle after Luke returned form the chamber of the Supreme Chancellor Tyrol.
"The republic army will be rebuilt and strengthened to form a wall around Yavin 4. Any Remnant activity will be terminated without question."
"Good, but Jaden will unpenetrable. His army is ten times more organized than the Republic Army."
"Remember the clone wars? The earlier rebuplic was in a similar situation. Maybe we can get these "clones" if they are there and use them against the Imperials."
"How did the Republic end up when they used the clones?"
"Kyle, seek information on the clones and try and influence them if you find them."
"Sure thing, Luke".

Kyle was accessing info from the ruins of the computer at the Jedi Temple.
"Lets see... Clones. Hmm... The clones were an organized force of the republic formed... blah... blah... useless stuff... hah! Origin of the clones... this is interesting... Kamino? Never heard of it. Gotta contact Luke".
He pulled out his comlink and called up Luke.
"Says here that Ben visited a planet called Kamino before the Clone Wars. Wonder what's on that planet?"
"Kamino... Ben once told be about it. It was some water planet where he encountered Jango Fett who seems to be Boba's father. But nothing else".
"Well, well. I never expected ol bennie to hide a secret from you. I'll read - Obi-Wan Kenobi visited the planet called Kamino before the clone wars where he found the clone army and it turned out it was being made before by an order placed by Master Sifo-Dyas".
"Kyle, go to..."
"Kamino and invetigate, right? I knew that was coming".

Kyle pulled out of hperspace just outside Kamino. On going inside, he found the immense water bodies, storms and the cities. "Perfect place for refuge, eh R4?" The droid plainly beeped in response. Finding the co-ordinates, Kyle landed his crafted precisely where Master Obi-Wan Kenobi had placed it 50 years before. He got, pulling his cloak over himself and walked into the corridors or the strange building. A strange being, a Kaminoan approached him.
"You are..."
"Kyle Katarn, new Republic Jedi Academy, Jedi Master".
"New republic? Has it changed?"
"Ummm.... no. No, it hasn't"
"Please, if you wish to discuss the clones, please meet our new Prime Minister, Klam Lur."

Episode 12 Preview:
"Luke, the clones are ready".

03-15-2004, 07:27 AM
I got a new title for your story, how about:

STAR WARS: The Attack of the clones Strikes Back


Oh and I said Luke and Kyle would be ok didn't I.

03-15-2004, 04:06 PM
Well I haven't worked out how to make sabers for JA yet. still waiting for people to get back to me with tutorials/help.

anyway I thought I'd have a go modeling the X-Saber.


Is this the basic shape you were thinking of or is it compleatly wrong?

congratulations on another good episode by the way.

03-16-2004, 05:00 AM
Yep, thats how it is. Just don't make that crude. Also, there is a sort of slider which determines the X angle. (Understood that?)
Series 2
Starting tomorrow

Jaden must use his new army to defeat the Republic and establish the Second Empire. Will he be successful?

03-16-2004, 08:12 AM
Yeah, it was never going to be like that, I was just geting the basic shape right. dunno how to implement the slider though, might have to do without that.

03-17-2004, 09:04 AM
Blasters were traded from one position to another. The sandtroopers shifted and used their advanced battle technology. The Republic fired from the open ground, reducing the Imperial numbers.
Overhead, X-Wings clashed with the stingers and it was raining burning planes on the sandy wastes of Dantooine. The rough terrain stopped any mechs and thus, was mainly a foot war.

The republics were dropping, their low armour unable to protect them from the heat. The new sandtroopers had ventilation spots and cooling system under their armour which kept them cool. They fought effectively as their adversaries fell in nubers. The X-Wings, with their manual controls and old technology, crashed to the merciless ground after being shot by the stingers. The smell of another Imperial Victory was certain.
Meanwhile, Kyle was viewing the clones with the Prime Minister, Klam Lur.
"Are you satisfied with the army we have assembled, Master Kyle?" asked the Prime Minister.
"Impressive, good enough to beat the Imperials".
"The Imperials?"
"Yeah, they returned."
"But who are the Imperials?"
Kyle took a minte and then answered.
"Well, the republic was destroyed by as new force known as the Empire, the Rebels defeated the Empire, New Republic formed and now the Imperials are back".
"A lot of things must have happened since Kamino last gave the clones"
"Yeah, a lot. So as I said, the clones are ours?"
"Yes, Master Kyle, they are yours. New clones will always be produced."
"Good, we need tem now"
"Sure, the ships are ready to be launched"

As the Prime Minister left, Kyle turned to have a good look at the clones getting ready and boarding their ships. "This is gonna be big" he mumbled.
He pulled out his comlink and switched it on.
"Luke, the clones are ready".
"So you found Kamino. You'll have to lead a battle at Dantooine where we have almost lost now"
"Got it".
The remaining Republic troops were cornered and forced to surrender. Raising their hands, both troops and pilots were taken towards the troop carriers. Suddenly, a group of sandtrooper was bombed and a new war began. The battle theme resumed and the without the aid of the stingers who had already settled in the Destroyers, the Imperial army was nothing. The clones made a clean sweep, killing all stormtroopers and sandtroopers. The carriers were also bombed.

Above the planet, battle began with Imperial stingers maneuvaring the sleek Clone Fighters. The battle was fierce as both sides were well matched and soon the head Republic ship started firing the slow, retreating Star Destroyer. The commander called for a retreat. All the stingers swarmed into the ship and soon the the Sta Destroyer disappered into hyperspace.

The Republic had won Dantooine due to the Clones.

Episode 13 Preview:
"Is that so? Very well, attack the Republic's heart..."

03-17-2004, 10:28 AM
(Sabertooth Dantooine is not sandy Dantooine is grassy.)

03-17-2004, 11:44 AM
Well, the whole planet can't be grassy, can it? Dantooine also has a "western" style desert (I think so). The Republic knows that rare animals are found in the grassy region and so they postioned their troops at the desert. The Imperials, without thought, attacked.

03-17-2004, 12:17 PM
Originally posted by sabretooth
Well, the whole planet can't be grassy, can it? Dantooine also has a "western" style desert (I think so). The Republic knows that rare animals are found in the grassy region and so they postioned their troops at the desert. The Imperials, without thought, attacked. Ok thanks (but realy I do not think that it has a dessert)

03-18-2004, 07:25 AM
Mu ha ha ha ha haa! It worked! untextured but it worked!


http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/jonsgames/Darth Qollous.bmp

It will look much better when I work out (or am told) how to get a texture map on it. Its also a bit to powerfull for MP but never mind.

03-18-2004, 08:08 AM

I never even dreamed of seeing an actual X-Saber. Guess you really did it! Add good textures and other stuff and that thing is gonna be a smash hit at www.jk3files.com! (If it is open right now)

BTW, Next time, use only pg or gif formats. I can't load BMP files.

03-18-2004, 02:58 PM
Originally posted by sabretooth
BTW, Next time, use only pg or gif formats. I can't load BMP files.

I take it you ment jpg, sorry I guess you didn't see the 2nd picture then.


here it is as Jpg.

I ment to put it as Jpg to start with but I clicked the wrong button in paint.

03-19-2004, 05:15 AM
That is precisely the scene where Kyle stands stunned as Qollous unleashes his X-Saber. Great work, man! Send me that saber!
"Lord Qollous, we are losing troops".
"The Clones... The Republics army..." Jaden meditated deeply.
"Sir, Grand Admiral Fosetter has a plan".
The doors to the Planning Room opened as the Nautolan Grand Admiral entered the room, his green tentacles hanging behind him.

He spoke first in his raspy, nautolan voice, "Lord Qollous, the clones are clearing planet by planet. We shall soon be discovered unless we strike the clones with our army. They are certainly outnumbered but much more intelligent and organised. It would take our full strength to stop them".
Qollous took a minute to think and replied, "Better yet, it would be better to strike the foundation so that the pyramid collapses."
"Yes, but we must make it fast, the planet of Ord Magniola lies at stake. It is an important planet, rich in minerals and resources. We cannot afford to lose that planet".

Qollous leaned back and closed his eyes. He then re-opened them and answered. "Is that so? Very well, attack the Republic's heart, Coruscant!"
"But sir, what about Ord Magniola?"
"Distract the republic by setting up the planet as a batlefield. I'll lead an attack on Coruscant, bomb the place. The republic will surely call back the clones and Ord Magniola is ours. By that time, we will be out in the space. Then, send the Imperial Army and attack Coruscant again and devastate it. Got that?"

"Uh... Yes Sir".
The clone approached General Yal'ra.
"Sir, we have scanned Teryen, Vjun, Byss, Koloin, Minals, Zoptres and Laandrok. No sign of the Remnants."
"Not even on Vjun?"
"No, sir".
"What about that mountain planet?"
"Ord Magniola?"
The general nodded.
"Sir, we are ready to attack. It apparently holds a tremendous bounty of resources and Imperial activity was seen by recon."
"When shall you attack it?"
"Plans are for 5:25 CST (Coruscant Standard Time)."
"Make it earlier, I sense an Imperial plan. Switch it to 3:10 CST".
"Yes, sir".
The clone commander informed the head lieutenants on the attack about the new timing.
"By the way, commander, how many planets are reconquered so far?"
"24, Sir".
"Seems like the progress of you clones is going good, eh?"
"You don't always have to be so formal, you know".
"Yes, sir".
The general sighed and left the hangar where the clones were getting ready.

Episode 14 Preview:
"Lord Qollous, we are under heavy attack, we...."

03-19-2004, 07:08 AM
Originally posted by sabretooth
That is precisely the scene where Kyle stands stunned as Qollous unleashes his X-Saber. Great work, man! Send me that saber!

Sure, I'll make sure I send it to you first when its finished, only fair as you gave me the idea. I do want to get it textured first though (I'm using Gmax, any help with that will be gr8fully recived. post it on JA modeling, more hilt problems, though pleaze)

Oh and that thing about Dantooine, it could be desert, maybe the Imperials got angry and really messed it up after finding that there were no rebels there in A New Hope.

03-19-2004, 01:17 PM
Maybe you can give me a tip to make models in gmax, John, pm me plz when you have time or send me a tutorial, i would be happy.
Go on with your story, sabretooth it is great!!!

03-20-2004, 06:07 AM
Thanks Ziechel! OK, I ask all you guys to rate my fanfic using the forums rate feature.
The Imperials stood ready. Scattered along the mountains, awaiting the attack after 4 hours. The guns were kept in place and everything was set and ready. Imperial dreadnoughts orbited the planet, working as scouts. No one expected an early attack. No one.
Dreadnout Unit 319 was the first to witness the attack. She was calmly floating in the space outside Ord Magniola when suddenly, out of hyperspace, the clone army jumped out. The dreadnought opened fire but was too late. The clone lasers broke the ship into 4 peices.
Alerted, the other dreadnoughts started attacking the clones, but the clones were just too strong for them.

Stingers shot from the underground hangars and caused a nuisance to the clones. The clone carriers were big and bulky, yet had amazing firepower. The stingersbroke off the balloon shooters and aimed for the cockpits. The clones on the other hand, bombed the mountains. The troop carriers landed and the ground war began. Stormtroopers used guerilla tactics and evaded the clones who were infilitrating and destroying the Imperials.
The chief stormtrooper officer was making his plans.
"It's not possible! They cannot attack so early! Must contact Lord... Must contact lord..."
After the last clone ship left, Qollous gave the signal and the ships, cloaked and hidden infiltrated Coruscant. Their first targets were the senate buildings and other head buildings. On sensing stingers, Luke commanded the X-Wing and Clone squadrons to attack immediatly.
The stingers bombed every part of precious Coruscant, softening it for the future attack. As Jaden flew towards the horizon, he made a startling discovery. "Wait a minute... The clones left early. It is just afternoon when the attack was expected at even..." he was cut off by a comlink message.
"Lord Qollous, we are under heavy attack, we...." an explosion was heard in the background.
"Unit! Officer?!" yelled Qollous at the comlink.
No reply.
"Blastit! We lost Ord Magniola. All stingers retreat, repeat, all stingers retreat to Scorate. We have lost Ord Magniola".
"Roger." the others replied.
"You guys head on, I've got some business here..." said Qollous.
The stinger shot off. The Jedi were chasing them into space. Qollous positioned his stinger behind Luke's X-Wing and fired. Luke evaded the shot and the two engaged in a tight dogfight.
"You know the plans?" asked Qollous.
"Yep" replied the head pilot "Let's dump them in Troxica".

Episode 15 Preview:
"Luke, I have a baaaad feeling about this..."

03-22-2004, 08:54 AM
The X-Wings ere chasing the retreating stingers. The stingers headed for the planet of Troxica and zipped into hyperspace. The X-Wings followed them nto hyperspace and soon jumped out, over the planet of Troxica. The planet was ice-capped and there was a rough, desert strip in the middle. The Imperials flew straight overhead the harsh planet and suddenly, dived into the atmosphere.
Too late to turn back, the Jedi followed, firing on every stinger in sight. As soon as the group reached the cloudy surface, five stingers shifted to the back, behind the X-Wings. The X-Wing Jedi, who weren't used to such hard missions were lost on the planet. Whereas the stinger pilots managed to see with their clear-cut vision.
The shooting began again as the stingers fired at the X-Wings. The shots were accurate and soon, the X-Wings fell, destroyed. Some Jedi died, but most survived. The stingers, having done their job, flew back into hyperspace for Scorate.

Below, on the chilling, snowy ground, the Jedi tried to recollect and grasp the situation. They were out in the cold, stranded, defeated and as good as dead. If the Force doesn't keep them alive, nothing will.
Kyle moved over and hauled out a comrade, Jedi Knight Gyro Menanse. "You okay?" asked Kyle. "Yeah" answered the Zabrak Jedi.
Luke walked over to Kyle who had collected all students.
"Quite a vacation we're having, eh?" asked Kyle.
"Kyle, we must find a way to get out. Wait, I have the comlink. Hello? Hel... Oh no. The comlink is out, too".

A sound was heard, the sound of carnivores. The sudden feeling of insecurity fell like a curtain over the students. Some even ignited their lightsabers. Luke began, "Students, we must not..." A concussion shot blasted off half of the students. Those who survied, spread out and set up at diffrent positions in the ice valley. Two hazard troopers appeared from the dense fog. They chatted for a while and set off again, through the valley. They were larger than normal, in black and held the Imperial, golden logo on their foreheads. They also seemed to have better armour.

A student jumped out and rushed with his lightsaber. The alerted hazardtrooper fired and the Jedi was the victim of the shot.
"Watch out, these guys can be anywhere" the hazard trooper warned.
From behind, Kyle struck hard on the head of the hazard trooper who fell down to his death. The other one turned and fired. In a fraction of a second, kyle used push and the shot hit the hazard trooper who fell. His concussion rifle skid to Kyle's leg, who, triumphantly walked over to the trooper.
The trooper grabbed Kyle, only to be sabered on his chest. The trooper then fell backwards, Kyle standing on him.
"Okay, listen up kid. I've got some questions for you" said Kyle, smiling at the defeated Hazard Trooper.

Episode 16 Preview:
"What are my orders?"

03-23-2004, 08:54 AM
"Sir, the clones have returned to Coruscant for further briefing" reported the scout.
"It will be ideal to strike Coruscant now, when they won't expect anything" suggested Admiral Fosetter.
"Right. Admiral, you take over the raid on Coruscant. Units 20, 31 and 56 will come with me to... somewhere" replied Darth Qollous.
"Sir?" asked the scout.
"That's right. The force is leading me to the origin of the clones. As the Grand Admiral said, once the foundation is broken, the pyramid will collapes".
The Grand Admiral smiled.
"What are my orders?" he asked
"Damage Coruscant as much as you can. I've already softened it for you guys".
"All Right".
The clones were entering Coruscant, at ease when suddenly a laser blasted off the main carrier. The others got alerted and turned back to face the new enemy. The Star Destroyer released it's swarm of stingers, hungry for vengeance.
The clones fired, but the stingers navigated into the clones' ships and fired them off. The Imperials shot a ray straight for Coruscant which landed at an industrial sector.More and more rays were fired as one by one, Star Destroyers emerged from Hyperspace.
Finally, the Clone Carrier was destroyed due to repeated fire. The stingers went down to Coruscant and attacked the taking off clones.
The Star Destroyers continued blasting off Coruscant's landscape. The Admiral's stinger headed for the buildings near the Senate and found the Supreme Chancellor, escaping. The Nautolan grinned and fired at the senator. The chancellor was shot down and so were many other senators.

The admiral gave an order and te Destroyers stopped firing. The stingers settled at the docking bays. The clones were destroyed. The Admiral landed, gazing at the newly conquered planet.
"Heh, the sweet smell of victory".
Qollous brought his stinger along with the 20 others and raided Kamino. The clones-in-training were caught by surprise and fell to the group of stingers. Jaden used tactics to destroy the pillars holding the buildings and sunk them to the water. Then, he landed his craft, ready to kill.
Igniting one blade, he rushed into the heart of the cloning facility and mercilessly slaughtered every single clone. In his fury, he even killed some Kaminoans. A comlink messaged informed him that a stinger bomber was shot down. Luckily, it crashed straight into the cloning tanks.
Qollous learned that the attack on Coruscant had began. He got up to the platform where he had landed his tinger, only to see flying clone carriers. Soon, a blast and one of the clone carriers fell into the endless ocean. A few more followed it. Jaden got into his stinger and shot down any clones in the air, cutting the Republic's reinforcements.
Soon, he got a comlink message, "Sir, it appears we have Coruscant in our hands".
"Good, what about the Jedi?"
"Uh... they're dead. We finished them at Troxica..."

Episode 17 Preview:
"And the Empire caught us when we weren't looking???"

03-27-2004, 09:36 AM
It had now been about eight hours that the Jedi were stranded at Troxica. After a long time, Luke spoke up, "Mordale, I sense we're nearby. Go up and look for the base".
Mordale nodded and using his jetpack, flew up. He hovered above for a while, then went ahead, still looking around. Finally, dissappointed, he returned back to his group.
"No result, Master Luke. The base is out of sight."
Soon, the group of Jedi came upon a dead end. The canyon ended up as right there. The Jedi spread, abandoning the hope of going back.
"Next time, Luke, let the republic handle the planes" advised Kyle.
A Rodian Jedi, Quman H'Jalaraa was lingering about when he finally collapsed on a rock, exhausted. The rock turned out to be hard as steel. The Rodian's suction hands were also stuck onto the rock. Puzzled, the Rodian emitted a high-pitched Rodian call which brought all the Jedi to him. With some effort, he jerked his hand away from the rock.
Mordale ignited one blade of his saberstaff and cut out a large circle in the rock, with the aid of some more Jedi. The piece of rock fell in, revealing an enormous Imperial base.

