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Das Mole
03-11-2004, 02:12 AM
well, just because, i've decided to remake this thread that i made a while ago...

basically all you do is come here and post about what happened throughout your day, especially if you're pissed off about something, you can vent in here. so, i'll get started...oh yeah and put the date even though you can see it at the bottom of your post...you know, because of the time zones.


well, i woke up at 6:08 am. took a shower, got dressed, etc. had breakfast, left home. walked to the bus stop very slowly as i had about 10 minutes, singing "my immortal" by evanescence as i walked. got up to the bus stop. waited about two or three minutes. bus came. went to school.

english- we watched some of the odyssey today, since we're reading it. that was pretty much all.
biology- we looked at our plants that we've been growing. we're doing a "plant race". whoever gets the tallest plant in a pot no bigger than 6" in diameter after a month gets five points extra credit. we're growing some regular lawn grass, as well as pansies, three pumpkins, two sunflowers, and some personally, hand-pollenated gladiolas that i stole the seeds and pollen from a lab we did. anywho, some of the grass is now 6 inches tall, and that's a little shorter than someone else's sunflower or something.
geometry- nothing happened. we did day two of a huge test over one really long chapter.
health- an elderly couple came into to talk about organ donation.
history- we got a study hall, woohoo!
french- i don't even remember it was so easy. oh yeah we did some practice with "la sante". gimme a break. i learned this stuff in third grade.

i came home, got a headache, took some motrin. i had no homework today (thank god) and i just did nothing all afternoon. and now i'm here posting this.

and that was my day. anyone else care to share?

03-11-2004, 03:57 AM
I'm on Spring Break, I sat around on my rear all day, occasionally visiting my friends and continueing to sit around on my rear, but with company. It's the glorius life my friends.

Mr Flibble
03-11-2004, 06:17 PM

19:38 pm Greenwich Standard Time

Should I americanise that? No.

Woke up around 9am. Crap. Got dressed and rushed to school for 9.20am.
Technology- Missed first period.Got a talk from Trocaire, a charity my school supports. It means compassion in Irish...................anyway.
English - poetry. Robert Frost. Astoundede teacher by knowing who is was. How?
"Animals, cats, dogs, even famous poets......." heh heh heh
German- Zipski
Science - Our peadophile teacher got replaced by a sexily seductive student teacher......
Drama- Wrote a dualogue with Ronan, best mate. Must get him onto the forums.
French- Tried to remain inconspicuous.

After - Stayed behind to play football. I'm not a sporty person though.

At home - Watched TV

Now- Posted at fangames.co.uk about 15 minutes ago.

Next- AGS. Then some programming, then dinner.

03-11-2004, 06:40 PM
Considering I've done absolutely nothing at all today, after accidentally waking up at about 2pm, I'll post what I did yesterday instead. ::


Woke up at 8am. Got ready, then watched some news on TV for a bit to pass the time, before eventually leaving for college at 9am.

Got to college, went into my excellent lightwave (3D) class. Spent the entire morning finishing off my project, which was to create a 25th century building. Mine was a nuclear fallout shelter on the moon. Makes sense, no?

Lunch break. Walked outside to find recent ex-girlfriend getting off with some guy in front of me. Joy.

Back to class, and started my scene rendering. Only took three hours! I passed the time by drawing strange characters.

Got home and tripped over my keyboard (of the musical variety) lead, resulting in it being torn from the port. It now takes a lot of careful adjustment to make it work correctly in the port. Bah.

Spent the evening on IRC/forums, with an occasional game of Day of Defeat. I did badly.

Went to sleep.

And that is an exclusive look at an average day in the life of the Thrik. Treasure this carefully, as it is a rare occurance indeed.

03-12-2004, 07:18 AM
well, i f*cked up a history test this tuesday...

Orca Wail
03-12-2004, 10:13 PM

Gym My teacher was out, but we still had to do these gym word-puzzles. Bah.

French The sophmores, who make up 87 percent of the class, were on a field trip (those bastards). I actually had to read aloud. The two little speaking-French b*cthies (now, I have nothing against the French. But these two...RARGH) who always giggle at me were gone. Honestly, I don't care HOW hideous thier pronocation is, NEVER make fun of someone who is older and above you in class. B*tchies. I doodled the class away

US History Doodle, doodle, doodle. I never take notes
I never take notes, but I'm doing good (like 85-90) because I always do the homework. Classroom time = sleep time. And Mr. Mulller doesn't care.

