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03-06-2004, 07:20 PM
hi if you want to join in the dark crusade story, just create a character here. NOTE: THIS RPG TAKES PLACE ABOUT 3 YEARS BEFORE EPISODE 1, SO IF YOU WANNA KILL IMPS, GO TO ESCAPE FROM NAL HUTTA. IF JEDI AND SITH ARE YOUR TARGET, YOU'RE OKAY HERE. this is mine:

Name: Gorsk (Darth Rexus)
Age: 35
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa.
Job:Bounty Hunter (hopes to be a sith once though)
Vehicle: Modified z-95'headhunter', the dragon's claw
weapon: dual Blastech pistols (hopes to find lightsaber),claws.

A life on the streets of Nar Shaddaa make one tough. This was also the case with Gorsk. He was orphaned at a young age and forced to live on the streets. This very strong and aggressive Trandoshan is feared for a reason: he is the third best bounty hunter in the galaxy. You'll never find him far from the winning party's side, but he has a sense of loyalty and honor though. he never breaks a promise. At the age of eighteen he killed five people in a bar fight, and then all the coppers who tried to arrest him. This drew attention of one of the local crime lords, who contacted him and made him a bounty hunter. since then, he took on a lot of odd jobs for his new boss, until he was killed by a jedi.
Gorsk fled away and vowed revenge on all jedi, for now he was nothing again. when he learned only a jedi could kill a jedi, he began a holy crusade trough the galaxy, searching for a lightsaber, and ultimatly, to become a sith and kill all jedi.

Likes: Money, Winning, Seeing someone suffer.
Hates:Jedi, Wookiees (all trandoshans hate wookiees), dry climates.

03-07-2004, 12:30 AM
Name: Sark Bauer
species: Human
Age: 39
Home Planet: Corellia
Job:Bounty Hunter
Vehicle: Large heavily armed and armored fighter. Modified engines to make it one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.
Weapons: dual Blastech pistols, Sniper Rifle (old style so Jedi's lightsabers can't deflect the bullet), a Distrupter sniper rifle. Lightsaber he took from a jedi killed with one of his sniper bullets.

The streets of Corellia made him tough and smart as a kid. He started taking jobs at an early age, beginning with theivery until finally getting a big job, which he completed beyond anyone's expectations. His fame quickly grew, and he even managed to kill a Jedi with a sniper bullet to the head.

Likes: Money, Women, Winning, Bonus Payment.
Dislikes: Authority, backstabbing, losing.

03-14-2004, 01:29 AM
Name: Kalexus Emdor
Species: Human
Age: 45
Home Planet: Naboo
Job: Former Republic Commander
Vehicle(s): X-Wing with specially modified laser cannons and two concentrated laser barrels
Weapons: Vibroblade, and two modified blaster pistols

History: Kalexus was an old Commander in the Republic during better times. He is a pure veteran, knowing nearly every trick some young sport could come up with. His aim and skill with blades is nearly unrivaled, and his knowledge of computers and ships is the best of it's kind. During the wars, he helped plan the bombing of various Imperial and Sith bases, and infiltrated a number of Imperial bases and taking them out steathily. Over time, he retired and was given an X-Wing in payment of all his hardwork. He modified with with extra weapons, and made it wholly his own. During his lifetime from the age of 30 to 40, he had been stripped of nearly everything by the Naboo government, and the Jedi Order. Afterwards, he was even targeted by Sith groups. Yet in this time period, he managed to kill over 5 Sith and Jedi, making him known throughout the Core worlds, and the Outer Rims.

Likes: Money, money, Twi'lek women, money, new ships
Dislikes: Jedi, Sith, Government authorities, every person who has ever been in the Naboo government, Imperials, and Jawas.

03-14-2004, 02:56 PM
Home Planet:Kashyyak
Vechicle:replica of Storm
Weapons:Bowcaster,duel D44 blaster pistols, duel lightsbers

An old man walked up to Yamo's house and asked "Yamo will you follow me?" Under mind trick he followed, he was then taught the ways of the Jedi. Then on one unlucky day an Imperial Shuttle landed and out strode Lord Vader as well as a legion of Stormtroopers. And then killed Yamo's master. Deep with anger he followed the craft in a stolen vechicle and blew up the capital ship it was about to land in. He was pursued but by flying into the maze of buildings in Nar Shadda he escaped. During this time on Nar Shadda he fell to the dark side and became a bounty hunter. Stealing the layout of a vechicle he found in a privite hanger he construted his own version. It was orginally called the Storm but he renamed it the DEATH OF PAIN. He then started to go on bounty hunter missions quite frequently.

LIKES:money, Wookie women, lush forests and starships

HATES:Trandoshans and dry climates

03-21-2004, 04:21 AM
WTF, I'll see if this thread gets any better...

Name: Garm Sana
Race: Gungan
Homeworld: Naboo
Weapons: 1 automatic blaster pistol, 1 short stun-blade
Ship: Modified N-1 Fighter
Background Info:
Garm Sana was a Gungan obsessed with the world of politics and the outside world. He left Naboo at an early age and headed to Coruscant where he managed to find an intern position with a Galactic Senator. During his tenure as an intern, he learned the nuances of politics: dirty dealings and under the table bribery. The chief of staff in his office approached him one day and offered him a significant sum of money to contract a hitman to eliminate a Senatorial rival. Garm did the job himself and kept the money, thereafter preferring to be a hitman rather than a politician. He quickly honed his skills with blasters and explosives, avoiding melee combat when possible. He is now a well known contract killer, an expert in dealing death.

Likes: Cash, fame, women, exotic weaponry, politicians
Dislikes: Nubians, Bith, Rodians, sloppy kills

04-04-2004, 04:42 AM
Name: DD-R3KD
Race: Modified Destroyer Droid
Weaponry: Heavy blaster mounts, long range rocket launcher, melee buzz saw
Background: DD-R3KD began life as a bolt. Soon after being constructed, several anomalies occurred in his neural core. He is a destroyer droid gifted with intelligent, independent thought. He thinks as realistically as any living thing, with many times the intelligence. He was sold by his manufacturer to a wealthy droid repairmen on Naboo, where he was put to work as a menial labor droid. He grew tired of this and blasted his owner, later managing to stowaway on a flight to Tatooine. He was chased out of the Tatooine settlement of Mos Eisley and he now is roaming the desert, attempting to communicate with Tuskens, and when that fails, he blasts them for fun.