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03-05-2004, 01:54 PM
This is a story about bounty hunters and jedi. It takes place after the origional trilogy.

no Godmoding
no killing other members
etc...the basic rules
and you may only have one character but can use as many NPCs as you like.

here is the bio to fill out for your character:

Occupation: (Jedi, Sith, Bounty hunter, merc., smuggler, imperial/rebel, etc...)
Allignment: (good, nutral, evil)
Inventory: (weapons, ships, whatever)

Bio: (a little about your character up until this point.)


My Character

Name: Dustin Kensrue
Age: 30
Race: Human
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Allignment: nutral
Inventory: Mandalorian armour, modified V-19 Torrent Starfighter.

Bio: Born on a remote planet Dustin was raised by an x-imperial officer. Dustin had been raised on a farm but his father had taught him how to use a gun, and how to survive in the wild. When Dustin was 12 years old his family was killed by the area's criminal organization. Dustin got his revenge when he was 15 but soon found himself in prison for murder. He was sent to a prison colony which he escaped from two years later. He soon found himself wound up in other criminal syndicates and later became a proffesional bounty hunter. After ten years in the profession he earned a ruthless reputation. Dustin had always admired Boba Fett. Perhaps the only bounty hunter in the galaxy to surpass his own skills. But that guy wasn't around much these days. Most said he retired. But where Boba Fett had left off, Dustin had picked up.


A Jedi cruiser lands on the planet Prismia and two brown robed figures descend a ramp to the rockey soil below. They walk to the nearest town where the people are begining to close down for the night. It is late in the evening and they are getting ready to sleep. After asking around the Jedi make their way to the town's only guest house. After a comfortable rest and a healthy breakfast the two robed figures attend to their buissness.

Padwan: So tell me master, why exaclt are we here again?
Master: We are seeking information from an old friend my young padwan.

The padwan frowns.

Master: I am aware of your feelings young one, be mindful of them yourself.
Padwan: Why must we travel so far for this? How important can it be?
Master: You will never know unless you see for yourself.

The two of them make their way to the cantina where they ask around. They are looking for a retired smuggler. Soon they are instructed towards an older building just on the outskirts which they soon arive at. They enter in and it apears no one is there.

03-07-2004, 08:30 AM

A Sith Lord is rising. He has set in motion plans to over throw the Jedi. To all bounty hunters, five hundred thousand credits will be paid for every dead jedi, one million credits for every live jedi.

The jedi, noticing a drastic diminishing of their numbers, are working hard to investigate the matter.

There have been numerous reports of cultish activity all over the galaxy.


Jedi role: Investigate mysterious cult activity. Investigate dissapearances and deaths of other Jedi.

Bounty hunters: Capture as many Jedi as you can, dead or alive.

Sith: Lure the Jedi to thier deaths, and overthrow the Republic.


Jedi master Pai-hitti, a Knicto, walks into the large dark interior of the smuggler's house. The young human padwan following behind is Tristin.

Pai freezes and puts a hand on his lightsaber.

"What is it master?" Tristin questions.

Pai whirrles around and is pelted in the chest by a blue blast.

Tristin is startled and subconciously lights up his lightsaber. Looking around he doesn't see anyone. He trys to focus with the force, suddenly another blue blast shoots towards him. The force warned him only moments before and the young man deflected the blast with his lighsaber.

But then he is jolted hard in the back and falls to the ground. His lightsaber tumbles away.

Dustin stoops to pick it up, and puts it in a pouch. As the young Jedi trys painfully to get a look at his attacker, he sees only the black of a mandalorian visor, and then a blue flash.

Dustin holsters his stun blaster and begins to bind the two Jedi. After he is finished binding them he dismantles the stun cannon that he had set up earlyer. He drags them out back of the house and then brings his ship in by remote. The V-19 Torrent lands and Dustin drags his prisnors onboard and the dismantled gun. After placing them in two seperate holding cells he takes off for Corosant.

03-07-2004, 10:29 PM
My name is Cataro majo I am a bounty hunter! I am flying towards Nar-Shada and suddenly my ship the Death-Bringer jumps out of hyper-space and lands in hangar bay 15. I walk to a cantina to see if new bounties and find some strange information! I find a bounty for all jedi 50;000 credits dead 100;000 alive! So i decide to start my search on Bespin. I land on the city of Dreadrunner and start my search! I looked in the nearest cantina he was thayer so useing stealth I follow him and find myself in the core of the city! I slowly sneak up on him he was noy useing his senses and I throw my unbreakable net and capture him! I depart to corosant to collect the bounty! As for my age I am 30. I started life as a soilder untill I reached the age of 15 I was the youngest soilder for the republic back then. My home planet Corrilea.

03-10-2004, 03:20 PM
Dustin enters a dark chamber somewhere in a massive complex on Corosant. Dustin brings forward his portable holding cells, two of them, each one containing a 100,000 credit prize.

Sith: Well done bounty hunter, I did not expect such a fine catch so quickly.

Dustin: I have friends in high places, and when it comes to Jedi...I'm the one with gun remember.

Sith: Hahaha, yes that's right. Well...here are our credits.

The sith hands Dustin 200,000 credits.

Sith: Perhaps you will be interested in some bigger game. I'm not making this public but so far your the only bounty hunter to bring me a Jedi bounty. So I have a special job for you and everyone else who brings me a Jedi bounty.

The Sith paused for a second, Dustin assumed he was feeling somthing through the force.

Sith: Ah, yes. I am expecting another bounty hunter shortly, perhaps the two of you would make a good team on this one. Let us await his arrival then I will tell both of you what I have in mind.

03-10-2004, 03:43 PM
Cataro enters the same chamber only haveing 100,000 worth in credits but still it is ok. " I am here to colect 100'000 credits so please give them to me unless you have another job for me "

Black Knight of Keno
03-10-2004, 04:27 PM
Name: Tepe Zacarach
Age: 35
Race: Zabrak
Occupation: Sith
Allignment: Evil
Inventory: Lightsaber, An old Sith infiltrator, astrodroid(R2-C4)
Tepe and R2-C4 walk into the same chamber from a backdoor. "Lord, I bring you four new victory mark's" Tepe said and bowed. He then handed four lightsabers to the sith. "Good, stay here, I will need you for a moment" the sdith said and Tepe staid to stand in the shadow's with R2-C4. Tepe's hood cealed the view t his red eyes and Maul-like face. He looked at the two bounty hunters

03-10-2004, 07:38 PM
"Alright what do you want me to do".