View Full Version : no saber blade in sp with custom model

03-02-2004, 09:08 PM

i have some very wired problem

i have put a custom model into JA and it works perfect in multiplayer

but if i use the model in sp i have no saber-blade and i have absolutely no idear why!!

if the problem is caused by the model i think it wouldnīt work in multiplayer ?!?

but if the problem is some scripting/coding stuff i wonder why the problem also ocure if i only (e.g.) replace the kyle model.glm ?

does anyone had a similar problem?


Lil Killa
03-02-2004, 11:55 PM
has something to do with either your tags or your .sab file..

03-03-2004, 08:48 AM
hmm iīm not sure.. its a bit more complex

the only difference between my and the default models is that my model isnīt segmentet.. so you cant cap the l-hand (e.g.)

but iīt would be very stupid if thats the problem bc i can play multiplayer with absolutely NO problems.. everything just working fine.. !!

in sp i see the blade if i throw the saber but at the moment it returns into my hands the blade disapears
if i change with "playermodel <modelname>" my model the new (default) model appears WITH blade if i change back to my model it appears WITHfOUT blade..

all sabers work fine. ... on other playermodels.. only with my it doesnīt work..

and with tags.. are they tags on the playermodel who are responsible for the saber-blade and are only used in singelplayer?

if i use other custom playermodels they work fine but they are all segmentet..

does anyone knows other custom-models which arenīt segmentet? so i can test if this is the bug!

edit: maybe i should mention that i hear the saber sound but canot do any damage

edit2: i have all tags and all bones (haha) of the default models