View Full Version : Metal Gear Tattoo and Armpatch Contest

03-19-2004, 08:14 PM
I am holding a contest for my Metal Gear Model Packs (Snake was just released) and as I said in the Readme, I am making a HUGE update with Hats, Cigs, more hairstyles, more skins and models. Some of the extra things are Armpatchs that go on the shoulders (and maybe the hat) and Tattos for like the bare body models. So Please post your Armpatch Logo or Tatto Art and I'll pick from the best. I aready got a Fox Hound Armpatch and a SAS Medal Armpatch.

Contest ends next Friday.

Oh and don't worry if I don't reply. My band is going to Monterey till Monday morning so I won't be here for awhile.