While peeping, Mordale leaned too far and fell in. He had a hard landing on the floor of the base where stormtroopers were moving things. Alarmed, they opened fire. Mordale suffered some shots, but defended many. The alarm was sounded and the enormous hangar started getting filled with stormtroopers.
"Well, atleast Boba is not here" whispered Mordale to himself.

Soon, the Jedi fell down, one-by-one and started killing the stormtroopers. Mordale rushed to one of the lifts and set off, going upwards. He soon came upon a room. It was actually an office where an Imperial Officer was working.
"Oh, look whose here. An Imperial Officer, eh?"
"W-Who are y-you? Th-the Jedi were k-killed, right?"
Mordale ignited his lightsaber. That answered the officer's question.
Mordale stepped ahead, towards the officer who backed away and eventually ran off. Mordale used force pull to bring back the fleeing officer. He took him in his hands and interrogated him.
"Who commanded you"
"L-lord Qollous"
"D-Darth Q-Q-Qollous"
"What did he tell you?"
"Leave the J-J-J-Jedi stranded o-on this planet"
"Where is he?"
"I don't kn-know"
Mordale brought his lightsaber closer to the officer.
"I really don't know! He must be at Coruscant, celebrating his victory"
"Yes, Lord Qollous captured Coruscant when you were away"
"Are you telling the truth?"
"And the Empire caught us when we weren't looking???"
"Where's the hangar bay?"
"Down two floors, right lift, up three floors, turbolift right 6 floors down. The hangar bay is there"
"You sure?"
"All right"
He flung the officer ahead and proceeded to the Jedi.

Episode 18 Preview:
"I knew they would escape. Unforutnately for them, I have other plans..."

03-27-2004, 01:23 PM
haha thats cool! :thumbsup:

maybe you can write a book about it :D

03-27-2004, 01:56 PM
Every time I start off with a book, I scrap the idea as lame. I wanted to make a fanfic so that others can actually judge my story. Besides, I like fanfics. You never know what's gonna happen next... :dev3"

03-30-2004, 08:38 AM
The band of 9 remaining Jedi jumped out of hyperspace and soon entered the urban planet of Coruscant. High atop the tallest tower on Coruscant, the Hologra Tower, Darth Qollous stood, surveying the urban landscape. It was late evening, the sun was setting faster than normal.
Stingers patrolled everywhere. There was very little traffic, only the daring were driving their speeders. The buildings were marked with black decals showing where, which and how the speeder or ship was crashed. In the sky, nine TiEs approached the planet, unwary of the deadly Sith Lord on the highest tower.

A few seconds later, Mordale, Luke and Kyle were spotted Qollous on the Hologra Tower. In a second, Mordale shouted commands on his comlink. "All Jedi, continue plans. I, Kyle, Luke and Grad will deal with Jaden first. May the force be with you". The TiEs parted, four going in Jaden's direction and five going the other way round.
Jaden grinned as the four TiEs landed, surrounding him on the high platform roof of the Tower. The Jedi got out, standing in a Normal Stance.
"Ready for more?"
None of the Jedi replied.
Jaden grabbed his X-Saber and held it in front of him, unignited.
"Jaden, give up the Empire" started Kyle.
"Why? I have benefitted so much from the empire which I would have never acquired had I stayed in the academy".
"What will you get, Jaden? Power? Strength? The Empire is your way to doom".
"Not mine, It's yours". Jaden ignited his saber and jumped over to Kyle, the X-Saber in front of him. Kyle vaguely defended with his saber. The two engaged in a tough saber-lock where Qollous was winning. If Kyle lost the lock, he would fall from the highest tower on Coruscant.
Qollous leaned over Kyle, unleashing his power, slowly.
Grad Yun'huk, another human Jedi attacked Jaden with his purple and blue sabers. In a split-second, Jaden cut the saber-lock and insrted two of his blades deep into Grad's abdomen, slaughtering him.
Luke and Mordale attacked Jaden, only to be thrown back. Once again, everybody were put in the same postion, with one Jedi less.

Kyle stepped forward to Qollous and stood only three feet away from him.
"Jaden, you must..."
Qollous grabbed him with Force Choke and swiftly moved his hand to the right. Kyle, who was caught by surprise, choked and plummetted to the ground at a high speed.

"Two down, two to go" said Jaden as he stepped forward, facing the last two Jedi.
"That's it!" losing his patience, Jaden's brother struck the X-Saber. The two engaged in a short duel which ended as Qollous used heavy force lightning on Mordale. Over that, Mordale's armour was metal, increasing the effect.
"Three down, one to go". With that, Qollous jumped for Luke. Luke dodged in answer. Qollous stopped midway and directly attacked Luke who started a duel with Qollous. After a long duel, Qollous choked Luke. Luke broke away from the hold and took a second to rebreathe. In this precious second, Jaden struck Luke with lightning and when Luke was weak, pushed him off the tower.

Then he turned to his brother.

Episode 19 Preview:
"This won't be the last time, bro".

04-01-2004, 06:14 AM
The two stared at each other. Mordale Korr, wearing his Mandalorian armour. Jaden Korr, or Darth Qollous gripping his X-Saber.

Mordale ignited his one blade of his lightsaber.
Qollous smiled.
"Jaden, why did you go to the dark side? Think."
"It was my destiny."
"How can you tell?"
"Remember when I made that saber? It was Freedon Nadd who taught me. He told me to join the Academy, then come to the Dark Side. He told me that I was greatest Sith Lord".
"That was pure flattery"
"I don't think Kyle, Luke or that other Jedi agree with you"
"Qollous, the Dark Side... it leads to the murdering of innocent people..."
"Like our... your parents?"
"I forgot to tell you, mortal I killed your parents. That was my first trial to be a Sith".

There was complete silence, save the wailing of Coruscant wind. The sun was setting fast and the sky was in a firework colour display, switching from bllue, to orange, to red, then violet and finally black.

"You... You killed our parents?"
Jaden nodded.
Fueled with Dark Rage, Mordale ignited his other blade and rushed for Jaden. The two engaged in a long, powerful duel. Both adversaries well equally matched and suffered a few blows, but the Dark Side kept them on.
"Now do you realise... the power... of the dark side?" asked Darth Qollous as he sheilded himself from Mordale. Mordale didn't reply, but kept on delivering heavy blows on Darth Qollous. Through the force, Jaden's eyes became red and his body staarted throbbing. Mordale swung his saber at Jaden who hit Mordale's head. Luckily, Mordale's helmet was the only thing that was damaged. It fell off as Jaden, for the first time in fifteen years, saw Mordale's face.
But this distraction didn't stop Qollous. The two clashed their sabers hard and were in a saber lock. Each one trying to counter the other. After about thirty seconds, Jaden backed down. The surprised Mordale fell ahead. Before he could touch the ground, his face gets scarred by Jaden's X-Saber.
"Hope that scar will remind you of the battle every time you look at your disgusting face".
"This won't be the last time, bro".
"You bet"

Jaden then Force Choked Mordale and threw him off the tower.
Satisfied, he ordered one of the pilots to bring him his stinger.

Episode 20 Preview:
"Mordale! What happened to your face??"

04-02-2004, 05:31 AM
After falling off the tower, Mordale had landed hard on a speeder, then taken by Kyle and Luke (Who were alive) to Tatooine, the only unconquered planet. On the way, they faced dozens of Imperial scout and patrol ships. The remaining Republicans had transformed back to Rebels as the army of 300 fled to various locations in the galaxy, including Corellia, Chandrila. Ord Mantell and even Hoth.

Mordale finally woke up from the deep meditated state the force had put him into.
"Uh? Kyle? Where am I? Where is Jaden?"
Kyle shamefully looked down, "We lost. We lost, Mordale. Jaden has become more stronger than any of us, even Luke!"
Mordale got up, shaked his head and stared at Kyle. In the light, Mordale's scar was visible.
"Mordale! What happened to your face???" exclaimed Kyle.
Mordale took a minute to look at the mirror and feel his scar. His anger then took over, but he managed to hide it. Kyle sensed it, "Mordale, you put up a good fight with Jaden, even though he is your brother. I'm proud of you."
Mordale slowly turned his head towards Kyle, miserably and started weeping over the duel which changed their fates. The duel which broke all relations. The duel which destroyed the brotherhood of two.
Darth Qollous ignited one of his blade.
The rebel spy in front of him, started shivering.
Qollous pointed his saber to the other's throat.
"Now will you tell me your plans?"
"Uh... Uh..."
"Where were you headed? Tell me before I feed you to my saber!"
"Ch... Ch... Chandrila"
"And why were you headed to Chandrila?"
"T..To inform Gen... Gen... General Raigers"
"Good. I may spare you."
The other's face brightened.
"Or maybe not". With a quick, swift saber move, he beheaded the spy.

The door opened as a New Imperial stormtrooper entered, his golden logo bright.
"Sir, our next orders?"
"Sweep Chandrila."
The stormtrooper returned.
Qollous looked out of the bridge of the star destroyer when something occured to him.
He called up a stromtrooper.
"Trooper, take me to Kuat"
"Yes sir."

Pleased with himself, Qollous tood there, triumphantly when suddenly Kun's ghost invaded his head.
"Qollous! What have you done?? You were supposed to ressurect all of us"
"Uh. You again??? What do you mean by 'us'?"
"All of us sith lords".
"I don't care. I've got what I've needed. I did what Freedon told me to do. I've even proven myself to be the greatest Sith Lord ever".
"You were supposed to make a new order! A now order of the Sith!"
"Lies, Greed, Deceit. The way of the Sith". Said Qollous as his Destroyer jumped into hyperspace.
"You and I, soon." Replied Exar Kun.

Episode 21 Preview:
"Luke, we lost Chandrila."

04-04-2004, 01:43 AM
Chandrila. The planet of rifts, valleys and mountains. A planet with an obvious concentration of the force. The great rift, the place where an old Jedi Knight had died and where his coffin lay. Jaden had once come here, to break up a cult operation and he had carried out the job successfully. For the Chandrilians, the world had become a normal place, a place where trade flourishes, people live and everything is set.
Unknown to them, in between them live Rebel spies. Hidden, unknown and hiding their uniform and symbol. One such rebel spy was exploring the streets of Ha'ar Nushakdet. The spy, overheard a conversation between a couple.
"Don't go to work, dear, it may be dangerous"
"The Imperials are going to raid this planet. Those scoundrels..."
He didn't hear any more. Shivering, he pulled out the comlink and communicated General Yal'ra.
"General? Chandrila is expecting a raid from the Imper..."
Stingers attacked the city, seeking out rebel spies with their eagle eyes. From ground, blasters shot as the black stormtroopers raided the street.
Nervous, the spy tried to escape, only to be shot down by a stinger. His back was burned. In a final attempt, the called the General again.
"Sir, we are u-under h-he-heavy attack. N-Need ass-ssistance, im-im-imm-immediatly."
"We hear you. We'll send you... Hello? S376, Respond. Damn! We lost him. All available units, go to Chandrila and determine the strength of enemy army".
"Roger, sir".

The X-Wings erupted from an underground base in Dessalonia. Going away from the dull planet, they engaged into Hyperspace and jumped out at Chandrila. A big mistake. Their were three star destroyers parked. Finding the republic ships, they opened fire instantly. Many X-Wings were lost, until the lieutenant announced a retreat.
Some X-Wings were lost while escaping and Stingers were chasing down the remaining. Overall, the battle was a victory, for the Imperials.
Somewhere, sometime
"You are now ready. You will defeat the betrayer, Darth Qollous and capture the throne. After that, I'll tell you what to do..."
The other didn't reply.
Kyle moved thorugh the corridors of the bunker in Dessalonia. He had received the retreat notice and was going to Luke. Luke was giving some orders to Rebel trooper. Kyle came from the back.
"Luke, we lost Chandrila".
Luke took some time. "We, we lost Chandrial?"
Kyloe nodded.
"That's bad. But I sense Jaden will be defeated soon."
"Odd. Who's defeating Jaden? A Jedi?"
"Even worse, a Sith. I can't clearly see it."
"My next orders?"
"Hmmm.... Go to the planet of Car...Cartarossa".
"Never heard of that planet..."
"Find it and go there."
"Yes, sir!" acnowledged Kyle, imitating a clone trooper.

Episode 22 Preview:
"Challenge him. Challenge and defeat Qollous".

04-04-2004, 08:48 AM
Very, very, nice!! go on

04-04-2004, 09:02 AM
Jaden has now established the Empire, but greater troubles are to face him. A mysterious new Sith Lord is coming, to seize the throne of the emperor...

Series 3
Begins Tomorrow

04-05-2004, 06:40 AM
The planet of Cartaarossa. A layer of land topped with snow and villages. Natives to this planet, the Zeroes had learned to take advantage of their treacherous terrain. About 80% of the population lived in villages. Only two, enormous cities are found on this snow planet.
At the west, high atop Gwaer peak, a cave is seen. Inside, it houses a hangar and a home, where every wall, ceiling and floor is covered with ice.

Living in this unusual house was Azenite. A Zeroe, only diffrent. Unlike normal zeroes, he was taller, more muscular and of a block-like structure. His eyes were metallic-azure and his hair, which flowed from his head to the end of his neck like a horse, silver-blue.
He sat, meditating the force. Soon, Exar Kun appeared in front of him.
"Are you now ready?"
Azenite continued meditating.
"I see you are. You're well in line with the force, aren't you?Challenge him. Challenge and defeat Qollous"
Azenite ignored him once again.
"Enough meditation! Now, it is the time for your first trial"
The white, humanlike being rose from his meditation and looked at the spirit.
"I'm ready now"
"Good, find this man and kill him in any way you wish".
The spirit disappeared, but gave a Force picture to Azenite. The picture was of a reborn, in fine red robes. His face showed his greed and the fact that he was a dimwit. His saber's hilt was also one of the modern kind.
Azenite closed and opened his eyes, then sleekly walked to his stolen TiE. Once inside, he zoomed off into space.

"He is the one. Yes he is".
A few seconds after the Zeroe's disappearence, an X-Wing flew overhead.
"Huh? That has to this Kyle person. How can he rish travelling in an X-Wing. Strange."
The X-Wing circled overhead and finally landed the hangar.
"Well, whaddaya know. Luke was right once again. There is a planet named Cartarossa and this place seems to be force heaven. A feeling of the dark side... The same feeling at Yavin 4... That's trange. It appears the maker of the temple on Yavin 4 has been here."
Qollous sat meditating in his chamber. He had sensed the presence of an asassin, well-trained in the force, sent for him. Suddenly, it was revealed to him that he is at Tatooine. Darth Qollous sat up and walked over to the stinger bay. Taking his stinger, he exited the Super Star Destroyer, made for him and initiated hyperspace for just outside Tatooine.
In a swoop, the ferry finally exited outside Tatooine. Azenite took off with his TiE and headed for Tatooine. Just around, a stinger dropped out of hyperspace and headed for Tatooine. Azenite closed his eyes for a while and having sensed his prey, he turned to Mos Eisley.
The stinger was at the horizon, approaching a village, far away. Azenite knew something was wrong with the stinger and landed his craft at the Mos Eisley spaceport, ready to use his abundant force power.

Episode 23 Preview:
"Impressive, but you cannot deceive me".

04-06-2004, 03:19 PM
Azenite walked through the dusty streets of Tatooine, trying to adapt his body to the desrt climate. He was a lot like humans, but he wasn't. Unlike humans, he wasn't fully adaptive. The hotness slowly built up on him. He had to finally use the force to keep himself warm.
The people looked at this 6 foot iceman. Some grew suspicious. Sandtrooper guards stared menacingly at the Zeroe. Azenite closed his eyes and let the force guide him to his target.
Meanwhile, Azenite's target was a Dark Jedi by the name of Verantos Masquod. He was travelling through the streets, looking for a Hutt crimelord his leader had told him to eliminate. After some questioning, Verantos found the crimelord to be in an underground palace, linked by a Cantina.
Verantos found that Cantina and ordered a drink. While he was sipping, he found a suspicious little pedal below his seat. Looking around, the Dark Jedi stepped hard on the pedal and his seat fell down through an unknown trapdoor. Verantos, ultimately fell onto the Underground section of Mos Eisley. It was currently under construction, though. In the front, there was a large door, guarded by two Gamorrean guards.
Verantos walked up and asked permission to enter. The Gamorrean didn't grant it. Without replying, Verantos sabered the two guards and opened the door with Force Push. Inside, the Hutt was entertaining himself by watching some dancers. Verantos used the Force and banged those dancers against the walls.
"Eh? Who are you? Doesn't matter now... You will die. Jedi."
"Who are you calling a..." a cage fell round Verantos.
"Now what will you do?"
Verantos plainly grinned. He used his saberto cut open the cage. The Hutt's eyes brightened.
"Attack that Jedi!!" he ordered.
At once, mercenaries started firing at the Dark Jedi who defended and reflected each shot with pin-point accuracy. Soon, none of the mercenaries were left.
"Impressive, but you cannot deceive me!" said the Hutt. A microsecond later, the world round him started shaking and rocks fell from the surface. The Hutt squealed. An enormous boulder, about 5 feet high and 7 feet wide fell on the Hutt and crushed him. His body burst, revealing a messy, gory inside.

Verantos stood, wondering what was happening. He fell over and kept the rocks up with the force.Soon, the shaking stopped and Azenite dropped in.
"Wh-Who are you?" stammered the Dark Jedi.
Azenite didn't reply, he held up his saber and ignited it's blue blade.
"S-So you're a J-J-Jedi".
Azenite concentrated and soon a pile of rocks fell from the ceiling, forming a tomb around Verantos. Verantos cut open some rocks with his saber and as soon as he came out, Azenite was missing.
Trusting the force, he turned back. Azenite was there and he used Force Push, really hard. The rocks came at a blazing speed straight for Verantos. He jumped, but a rock hit his leg and he slammed hard on the rock, face-first. He looked up, his face bleeding. Azenite choked him and raised him high above.
He then used Force Pull and the Dark Jedi went straight into the blue saber.

His job succesfull, he jumped up, to the surface of Tatooine. It was a city street where he came up and in front of him, Darth Qollous stood, staring at him.

Episode 24 Preview:
"If you're looking for my throne, you're very, very wrong"".

