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Black Knight of Keno
03-06-2004, 07:55 AM
You are someone from the world where orc's, elf's, human's and other life forms live. You can be anything or anyone.

Name: Tepe Gassir
Occupation: Master mage, knight
Bio: Not much is known about this mysterious mage (http://mox.mm-world.gamesurf.tiscali.de/gfx2/mage.gif). He first learned the skills of the knights but after the war in Mistéhir and the loss of his brother's, he became mysterious and self centered. A mage discovered him many years after the war and offered Tepe his services. Tepe withdrew himself into a small mage school where he learned the skills of magic and mystery. Tepe just got out from the school, fully learned and now travels across the lands.
Tepe walks into a small town and looks around. The town is busy and many travelers are there to rest in the tens of inn's. Merchants are selling many things in the huge marketplace and the knights try to keep the town safe.