View Full Version : Basic Brainstorming: Team Skins

03-15-2004, 06:00 AM
Would it be possible\reasonable to make an menu option that allows players to decide whether or not they want to see the team red/blue skins during team games.

I'm not really familiar with the code, but it could function like this: one player turned the team skins off so they see the default skins instead, but another person on the same server could have team skins on and see the red/blue variations. (Would this be a client side option?)

Also, if someone with team skins off was using a custom model that has no associated red/blue skin, would a player with team skins on just see the properly colored Kyle Katarn skin as a default? If so they still get their team skins but others can use their models without team skins (i.e. the AOTCTC Mandalorian and Clone Packs that include many different model options but only have the one red and blue skin for each pack).

My reasoning is that when I play team games, 99% of the time the team icons over teammates heads will be enough for me to know who and who not to attack. I find the team skins distracting in a way because they cause a suspension of disbelief if I'm fighting a totally red stormtrooper or Darth Vader with a blue cape.

If it's within reason glowing auras might also be a good option for some people to use. An aura like the absorb effect, but not as intense and bright. The blue used for that glow would have to be different so as not to be confused with absorb's blue glow. I probably wouldn't use that specific option but some people might like it. It's really no sillier than the all red/blue Stormtrooper skins :rolleyes: and would really blatantly show which people are on your team. (The glow would obviously only appear around team mates mush like the team icons only appear over teammates heads, because a glow that was constantly around opponents would give away their locations way to easily).

Anyways, I don't know how much this idea will be liked by other people, but I know it was released in ForceMod II for Jedi Outcast (sorry, but I don't know how it worked as far as if it was a server or client side option but I really hope it was client side.)

Didn't mean to offend anyone, just an idea.:p

And feel free to post any thoughts about it, like I said I've only been able to play with bots so if there are problems that I'm unaware of I'd greatly appreciate knowing about them.