04-09-2004, 11:03 AM
Qollous had seen the entire battle. He was impressed with Azenite. The Zeroe had erupted from sand, in the city streets of Mos Eisley. Bystanders stood, jaws open at what was about to happen. Sandtroopers guarded the area and attacked Azenite. Azenite stood where he was, deactivating his saber and using the force to form a barrier around himself. The blasters reflected against the invisible wall and killed the stormtroopers. A few remainders ran away to inform the others. Azenite brought them back and force pushed them so hard, they flew clear over the horizon.

Darth Qollous ignited one blade and stood in a new stance. He held his saber right below his right armpit with both hands. With this stance, he was able to comfortably switch between blades and develop a merciless, bewildering move. Azenite, however, had sensed his intentions. He pulled the X-Saber right out of the other's hands and tossed it behind his shoulder. Qollous tried moving it, but Azenite moved it further.

Qollous was enraged, he was the emperor and to him, Azenite was nothing. Yet this "nothing" just humiliated the Emperor in front of a pathetic crowd. Qollous' mind raged and soon he attacked Azenite with his plain body and hands. The attack was foiled by Azenite's barrier and unbelieveable Force Abilities. Azenite used Qollous' corrupted mind to take over him and lashed him around the Tatooine houses, covering the Emperor with dust. This enraged the Dark Emperor even more.

With full force, he pulled the saber and engaged in a new kata. He brought about unexpected and uncomprehensible moves while activating/deactivating his blades.Azenite's Force Barrier wore off and he had to defend with his blue lightsaber. He wasn't well in lightsaber skills and managed to defend a few blows. When Qollous really got angry, he jumped high up onto the Tatoiine rooftops. The two battled above those curved roofs.

Qollous finally got tired and started a normal duel. Azenite sighed and pulled Jaden behind him and made him fall over the rooftops. Qollous jumped back up and fell back down with Azenite's push. Jaden finally realised that it was no use reaching for his anger. Cool, he jumped and force pushed Azenite. Azenite absorbed the force push and plunged ahead with his saber. Jaden barely dodged, but his right abdomen got charred.

In his agony, he fell and rolled of the tall rooftops, screaming out. Azenite leapt from the rooftop onto Jaden with his saber sinking deep into the injured part of the abdomen. Jaden kicked hard Azenite fell back. Satisfied that his weak opponenet had finally been finished. The people gathered aorund their emperor and sent him via VIP ferry to Coruscant pronto in order to get the best medical assistance.
In Coruscant, Qollous woke up from the deep sleep. He fell into sleep about when he got into the ferry on a strecher held by the two strecher droids. He sat up and found an old doctor and his trusty medi-droid with him.
"Your majesty, are you alright?" asked the aged doctor.
"Yes. Yes I am."
"Good. Now try and move your abdomen."
Qollous found this order unusual and dumb but he tried to wiggle his torso. The left side wiggled as normal, however, the right part was feeling a bit heavy. Confused, he looked down at his torso. His right part of his torso was replaced by a artificial, robotic abdomen.
Full of shock, Jaden looked at the doctor.
"Good, so it works! Congrats TR-89! We must get going now..."

In his strange shock, Jaden lay on his bed, pale. He sensed Exar Kun's spirit.

"If you're looking for my throne, you're very, very wrong." he said out loud.

Episode 25 Preview:
"He won't last long. Neither will you."

04-10-2004, 03:57 PM
Very good story, saber.

Though I personally think that you're pushing it a little bit too far (like bringing the clones back, and Qollous being able to beat three Jedi including Luke).

Qollous can be really powerful, but I doubt anybody can take on Luke, Kyle and two others with much ease. (it *could* be possible, but in your text, Qollous beats them too easily, IMO)

Great work anyway.

04-10-2004, 08:51 PM
I love your story. Remember when you told me to imitate my favorite author? well i think i'll imitate you. And jon_hill, i like your saber too :)
Keep it coming!

04-11-2004, 06:41 AM
Originally posted by Darth54
Very good story, saber.

Though I personally think that you're pushing it a little bit too far (like bringing the clones back, and Qollous being able to beat three Jedi including Luke).

Qollous can be really powerful, but I doubt anybody can take on Luke, Kyle and two others with much ease. (it *could* be possible, but in your text, Qollous beats them too easily, IMO)

Great work anyway.

I'm also thinking the same thought...
He had beaten Kyle, in JA, no questions. As for Luke, I'm still a bit unsure. They had shown him too weak in the movies and in JA, he never fought. I made him a bit weak.

Darth Qollous is so powerful, because Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Marka Ragnos, Darth Imperius and other Siths beleived that Jaden is the one who shall bring back the reign of the Sith in the galaxy. During his birth, many spirits arrived and invested a tiny portion of their Force into Jaden, making him more powerfull than normal. That explains the fact that he completed his Jedi Training in a matter of weeks. Check the Character thread in the RPG foum for more info. (Last Page)

Thanks doomgiver, you're flattering me. Am I really that good? I'm very surprised.

04-11-2004, 10:12 AM
Well, most books i've read are dutch because i live in the Netherlands. So you are the best example of how my english story should be (because i don't know that much english words, wich is why i mostly use a lot of the same words.). You're not my all-time favorite but you are good.

04-11-2004, 03:27 PM
Originally posted by Sabretooth:
Thanks doomgiver, you're flattering me. Am I really that good? I'm very surprised.

I completely agree with him, as you've got some good talent. Maybe even an even better talent than I thought. You were able to take Jaden's dark side story and add a new twist to it. It shows you've got a knack for writing stories, and that's one of your greatest strengths.

rick ulo 11103
04-11-2004, 11:48 PM
awesom story, although, as doomgiver said, your not my alltime favorite but your pretty good

and no, your not surprised :p

04-13-2004, 06:41 AM
Thanks, guys. The encouragement was just what I needed. And thanks a lot, Master.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Verantos lay on the sand, healing himself. In about ten minutes, he felt ready and got up. His view was blocked by blood covering his eyes. Both, from outside andinside. He washed away and his vision now looked like he was wearing Infra-Red glasses.
He staggered around, looking for something to hold onto. He dropped down again and went into sleep, still using Force Heal. After an hour, he woke up. His vision was clearer and the place looked like a sandstorm had hit it. He himself was covered halfway into sand. He felt at his torso. The wound had healed. It was lucky for him that he survived so long. Now all he would need to do would be to get to the hangar and aget a ship to go back to his HQ.
People had starting coming out, it was about 4 o' clock there. He could hear various people expressing themselves about how relieved they were after the storm had passed. He dusted himself and took a Pit Droid Rickshaw to the main hangar. After having paid the Pit Droid, he proceeded to inside.
The manager, a fat buffoon who apparently didn't have interest in selling cheap welcomed him.
"Welcome sir, what would you like?"
"A ship. Good enough to travel half the galaxy."
"Hmm... You need a Friger, don't you?"
"You look desperate. Why don't you use a bus?"
"They don't go where I'm going."
"OK, OK! The Friger costs 12,000 Credits."
"Anything cheaper?"
"Minimum? 9,000"
Verantos ignited his lightsaber and held it in front of him.
"Did I say nine thousand? M-My mistake. I'll make it 5,000"
"GIVE it to me"
"Sure, it's yours! Leave me!"
Verantos hopped into the Friger and shot out of Tatooine and set his co-ordinates to the planet of Knokall.
As soon as reaching Knokall, Verantos turned towards his HQ. The planet was comletely grassy. A lot of bumpy hills dotted the surface along with crystal blue water lakes. Verantos headed towards a building, well fortified and sleek. He landed his plane juist outside and proceeded inside, passing the courtyard. Other Dark Jedi looked at him as he walked to the Clan Lord's chamber.

The chamber was wide, with a long window. The Lord was training some students when Verantos appeared.
"Ah! Masquod! How did it go?"
"He, he defeated me."
"Yes. He had some bodyguard..."
"You let a slimy, stupid Hutt defeat you? You have ashamed the clan."
"It was a Jedi who..."
"No! You are the most repected and highest Dark Jedi here, next to me! You were defeated by a Jedi? A Hutt? Their alliance? You will be punished. That Hutt can ruin us. You will be expelled from the Clan!"
"The Hutt di..."
"That's it! You have gall to resist against the Clan Lord? You are exiled. For destroying the clan, for ruing us and for questiong the Clan Lord. You are Banished from Knokall!"

Sulking, Verantos looked away at one of his friends. His rage was visible. His body had turned red. He glanced at his friend and said, "He won't last long. Neither will you."

Episode 26 Preview:
"This is it. The War has begun."

04-15-2004, 01:57 PM
With the rise of Azenite, the galaxy had split like an amoeba. Two groups were formed, one supporting the new Emperor, the people. And others supporting Darth Qollous, the Imperials. Azenite had proclaimed that Emperor Darth Qollous is dead and Emperor Azenite shall take the throne next. Darth Qollous was on a wild goose chase, seeking rumours about the whereabouts of Azenite. It led from planets as remote as Kashyyyk to the urban Coruscant. On the way, he met and conquered opposing planets as well. Azenite on the other hand was influencing more people to his cause. Soon the cold war fired up as the two groups battled each other. Skirmishes were fought and at times, entire battles were fought. The Galactic Civil War had begun.
Darth Qollous was on Naboo, searching a common marketplace for rumours. The shopkeepers were timid and didn't reveal a word. The public was no less. As he ventured, he found a lot of stormtrooper activity. The Imperial Army was with him, but what bit his brain was why were they in such a hustle and bustle. The citizens of Naboo are generally too calm and won't cause much of a trouble for the stormtroopers. Something was happening.
A stormtrooper flashed past Qollous. The Dark Lord caught him.
"Where are you going?"
"Uh... Lord Qollous, we..."
"Go on"
"We are uh... preparing.. to... um... wipe rebel activity"
"Sir, we..."
Blaster shots were fired. Qollous masterfully reflected them in a second. The shooters fled. They were mercenaries, about three of them. The crowd spread in chaos. More shots fired. Qollous blocked them as well. They were fired by stormtroopers. The crowd started running around. Many innocents died in the forefight. Jaden slashed and cut each stormtrooper in anger.
The Mercenaries tried to get away, but Qollous inflicted a painful, but less deadly lightning on them, taking the pleasure in torturing them. When satisfied, he choked them threw them away.
He saw another shady character. Suspicous, Qollous pulled him. It was dark Jedi. The other ignited a red lightsaber.
"What? Azenite has students?" exclaimed the Dark Lord as he engaged in a street duel with the Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi was cautious, on the defensive. When Qollous started gaining the upper hand, he left the duel and dispersed in the chaos.
"He'd better not come again".
Meanwhile, in the Emperor's Palace on Coruscant, Exar Kun and Azenite were receiving a report from an Imperial Officer via holovision.
"Sir, The rat, Qollous is found on Naboo. Naboo is in chaos. We are getting the upper hand."
"Good." replied Azenite.
The holovision flickered and switched off. The holo-droid scampered away from the chambers.
"The force protect should stop Qollous from sensing us" said Azenite.
Exar Kun looked at Azenite.
"This is it. The war has begun."
"No, in fact the war has ended, young one".
Azenite looked at Kun.
"As long as Qollous is alive, the Imperials will support him".
"No. No. You will defeat Qollous, of this I am sure. We must lure him here, though."
Azenite meditated.
Exar began, "You must bring back the Sith! Qollous was an imbecile, to have continued with the empire."
"And Palpatine wasn't?"
"Palpatine? He was the greatest fool a galaxy has ever known".
"I assure you, I WILL rule the empire AND bring back the Sith".
"Good, my padawan. You must influence more young minds into this cause. At Yavin 4, that is. At my temple."
"The Dark Side is strong there. It will make a good training field."
"Yes, it will. First we have squash a certain Darth Qollous".

Episode 27 Preview:
"Well, here are we are. Ilum."

04-19-2004, 01:38 PM
Are you reading this? I want to see more! You haven't updated in days! Do you have a writers block maybe?

04-23-2004, 06:58 AM
Sorry guys! Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood.
Verantos landed his craft outside the foundation of a tall, towering cliff. He got out and looked around, pulling his cape over his head. "Well, here we are. Ilum." he said. The wind howled. Verantos put on his jacket and stepped ahead, feeling the icy rock. He then looked around. Seeing that nobody is there, he cleared the snow below him with his feet.
The uncovered ground was brown and lively as if taken from a tropical planet. Verantos grabbed the soil and flung it at the rock ahead. Then, meditating, he unleashed a powerful push. The rock broke down, revealing a passage through.

Verantos had toiled about four storeys without any stairs when he finally fell, exhausted. He gasped desperately for air, which the place lacked. Words of defeat echoed in Verantos' head. To keep his morale up, he started chanting, "Must keep going. Must keep going. Must keep going..." His energy took him up just another storey where he lay in a near-fainted state. In the darkness, Verantos didn't realise that there was another wide passage that went sideways. He rolled down that passage and ended up banging hard agaisnt a rock wall. The crash woke him up. His head was aching badly. His eyes were not adjusting to the dark. The ears were punding and his nose suffocating. Luckily, the fall was so powerful, it brought the entire rock crumbling down revealing a new cave. A cave never seen before by a mortal. Verantos caught a glimse of the treasure inside and passed out.

Verantos woke up after about three hours in the same condition. All around the cave were crystals. Blue, Green and even Cyan crystals. Verantos wandered around the lightsaber treasure until his feet bumped on something. He kneeled down and found it as a chest, apparently filled with treasure. His eyes glimmering, Verantos lifted the unlocked lid and found a small box, a bigger box and a note.
He picked up the note first. It read-

The Jedi are hunting me down. They consider me a criminal and even suspect me of being a Sith spy. I hope to keep my treasure safe here, for no one but the one who finds it may acquire this treasure. If it is you who has found this and are a Jedi, use what is inside properly. If you aren't please keep it here and forget your visit. This is the one of it's kind and losing it as good as losing ten thousand systems from the galaxy.

Crutus Penari

Verantos read the letter completely and flung it behind his shoulder. "I have a right to own my found treasure" he mumbled. He opened the smaller box first. It was a plain wooden box, more slim. He opened it to find a saber hilt. The hilt was an ancient one, tapering down towards the end along with a special holding handle. It had a green button on it. Holding the saber away from him, he pressed the button. Nothing came out.
He opened the hilt with the force to find a crystal-holder, but no crystal. Disgusted, the threw the two parts of the hilt into the small box. Then he opened the larger box. A flash brighter than anything erupted from the box. Verantos covered his eyes and after a few seconds, he found a treasure of bright yellow crystals, all of them flickering like gold. He touched them, but the crystals burned his skin. He instantly brought his hand back and realised that these were no ordinary crystals.

He brought out his own saber and dissected it, throwing away the artificial crimson crystal. The crystal was so brittle, it broke and crumbled instantly. He used the force and placed three yellow crystals into his hilt and closed it properly. Giving a sigh of relief, he pressed the button. The hilt flickered a while and exploded. Verantos fell back. The saber hilt was still intact and glowed, rolling around, flickering constantly. Then the golden blade finally ignited and deignited. This continued for five times when it finally ignited properly.
The saber felt unusally light and easy to weild. Verantos put on an evil grin on his face and laughed like thunder, cutting away rocks with the mere touch of his saber.

Episode 28 Preview:
"The Emperor shall now be decided".

04-23-2004, 05:03 PM
's okay. I do have a writer's block. Nobody gives me any feedback...

04-24-2004, 11:03 AM
Darth Qollous sabred the last of his unloyal royal guards. His eyes then met with the door to the throne room. Filled with vengeance, he entered the room and attacked meditating Azenite from the back. The X-Saber went through his body. It was an illusion. A force push from the back threw Qollous ahead as the illusion vanished. Azenite jumped at Qollous with his blue saber.Qollous deflected and sprang up, rolling. Wasting no time, he attacked the other saber.

The two engaged a strong saber lock. "The Emperor will now be decided" announced Qollous. "A fight to the death? Gladly." replied Azenite. In a fast Kata, Azenite attacked everywhere at once and pushed Qollous back, not letting him even four feet near him. He then applied Force Choke on the Sith Lord and smiled. Qollous stood helpless, trying to counter the powerful grip. He finally was released when he hurled a fireball at Azenite.
Azenite pushed that fireball back. Qollous caught it within two of his blades. He released another fireball and caught it himself within the other two blades. Azenite did not stay quiet. He shot a bolt of electricity at Qollous. Qollous rolled away from it. He rushed for Azenite and deflected his force powers with the deadly saber. Then, he using the fireball-equpped saber he gave a nasty blow to Azenite's right shoulder.

The saber on coming in contact with the skin, burned and that exploded the fireballs, creating a huge explosion. Both duelists fell away. Azenite was badly wounded and his right hand gone. Qollous had received injuries, but was black all over. Wasting no time, he attacked the helpless Azenite. Azenite pushed back with the force, but he was too wounded for that. He tried to his saber, but one hit of the X-Saber flung it out of his hands. He looked at Qollous. Qollous had 'No Mercy' written all over his face as he prepared for one final blow to defeat the fake Emperor.
Meanwhile, Verantos had left Ilum and landed at Knokall to get his revenge. He walked to the headquarters of his former clan. The Dark Jedi were out in the grass, practising. A ClanHead spotted Verantos and stopped him.
"Halt! Isn't that you, Verantos Masquod?"
"In the flesh."
"Then you have committed a great mistake coming here. That Hutt was crushed by a rock. You were lucky that he died later."
"And you are unlucky 'cause you're gonna die NOW!"
He ignited his yellow saber and attacked the ClanHead. The ClanHead dodged the attacked and ignited his own saber. Verantos attacked the saber. The yellow-bladed saber cut the other, red blade. The red blade was divided. A outer part fell off and evaporated. And the saber was destroyed. A few seconds later, the artificial crystal malnufunctioned and exploded.
"Now, who's the best?" jested Masquod and gave a final blow to the ClanHead. The others were not happy at this. They attacked Verantos all at once, only to be sabered in a single swing.

Verantos then jumped directly to the roof of the building and using his saber, made a hole in ythe roof. He jumped down and came face-to-face with the ClanLord. The ClanLord was about to start a lecture when Masquod's saber went deep through him. Hearing the sound of death, guards and hordes of Dark Jedi entered. Verantos grinned, rolling saber and turning to face his hundred adversaries.

Episode 29 Preview:
"Now I am the most powerful!"

