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03-22-2004, 10:57 AM
Hello as you can see this is a digimon RPG. What is digimon you ask? Digimon stands for DIGITEL MONSTERS but if you now no digimon then I am afraid you can not join:( :eek: . You can be a human that turns into a digimon you can be a digimon or you can be a human that does not turn into a digimon with a digimon! (note you only have one digivolved form)

Species human that turns into a DIGIMON
Name Rew Retew
Age 12
Digimon none
Digivolution form Kerumon(A light type digimon very strong and quick not to mention very smart)
Attacks Beam saber(s) A 2 bladed beam sword that disconnect into two 1 bladed beam sword
Purefying light A bright light that is beutiful but very dangerous to the THING that KERUMON is fighting.

Pure blaster A gun!

story well protect the digiworld from evil

Rew heads for the DIGIWORLD and when he arrives he finds it peaceful he will be staying here for a few days! Some people came with Rew but none of them know eachother!