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10-01-2001, 01:42 PM
Just my 2 cents on some of the comments being posted about the demo . . .

1.) No music . . .

Of course not. That would have added another 20 - 30 megs to the demo downloadable (depending on how lucasarts is implementing the music).

2.) Cannot change screen size . . .

Nope. Altering the screen size is a core function of the game engine. Since demos are shipped with a stripped down version of the engine, don't be surprised this function does not work.

3.) Sounds are way too loud . . .

There is inline sound volume control which appears to work (at least for me) Keep in mind when the full game ships, there will be music and you'll need to here the sound over it. That's probably why it is so loud.


I did notice that the AT-ST's tended to move a little faster then the frame rate of their legs. However, I am running a 1Ghz machine and the AOE engine is geared toward a 233 - 300 mhz machine. The processor cycles are faster then the game is designed for. I installed WarCraft II to compare (haven't played this game in ages) and holy crap, I've never sceen a pion chop wood so fast. The Lucasarts team should have this balanced in the full production version of the game. This would be a qood question for the online chat later this week.

5.) I shot down a tie fighter and all it did was pop . . .

Being a demo, they may not have included all of the unit animations, to keep the demo file size down (this could be another reason for point number 4). I checked the screen shots to see if they included any craft being shot down. I believe the explosion in the top of this screen cap below the 2 x-wings here . . .


. . . may be a flyer (???) ditching into the deck, but don' t take this as gospel. We'll all have to wait until the full game is shipped.

6.) General comments of "can't do this' or "why isn't this in the demo" comments . . .

Please remember this is a demo guys. If they shipped the full game engine, full tech tree, scenerio editor, ect ect in the demo, there really would be no point in selling the game would there.

The demo is supposed to wet our appitite, not be a full course meal.


10-01-2001, 01:49 PM
Everyone needs to chill out. The game is gonna be fine. Compaining about the way rebel troopers walk or the way bushes look is kinda ridiculous. This reminds me of the "Star wars fans" who complain about the movies all the time. "Phantom Mentace ***" or "Attack of the Clones is a stupid name". Everyone chill, and enjoy. Its just a demo, be thankful it came out now instead of late October. Dont complain about tedious stuff that will probably be fixed in the real version.

10-01-2001, 02:26 PM
I couldnt agree with you more PORKY. I mean really, shouldnt we all be thankful that there is a game with ATST and XWINGS instead of saying "the legs were moving to slow"? Have some faith, I havent even played the demo and I am already considering this one of the greatest games ever, based on the principle of it being around the SW universe. And the sounds being too loud? What kind of SW fan would say that? Vader saying "no disinergrations!!!"........damn crank it up!!! I want my entire house to hear Vader talking to me on my laptop!!!! So, like Porkins so eliquently put it, everyone, chill out- relax, this game is going to kick arse when it is finally done.

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10-01-2001, 02:29 PM
i realy love the demo!!! i wish people would play on it more with mw!!! the game will be greaT withh at_ats and jedi masters