05-13-2004, 05:51 AM
Just as the final blow was to take place, Azenite rolled and flipped to the right of Qollous. Bewildered, Qollous swung his saber to the right. The answer was a force push capable of diverting a storm. The glass broke of and everything in the room washed away with Darth Qollous who fell from the top of the Emperor's Palace.
After the blow, Azenite fell back and the spirit of Exar Kun left him. Kun settled quietly in the room, smiling and awaiting response from his devastated apprentice. Azenite was blood-red. He was breathing heavily and continuously gasping for air. His body was charred and in bad shape. His left hand was frail and roasted. His right was not there. He had lost his right leg from the knee onwards and his body looked as if scavenged by vultures.
He had lost his left eye, but did not react to any of these casualties. What mattered him was that he had lost against Qollous. Only with Kun's help he could have ever won, but with his current body, he was useless. He couldn't even handle a blaster or even let out a weak example of force energy.

Exar Kun started, "NOW you are ready". Azenite, surprisingly, got up and went to the turbolift with Exar had hinted him. Kun disappeared. After a while, Azenite was tfifty levels below sea level. He entered a large hall with a couple doors to it's left and a lot of rooms to it's right.
It seemed to be some sort of a medical area. Kun directed him into the second room to his left. This door led to a corridor, which soon turned left and ended up in another door. Once the door opened, Azenite found himself in a large room. There were beds, stands, instruments and medical droids everywhere. Kun smiled and explained to Azenite, "This. This is the place Darth Vader was born".
"Really?" asked Azenite.
"Well, a bit. After Anakin became Vader, he went on a few missions and then returned here for maintenance. Also, his design and body was finalised here, but the actual construction had taken place somewhere else."
Azenite nodded.
On Knokall, Verantos was experiencing his most pleasureable moments of his life. With his bright, yellow blade, he was slicing sabers, arms, legs, necks and anything that came in his way. At last, after the uncountable foes were defeated, he let out a sigh. He then backed behind and examined the ClanLord's body. It was a decoy. The fake make-up melted and faded off.
"What's that supposed to mean?" wondered Verantos, and in the nick of time, lunged ahead as the original ClanLord attacked from the back. Verantos rolled, jumped to the wall and backflipped behind the Lord. The ClanLord strafed right to avoid Masquod's blow. Masquod stopped suddenly and launched a attack backwards. As we was concentrating on his saber, He received a powerfull kick on his face.
His saber de-ignited and rolled away. He fell off and took some time to regain energy. The ClanLord took this to his advantage and pulled the fallen saber. Then, ignoring Verantos, he examined it properly and lit it several times. Verantos quickly jumped up and pulled the other saber to him.

The Lord let it go and the two started stalking each other. They walked around in circles, exchanging taunts and gestures at each other. Both attacked, and parried at at the right time. Finally, Verantos attacked the left arm and in a zig-zag motion, avoided the parry, struck the left shoulder and then quickly stabbed the right shoulder. The ClanLord gave a cry and then, withstanding his pain, dropped his saber. He gave a weak nod and closed his eyes. Verantos grinned and stabbed the skull.

"Now I am the most powerfull."

Episode 30 Preview:
"Now, we must join forces to dethrone the Emperor".

05-13-2004, 11:26 AM
SH*T, no sneak peek! You know, your story might get a little screwed up when ep.3 comes out.

*sigh* i'll never be as good as a writer as you are...

05-17-2004, 05:04 AM
In the Royal Palace, at Coruscant. Exar Kun waited for his apprentice to emerge. He drew a vision of a cybernetic monster, capable of destroying entire buildings. It seemed funny, so he shook it off. Soon, a scientist arrived, carrying news.
"Lord Kun, Lord Azenite's designing is now complete. He will be produced to you shortly".
"Well done." replied Kun, coldly.

There seemed to be seome confusion in the mediroom.People were chouting out aloud and sounds of thumping metal and clashing were heard. Exar was curious, and moved a bit nearer. Something suddenly banged hard against the door and a dent was formed. This prevent the door from opening. After a while, a sound of crunching bones was heard and Azenite punched the door really hard. So hard, that the door shot out like a bullet.

Smoke erupted from the room as the mechanical terror stepped out. He looked stout, yet glossy and deadly. His top was blad, like most helmets and flowed down in a cylindrical shape, like Royal Guard's helmet. It was of blueish-silver in colour.
There was a visor-like collar that formed a sleek, black triangle in front of where his mouth should be.
Below that, the body curved at the chest, which was covered by a Y-shaped plate, red in clour with yellow borders. Behind the plate was another piece of roundish armour covering his abdomens. His shoulders were made big and had a tower-like rising on them, which went about 2 feet above the head.
The hands, too were big and covered in mail. All this part was azure-silver and very glossy, like the head.
His legs were covered with black-and-red plates.

Azenite stood over 7-foot tall, with his shoulder-towers, 8-foot. His heavy body created a thump each time he took a step. "I am ready" he said, in a droid's voice.

Kun took a minute to gaze and nodded.
Meanwhile, Jaden was flying over an abandoned planet called Hortod which was pleasant, yet isolated. It had a vast underground network, made by an independant, advanced race long before they had dissolved and migrated. Jaden landed at an old military base, with a landing pad and two towers, standing high.
In front of the pad was a metal door, going downwards, but was closed. There was a control pad beside it. Jaden walked over to the control pad and punched in a few keys. The status line said "Processing" and after a while, there was an annoying beep with the words "Denied".

Jaden thought a while and cracked the code. He typed in, 5545812, the secret number of Luke's holocron. He didn't know how he came by it, but the door opened and Jaden stepped in. He heard some sounds down the halls, then voices and soon troops started rolling in.

At the sight of Jaden, they kept there distance and soon, Jedi arrived. Kyle was in the front. He stepped upto Jaden. "What is it? Are you looking for trouble?"
"Then why are you here?"
"I... Azen... The Emperor defeated Darth Qollous."
Everybody were taken back and some gasped.
"Then... You're not Darth Qollous?" asked Kyle, smiling on one side of his face.
"No. I am now a member of you. I am... a... I'm a Jedi."
"Is that so?" Kyle was now comletely smiling, yet he was suspicious.
"Now we must join forces to dethrone the Emperor.
"Which is... Azena..."
"Right, come now. And no troubles, or you're dead."

Episode 31 Preview:
"We still have to finish that vermin."

05-17-2004, 05:41 AM
Cool, this guy is even Cooler than Vader... Good job creating a scary Dark Jedi.

05-19-2004, 07:18 AM
Jaden was told all of the rules and was considered as a Jedi Knight, yet the others were cautioned to keep a watch on him. Wherever he went, somebody was watching him. On the next day, Kyle went to Jaden. He seemed to be happy seeing Jaden.
"Well, Jaden"said Kyle "I suppose you've got used to our li'l burrow, eh?"
"Yeah, pretty sophiscticated for a tunnel system".
"I'm glad to see you, but I know someone who will love to see you again."
"Who is that?" asked a curious Jaden.
Kyle chucled. "Follow me."

Kyle led him through some passages into some training chambers. There were two Jedi, practising. They were wearing full body armor to deflect Lightsaber blows. One used a yellow saber, and the other a green one. The one with the yellow saber seemed to be winning.
After a while, the Jedi with the green saber lost and gave up. His opponent then deignited and turned to Jaden and Kyle. He fumbled with his pads and took them off. He didn't notice Jaden at first, but when he did, he gave out a cry, "Jaden!"
The voice was familiar. "Rosh!" replied Jaden and the two hugged each other. "It's been such a long time, you and I, we were buddies, our missions and my conversion and then..." he suddenly stopped chattering. Jaden stepped back.

"You... You killed me." said Rosh.
Jaden broke down. "Rosh, I... Then... but..." he couldn't decide what to say.
"Why are you here?" asked Rosh rudely.
"I have returned from the dark side. I... I overestimated myself. My greed made me lose against the Emperor. Now I am Jaden, not Darth Qollous anymore."
Rosh seemed to feel allright, but still suspicious. Jaden hugged Rosh again and the two went off. Jaden told his story to Rosh and Rosh told his to Jaden. Rosh had been badly wounded when Jaden's saber had gone through him in Taspir. With the aid of Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn, he had managed to live, but it had taken him months. Now he was fairly allright and normal, yet weak. Rosh liked Jaden's story more.

Two days later, Jaden showed his X-Saber to Rosh and the two duelled in the training chambers. Many were watching the duel. Rosh defended excellently and put up a good fight, but lost. Many other Jedi tried, but Jaden won most duels. He lost against some masters and he lost against Kyle as well. When the final duel was over, the Jedi dispersed and Rosh, Kyle and Jaden were left. They chatted for a while when suddenly, a blaster shot was fired at Jaden.
It looked as if Jaden would not be quick enough, but he dodge-jumped and hit the shot with with his saber as well. The shot was fired by a Jedi in mandalorian armour.

"Mordale!" started Jaden, but Mordale vanished in a flash. Jaden looked back at Kyle, confused. Kyle looked sternly at at Jaden.
"Do you think he would stand to greet you, after what you did to him?"
"But, he..."
"Jaden, whom you just saw was Mordale Korr, not your brother. You killed your brother, but Mordale Korr lives."
Jaden looked back shamefully.
Meanwhile, at Coruscant, Kun was instructing Emperor Azenite on his further objectives. Azenite was given a large saber-hilt with a curving cone near it's ignition point.
"What is this?" droned Azenite.
"This is a light-lance. Ignite it."
Azenite obeyed and switched it on. The wide, 5" blade went upto nearly 6 feet long. The saber was heavy to weild, yet destructive. It was red in colour.
Kun smiled, "Now, knight, you must have a horse to charge you into battle!"
"We still have to finish that vermin."
"Yes, we will take care of that as well!"

Episode 32 Preview:
"An apprentice?"

05-20-2004, 04:57 AM
Series 4 is beginning...

After losing his empire and alter-ego, Jaden has returned to the Side of Light. However, even the side of light is cowering in shadows as the Terrifying, cyborg Emperor Azenite has arisen and rules with an iron fist. Series 4 will begin exactly four years after the conversion of Jaden to the light side. During these four years, the galaxy has changed a lot...

Emperor Azenite - Azenite rules with an iron fist, crushing any rebellions and ruling systematically. Over the months that followed, Azenite was eventually named Darth Horfrost, a name used only by few. He has also started the Dark Academy on various planets.

Exar Kun - Kun managed to make a body similar to his own and possesed it, thus, indirectly resurrecting. Exar Kun advises Darth Horfrost and scours the galaxy, looking for Sith hopefuls and rebels.

Verantos Masquod - Masquod now works as a lethal bounty hunter and brandhishes two blades of the same crystals he had found on Ilum. The two sabers are such that they can be joined to make a deadly saberstaff. He also seeks his revenge against Azenite.

Mordale Korr - Mordale Korr follows the Jedi order and finishes any missions given to him easily. He is not one bit happy to see Jaden and never speaks to him or reveals his face. His armour is with him wherever he goes.

Rosh Penin - Rosh has become a strong Jedi and an excellent duellist. He uses his yellow saber coupled with a purple one, which he had taken as one of his friends' dying wish. Rosh prefers to work with his comrades, especially Jaden.

Jaden Korr - Jaden has become extremely powerful, training at the academy. He uses an orange saberstaff, as he was ordered to use the X-Saber as less as possible since it held some Dark Force in it. Jaden is now in the Light of the force, but has a dark corner in his mind. That dark part is seeking the death of the Emperor...

05-20-2004, 08:20 AM
And everything is set for a mind-boggling adventure!
you're pretty good at thinking up original lightsabers. I had thought of that dual sabers- saber staff thing before, it's pretty cool. And i heard that in the EU, a saber once existed that could cut trough other saber's blades... But anyway, looking forward to it!

05-20-2004, 10:14 AM
They wont let him use his X-saber? awwh! how sad.

keep e'm commin!

05-21-2004, 03:07 AM
Originally posted by Doomgiver
And everything is set for a mind-boggling adventure!
you're pretty good at thinking up original lightsabers. I had thought of that dual sabers- saber staff thing before, it's pretty cool. And i heard that in the EU, a saber once existed that could cut trough other saber's blades... But anyway, looking forward to it!

Well, what can say? The saberlance and the X-Saber were my original creations. For Verantos' saber, check Supershadow's page of Sith/Jedi history. And I derived the concept of attachable dual-sabers from Asajj Ventress, who used a similar saber, only her sabers, as a staff looked S-shaped.

05-21-2004, 05:17 AM
And I derived the concept of attachable dual-sabers from Asajj Ventress, who used a similar saber, only her sabers, as a staff looked S-shaped.

I didn't know that... She's from the clone wars cartoon right? No wonder i didn't know...

05-22-2004, 01:12 AM
Verantos was heading to Rehu, a forest planet with a strange, poisonous gas on it. Verantos put on his anti-gas mask and continued looking for Dreadnoughts. His companion droid, IKY-280 (Eeky) was steering his ship towards the gas-filled planet. As he entered the atmosphere, the scene of battle unfolded before him. Rebel troopers were retreating as the Imperial army marched ahead. Gaining the lead was an elite division of Swooptroopers.
The battle in the air was no less, as Rebel ships and gihter battled in the purple clouds against heavy Imperial ships. The stingers were there, for some reason. Verantos turned to his droid.
"Can you see him, Eeky?"
"Negative, the target seems to be hiding in a natural trench at location 54, 12, 2."
"Got it." acknoledged Verantos and ordered Eeky to land on a cliff. Eeky activated camouflage and the ships cover turned into a mirror, making the ship look invisible.

Verantos clutched his daber, attached and crawled to the tip of the cliff. Smoke was all around the battle-field, and it was clear that without the gas-masks, a person will fall to a cruel, slow death. Verantos shot out ahead and caught a jutting rock. He let go and caught another. He kept going like that until he reached the ground safely. The Imperial troops were rushing.

Verantos made a run for the location Eeky had told him. True enough, a rebel was running away. Verantos separated his sabers and threw one of them. The terrified soldier jumped back into the trench. Verantos dropped in and the soldier made a dash through a tunnel. Verantos brightened his blade and raced through the tunnel, looking for his target. He could hear gasps, breaths and even some cries. He felt himself going upwards now, and turning.

After a harrowing chase, Verantos had come to a dead end, but he did not see and crashed right through a stone wall, make outside. He was back at the road in the jungle and the cliff wall was in front of him. The wall behind was another, miniature cliff. The troopers were passing and Verantos retreated back into the tunnel. After a while, he got out and started chasing his target who was running amongst the parade and getting shot at.

In a fury, Verantos hacked and slahed his way through the troopers and finally beheaded his targetted Rebel. The troopers fired at Verantos who jumped high and used Force Invisibility to rush away. However, the Emperor's infra-red vision caught him and Azenite rushed at him with his swoop.

Verantos found the swoop coming towards him and jumped away in time. The stormtroopers continued marching through the canyon towards the two Imperial Dreadnoughts. Verantos' invisibility wore out and he was visible to the Dark Lord. Azenite turned menacingly to Verantos and stabbed with the saberlance. Verantos ducked and answered with the golden saber.
The friction between the two sabers produced scorching flares as the saberlance was too thick to cut.

Verantos pulled back his saber and ducked as the saberlance swung over him. Now was his chance. In a split-second he launched himself from the ground and stabbed Azenite. Azenites armour protected him. Even Masquod's powerful saber cannot cut through Azenite's armour. Verantos stood dumbfounded and Azenite delivered a bone-crushing kick. The force was so powerful, Verantos flew back a few meters.

Azenite turned and slowly nodded. Then, he zoomed away into the canyon, towards the dreadnoughts. Verantos lay breathing on the ground heavily. His chest was as if it was ripped of everything. With a trembling hand, he fumbled at his back and turned on his jetpack and returned to his ship.
In an unknown location, Jaden and Rosh had just returned from their mission to guide a Republic Squad in a blitz raid at Naboo. They stole what they could and killed any troopers if necessary and returned quickly to their ship. After landing in the underground hangar, the two congratulated each other went down the familiar halls and corridors.
Kyle awaited them in the audience chamber, and so, they went there. The audience chamber was a huge hall, and was partially underground. It's roof was open and let streaming sunlight into the hall. Luke stood at the platform, looking at the sky, and Kyle was at the door. The two approached.
"Well, well. Jaden and Rosh" welcomed Kyle.
"Reporting for duty" replied the duo at once.
"I was just thinking... How would you like apprentices of your own?"
"An apprentice?" asked the two with wonder and amazement in their eyes.

Episode 33 Preview:
"This looks like trouble..."

05-29-2004, 06:40 AM
Jaden know had an apprentice. A sixteen year old human. He was dark blonde and had blue eyes and was very energetic, yet obedient. Jaden taught him the basics of using the force and saber duelling. The boy, Foge Setalk was good and learned fast. He was pure in the force and never gave away to anger in any circumstances. Even Jaden was learning something from his apprentice.
Jaden, now Master Korr was summoned to the audience chamber. His apprentice followed him and the two appeared before Luke and Kyle. A few other Jedi duo's were present as well. Apparently, Luke was to give a debriefing or a lecture. Jaden caught up with Rosh.
'Hi, Rosh. What's happening?' asked Jaden.
'Oh, the usual. A debriefing. Looks like we'll be moving.' answered Rosh.
'Well, our first action with our padawans!'

Rosh's apprentice was a red-haired boy, a few months younger than Foge. The boy's name was Edoc Si'asiht. He, unlike, Foge was quick to anger and weak at the force. But somehow, he showed excellent saber-fighting skills.

When everybody had assembled, Luke started, 'Now that everybody has arrived, the news may be passed. As most of you might know, the teams of Jedi and Republic scouts were sent three weeks back. Four hours ago, I received a message from the team. They said that the Imperials found their bases, on the planets of Rehu, Kaetu and Scartu, the three ancient planets. Using our security system, the Imperials have found locations of rebel and Jedi refuge. Now, we must disperse and scatter across the galaxy. It would be too risky and dangerous to travel as one, and thus I have assigned sectors for each Master-Padawan group. You will all go those sectors and stay there, in hiding. No two duos will stay together.'
There was great whispering and murmuring in the Hall. Then, a student got up, 'But Master Skywalker, what about multiple students who have one master?'
'They will have to live by themselves in the sector. Their master will stay in touch. As for the master, he will travel with another master who had multiple students. Got it students?'
There was a great cry of approval. Master Skywalker then told each group where they would go and under what name. There about fifty-four groups in total and were positioned strategically throughout the galaxy.
Jaden and his padawan were sent to Tatooine, at Mos Easco. Jaden Korr was now Kradle Inhar and his padawan, Ondar Masquod. The two first flew to Bakura and crashed their planes in an oak forest and escaped secretly. According to their plan, they were to meet up at the spaceport and board on separate passenger transport, wearing cloaks and shawls as if Tatooiners. The plan didn't go too well...

