View Full Version : monkey island t-shirts

03-18-2004, 10:44 AM
Hi! do any of you know about a website to buy t-shirts from monkey island, day of the tentacle or sam and max?

thanks a lot!!!


03-21-2004, 02:57 AM
I've made a few designs of my own, if you want them.

Haven't actually made them into shirts yet though.

James Isaac
03-21-2004, 06:02 AM
Can we see your designs?

03-22-2004, 11:41 PM
Should be on my website soon...

03-23-2004, 03:38 AM
You should make up a T-Shirt much like the hidden treasure shirt from SMI that says :"I frequent LucasForums to talk about Monkey Island Five and all I have to show for it is my fat ass and lack of girlfriend."

04-01-2004, 11:30 AM
bitmap graphics look great against white backgrounds.

just rip your favourite sprite, and head over to www.cafepress.com

04-02-2004, 01:40 AM
Sorry guys, working on getting some server space.

Coming soon.