View Full Version : written a monkey island script and wanna get it performed?

Alex Duncan
03-20-2004, 07:55 AM
Yeah, hi. Im Alex, and I live in Tasmaina, Australia. Some guys at the local theatre company want me to direct a play for them, and i want to get a good script for a Monkey Island play.

What I was thinking of doing was reading a whole heap of Monkey Island scripts and then using bits of them to make a 'collaboration'. I'd also like to use fanmusic posted on this site, and the World of Monkey Island site. So, what I need now is a whole heap of Monkey Island scripts and music, preferrably based on the first game, to be sent to me so I can go through them and use bits I lke.

Anyone keen to get their work out in the public eye, even if it is just at a local theatre company in a place you've never heard of before, should contact me at aggi_dutn@hotmail.com

Oh, thats the other thing. Im only fifteen, and I'm in the process of writing another play to be performed. Any suggestions about my idea should be sent to me, so I can use them.

Ok, I'm repeating myself now. Please reply, and tell me if you like the idea.