As the planes crashed, Imperial troops were alerted. 'This looks like trouble...' said Foge on his comlink.
'What?' asked Jaden, looking around.
Sounds of trampled leaf and running were heard in the forests. Behind, the crashed planes burned. Stormtrooper chatter was heard. Jaden pulled on his cloak and leaped into a bush. Foge followed his example. Stormtroopers emerged into Jaden's sight.
'The planes are badly crashed.' chattered one.
'The others are checking it.' replied his companion.
'Something's here.' said the first one again, placing his foot near Jaden's bush. He loaded his blaster and fired at the bush. The shot reflected back and hit the stormtrooper. The other one shot more at the bush. Foge emerged from behind and beheaded both stormtroopers.
Jaden got up. 'Well, let's go.' he ordered and the two ran towards the city. A volcano loomed at their left, a facility lay on top of it. Jaden smiled as he ran.
'You know, Foge, I had been on that facility, on the volcano. I had to defuse a few bombs there. Quite a mission I had! But looks like you're gonna have even more exciting ones.'

They ran into the city, evading entrance booths and rushing in the streets. They ran for some time and stopped, breathing heavy.

Episode 34 Preview:
'You Jedi scum will be interrogated, of course.'

06-02-2004, 02:05 AM
In the Vahec Castle on Coruscant, Azenite was checking some communications when a stormtrooper arrived.
'Lord Horfrost, two Jedi have been spotted on Bakura. They killed two of our troopers and have rushed into the city...' he was cut off by the Dark Lord.
'What?! Jedi? I thought I ordered you to sabotage the planet they were on!'
'We did, but it appears they fled just in...' this time he was cut off by Azenite's fifty-pound fist. The Stormtrooper stayed alive, muttering something and passed away. The blow was so powerful, the trooper's armour was split into two.
Azenite turned back and ordered reinforcements at Bakura and to investigate the Jedi.
Jaden and Foge had entered the hangar, wearing cloaks and covering themselves. Just then, one of the public transports left ground and majestically flew into the sky. There was just one ship left. Jaden and Foge rushed towards it when an announcement froze everyone.
'Two Jedi have boarded the hangar. No flight will be active until these Jedi are found and captured, under the order of Emperor Azenite.'
Troops burst into the hangar, led by Siths. Jaden and Foge were pushed aside as passengers exited the transport and the troopers began checking contents and clothes of the passengers. The Sith supervised them.
Then, a stormtrooper came next to Jaden. 'Alright, now your hands, up!' he chattered. Jaden answered by stepping back and getting lost in the crowd. The stormtrooper followed him into one of the entrance bridges of the ship. The Stormtrooper caught Jaden's arm and forced him to unveil his cloak. Jaden lost his patience and beheaded the troop. The others noticed it. Hundreds of shots fired at Jaden, who retreated inside the ship and Sith as well stormtroopers rushed inside.
Kradle sabered stormtroopers from behind and killed a Sith by attacking his head from the back and stabbing him. Jaden ran from rooms and corridors inside the ship and ran to the pilot. In the pilot's cockpit, he ducked in and hid inside a crate quietly. The troops emerged inside.
'You seen the Jedi?' the stormtrooper questioned the pilot.
'What Jedi?' the pilot asked, confused. Another stormtrooper opened the crate and got sabered. The other stormtrooper believed that the pilot is involved and shot him.
Jaden killed him and held the pilot. 'You okay?' he asked.
There was no reply.

Meanwhile, Foge was overwhelmed by troops and Jedi and had got hurt at a lot of places. Finally, Jaden emerged and cleared out for Kradle. More and more troops entered the hangar, Jaden got to the pilot's cockpit and told Foge to hold off the stormtroopers. In the cockpit, Jaden used his ship knowledge to close down the entrance bridges, making them invulnerable to attack and then called Kradle.
With Kradle as his co-pilot, the two flew away from the firing stormtroopers and rose out of the hangar, only to face a greater peril: A swarm of stingers.
The stingers flew around and attacked the ship, which was already badly burned and black. Suffering a lot of damage, it exited the atmosphere and engaged into hyperspace, which left the stinger commander cursing himself.

Episode 35 Preview:
'We're not going to Tatooine.'

06-04-2004, 03:51 PM
not a bad story sabertooth! mesa impressed.:cool:

06-09-2004, 02:57 AM
Jaden exited out of hyperspace and turned the enourmous ferry. There was not a planet in sight.
'Master, where are we? I thought we were headed to Tatooine.' asked Foge, checking the maps.
'We are not going to Tatooine.' replied Jaden.
'Master Luke instructed us to go to Tatooine!'
'After our incident at Bakura, we won't be safe at any Imperial planet!' explained Jaden. 'Instead, we're going to Yalara.'
'Yalara?' asked the confused padawan.
'Yes, I had been there on a mission, alone. I'll tell you some other day. Right now, let's go to Yalara!'
Three dreadnoughts, escorted by numerous Ties exited the hyperspace and speeded into Bespin's atmosphere. The beautiful Cloud City was their destination. The ships landed on a spaceport and stormtroopers, officers and other troops of the Imperial Army exited. Then, the blacktroopers, a class of bodyguard droids exited the leading dreadnought, and following them was the Emperor, in some reduced armour. He was wearing a silvery-white robe over his armour. He walked over to his spacefighter stationed nearby.
The Emperor's spacefighter, nick-named the Crane looked like a modified version of an X-Wing. It's long sleek nose housed various weapons and the niches on boths of it's sides kept the Crane's wings. The Crane's wings folded out like blades of a jacknife and looked like a smoother version of a bat's wings. The long cockpit had windows such that they gave a clear view of the front and little view of the sides. The pilot could sit up and look around anytime for a better view.
The chair was tall and bent backwards which was the default position of the the seat. Their were controls on the front and some controls on the sides. Behind the cockpit were the jets which provided extreme power.

Azenite got into his spacefighter and activated a repulsorlift at the tip of the nose, making the nose point upwards. After a while, the jet behind roared and the crane shot out at blazing speeds. The wings unfolded out and gave the plane a T-shape. Azenite maneuvered the plane with great skill and in under twenty seconds, he was at the Sith Academy near the heart of Bespin.

As he exited, a Sith greeted him, along with others. The Academy was a large tower with various rooms. The complex held many buildings and facilities and many Siths and hopefuls roamed the parts. It was a busy place.
'Show me your best siths!' commanded Azenite.
'Right away!' replied a Sith and dissapeared.
It took a while, and soon, the Sith returned with three Siths. One was like the Sith that greeted Azenite, in a blue-and-white robe and a black hood which showed his face clearly. He held two sabers in his hands.

The other was stouter and wore a bullet-shaped helmet. He stood with his arms folded and a saberstaff hund from his belt.
The final one was slightly slimmer than the first one and wore black and red. A black hood hid his face and he wore grey gauntlets with a strange cylinder on the back of his palm.

Azenite viewed each of the students, head-to-toe. The students made no reponse, they either looked at each other or looked away, but none was daring enough to look at Azenite's cold, featureless helmet.

Episode 36 Preview:
'I thought the Noghri...'

06-12-2004, 03:00 AM
Azenite was standing in the duel room, the room where several Dark Jedi hone their dueling skills. He raised his hand and the lights came up. The first Sith jumped out and and weilded his saber in a mix of fast and strong styles. Azenite ignited his red saber and the two clashed. Azenite's strength got him through a first lock, but was struck as he turned back. The Sith jested and stabbed. Azenite quickly hit the other's cheek with the saber. The Sith rolled and got up, only to find Azenite's saber at his nose. Azenite motioned him to leave and the Sith scampered.
After the Sith left the room, the next one dropped in. He seemed strong and more solid, but swung as if he were made of rubber. Azenite deflected his attacking blows, but the Sith was relentless. He was getting pleased, he was giving away. Azenite ducked and stabbed the chin from below. The Sith roared and backed away. Azenite blowed him on the head. The Sith dropped on his knees. Azenite was to motion him to go, but the Sith sprang up again.
He used oly one blade now, he used the other sparingly. He was getting tired. Azenite finally parried twice, stabbed once and to finish, attacked the other's palm. The Sith dropped the saber and howled. Azenite destroyed the saberstaff and delivered a powerful punch, which brought the monster down.
Azenite then turned and the last one arrived, the darkness his only companion. His hood hid his face and he carried no saber. Azenite deignited his.
Jaden and Foge exited hyperspace just outside a lush, green planet. There were lots of lakes, rivers and a few mountains, but no oceans. Jaden entered in the west and lowered the ship carefully. Foge caught glimpses of villages and strange aliens looking at the wondrous ship. Ahead, they found a large village. There were many houses of wood, some treehouses, some tall buildings of stone, and their was one stoned and circular platform. Jaden decided it to be a landing pad and settled the large bird there. There was another platform like this a bit away from the city, a tower stood high on it.
Jaden exited the ship with Foge following him. They were greeted by a crowd of aliens and Noghri. The aliens were strange, they were slim and tall. Their eyes were on branches protruding from their necks. Their neck went about 1 foot and ended in a whole which would be their mouths. Their ears were hidden, behind their eyes. They were stouter below the necks and looked a bit ridiculous. They walked by wobbling themselves left and right, as if an old jar trying to walk.

A taller alien and a Noghri greeted them. The alien began speaking, his language was unknown and his voice was heavenly. It was soothing and high-pitched, yet pleasent to the ears. Still, neither Jaden nor Foge understood what he meant. The Noghri spoke, 'Welcome to Yalara, travellers. Two people come before here.' The Noghri spoke carefully, for he didn't know much of the outsider's language.
'Two people?' asked Foge, curiously. 'Us.' answered Jaden.
'No, no! Two other people, before you and you. One have strange clothes. Big, metal, grey, blue and uh... uh... bright sword...' the Noghri went on.
'Wait! A Bright Sword? What colour?' asked Jaden.
'Colour, colour, colour.' the Noghri though a while. 'Ah! Umaneca! It was Fertlaj. I mean, that colour, red and yellow make...'
'Yes! Orange! It was two-blade sword. Everybody look, eyes big open!' the Noghri told.
Jaden thought and dismissed it. He was getting sleepy and it was evening now. The sun had set and the twilight begun. Then something shook Jaden.
'Wait! I thought Noghri...' he started, but stopped. He decided to say it some other time. Meanwhile, he was given a hut to sleep in and Jaden slumped. Foge lay on another bed and was thinking something.
Jaden then realised it.
'Mordale!' he shouted out.

Episode 37 Preview:
'Trouble! Trouble! Brothers, die! White people kill!'

06-19-2004, 06:19 AM
The final warrior entered the room, walking calmly. Azenite watched him walk towards him and when they were four paces apart, Azenite ignited his saber and attacked with a swinging blow. The other rolled and ignited his sabers which were mounted onto his gauntlets. He then pounced on Azenite like a tiger and the duel began.
Azenite deflected and stabbed, but he was overwhelmed by his opposition's fast fury. The Sith, who wasn't holding any saber merely swiped and that delivered a dangerous slash. He attacked using his left hand and his right for protection. Azenite analyzed his opponent and gave a strong blow at the legs. The Sith jumped and stabbed Azenite from above, knocking him down.
As Azenite was heavy in weight, he rolled and made an effort to get up, only to be stabbed and sabered by his opponent. Azenite finally released a Force Push, which made the duelist fly.

The Emperor got up and held up his hand to stop. The duelist de-ignited his saber and walked over to Azenite. The Emperor spoke, 'You, warrior, have proven yourself to be the Bespinian Sith I had seen in my dream. I have a job for you.'
The Sith tossed his head to let the hood fall back and revealed his face. He wore a black band to cover his nose, mouth and his lower face. His eyes were green, maybe greyish. His hair were black and stood up. He had a young look to his face. 'I am Sabreclaw, they say.' said the warrior, 'Assign me!'
The sun shone brightly as Jaden exited his hut. His apprentice was already mingling in the market. Some moments later, Jaden was in a wooden lift, trying to get to the Mayor's chamber. As the lift stopped, he entered a room. The Noghri mayor stood talking to Mordale beside a wide window. The room was lush-green and decorated with plants and trees. Mordale's head turned towards Jaden, then back to the mayor.
Jaden followed his example and ignored him. 'Mayor, I hope we will get enough cover here, we are hiding from Imperials.' he said.
'Imp... what? Out of mind! Where other man? Why hide, you?' replied the Noghri.
'Uh, my apprentice is buying something from the market... We have to hide because...' Jaden's sentence was completed by Mordale, 'because you got into trouble and had to run away from Tatooine, didn't you?'
Jaden sternly turned back to the Noghri when a group of Noghri warriors broke in, huffing and gasping.
'Trouble! Trouble! Brothers, die! White people kill!' their leader said.
'What?' the mayor thunderously yelled. 'Yes! They now black people! And y-yellow thing on head!' the squad leader gasped.
'Imperials!' both brothers said at once. 'Where?' asked Mordale.
'Away! At new house! Way... uh... Wayland!' the leader replied enthusiastically.
'What do the Imperials want at Wayland again?' Jaden asked in a tone of exhaustion. 'Forget that! We must help!' said Mordale, 'You have your padawan, right? We must go to their aid!'

Jaden ran to the 'spaceport', escorted by his apprentice. Mordale's Slave II, which he had borrowed from Fett was already up into the air. Jaden got into his transport, and hundreds of Noghri warriors entered behind him. When the transport was full, Jaden closed all doors and took off for Wayland.

Episode 38 Preview:
'We expect the next wave soon.'

06-29-2004, 10:46 AM
A cold wind blew on the planet of Wayland. A pleasent, sub-tropical planet, but battle ravaged. Ever since the First Empire, the planet had been fought for. First by the Empire, then by the Republic, the Remnants, and culminating in the Noghri.
It's vast resources and secret locations proved it to be a good place for settling, but unfortunately, nobody ever did, atleast for long.

Jaden's transport landed soon after the Slave II . The ramps unfolded and the Noghri warriors massed out. Other ships were landing, Rebel Reinforcements. Jaden and Foge came last and rushed to the Noghri Commander standing on a battlement. The wall was about four miles away from New Nystao, the main city of Wayland and was probably built in ancient times.
Jaden walked up the adjacent stairs and to the Commander. 'Looks like the party began early.' said Jaden, looking out to the scarcely vegetated plain ahead.
'The guests have arrived, it's time for the food, drinks and dance.' replied the Commander. 'Your Strength?'
Jaden turned to the army. 'Five hundred Noghris, I think. The Rebels have provided two-hundred more, I think. How much is that?'
'One thousand five hundred. We had two waves, weak attempts. We expect the next wave soon, and our scouts tell us this is going to be gigantic.' The Commander looked at Jaden. 'We're outnumbered one to five.'

Mordale was boosting morale and shouting battle-cries. He flew to the battlement where Jaden was standing. Jaden explained it all and Mordale didn't reply. A soft click and his internal visor went red. Mordale picked up miniature heat amounts way ahead. He switched to normal and zoomed in. On the horizon, the Black Army was advaning and the roofs of two AT-ATs was seen. Soon, more and more rows appeared and five AT-STs followed. Swoopers were zipping away, overtaking the troops. 'They're here.' he said.
Jaden turned to the Army and shouted, 'Alright! Fight in the name of Nystao!' A great roar and cheers followed and the battlements were slowly filled with soldiers. Vanguards set up themselves in trees and bushes, prepared for an attack from behind. The rocketeers set themselves and targetted the large, grey looming mechs. Jaden and Mordale stood still. Foge and Mordale's companion were somewhere else in the army. The Commander's face looked brutal an suddenly he cried out loud and drawing his blade in the left hand, he fired with his right hand.

The battle began as the forces clashed. Swoopers were killed first by vanguards, who mingled with the army. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and leapt into battle. As the Imperial army spread into the battle, the rockettroopers took to air and concentrated on Mordale. Mordale was was locked in an air battle, slaughtering rockettroopers. On the ground, the Noghri jumped from the battlements and attacked the stormtroopers. The mechs were intimidating, though. Many Noghri fled at the sight of the grey monsters. AT-STs scampered like wild ostriches across the battlefield, firing at the age-old wall and aiming for the city.
AT-ATs bombarded the plain with laser fire. The rocketeers aimed and fired. The rockets hit the mechs, but only after emptying three-fourths of enemy rockets did the AT-AT alast slump onto the temperate land. Jaden sabered and waded his way through the thick army, and his padawan stayed ground and defended blows masterfully.

The battle was thick and no army seemed to win, though both armies were dwindling in numbers and ammo. Four AT-STs were down by now and one AT-AT walked, burned, but up. Mordale had finished the rockettroopers and swooped into the Imperials like a bird of doom. Jaden had killed many and suffered many blows, but still cut though all. The Noghris had cleared most of the enemy army, but to their misfortune, another wave of the Imperials rushed in, with their last AT-AT.

The Noghri had given up hope and cowered onto the walls. Jaden went back to the battlement. He stood tall against the Noghri like a ruling, battle-ravaged freedom fighter. He cried, 'Nystao!' again and looked away. A Noghri body lay on the battlement where he had stood an hour and a half ago. He sprinted there, to find the Commander breathing his last. The Commander looked at Jaden slowly, but grimly. 'You fought well, and defended the city well...' he said. 'But I'm sorry. We have lost. New Nystao is doomed. You will forever be remembered by the...' He never managed to complete his last words.
Anger stirred up in Jaden as he stood and scornfully looked at the opposing army.
'You will pay...' he said, grinding his teeth.

Episode 39 Preview:
'What do you mean he's captured?'

07-14-2004, 07:58 AM
Mordale flew up and picked up a rocket launcher from a dead Rebel soldier. He fired it into the black army and an explosion took place. Several troops ran like fish in water and some were flung into the air by the blast. The AT-AT began firing and the sky was filled with lasers, green, blue and red. Mordale deflected shots in the thick of battle and swung his saber like a wild monkey. There were few Noghri left, but they fought valiantly.
The dead comrades were covered in a white cloak and carried to be cremated. The wounded were sent to hospitals in New Nystao. Jaden had dissapeared in the firefight. Mordale flew up and dropped stormtroopers from the sky. He chose a good piece of land, infested with stormtroopers and rained bolts from his blaster pistols. Then he fired his deadly back-missile, a must for every Mandalorian Armour. The rocket flew blazingly at the stormtroopers and caused a ton of damage.

