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Black Knight of Keno
03-14-2004, 11:59 AM
Name: Tepe Darren
Race: Human
Occupation: Jedi master
Side: Good
Weapon(s): Two green lightsabers that can be connected as one double bladed, E-11 blaster rifle
Vehicle(s): Smaller edition of a Correllian Corvette
A small correllian corvette lands on a small hangar on Tatooine. Two grey clothed men drive from the back with two hoverbikes. Then a brown caped man drives towards the cantina with a hoverbike. He stops next to a cantina. "The rusty falcon... Hmm... That can do..." He mumbled with a deep voice. He walked into the bar and noticed the small metal detectors start beeping. "Hey!! This is non-weapons cantina!" the bartender shouted and Tepe looked around. He placed his blaster on a small table next to the metal detectors and walked to the bartender. He still had his lightsabers hidden. Hey pointed his finger as an order for an ale. He had his ale and walked into a dark corner table

03-14-2004, 01:02 PM
RACE Human
Weapons Four tiny curved hadle lightsabers (they can connet into 2 small claw like lightsabers that go on your hands) and a STOUKER CUNCUSSION RIFLE!
VEHICLE a old clone assult ship that can deploy jedi starfighters troopcarriers vehiclecarriers it has any kind of ship used in the clonewars that is on the clones side it even has anikens jedistarfighter!

Yat walks into a room in his assult ship the command center most of the crew on the ship are droidss the onlynondroi is him. "TR67 bring up the map". "Yessir" said TR67 "We will go to the planet Dantooine we must find a special crystal for my lightsabers!