View Full Version : Help for Yuthura MOD and cheats

03-22-2004, 03:21 PM
Uhh... I just got that recruit-Yuthura-mod, but they don't tell how do you get her. I've before managed to turn her to the light side, but does the recruit take place on Dantooine or on Korriban? Since you can without any mod ask her to join you, but she says no. Does the mod make her say yes? Or do you ask it on Korriban? She's probably a Force-character, but is she a Jedi or a Sith??

Oh, I've got a problem with cheats. I've written the Enablecheat=1, and it used to work, but I kinda reconfigured the game and it doesn't bring up the > character? My keyboard's European, but I used the keyboard settings to make it American U.S? What am I doing wrong??

03-22-2004, 03:42 PM
You can only recruit Yuthura in Naga Sadow's tomb on Korriban with Gameunlimited's mod. Just chose the same options you normally chose to turn her to the Light side.

About enabling cheats, make sure you capitalize the "C": type EnableCheats=1 and not Enablecheats=1.

When you open the console, you will only see a tiny > in the upper left corner of your screen.