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03-15-2004, 07:39 PM
Hi there (again). :)

Okay, this is probably going to sound really stupid, but I thought I'd give it a shot, anyway. Li'l Jawa's DarthRevenReincarnate mod conflicts with Nequam and T7Nowhere's ModernRobesPack.

I tried editting the conversation with the protocal droid on Dantooine (the new one that comes with Li'l Jawa's Dantooine fix) to add the appropriate script from the other mod. But for some reason, it doesn't seem to work. Even with a completely new script, no luck. So what I'm wondering is whether I can simply reset the Jedi training global variables that Li'l Jawa alters at the beginning of his mod. Those are as follows:

void main() //Set what players wants to play as
object oPC = GetFirstPC();
SetGlobalNumber("DAN_JEDI_PLOT", 7);
SetGlobalBoolean("DAN_BELAYAT_DONE", TRUE);
SetGlobalNumber("DAN_PATH_STATE", nJediPath);

I don't really mind doing the training sequence on Dantooine. I'm pretty sure that it's possible just to go through that sequence because it does work with the Padawan mod. What I'm thinking is that maybe I can reset the globals in the conversation with the Ebon Hawk on Taris (The one where it says, "board the Ebon Hawk now?"). But I'm not sure how to do that.

Obviously, if I were just playing over again, I could delete everything in the above script except for the last two functions. I'd prefer not to do that if I could, but not a big deal if not.

Any help would be appreciated. And wonderful work, all you expert modders. :)

03-15-2004, 07:53 PM
I don't pretend to know anything about this sort of thing but you might want to try the save game editor, it lets you fidget with those things....

03-15-2004, 09:49 PM
That particular .dlg is still fairly fresh in my mind. It is tar08_ramp.dlg located using KT at RIMs->Modules->tar_m08aa_s.rim->Dialog->tar08_ramp.dlg

The script that eventually runs after stepping aboard the Ebon Hawk is k_ptar_tarisover.ncs, which as the name suggests, is a compiled script. You may be able to inject a script before that script is called however, so that your script would call k_ptar_tarisover after doing the global resetting. Once your script was written, you could change the .dlg file to point to your script instead of k_ptar_tarisover (ReplyList->2 & 3->Script fields).

I wish I had documentation on the various scripting functions that I could suggest using. Anyway, I hope that helps. gameunlimited may be able to supply more info.

Edit: Actually I suppose you could make your script fire at the point when the Dialog asks "Do you want to board the Ebon Hawk" rather than when you actually respond. Just put a reference to your script in EntryList->0->Script field.

03-16-2004, 02:22 PM
Did you install the Dantoine fix?
Its here (http://w1.842.telia.com/~u84203091/Dantooine_fix.zip)