View Full Version : Big MOD IDEA

03-20-2004, 07:43 PM
My idea for a mod is this: Right after you defeat Malak, A sudden and massive blast rocks the star forge. Remember, this is for the dark side ending. You take his light saber and you stand up and look out towards your sith army. In the distance you see star fighters and Tie Interceptors blasting away at your vast empire. You are intrigued by the sight and you get curious on what mass army this is. But then another laser blast rocks the star forge almost shaking it apart. You get very angry with whats going on and you increase the rate of production of your army. You hit the unknown army with all youve got. They retreat. You then go on to producing planets and worlds and a larger force. But you remain curious on the fleet that attacked your forge. You then get an idea: To take control of the army that attacked you, and you then find a galaxy forge ( the idea of many modders on here) in the far reaches of the galaxy. A strange ball looking space station is also orbiting a nearby planet:D This army is an unmatched one, and is far more vast than you could ever dream of. You then begin your conquest of conquering by going to diferent planets and releasing a massive onslaught on all planets that stand in your way. Basically a whole universe of destroying planets and bases and even ground fighting! Can you take the newly found army??

I am willing to take any ideas from modders of all kind. I need an area modder, a skin modder, a weapons modder, a script writer, well, as many of these as i can find. This will basically we an addition game if it can work. So all modders out there, please tell me what you think.:D