View Full Version : A "Clan" Skin Request

03-14-2004, 08:00 PM
I wanted a skin for my E-Army, and I know nothing about modding, mapping, skinning, modeling, etc.
I will be very grateful to the person who does, and all credit will go to you. I basically want a black Stormtrooper with a large "Majin M" on its front. Here is the "Majin M": http://dbz-overlord.starlighthosting.com/?x=info/majin
I also wanted a Black Reborn Master with a white "Majin M" on its front.

Hopefully, someone will want to do this for me, because I know many skinners/modders/mappers/modelers love creating things just for the JA community.
Please think about it, and reply with posts. We'll work it out then.