Foge and Mordale's companion sliced through the innumerable soldiers of their opponent. Foge was struck by a blaster and as was distracted, took another in the arm. He fell down and some Noghri carried him away. Mordale's companion, though, was relentless and demonstrated his mastery of the Force and his lightsaber.
Mordale flew onto the AT-AT and fired at the mechanical monster. But the bolts were useless. He pulled a ARC trooper towards him, stole his rocket launcher and dropped him from the top. He fired the launcher at the head of the AT-AT. A great ball of fire came up and the cockpit was ravaged by the blast.

Mordale found himself waking up in the AT-AT debris, surrounded by Noghri. He couldn't understand what had happened, but memories shot back into his mind. He looked around and got up from the debris. The plain which had seemed lively and beautiful six hours ago was now smoking and littered with dead bodies, fires and debris. His armour was badly burned and scarred. Marks were there all over his body. 'Maybe now I'm equal with Boba...' he thought.
He got up and asked the Noghri, 'Where is everybody?'

One of them replied, 'War kill everybody. Nobody here now.' Mordale zoomed in his visor and took a good look around. 'Where's Jaden?' he asked. 'Captured.' answered a Noghri of higher rank.
'What do you mean he's captured?'
'It is so, unfortunately...'
'What are you guys waiting for? Let's get him!'
Mordale got onto a speeder and some other Noghri followed him over the plains towards the pair of dreadnoughts taking off.
Jaden opened his eyes. He was in a cell, the blaring red wall in front of him told him that. He got up and rubbed his aching back. He groped about his cloak, but their was no lightsaber, no blaster. Jaden banged his fists against the wall, but that only got his fists burned. The wall above was red too, but the floor and three sides of the wall were shiny, glossy metal.
Jaden walked about his cell, wondering what to do. His forms of escape were blocked, his mind was panicky, he wasn't himself. He slumped down and covered his head.
After an hour, Jaden heard something. At first, it was faint, but there was some radio chatter, faint but surely. Just when he thought he was hallucinating, the wall above Jaden switched off, revealing a glossy metal roof. Jaden's rage was building. The dark side was seizing him. He began to shake, and then shook wildly. His face was stern and finally he erupted. In a frenzy, he kicked,punched and ravaged the walls about him. It was in this frenzy that the X-Saber dropped out. Jaden looked at it and picked it up. A horrible grin smeared itself on his face. A grin which marked a return to the dark side.

Episode 40 Preview:
'I assure you, I am no mere bounty hunter.'

Evil Dark Jedi
07-19-2004, 03:02 AM
Very good.Surprised that Jaden went back to the light side.Keep it coming

08-12-2004, 07:25 AM
Thanks, EDJ!
Sabreclaw flew over Coruscant in his sleek Y-Wing. It was a bit hard to control, but it was worth it. The commotion and noisy ambience of any Coruscantian day was in the air. Ships and speeders flying miles over the surface, towering scrapers reaching the sky and and holo-screens around everywhere. But it was not for sight-seeing that Sabreclaw was here. He had to capture and bring a bounty hunter, equppied with two deadly lightsabers.

It didn't take him long to find his target. The Coruscant Residential and Citizen Directory helped a lot. He couldn't believe the bounty hunter's foolishness to be caught in the directory. Unfortunately, the duelist's spying skill was outmatched by his prey. Blasters fired across his ship. Sabreclaw twisted and turned and tried to keep control of his ship. The Coruscant Police were alerted and the chase began.

Verantos' ship zoomed into turbo and launched a homing missile onto Sabreclaw. The police saw this and they launched homing beacons and Magnetic Grappling Hooks onto the ship. Verantos mastered the ship skillfully and evaded the grappling hooks from the cops and the homing beacons. Sabreclaw, meanwhile ducked and made a reverse roll, so as to get behind both the cops and Verantos. The missile followed him, still. Sabreclaw made a complete roll and turboed across a cop, missing him by an inch. The rocket hit the cop and Sabreclaw launched a few dumbfire rockets after Verantos.

Due to the distraction of the missiles, Verantos was cuaght by a hook. His ship lost control as he lost height and was attached by more hooks. The rockets hit Verantos, shooting the limping ship upwards. Verantos shifted to the turbo gear, but it was no use, the Grappling Hooks were drawing him closer to the cop ships. More grappling hooks flung out to the ship like an octopus catching it's prey. Finally, Verantos' ship was sandwiched between two cop ships. The three ships connected to each other and the cops veered towards the police headquarters.

Sabreclaw sighed and shook his head. He targeted two homing missiles on the cops and launched them. Meanwhile, Verantos slashed through the cockpit window with his lightsaber and jumped off ship. Five seconds later, two blasts behind him plummeted him to the ground at double speed. Sabreclaw turboed and caught Verantos. Verantos sliced through the glass with his saber. Away, his ship, burned and damaged at the sides lost altitude and crashed with a large explosion.

Verantos entered the cockpit and grabbing Sabreclaw, threw him out. Sabreclaw clung to the cockpit and got in. His mounted lightsabres ignited. He stabbed Verantos, who ducked and the saber damaged the controls. Verantos ambushed from below with his sabers and made Sabreclaw lose his balance. Sabreclaw gave a small cry and fell below. His hood unfolded and his body made a somersault, so that Sabreclaw falls facedown.

Unfortunately, Verantos wan't particularly out of the mess either. The controls of his burned and he was losing air. As soon as the nose reached a ninety-degree angle with the ground, the ship gained speed and plummeted to the ground. Verantos was held onto the cokpit by the air force flowing at him. Something then hit him and the engines burned, Verantos jumped and rolled away just seconds before the ship crashed nosedown and was fractured badly.

With his sheer sense, Verantos ducked a surprise attack from Sabreclaw. The latter held up his sabers and jeered at Verantos. Verantos stepped back. 'I assure you, I'm no mere bounty hunter.'

Episode 41 Preview:
'You're coming with me!'

Jaden Malip
08-12-2004, 07:34 PM

08-17-2004, 07:23 AM
Thx, Malip!
Sabreclaw roared and pounced on Verantos. Verantos had enough of this and used his sabers to perform 'Barrier' defense. The deadly sabers cut off Sabreclaw. Sabreclaw wasn't surprised, however. He had been warned of this. He threw away his gauntlets and wore a new pair, with lightsabers.

Verantos went on the offensive and dealt some heavy swings around Sabreclaw. His newfound playmate stepped back, pretending to defend with his sabres. Verantos combined both sabers and engaged in a Kata. Sabreclaw gasped and leaped into the air. He pulled out his comlink and tuned in to the Imperial Coruscant Guard. When he touched the ground, he found Verantos was charging at him.

By now people had gathered around. Sabreclaw used Force Push to hold back Verantos, just when he was inches away. With graceful movements, Sabreclaw silently jumped from ledge to platform to rooftop and hid in a dark corner. Verantos got up and gave chase to Sabreclaw, onl to be caught be two dozen stormtroopers.

Verantos' sabers flew back to his arm as he broke free. Then he turned back to thrust his sabre into a few stormtroopers. He uttered a small cry and fell down. Sabreclaw stood behind him, his sabre ignited and held in a Strong postion. 'You're coming with me.' he said. The stormtroopers picked up Verantos, who was out cold, and took him away. Sabreclaw put on his hood, turned off his saber and put it inside.
'Master Azenite will be pleased.' he said to himself.
Away in a penal colony in Middle Troxican Desert, Jaden was forced into his cell. His belongings, including his beloved X-Saber were stripped off him and he was made to wear prison suits. The Semi-Hazard Trooper locked the door and went away. Jaden murmured something under his breath.
'Whatchue murmurin' there, all-alone?' a voice came from the back. It was a Human, aparently a skilled veteran in the hard life of the galaxy. Jaden did not reply, but he strode forward and found that the large, dark cell was crowded with may other prisoners. The man who spoke drew Jaden towards him. The man was atleast seven foot tall, and extremely muscular.
'Why all the people in one cell?' Jaden asked. 'What?' the man asked.
A rodian came forward. 'All criminals are... are kept in... in... in group cells before they... they're sent to personal c-cells.' he quivered.
The man was not done though. He picked up Jaden by the collar. jaden jumped away and shot out a stream of two dozen fireballs at the victim. At the end, Jaden slumped down, exhausted. The victim was ashes.
The rest of the prisoners stared in wonder and fear. When Jaden turned towards them, they shrank back. 'Let that be a warning to the rest.' Jaden said out loud.

After a few hours, Jaden and his group were set out for labour in the hot, scorching desert. Tied with laserlocks, the prisoners had to break rocks, of the hard, Troxican quality. The prison was covered inside a ring of peaks. The desert strecthed for miles. And outside the Troxica desert, the Troxica Snow capped the plaent, eliminating any lifeform, save those who come prepared.
Away on the near horizon, a ship came flying in and unloaded a new batch of prisoners. Among them, was Verantos. Verantos, and a few others were sent to Jaden's cell. Verantos worked beside Jaden. 'What're you in for?' Jaden asked. 'Nothing. Just angered the Emperor a bit, and I'm sent to heavy labour prison camps.' Verantos answered. 'And you?'
'Me, well I was the former Emperor. This... This Azenite robbed me of the title. I'm skilled in the force, if you want proof. I supported the Noghri at Wayland, so I guess that's what I'm in for.'
Verantos thought. He then asked Jaden, 'Skilled in the force, huh? Wanna try breaking out?'

Episode 42 Preview:
'Now's our chance, Jaden!'

Evil Dark Jedi
08-17-2004, 08:07 AM
Damn this is good!

08-24-2004, 06:48 AM
Thanks, EDJ, again. :)
Series 5 Begins!

Jaden is sent to Prison, for being the Emperor's rival. Verantos is temporarily sent there too, and the two end up making plans for escape. Meanwhile, the Dark Emperor Azenite plots to recruit Verantos as a deadly weapon of the Empire. Exar Kun is on a hunt for the Jedi, seeking the likes of Mordale Korr, Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker...

Series 5

08-28-2004, 07:23 AM
Kun walked through a corridor of the Vahec Castle. He soon entered the throne room, which was empty. Only once had the Emperor sat there, when the Emperor was crowned. Now, it remains empty. Kun entered the docking bay through a turbolift.
The castle was a tall structure, which had an enormous base, but a tower on the top which ended in a point. The Castle was shaped roughly like a primitive jar, and there were multiple towers on the upper surface of the base. the docking bay lay where the central tower began, on the surface of the palace base.
Lying in a room connected by a long, wide corridor to the docking bay was the Starione, Ku's ship. It was based on the 'Crane' chassis, but was a bit wider and allowed fast turns. Kun hopped in and shot out at low speed through the corridor. He then sped up and took a fast, sharp and deadly turn at the docking bay and headed out. Then he pushed to full speed and he was out of the atmosphere in no time flat.

Soon, the Sith Lord exited hyperspace and entered the jungle of Yalara. A smile came to his face as he remembered the ancient species, a species that only demands peace. He had other intentions, though. He landed at the landing pad and exited the ship. A few Noghri officials came forward, but Kun's very presence set them on fire. They cried for help and as people poured water on them, the water flew elsewhere. The Noghri died in the fire.
It didn't take much Noghri thinking to realise that this new person is no friend. The Mayor strode forward, then backed in horror. Exar Kun's eye caught the cowardly Mayor. He went ahead, caught the Mayor and stood face to face.
'Well, Mayor. I suppose your little planet is home to some Jedi, is it not?' he asked.
The Mayor's reply was feeble, 'Y-Yes. Y-You are... Exar...'
'Kun!' The Sith replied. 'The one and only. Tell me where the Jedi are and I will trouble your meek kind no longer.' His hands where getting hotter already.
The Mayor told Kun all about the incident when the Jedi came and he said that he held no responsibility on the Jedi. Kun, who was not exactly the kindest of people, beheaded the Emperor by using the force to grab a long, sharp knife and slice it through the mayor. And during all this process, he never even used his hands.
Kun next flew to Wayland, but he wasn't alone. He was spearheading an Imperial bombing run on New Nystao. Kun, however was playing the pre-raid spy at the city. He searched through alleys, buildings, computers and anything he can get his hands on, to find out that three Jedi had arrived before. One is, however missing, and the other two are leaving shortly.
Kun signalled his fleet to stay back and seek cover in a nearby planet. Kun proceeded to the rock-carved Docking Bay. The Bay was enormous, and carved from rock in a large depression. There were hallways, passages and rooms in the rocks, and on the floor, were the parked ships. The Bay was divided into three parts. The Main Depression was carved in reddish, dark rock and was surrounded in greenery and foliage. No ships lay here, only a great crowd rushing around their business.
The General Depression was thrice the size of the large Main. It was divided and forked into many parking slots for ships. The counters claimed that the General holds upto a hundred X-Wing sized ships.
The Private Depression was a bit away from Main. It was also lower than the Main and was surrounded by greenery and foliage, leaving only a hint of the carved rock.

Kun was in the Public Transport 9 Slot of the General. According tothe information he had collected, this was the slot where he should find his targets, the Jedi. The Traffic was low, because of the imminent Imperial danger, but the Public Transports were Empire-approved, and worked at Wayland. Kun pulled his hood put on his shawl to cover his face. He was scorching, but he had no means of cooling. Many gazed at him in wonder, to see a traveller in such hot garments, that too in a sub-tropical climate. Inside, he felt much cooler inside.
Inquiring passengers, he made his way to belowdecks and found the Cargo Bay. A passenger was putting his equipment down. Kun made a stealthy approach.
'I suppose you let the Service Droids put these things down...' Kun said. The passenger was startled and turned back. He stammered something, then shook his head and walked away. Kun caught him by the shoulders.

Episode 43 Preview:
'So you are the brother!'

09-27-2004, 02:24 AM
Kun entered the throne room, pleased with himself. He had an evil smile on his face. Azenite turned.
'What is it?' he asked.
'Well, my apprentice. I had carried out a good deal of investigation during my absence and my efforts are not in vain.' Kun stepped closer, 'There are three Jedi, and one of them is the brother of the rat, Qollous. They seem to share some sort of hatred, or enmity. Not rivalry, mind you.'
'How is that helpful?'
'Ah, yes. We can take advantage of their enmity. Of course, Jaden is sentenced to penal settlement on Troxica, but we must be wary. I had been mentor to him, for a while. He is rash and will do anything to get out. A fine specimen of inter-galactic vermin.'
'Where are the Jedi?'
'Here they come.' Kun stepped aside, and contacted an Imperial Officer via comlink. The officer acknowledged and brought in the three captives. He then left.

The three captives were rugged and without armour or weapons. One of them hung his head, as if sulking, or cowering. The Emperor's metallic voice boomed, 'Where are the Jedi?'
Nobody stirred. Foge raised his eyes to get a better view at the Emperor.
Azenite mercilessly raised his hand and choked the first Jedi. The Jedi remained quiet and did not utter a word. Azenite removed the grip and greeted the Jedi's landing with a rush of Fireballs. The Jedi flew back and became prey to Exar's elegant blade.
The Emperor turned to Foge. 'Do you know Jaden Korr?' The Emperor asked.
Mordale grimaced. Foge started, 'He was...' but was stopped by Mordale. Azenite's featureless helmet turned to Mordale.
'So you are the brother!' he thundered.
Foge stood petrified. Mordale looked up, filled with rage. In a blind frenzy, Mordale pounced on Azenite and attacked like a angered cat. And just like the cat's victim, Azenite brushed away the mad Jedi.
'I do not see your cause for being so insane,' Azenite turned to Foge, 'but you, are a worthy Dark Jedi.'
'No!' Mordale screamed like a disaster-struck banshee.
Foge looked expectantly at the mechanical Emperor.

'Join Me, Jedi.' said Azenite, holding out his hand. Foge stepped ahead brought out his hand to place it in Azenite's. Mordale got up. Foge's eyes shined. A slight smile spread on his face. The Emperor's helmet turned to a door on the left.
Suddenly, a guard flew from the right door and crashed on the floor. The Emperor pushed back Foge and went towards the guard. He was blackened and charred, a mark of an explosion. Instantly, a burst of blaster bolts flew from the right door.
Azenite got up and faced the door. Away, through the door, on a background of the setting Coruscant sun, was a famed bounty hunter in Mandalorian armour. Aiming for half a second, the silhouette fired a rocket at the Emperor. Azenite reversed the rocket's position with Force Push. The Bounty Hunter entered the room and setting some controls on his wrist, he took to the air. He gestured to the Jedi to follow him.
Mordale and Foge ran after Fett, but were stopped by Azenite's Force Push. In a desperate attempt, Foge released all of his thunder onto the Emperor. Azenite used his saber-lance to absorb the lightning and released a strong surge of Energy Pull. However, his concentration in the Jedi was so deep-rooted, he lost his balance after a rocket, courtesy of Boba Fett, hit his chest hard.

Mordale and Foge spin-kicked through the punctured glass and fell into Boba's ship, Slave II. Boba took the controls and left. Azenite informed the Army. The Slave II was fast, evading the Coruscant traffic and the chasing Imperials, but it took Foge's observation to make a simple discovery.
'Hey, wait. What's that shadow?' he asked, looking up, 'Great. A Star Destroyer is tracking us down. We'll never leave Coruscant alive as long as it covers the skies.'
'That Azenite turned out to be a tough nut, literally.' said Fett, 'We need to blast this destroyer off our way.'
'And how... do we destroy a Destroyer? We are completely bare of weapons.' asked Mordale.
Boba Fett punched in some buttons on the controls and a rack slid through the cockpit's back wall. On the rack were all sorts of weapons. Repeaters, Disruptors, blasters, rockets and lots more. The Jedi armed themselves and awaited for action.

'We're going in at full speed.' Boba said, pulling down the throttle.

Episode 44 Preview:
"I'll never forgive you, Jaden."

10-12-2004, 07:12 AM
"I still don't see how it will work." Jaden said, as his thoughts of escape were pessimistic.
"Relax. You sneak into the armoury after that. I'll go and break the codes for the ventilation system, and plan a way to get us to the dock." Verantos explained.
"Alright, I'll get the weapons. I think it would be better to scout out an escape route before we actually do it. We don't want to blow it midway."
"Right. But Phase 1 is gonna take up a lot from us. Doing it twice..."
"We'll do it this evening. The escape will be tomorrow."
Evening, Troxica Penal Camp

The cold, callous winds blew over the steel building, placed stratigically in the middle of an 'alley' formed by a great cliff. The snowfall was unusually low, but the mist had not subsided. Inside, however, more had been going around.

"Where did you get this comlink?" Jaden spoke from his cell, over comlink.
"Mind-tricked one of those dumb Stormtrooper Officers. Anyways, you ready?"

