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03-24-2004, 09:30 AM
I got a few skinning problems, it's my first time skinning for JKA and I need a bit of help.
I've finished the texture part, and I've also made a temporary Icon, I also changed all the 'cultist's in the 'model_default' file to 'masterdetaron'. But whenever I try to use the skin in JKA, it doesn't show up in the selection screen for my profile, and I can't even select it using the /model command, because I don't know what it's model name is! I already tried /model masterdetaron, and I only get Kyle!

I also want to change the taunt sound to the 'jlost3' sound in the assets0.pk3 file, and change the rest of the sounds (choke, damaged, fall, etc.) to the Jedi sound files, but I dunno how to do that either.

In need of help,

03-25-2004, 12:49 PM
You've packed it into a .pk3 file, right?

As for the sounds, try editing the "sound.cfg" file.

03-28-2004, 01:56 AM
Yeh, I've packed into a .pk3, but it still won't show up in the character selection screen. I dunno how to fix it!


04-19-2004, 11:02 PM
Ive got the exact same problem, i made 2 skins earlier today and they work just fine, im using the boss reborn skin on the one that wont work. Its in a packed pk3 file and everything...

04-30-2004, 12:32 AM
I got the same problem here too. I just made a reskin of Darth Vader but I can't get it to show up either. Weird.

I'd appreciate if someone would help me, er, all of us here. =]

04-30-2004, 01:37 AM
are you all trying to put it into character selection so you can pick it at the start, like adding a extra race to pick from?
Im trying to remember, coz i found a really good tut on doing this. I will give you the website for the tut tomorrow ( its at home ),
in the mean time you can try this one:

most of it is for JO but its basically the same concept.
I know if you want the name of your race to appear in character selection you have to enter it into the MENU.str file in the strings folder of one of the asset pk3's. You will see the other entries for Human Male etc.
The easiest way to have your character playable is to just replace the jedi_hm files with your own.
If you just want one of the NPC's to have your skin, put the folder with the skin into the models folder, and change the .skin file of the NPC
e.g. changing sabotuer to VADER
1.delete all pictures etc in sabotuer but leave the .skin files and maybe the anim files (optional )
2.change the folder name in the skin file to the folder "VADER"
(im assuming you all know a bit about .skin files)
3. put a copy of the vader model.glm in the sabotuer folder
Now you should have only details about vader in you sabotuer folder, and your vader folder will have all you piccy's.
Off hand i think thats it..I'll go home and check tonight, then get back to you :)
P.S. if you still need help, PM me

Amidala from Chop Shop
04-30-2004, 02:35 AM
Originally posted by Amidala from Chop Shop

If you do you won't be able to join "pure" servers or you might even corrupt the file(s) so your game won't work.

If you want to change something in the assets files you override your assets files by making a "mod" (.pk3 file). Put what you want to change in the mod's .pk3 file with a name that starts with a letter B through Z and the game will load it after the assets files (it loads .pk3 files alphabetically), overriding what it loaded from the assets?.pk3 files.

The .pk3 file must store the new files with the same directory structure as the assets files. So if the file you want to change is jawa_head.jpg, and in the assets?.pk3 file it is in the \models\players\jawa directory, the mod .pk3 file has to have the new jawa_head.jpg file in the \models\players\jawa directory inside the mod .pk3 file.

The easiest way to do this is to search www.jk2files.com , www.pcgamemods.com , or www.lucasfiles.com for a jawa skin mod and download it. Change the name of the .pk3 file to whatever you want (name starting with B-Z), then replace or insert your new files into that mod. The mod should already have the correct internal directory structure, which you must maintain. Then put your new .pk3 in your base folder and it will override the standard files.

Simply remove the mod .pk3 file from the base folder to return to normal.

Seraphin, it's nice that you are trying to be helpful, but please make sure you aren't giving bad advice.

04-30-2004, 02:42 AM
I was under the assumption that every1 doesn't edit the assets.pk3 files directly, instead extracting whats needed and modding it back in....Didn't know it had to be said again, and again..

Amidala from Chop Shop
04-30-2004, 03:09 AM
Originally posted by Seraphin<ATK>
I was under the assumption that every1 doesn't edit the assets.pk3 files directly, instead extracting whats needed and modding it back in....Didn't know it had to be said again, and again..

Originally posted by Seraphin<ATK>
...I know if you want the name of your race to appear in character selection you have to enter it into the MENU.str file in the strings folder of one of the asset pk3's. ...

I find it interesting that in (many) other threads you are asking very "noobish" questions, yet in other threads you talk as if you are experienced in the topics you are giving advice on.

As they say, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

04-30-2004, 01:22 PM
Just to clarify, altering any of the assets .pk3 files is the single worst thing you can do, as this will prevent you from playing in any multiplayer games. The files can be extracted in there, but when they are packaged up again it is in their own .pk3 files...

04-30-2004, 05:57 PM
In their ealier posts they had already stated that they have made their pk3 file, which means they had already extracted what they need from the assets. When I was talking about the menu.str file I was letting them know that its in the string folder of one of the assets files, not to edit it directly from there. They already know they have to extract.

I found the tuts on it for you guys as well.

its at www.map-review.com

There's tuts for both replacing jaden and altering npc skins

04-30-2004, 08:06 PM
That tutorial didn't help me much. I tried the command to replace Jaden in SP but it didn't work. All that happened was that Jaden changed to a stormtrooper.

Oh yeah, I think I DID mention that I didn't edit anything from the asset files. I'm not even using them. I'm using a Vader model I downloaded and I'm trying to make a skin for it. There's nothing I need in assets I think.

Also, I want the skin to be used in MP, NOT in SP.

I have all the files I need in a .pk3. Only things I needed was the models/players/skin and shaders folders with the stuff I need in there. What am I doing wrong?

04-30-2004, 08:47 PM
I think I have found my problem. It seems when JA first starts up, at that window with the black background and the yellow text, it retrieves all the .pk3 data as usual....but for some reason it won't show my skin .pk3 file.

Could this be the problem? And if so, how do I fix this?

Amidala from Chop Shop
05-01-2004, 12:41 AM
Well, this is a long shot, but one of the problems with certain versions of Windows (XP and 98SE, and probably ME too) is that file extensions are hidden by default. People are using WinZip to make .zip files and renaming them to .pk3 files, but Windows is keeping the .zip extension hidden, so a file you think is called myfile.pk3 is really named myfile.pk3.zip, so the game isn't recognizing it as a .pk3 file. It's the only reason I can think of that would cause the game to not load a properly constructed .pk3 file (assuming it's in the base folder, of course). This is why I am still using Windows 2000 even though I own 2 copies of XP.

Just on a hunch, in Windows 2000 at least you can open My Computer, click on Tools -> Folder Options... -> View -> then uncheck the box for "Hide file extensions for known file types". See if your files had hidden .zip extensions, if so, rename them properly.

Also, make sure you have made an icon for your skin (128 x 128 pixels).