View Full Version : Weapons.dat, .npc in SP

03-17-2004, 12:37 PM
This post corcerns SP editing. This subject has been addressed in some older post, but I still wouldn't want to throw my hope away.

I tried to make a modified, reskinned remote droid to use wp_demp2 gun instead of the wp_bot_laser it is normally using. I tried first making a new entry in the weapon.dat, combining pieces from the wp_bot_laser to wp_demp2. Then I pointed the plasma (the new .npc entry) to use the wp_plasm weapons.dat entry. It didn't work in game. The droid seemed still be using the bot_laser although there were no visible projectiles.

Also, it produced absolutely same result, if I pointed the .npc entry to use the original wp_demp2 right away. After that I changed the original wp_bot_laser entry to use weapon_demp2 class (and missilefunc). And again the same null result.

Is there any chance what-so-ever to achieve this, to change the weapon a remote droid is using? It wouldn't accept the demp2 weapon even if I used a spawnscript and the regular scripting command.