Jaden hung up and stepped next to the red laser constraint wall. He closed his eyes, which soon puckered up into a frown and concentrated hard. He held up his hand and then clenched it a bit. The pressure he put on the hand was tremendous, good enough to bend a sheet of iron. He then fell forward and shook his head in a shock.
He stood breathing heavily, then stood back at his former position. His comlink crackled.
"Phew. That's done. I'm outta this cell. Let's go."
"Wait. I can't get to the pad. It's too tough."
"What? Oh, Ok. I'll enter the code. Wait a while. Try if you must."
Jaden switched off his communicator and focused again, but satisfying sound of laser deactivating removed his focus. Jaden ran out to a hallway. In one of the recesses, he found Verantos bending over a computer system, looking intently at one of the screens.
"I'm out." Jaden informed Verantos.
"Good. Come here." Verantos sai motioned Jaden to come closer.
Jaden came up, to find Verantos shaking his head and punching the controls with his fist.
"Useless. We'll have to hack into the main system to make a path for ourselves. Fortunately, I took a map of the prison on this holovision recorder."
He looked away and held his hand straight, with the holo-recorder in his palm. The holovision image flickered out. It was a very complicated system. Lots of hallways, ventilation tubes, rooms and of course, Thousands of cells.
Jaden used his finger to track a path from their current location to the hangar. The path became highlighted and was zoomed into.
"Most logical path," Verantos offered, "but we will still have to get into that computer system.
"Elevator, two floors down. One straight, one right, and one straight hallway."
Jaden nodded and began his way.
Jaden Stopped.
"Armoury, remember?"

After busting into the armoury, Jaden managed to make an X-saber, Verantos' sabers and a few blasters his own. After a trip through a ventilation pipe, he got to the Main Control Room, where Verantos was leaning upon a deck of controls, switches and screens.
Jaden got around a mound of dead stormtroopers and officers.
"I told you to leave some for me." Jaden reminded his companion.
Verantos didn't answer. After a few moments, he spoke, "Jaden, cover me, this'll take a while. The main controls are locked. Gotta find a code buried deep inside this computer."
"How long?"
"I dunno. It'll take more than a few minutes, though."
"You haven't alerted the entire army have you?"
"Hopefully not. Let's hope none of these stormtroopers were snitches."

It definitely took a while, as Verantos said. Jaden got bored often and practised with the dead stormtrooper armour. He used the force to get them up, walking and practised various saber moves. On his fifteenth attempt, he thumped on a wall and heard voices on the other side.
"What was that?" the familiar Stormtrooper chatter asked.
"Look Inside. There might be trouble." a human's voice spoke.
"Verantos, we have company!" Jaden informed as he bounced off the opening door. The stormtroopers chattered something and began shooting. Jaden blocked with his X-Saber. Unfortunately, another group of troopers rushed in. Then another. And so on, till jaden couldn't handle it.
Finally, Jaden heard the satisfying sound of the ventilation pipe clicking open. He jumped up, but Verantos was shot.
"Jaden!" Verantos yelled.
Jaden gave a sneer and his eyes were filled with malice.
"Too late, partner. The Empire has you now." He pulled out Verantos' lightsabres. "And look! I forgot to give you your favourite toy."
"Jaden! No!" the fallen Verantos yelled again.
"Alright. I'll take them. Besides, you don't look good with them." His expression turned to seriousness. "You will never go to the dark side. The dark side doesn't need you. Now rot." And so he crouched away through the pipe, evading blaster fire.
"I'll never forgive you, Jaden." Verantos mumbled as the Stormtroopers tied his hands and threw him to solitary confinement.

Episode 45 preview:
"Quick, or we'll ALL be blasted!"

10-24-2004, 03:59 AM
"This must be stopped, it's going too far."Luke expressed as his concerned face made a frown.
Kyle sighed. "Maybe I can send spies to negotiate with the Jedi at Imperial Penal Colonies."
"Yes. Do that."
The Slave II slowly docked horizontallly onto the floor of the Star Destroyer. Rooms away, an officer congratulated his quick wit. Mordale crept to the cockpit and used his sensing abilities. A bunch was stormtroopers marched towards the defeated ship. Boba was in no mood to compromise with the approaching party.
"Alright. Now we're in a tough spot. These Imperial ships are much more stronger than I figured. You too Jedi will have to hold off the stormtroopers. I'm blasting this ship."
"And how do you do that?" Foge asked.
"By placing detonators at the Ion Core, which should be back near the engines."
"So, we'll be escorting you..."
Shots fired at the Slave II. The barricaded heroes did not answer. Boba's anger for damaging his most prized possesion grew. He motioned one to three with his fingers and took to the air from the cockpit. Foge and Mordale nodded at each other and jumped out, lightsabres blazing around. The Imperial party dispersed and attacked from all directions, making sure that the Jedi's thin protection sabres wouldn't hit their bolts. Boba used his blaster pistol and a rocket launcher, when some dimwitted stormtroopers would gather up in one location. Boba flew swiftly and waited for the Jedi to catch up.

The bounty hunter pointed to the ground, meaning that the Jedi should stand ground and protect Boba, who was placing detonators all across the Ion Core, that fueled the great Destroyer. The Bridge was alerted and Hazardtroopers were sent in. The Jedi could do nothing but defend hastily and keep a watch on Boba Fett. After the detonators were placed, the Jedi sprinted through the halls to the docking bay. "Job isn't over. We'll have to disable the tractor beam." Boba said.
Mordale was in a hurry. He worried about Jaden. "No! The explosion might give us way." he explained.
"We don't have time! Those detonators work on time. We have a minute."
Foge jumped into the Slave II. Boba and Mordale followed. But at the last minute, the Slave got a holocam message. Boba clicked the button and a blue figure of an Imperial Officer flickered onto the screen.
"We have you. Those detonators have been traced and disabled. Our tractor beam prevents all modes of escape for you."
Boba looked at a screen on his wrist. Within seconds the floor shook as rooms away, the core exploded and the ion particles contained within flew in all directions. The metal interior stretched and bent and eroded away. The Imperials ran the sirens.
"They're spreading! The Ion!" Boba warned.
The fire and the explosion entered the bay after passing through one badly charred and decaled passageway. The fire covered Slave. The heat was all over the three passengers.
"Quick, or we'll ALL be blasted!" Foge yelled.
The bridge of the Destroyer broke away on the explosion. The Destroyer was breaking apart. It cracked into two, roughly across it's symmetry. With a yell, Boba fired the engines and broke away from the Tractor beam, and flew down, down to Coruscant. The Stingers assaulted the Slave, ready outside the Destroyer. Most evaded the falling explosions and debris, but a few unlucky ones had to fall. The Slave flew fast at top speed and as the Stingers chased, the Destroyer finally triggered the largest explosion, breaking into an enormous fireball. The Stingers fell victim to the expanding fire and the Slave was almost with them. It evaded them and didn't spend a moment to get into Hyperspace upon reaching space.

And upon the Coruscant Atmosphere, was a great disc of fire spreading, a preview sent by a burning soul to the Empire that no matter how great the evil, those who seek truth, no matter how small will always be victorious.

Episode 46 Preview:
"The Final battle is coming. Take courage, for with courage and hope, even the Emperor can be defeated."

11-07-2004, 10:35 PM
"You have all been called here, Jedi for the final battle is coming. The rebellion is slowly turning to the winning side and it won't be long before the Empire collapses. We would be ready for that, however. I have contacted with the Rebellion's top leaders and we have negotiated a plan. I have sent Master Thae, Master Xalicutas and Jedi Knight Herazas in a mission to attack top mineral mines across the galaxy. This would serve as a distraction as well as loss for the Empire. Of Course, This mission will be backed by an army of Rebellion troopers. We are leaving this base, once and for all. Your missions will be given. Each one of you, save apprentices will lead a Rebel team into battle. Mon Mothma has commanded a blitz to capture various planets across the galaxy, simulteanously. The Empire may know of our attack, but we will charge relentlessly. Till now the Rebellion and the Jedi have fought under shadows, cowering under the Empire's might. But not now. This time the outburst is humongous. This time, we will have the Empire. The Final battle is coming. Take courage, for with courage and hope, even the Emperor can be defeated."
The Jedi rose with cheers, filled with morale. They were now ready to bring the Empire to it's knees. Luke concluded his speech and began giving orders to each Jedi. Rebel Officers looked at the Jedi, with success in their eyes. Kyle and Luke were to lead the greatest Rebellion force on an attack to the Emperor's castle. On the same planet, thirty more squads would raid the Empire's soldiers. Rosh and others would go to Corellia. Verantos was present, and he was in one of the Coruscant parties. He had escaped a few weeks after Jaden and wanted both, the Emperor and Darth Qollous.
X-Wings and starfighters flew away like birds from the planet of Belkadan at full speed. The Rebellion was alerted and the war had begun.
The Slave II docked at a spaceport on Kamino, lasers firing at Imperial Troops. Fett, Foge and Mordale exited the graceful starfighter and raided the facilities, cleansing them of Imperial troops. Fett found his apartment and opened it. His nostalgic memories shot him, but he shaked them away. He ahd stored a lot of ammunition and weaponry in the apartment before he left for his apartment at Coruscant. "Load up, we don't have time." he ordered. Foge and Mordale equipped themselves with small-scale weapons such as disruptors, blasters and pistols. After that, they exited and flew to the capital city of the Kaminoans, where the security district was located. Imperials began firing and the Slave II was bruised. In anger, it fired lasers and satchel charges, causing damage to the elegant Kaminoan architecture, but clearing the stormtroopers. Boba landed the ship at a spaceport near the Security District and infilitrated it. With much hindrance and lightsaber slashing, the three reached the turret and droid control HQ, where they defected the droids to their side and set the turrets to attack stormtroopers. The three were surronded, though. Imperials had got the entire area sealed and were preparing to drown the Jedi and Fett. The effecient Imperial tactics worked. With the help of a few rocket launchers and an air stroke, a great hole was created on top of the great dome-shaped building.
Foge and Mordale looked for exits, but they were sealed. The Imperials found it easy to take down droids and turrets whose tactics they knew. Soon, a starship connected it's hole to the dome's hole and it launched collected water at full speed and many others joined. The controls sparked and some blasted. The water level was rising. It had already reached the chest.
"Now what?" Boba asked. "The door controls are in the other building."
"Maybe we can get out through that hole," Foge suggested, pointing to the hole on the top.
"The Imperials know us. They know now we aren't ordinary foes. They'll have us fried if we go outside."
Mordale was looking at a ventilation pipe about halfway between the the top of the dome and the floor, till the water level went over his head. Boba took off his helmet and the three swam up to breathe. Mordale waded through to a pipe and jumped higher and higher to the ventilation pipe. He looked down to signal the other two, but Boba was already being drawn up by a grappling hook and Foge was jumping up.
The next batch of water made Foge lose his grip and he slipped off, hitting his head on another pipe as he fell and losing his consciousness.

Episode 47 Preview:
"The tide has turned, Emperor. Now we will strike."

11-15-2004, 09:39 PM
Fire and lasers flew all over the urban jungle of Coruscant as the Rebel strike-force met heavy resistance. Verantos was under command of another Jedi and together they were unstoppable. Verantos clearly wiped out any opposition he met with very little effort as he slowly got more and more attached to the X-Wing granted to him. Little did he know, it wasn't going to last. Just seconds after he commented on the efficiency of his starfighter, it was shot by a stinger and was plummeting to the ground at full speed. He opened his canopy and ejected just before the X-Wing smashed into pieces to the debris.
Overhead, the battle was furious. He ran into a shield factory to avoid the rain of lasers and attempted to find a way out. His entrance was blocked by debris. He walked around the sleek interior and all around. The booming sound of crashing starfighters and lasers sounded somewhat muffled. Soon enough, Verantos heard a familiar voice.
"Wimping out, huh?" It said.
Verantos looked up. Atop a ledge stood Sabreclaw, in his menacing dark, avatar. His glared with his eyes and jumped down, his eyes turning to malice.
"Cowardice, too is a part of warfare." replied Verantos.
"The weak part." Sabreclaw corrected.
After a session of the stare-game, Sabreclaw lit his mounted sabers. Verantos took out his, unignited.
"Let's finish this."
With those words, the Sith Apprentice pounced on Verantos. The latter ducked and kicked Sabreclaw, who fell down hard. Without delay he got up again and engaged in a flying kata over Verantos who kept his adversary away with a good dose of Force Push. Enraged, Sabreclaw roared out stabbed Verantos' upper waist. Verantos dodged and ignited his lightsabers, detached them and made a few slow, but perilous swings at Sabreclaw. His adversary had the advantage of fast stabbing and slashing and waisted no time in an attempt to behead Verantos. He ducked in time and cut off Sabreclaw's left gauntlet. Sabreclaw retreated his left hand and a gauntlet slipped in as his distracted the Jedi with a slashing attack. The duel was long and eventually tired both out. They were not stopping, however. Both were agile, intelligent and were masters with the laser blade. Sabreclaw faltered and inserted his saber deep inside a control panel, which erupted in sparks and flames and burst. Verantos, who made a surprise attack from behind fell victim to this explosion as Sabreclaw fled. He watched from a distance, the burning soul of Verantos in his eyes.
Eventually, Verantos was freed and realised that a vaccuum tube was opened due to the blast. The hunt then began, as each eyed every nook and corner for their adversaries. They met again, soon enough. Verantos dropped down a pipe onto a conveyor belt and Sabreclaw started it before jumping onto the conveyor. The belt rolled as another duel broke out between the two. Among the debris and minerals, red and yellow sabers flashed, attempting to eat some flesh. Verantos switched quickly from slow, powerful strokes, to the faster kata-like swings. The laser and blasts from outside were more loud. The wall beside the belt smashed as a stinger fell, but the two were not stopping. This was a duel to the end. It took them from room to room, until eventually, Sabre claw fell, his arm sliced and his shoulder burning. As he got up, he lunged at Verantos, who dodged, sending Sabreclaw at a very high speed through the vaccuum tube. He was sucked in, too and zipped past. He looked intently for signs of his enemy such as lightsaber decals, and suffered many injuries as the tube turned suddenly. The tube opened up in the Coruscant sky, where Sabreclaw was speeding upwards. Verantos shot out of the tube, and sped upwards like a bullet. He used some force, logic and co-ordination to fall faster and nearer his target. They fell on two crashing speeder and ended up in adebris junkyard. Sabreclaw fell out, nearly dead and was followed by a limping Verantos, blackened by the smoke.
Sabreclaw looked back in admiration for his opponent's victory. He nodded and tossed his head back in pride and passed away quietly. Verantos leaned over the body and paid his honour to the worthy adversary and hodge-podge burial. He looked back, all alone in the falling street, under the violent shades of the setting sun.
The Emperor received a holographic message, It was of poor quality as it was done during wartime at Yavin IV. Exar delivered his report in it. "The Tide has turned Emperor, Now we will strike. Our forces have been set and a surprise attack will push back the advancing Rebels. Spacetroopers are put into action. Belkadan is under siege by the Sith and we need your help, Emperor. I will return to Coruscant to manage details. General Orwe, Tygere and Nam should help in the Belkadan assault."

Episode 48 Preview:
"Now we go to Coruscant."

11-25-2004, 09:57 PM
The Chaos ensued in the Galaxy which would probably never know proper peace and understanding. The Empire frantically tried to push the swarming Rebels frantically as more and more people across the Galaxy defected to the Side of Light. With the inspiration by the Jedi, the Rebellion slowly spreads it's arms around the Outer Rim, gathering as many planets to their cause as possible. The Planets now stand united on the shoulders of either the Rebellion or the Empire. Some Planets remain neutral, and some, are enveloped in an air of war and destruction.
The Rebellion strikes Coruscant, the heart of the Galaxy, only in vain. The thick Imperial security neutralizes the Rebels and expand their powers and fortify them towards the Rims away.

One planet that is probably the control for the battle, is Belkadan. It's tropics and beautiful sunsets are soon to be spoiled by war. The Sith and the Jedi battle day and night, as blasters and lightsabers flash everywhere.
Another one, is Kamino. The distinguished planet is often ignored and forgotten, making it a perfect spot for the Imperials to ground their Turret and Droid Control Systems. With the flip of a switch, all Imperial-made droids and turrets would freeze and their memories would be erased. Boba Fett, a bounty hunter born on this ocean planet seeks to destroy the systems and turn off what could be one of the Empire's limbs in this War.

"Foge!" Mordale cried as the apprentice fell. The water level was rising and Foge had gone deep in. Mordale sighed, took a deep breath and dived in. Boba noticed him go off and zipped to the pipe.
Mordale was underwater and looked around. Foge was sinking as if lifeless, until he reached the bottom. Mordale grabbed him, put Foge's arm over him and swam upwards steadily. The water rate had increased and the unforgiving water was getting nearer to the pipe. Mordale mustered all his strength and with the Force, shot away from the water and into the pipe. He scrambled with Foge through the pipe. There was light at the other end and it was open, probably by Boba.
And then Mordale's greatest fear came alive. Water had entered the pipe. He crawled faster, fastening his grip on Foge and when he was a couple of meters from the exit, the great rumbling began and the water flushed out Mordale. He was now outside and in a shadow of the building. He cowered there for a while and then his comlink beeped. It was a message from Boba.
"Done. But the turrets and droids will function for... 24 hours."
"Well done," Mordale replied, "Now what?"
"Now we go to Coruscant."
"Are you insane? Foge is unconcious, and Coruscant is becoming a warring hellhole!"
"Best opportunity to topple the Emperor."
"And Foge?"
"Drop him at Yalara. Those Noghri will appreciate it."
"You can't be serious."
"I am. The Emperor started all this and the Jedi will stop at nothing to kill Darth Horfrost."
"He is invincible!"
"Not so. I had talked Rebels before. There is a flaw in his armour. A well aimed stab at his lower-right waist will eliminate his shield. That way, he'll be easier. Anyways, I'm going to Coruscant, like it or not."
With that he cut communication and Mordale began sneaking for a ship.

Jaden landed his old stinger at Belkadan and looked out, with a smirk on his face and destruction on his mind.

Episode 49 Preview:
"Now, it's a fight to death, Kun."

Master Jaxu
12-04-2004, 07:03 PM
The words best fan-fic ever come to my mind.You are now officially my favorite fanfic writer.Ecore my good man Encore i must read more of this story.For this story i am eternally endebted to you lol.

