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Black Knight of Keno
03-12-2004, 05:32 PM
You are a soldier in the allied army against the newly rosen nazi-germany. This is just after WW2 and the germany is taken it's normal place where it started, but there was no berlin's wall. The history had changed and a new dictator rose to take Hitler's place. Old alliances with Germany were dead and it was now on it's own.

Name: Tepe Kuusela
Age: 28
Nationality: Finland
Rank: Lieutenant (3rd in command)

Tepe ducked down as bullet's started flying over his head. Many of his regiment had fell down in the last battle just after they had landed on the shores. Tepe heard someone shout for a medic but nobody went to him. Tepe ran to him and got only a scratch from a bullet into his left arm. Tepe started to give first aid to his friend. The regiment soon retreated back into the camp on the shores. Then they saw some ships. Tepe walked to the shore. He got his binoculars and watched carefully. "Sir! They are British!" Tepe shouted in Finnish and turned his head a little. The commander came to the shore. "Go check when those idiots get the artillery from out supply boats" the captain siad and Tepe nodded. He ran to check the boats. Fourteen men got ready on the beach to fire at the boats if nececcary. The landing boats thumped into the shore just as the artillery had been carried into the forest. Tepe walked to the British landing boats. The hatch's opened and many soldiers came out. "We are the British marines. We are here to help you on your travel to Berlin" The captain of the Brit's said and closend to Tepe and the commander.