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Sidious Returns
03-10-2004, 07:39 PM
Hello everyone.

Hold the Welcome Baskets, I've already recieved one of those... in fact, forget that, I've already recieved about fifteen of those, and they are not really worth the bother of creating a new username. That is not what I am here for.

Some of you, especially my old adversary ET Warrior, may recognise the tone and presentation of this message. Well, you said I would never be able to keep away, and you were marginally correct. But, as you may well be asking yourself now, why am I back? Either that, or you are tutting at your computer screen and dismissing the words that I type.

One could say that I am checking up on my old rest-and-relaxation grounds, others could say that I got bored and caved in. However, I say that I am back for an entirely different reason. You good people (exept a few, no names) are being tested.

Before, the usernames were different. I tried many different tactics, many different subject sources... in fact, everything from Batman to James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing has been tried, stopping off at Austin Powers along the way. As you may well have noticed, this time I come before you as "Sidious Returns", a second coming, if you will, of the infamous Holo-Sidious.

Through my many faces, I have raised sensible and worthwhile topics - remember "Die Another Day" and his arguments about homosexuality? They caused quite a stir in the Senate Chambers for a few weeks, and they were my doings, my designs. One thing is clear, LucasForum users, and that is that I have never lied to you. Sure, some new names have cropped up, but I make it my purpose not to distort the truth. Every time one has asked "Is that guy Holo-Sidious?" I have accepted that and had my username removed.

And so the test. Instead of popping up every now and then, becoming a little bit of a menace to the Forums, I will remain under this name for as long as I stay. If you members can accept that everything I say will be the truth, that every post I make will contain nothing but serious truth, I will hide behind no more masks.

I suppose the blessing of an online environment is that you don't have to take out a restraining order to have me removed. If I fail to live up to this promise, I will bid you farewell for the final, and I mean final time.

It is rather nice to be home...


ET Warrior
03-10-2004, 07:48 PM
Originally posted by Sidious Returns
If I fail to live up to this promise, I will bid you farewell for the final, and I mean final

Oh the sweet sweet irony. How many times have I heard that now?

Oh well, it's always nice to have an arch-nemesis around.

03-10-2004, 07:57 PM
SidiousReturns, are you pissed? :p


03-10-2004, 08:14 PM
Really, do you have a life?

Read the rules, you've been banned, you can't come back.

Get the **** out, for the last time. I'm sick of banning you. It's tiresome; it makes you look like the dolt that you are, and it gives me a headache.