12-04-2004, 08:26 PM
That's high praise, Master Jaxu. But you should really look for more fanfics. Mine is but a feeble attempt of theorising what happened Jedi Academy's uncanny ending. Still, Thanks. :)
Battle ensued upon the jungle planet of Belkadan. Here, the Jedi and the Imperials had much more face than red-crested jaguars attacking from the trees. The birds had flown long ago and now the forest burned as lasers and missiles flashed from one point to another. From forest clearings to ruined buildings, all was laid waste in the war.
Meanwhile, high above a cliff, Jaden had invited trouble. His sniper laser had picked off one of Exar Kun's best warriors and Kun himself was sure of what he had sensed earlier. Darth Qollous was on the planet.
Exar was onto the cliff in mere seconds and had an unpleasant air around him. His face spelt death, onto Qollous. Darth Qollous himself was not afraid. He knew he would have to face Kun someday. He always wanted to face this smart mentor, feared warrior and unfirgivable sinner.
This time, it was different. Qollous' opponent was truly a force to be feared. Only the unlucky have the massive relentless power of the juggernaut. And Qollous, the daredevil was off to challenge him.
Qollous ignited his X-Saber and performed some quick practice strokes. Kun broke out in a grin. He stood alone, a blaster pistol and lightsaber had his belt, on the parched clifftop. Qollous eyed his opponent carefully, up and down. Kun simply stared callously at Qollous' eyes. Finally Kun broke the silence.
"You know my strength. You do know what messing with me is like. But relax, I'm not killing you easy. My apprentice will be here any moment. He will finish you. I will merely have to keep you busy till then. What a shame."
"Now, it's a fight to death, Kun."
Qollous let loose his anger and rushed through the dusty, parched ground towards Kun. Within seconds, Kun unleashed his saberstaff and the two broke out into a frantic duel. Jaden had the advantage of four blades, but Kun was a mastermind tactician and his speed was near impossible. Jaden was overwhelmed by the dark fury and caused an earthquake, breaking the ground to make a rift heading for Kun.
Kun, who was wiser, jumped and with a few quick moments of his hand, Force Fireballs flew out like lasers from the rift. Jaden was caught in the fire and rocketed to the sky. He launched his own hail of fireballs, and the pleasant clifftop turned into a raging inferno.
Kun dodged the fireballs and utilised his force abilites well. Using his Speed, he was all around Jaden, who was confused. Jaden landed back onto the ground, blackened and torn. He was caught unaware by Kun, who sliced off Jaden's left hand. Qollous yelled and managed to scratch Kun and then burn him with a mix of lightsaber throws and fireballs. Kun stumbled, but used his immense Force Push to keep Qollous away. Qollous absorbed his energy. He had gone too deep into the Dark Energies now. Too far to be stopped. Kun made a backflip only to be hurt by the X-Saber. Kun restarted a duel, but Jaden sliced the other's saberstaff. Kun was aghast. Now he had a reason to stay away. He turned on his comlink.
"Emperor, Jaden is here. He's..."
The static was too interrupting. But Jaden had fallen for the Dark Lord's trap. Kun jumped up and kicked Qollous. Qollous was weakened and impaired and Kun's force push threw him straight to the edge of the cliff. He hung on for dear life while the sinister foe looked on from above. Jaden's hand was loosing grip, but he jumped up and unleashed thunder onto Kun. Kun pulled Jaden and punched him in the face. He then pushed him and repeated the process. He was manipulating Jaden.
Qollous was angry, and a sudden surge of energy shot him past Kun's barriers to finally slash Kun's hand and char his abdomen. Kun fell back and unleashed his own heart-carving lightning. Qollous screamed and kneeled. His body's energies depleted with his health as the Dark Lord's twisted face flourished with the Force. In a meek attempt, Jaden force pushed, only to fall down, nearly lifeless. Kun turned back, assuming he was dead. He stood at the edge of the cliff, and spoke gloriously to the Emperor that the Belkadan situation had been taken care of and there was no need for him to come.
Jaden silently staggered up and fumbled. Kun turned back slowly. His merciful attitude betrayed his Sith energies and Jaden unleashed all of his energy in one massive Force Push. Kun tried to stop it, but it was too powerful. His eyes opened wide in shock as he flew from the cliff and down onto the forest canopy below. Jaden got up, his hand covering his burned abdomen. His face blackened and a grin spread on his face. A grin which showed that he had finished a job waiting for four years, he had finished Exar Kun.

Episode 50 Preview:
"We need Jaden."

Master Jaxu
12-05-2004, 01:07 PM
Dude i've read about 500+- fan fics and yours is one of the best.Keep em coming

12-23-2004, 08:19 PM
The battle over Coruscant was unstoppable. Rebels and Imperials clashed agaisnt each other mercilessly, showing their battle finesse. Mercenaries, bounty hunters and scum raided the dead, scavenging their loot. But away from it all, the Emperor was in his underground lair, the most unthinkable area to find the Emperor. Rebel spies and recon were no less. They scouted out the Emperor's little burrow early on Master Skywalker, Master Katarn, Jedi Knight Mordale Korr and their Republic strike force were to lay siege to the Emperor.
Darth Qollous was not to be left out. After his long-awaited revenge againts Exar Kun, he had to claim his title of Emperor and Sith Lord by defeating Azenite. But as he flew his trusty Stinger to Coruscant, he mind bothered him. Jaden couldn't decide where to go. The Light, or the Darkness. He was to go back to light side, when one touch to the X-Saber reminded him why and how he was here. Because of the Dark Side,

Mordale entered the atmosphere with Rosh at his side as he turned towards the Emperor's Palace. The tall structure seemed intimidating, but Mordale was intimidated. He had all of his senses focused on the docking bay. Soon two more X-Wings joined them and they landed succesfully in the docking bay as the chaotic Coruscant sky still burned golden. Their welcoming committee too was poorly prepared. In rushed an entire group of stormtroopers. The Jedi didn't feel much in killing them, but at their end, awaited a surprise. The Series 2 Droideka. The sleek silver ball rolled out of the shadows at a high speed and blades popped out from it. Skywalker ducked just in time to avoid it. The Droideka assembled it's legs even before it landed. It stood high at 6'5", coloured in silver and black with red lights in a few places. On it's arms were dual high-speed blasters and it's body housed grenade-launchers, rocket launchers, disruptors and many more. Within milliseconds, it deployed it's protective shield, green and translucent. It's cloaking device activated and the droid became partially invisble, but covered by a slight white aura. The droid moved into a shadow and the Jedi stood in the Docking Bay, wondering the prototype's next move.
As the droid began firing, the Jedi separated like flies. Through a hidden security camera, Azenite watched the Jedi's plight as they were helpless against the seemingly invincible droid. nfortunately, the droid could never cope with a Jedi's intelligence. Mordale led the droid to a power conduit, and blasted it with a lightsaber. The conduit burst, badly scarring the tall droid.
But only the droids body was damaged. His functionality still worked and with the new experience, the droid learned to stay away from loose power conduits. He began firing homing rockets and the Jedi were in trouble. Force Push didn't work, as the rockets were pre-programmed and the droids shields were active, damaged, but active. The pursuit brought them back to the docking bay, whose doors were open, for some reason. The droid cornered the Jedi and readied his arsenal for an unforgiving attack, depleting all of his weapons. And then, Jaden's stinger came out of nowhere, ramming straight into the droid. Jaden had ejected just as the ship entered the bay. The droid was destroyed, but so was Jaden's ship.
"Jaden!" Kyle called.
Jaden paid no attention, but ran through the exit, seeking the Emperor's corpse.

The Emperor expected the raiding party, and was prepared to face them all. He decided to make some quick changes in plan to hinder the progress of the Jedi. Snipers shot from hidden slits and ventilation shafts. Azenite knew they were no match against the raiding party, but he employed them anyways.
Jaden reached the throne room first, after hundreds of slashes with his lightsabre. The Emperor was prepared for his arrival.
"It is you, Jaden. You have killed my master, have you not?"
"I made sure that he would think and suffer on his way down the cliff."
"Good, I wanted to get rid of him anyways. Jaden, you desire to be the Sith Lord."
"I want to see you dead!"
"No, you want the throne, you want domination. Am I not speaking the truth?"
Jaden remained silent.
"You want to be the Sith Lord, but let me tell you this. In the galaxy, the Sith will always be there, but with one Sith Lord. Either you, or me."
Jaden launched a surprise attack at the armoured foe and managed to only scratch his shoulder-cover. The Empeor's cold, callous laugh thundered through the great room.
"Do you think that your feeble X-Sabre could even penetrate my armour defenses? I am no weakling like you."
With that, Azenite threw his Sabrelance and attempted to behead Jaden. Jaden ducked a few times, rolled, jumped up high and delivered a head stab. The sabre instead bounced off the Emperor's helmet and lightly parried the incoming blow. Jaden spinned and in that crucial second, the Emperor Force Pushed Jaden. Jaden flew like a ragdoll, but got his balance right and made a quick landing on the throne. He setup himself and launched himself like a missile.
The Emperor on the other hand had pushed Jaden to welcome his new guests, the Jedi. As he turned to protect himself from any Jedi sneak attack, Jaden landed on the Emperor's shoulders and dug two blades into them. The Emperor was a hard nut and with a simple flick of his wrist, Jaden was somersaulted straight to the ground.
"So the deliverers of justice have arrived, have they?"
"Azenite, you can still be redeemed. Give it up, the Empire is no form of controlling the Galaxy." Master Skywalker said.
"Is it? And the Republic is? If that is true, why isn't the Republic here? Why did it fall like a pebble in front of my might?"
Verantos was not for words, however. He cried and penetrated straight into Azenite's leg. Azenite choked him and pushed him to a corner. Kyle, Luke and Mordale launched a co-ordinating attack the Emperor, who used a good mix of various Force Powers and Sabrelance skills to defend.

According to the plan, Mordale attempted to strike the Emperor's lower-right abdomen, but the Emperor had caught him in the act. He choked Mordale and tossed him away. As the lightsabers flashed and the fight grew, Jaden looked up. He sprang up and looked at the Emperor, who was defending each blow with pin-point accuracy. Jaden got up sprinted to the Emperor. Azenite was busy with the Jedi and didn't expect Jaden to rise. Jaden activated Force Speed and in one second, the second of judgement, he slashed the lower-right abdomen.
The Emperor gave a powerful Force Push from his body that broke the Jedi plans.
The Jedi stopped, reconsidering their strategy. Kyle took a look a Jaden, imagining how his tremendous power can be used. "We need Jaden." he whispered under his breath. Mordale got up. Verantos was up, too. The Emperor looked all around him, slowly, calculating every possible step his opponents could make. He had defense on his priority and in a sudden adrenaline surge, he sped like the wind and drove his sabrelance straight through Verantos. Verantos wailed, his eyes wide open. As the sabrelance went out of his body, he fell down kneeling and fell with his forehead at the Emperor's feet. The Jedi attacked from behind, but one sudden swing of Azenite's sabre ensured that some of the Jedi get their burns and bruises.
Calling forth the energy of the dark side, Darth Qollous absorbed the Force all around him. He soaked it all in to heal all fatigue, all damage and his power multiplied considerably. The Jedi felt weak and Azenite continued his stare in a ready pose.
Jaden unleashed his true strength, sending out thousands of arcs of thunder, fireballs and spreading pain. He was being possesed, by Exar Kun. Azenite was devastated. His armour was charred, broken and burning.
Darth Qollous tried to fend off the invading spirit, and nearly succeeded. At the end, he choked himself in a desperate attempt. The Jedi rushed to his aid and tried to make it stop, but the sheer power within him made a barrier. Jaden suffocated and fell limp. The spirit left and Jaden's will kept him alive. Kun had stolen all of Jaden's power and began transferring it to Azenite. Jaden got up and limped to the regenrating Azenite. Summoning all his power and his strength, he rooted the X-Sabre deep into Azenite's skull. Sparks flew from within and his death was imminent. Kun faded and Jaden slashed the body several times. He huge goliath eventually fell and his helmet toppled. His face was visible, but only parts. The rest was made up of metal and wires, which were now cut up.

Jaden himself fell back and breathed heavily. Verantos had seen all of this and with his last traces of the Force, he limped toward Jaden.
The Jedi assembled around Jaden's body. Jaden looked at them all carefully.
"Kyle..." he wailed.
"Yes, Jaden. You are redeemed."
"You are welcome to undo your actions, Jaden."
Mordale took off his helmet and looked.
"Mordale... brother."
"You have been redeemed, brother."
"Thank you. Goodbye, everyone."
Verantos kneeled next to Jaden.
"Sorry I took your revenge, Ver..."
"It's alright. Just don't go, not now. The Jedi will have use for you."
Jaden looked at everyone carefully and asked one final question.
"Kyle, was I good, or evil?"
"You were good, Jaden. You were truly good."
"Thank you."
With that, he closed his eyes and departed his body peacefully.

It was a strange moment. The death of the Jaden and the sadness in the room as compared to the joy of victory in the X-Wings outside.

Evil Dark Jedi
12-23-2004, 09:25 PM
Still good man. Still good. :D

12-27-2004, 01:31 PM

12-31-2004, 05:31 PM
Originally posted by DarthTDe

Relax. I'm planning another fanfic on Knights of the Old Republic, another "what if" fanfic.

Jaden Malip
01-01-2005, 01:05 AM
Originally posted by Sabretooth
Relax. I'm planning another fanfic on Knights of the Old Republic, another "what if" fanfic. Sounds good:)

01-01-2005, 08:08 AM
Continue Jaden Korr!You could make a series!

01-03-2005, 06:34 AM
Brilliant so far, one on KOTOR will own!:D

01-05-2005, 11:34 AM
wow man this stories were pretty good!! :eek:

01-29-2005, 12:25 AM
And so ends the story. Thanks to everyone who commented on the fanfic. 'twas great writing all of this and reading the feedback.

And finally, thanks for reading.

*Star Wars credits theme*

Jaden Malip
01-29-2005, 09:49 AM
VERY good. :)

05-05-2005, 03:18 AM
Wow! Long time no see. I have just posted to update you guys. I've been working on a Jaden Korr - Darth Qollous SE version, including several fixes, spelling & grammar fixed etc. It will also contain every single comment to date. Finally, it will contain a Prologue detailing the storyline of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and an Epilogue, which will answer the questions of what happened after the story. I've included a little surprise in there. ;)

The SE is fully formatted in Word and I hope to send it to several Fanfic databases across the web. (who knows? Maybe I can catch GL's attention ;) )

05-11-2005, 08:00 AM
Stinger in flight:

Stinger in manoeverability mode:

Looks rather cool if you ask me. I'm currently also working on a Stinger wallpaper and and planning the "New Stormtrooper" as a skin for Jedi Academy.

05-15-2005, 08:01 PM
cool. today i checked my mail addy and found out your still posting on this thread. had to read very long to get back to the story, but very great.

05-16-2005, 12:25 AM
Originally posted by Ziechel
still posting

The story's over, friend. If you're interested, check out 'The Superlaser Conspiracy'.

08-09-2005, 06:03 PM
Sabre,you are a fanfic GOD.

Darth Hansen
09-03-2005, 10:23 PM

09-08-2005, 01:41 AM
why does it have to end like this jayden dead i love jayden but make a mod and maybe raven will make outta this a jk4

10-29-2005, 07:48 AM
After much delay, the Second Edition of Jaden Korr - Darth Qollous is finally online, at Fanfiction.net. Here's the usual, convenient linky (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2638243/1/).

The SE contains many spelling fixes and changes in chapter names, but the content is completely unchanged. Of course, I have a special .doc version of the story, (with a Comments section and Changes section under construction). If anybody wants that, e-mail me!

The SE is still being updated at Fanfiction.net, so keep checking!

Darth Smaug
12-18-2005, 07:13 AM
And that's a good story i say!

01-19-2006, 04:48 AM
Jaden Korr Darth Qollous SE is CANCELLED.

Yep, cancelled. For 3 reasons:

1. I could not find the time to update the fic.
2. The reviews there were not exactly favourable.
3. I don't see the point of it all.

01-20-2006, 07:34 PM
Hi Sabretooth...I have the .doc version of your story and it's really good....The fanfiction guys are @$$holes, most of them critisize your work and say it's garbage and then you read theirs and it's evem more crappy than what you wrote....don't let it get to you, the people out here loved your fic and I'm one of them...that is what counts...the people who love your writting are right here forget about those fanfiction scumbags they just hurt people because they want to....don't get discouraged :D ;)

01-22-2006, 02:33 AM
That's ok, Lyla, but really I don't see the point of making a clone of this fanfic somewhere else. Besides, I don't really get much time and my slow internet often takes minutes to connect to fanfiction.net. So thanks for the support, but it is all in vain...

(Besides, now that I have reread the fic and gained more Star Wars lore, this fic does seem a bit stupid. :D ;) )

01-28-2006, 05:53 AM
2. The reviews there were not exactly favourable.

That's why you rewrite. ;)

Books aren't written - they're rewritten. Including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn't quite done it.
- Michael Crichton

Looking at your fanfic, you do seem to be disappointing a couple rabid fans you've picked up somewhere along the Internet... :D

01-30-2006, 01:24 PM
Hmm... that's interesting... I've got a couple of fanfiction.net accounts and both of them seem to be doing alright... sorry your experience there wasn't that great, Sabertooth... but I agree with both Lyla and Redwing.

The story's pretty interesting, pretty good.

Never ever think you're done revising. I do a lot of fiction writing and even I'm never quite happy with what I've written. It can always use a little revision (that's probably why I don't have anything published... well, that and the fact I can't seem to finish something :D )

01-30-2006, 06:42 PM
Same here!

darth mantis
07-09-2006, 11:31 AM
hay i love the storys....found them on fanfiction.net and was looking for more episodes...however im not a member there and i dont do any reviews...(i hate rateing things...) so ya i love the storys but one thing...i cant really picture what your x saber looks like. if you could give me like a pic or something of what it looks like it would be nice

Diego Varen
08-13-2006, 02:44 PM
Wow, I thought this Thread was dying. Anyway I've always liked this Fic and it was one of the first I ever read and it gave me inspiration for my first good Fic (In my Sig). I can imagine what the X-Saber looks like. It is an X, with a blade coming out of each side.

08-15-2006, 12:04 AM
If you go back a few pages, you'll find a 3D model of the X-Saber Jon Hill made. The image may not be online, I think. If you have the game Jedi Academy, you can download an X-Saber for yourself and play with it. It'll help you get an idea, since Jon Hill got the X-Saber just as I had pictures it.

Its basically a saberstaff, with Two blades on each side, in a V-Shape.