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Black Knight of Keno
03-18-2004, 03:17 PM
Ok, you all know the story and the rules AND how you make your profile. So, let's get it going. Someone like Mandalorian54(Our matrix plot designer :D ) couls make up the plot

Real Name: Thomas Jackson
Hacker Alias: Tepe
Age: (teenager) 19
Status: Waiting to freed
Place born: Matrix
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Waiting to be freed
Bio: Tepe is veru infamous around the police because of his criminal activities when he was searching any signs if the rumors were true, that the world he lived in was reallu not real. His parents have broke up and he lives with his dad in a luxurious house and he has two super computers. His dad is allmost super rich, well... Tepe thinks that way. His dad works for something huge computer firm and Tepe has allmost immunity because his father's contacts. So he has free hands for hacking into the police departments computer system and so on until he started his website that was telling people facts that he has found out from the world being not real. Tepe has left school and earns a small sum of money when helping his dad in cleaning or washing the BMW. Tepe has a lisence(I don't know what's the age when getting a lisence in your countries byt around here it's 18) and his dad has bought him a red Ferrari, only a few years old

Tepe pasrks his car into the carage and walks into the house. He goes straight to his room after getting something to eat. He puts the plate that held three sanquages on a table and started to change his clothes to the casual red and black leather jacket, black shirt and black pants. Tepe took his food and entered into a small, dark room throught a door, hidden under a chest. It was one part of the cellar but it was sealed off from the other part of the cellar. The room had heating and electricity coming and so it was the best place for a hacker to be. Tepe started both of the computers as he started to eat his sanquages and put some music throught the stereos. He had asked his dad to make the room to be sound proof and so Tepe couldn't get into the room for two hole days as it was being sound proofed. He had a fridge and a sofa there too. Then he saw something strange on the computer...