Homeroom Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

[/b] English [/b] Saurich is out. She's not bad, but if she's in a bad mood she's a grade-A ripper. DO YOU KNOW WHERE SHE'S AT?! SHES IN EPOCT, ON THE SOPHMORE TRIP! (they drew names out of a hat to see who would go. Last year, they let 50 go. This year, only 20. I DID NOT GET TO GO! ANGER! ANGER!

Lunch Its time to exchange great intelletual ideas, such as Ms. Sweeny's mysterious "Ms." and prom limo discussion. Funnyyums.

Study I have study with everyone from my sculpture class, so instead of staying in study, we all migrate to the art room.
Fans of Spirited Away will love this story...

Mrs. J.P. wanted to show us Spirited Away for a project we are doing (Tribal diety/spirit figures out of wood). I have S.A., so I brought it in. Bad idea. CATHOLIC SCHOOL> Me and Taiji( my wierd friend who's into animie) love it, but every thinks its really wierd, save three other girls I never suspected would like it.

So heres Taiji, "klaire", "Genie", "Melony" and me, gathered around the TV, contimplating the meaning of No-Face and the symbolism of the baby turning into a mouse. It was alittle scary. Suddenly, "talyor" yells out "WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Jesus, this movie is on CRACK!"

so anyway...

math T_T I suck at math. I had to pay attention

Theology I guess public school kids don't get alot of crap from the Catholic Church shoved down thier throat. But our teacher is Sister Meghan, a young nun. She's cool.
She played Queen's "MIRICALE!" for us and asked us to disscuss. THAT, my friends, was a wierd class.
During our journaling, she put on "Boheium Raphsody (SP!)" for us instead of Gregorian chants. Wheee!

Last period.

CHAOS. But it was the fun kind.

came home, died.

Das Mole
03-13-2004, 02:08 AM

here's my day today...

basically, i woke up as usual. obviously. and i had breakfast and then went to the bus stop. waited a while, my ears began to fall off my head because they were freezing so badly. finally the bus came. got on. arrived at school.

english- watched more of the odyssey. that was it.

biology- had a sub today. there was only one person absent, but she insisted on taking attendance anyway. stupid. we looked at our plants from the plant race thing again. now the pumpkin sprout is up to 2.5 inches, hardly a sprout. and we finished a lab on transpiration.

geometry- easy as usual. we didn't do anything but go over the homework, which is basically what we do all period every day.

health- discussion about dr.kevorkian and his suicide machine for half the period. the other half we spent talking about funerals and what the appropriate age is for someone to be able to go to a funeral. you know, if you're 6 or 8 of 5 or however old. just a discussion on that.

band- more stupid ensembles. the performance is on monday. as one person left to go to the bathroom, they walked down a hall just outside the pit (a big hole-type thing in the stage of the auditorium for an orchestra or band to go in, that's where we're practicing our ensemble) and she saw someone's french book. i said i could give it to them because the owner of the book sat in front of me in french class.

history- who knows what we did. oh yeah, we got our tests back, i got a 68% but i don't care. all i have to do is do well on the final like i did last time and i'll get a b for my semester grade, which is the only thing showing up on my record.

french- gave the girl her book. we were all asked to watch a few videotapes and critique them in order to help the french department decide whether to keep them or not for next year. for one tape, you had to write down all new vocabulary. people were writing like mad. i didn't write anything because i knew everything. who doesn't know what "une poupee" is?

came home. it was great outside. we were going to all go do something together, but my little brother's friend came over so we didn't go. but that's okay.

later, at about 5:20, we went to oberweis and i got a cowabunga cappucino. had it on the way to tennis lessons. tennis lessons ended at 7:00. we drove to jewel to pick up a few items, we order that 4 by 4 thing at pizza hut. we got the stuff at jewel, dropped by pizza hut to pick up the pizza, and came home. i got mine w/pepperoni, black olives, and mushrooms.

and then i basically did nothing and now i'm here.