View Full Version : Pirate Mod NEEDS YOU!

03-11-2004, 07:24 PM
Lo all,

Finished the designing for a pirate TC/Mod (TC to the extent of menu, models, sounds and basic script editing - Mod to the extent of, well, its a Star Wars game, like, modded), and I'm searching on here for you! Editors! Mappers! Modellers! And people who can yell;


down a microphone.


It's a pirate mod for Jedi Outcast (very possibly Academy prohibiting I find my copy in my mountain of consumer goods...), changing very much everything as possible. What EXACTLY does it feature?
Well, initial design plans have a basic storyline, some mystical subplots and a lot of fun (including small FFA towns as interlude levels allowing players to stock up or do what they do best really.... be a nasty cutlass wielding pirate.
So, what do I need of ye I hear ye crow!

Modellers - Player models, general piratey style models
Scenic models, palm trees, barrels etc, monkeys (yes,
monkeys) and weapons (cutlasses, bombs, cannons

Texturers (If there is such a word) - Basic textures, olde worlde buildings, ship decks, flags, skinning etc

Mappers - General small and LARGE maps, generally featuring a LOT of water, the odd floating fancy here and there, MUST look vaguely in the style of Mediterraenean/Carribean.

Scripters - Anyone out there got the grasp of BehaveED? Or EffectED (or whatever its called...)? We need ye!

Vocal Talent - If you've got a natural voice sounding like you were born inside out and then rolled over a chilli burning factory whilst learning the Cornish dialect, then you're what we want! Otherwise, if you can imitate one, you'll do. After me now:

"Avast ye dirty wench and hand me ma cutlass! AAAAAAAGH!"

So if anyone can help in these departments, would much appreciate it. Mail me, krisinyork@aol.com - I like it personal, or post a reply to this.
must be going, got the decks to scrub.