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03-25-2004, 01:41 PM
can anyone help me with this? please no "links to help"(read them all not helping me much) i have the sabre made, texed ect. but it is not urgradable, also i need some help with setting properties, and a good explantion of what they mean, i don't really get the "rules" of the game(that whole 1d20 thing beats me) any help would be great

03-25-2004, 02:15 PM
This one that T7 has done has helpt me to make upgradeble lightsabers Here is my method to build a lightsaber If anyone knows of an easyer way I would like to know.

edit: Unless you put you saber into the game by adding it to a store or box you will have to use the giveitem cheat soit would look like this in the consol "giveitem yourweapon " without the quotes. the name of the weapon would be its file name.

Ok fist thing to do is collect the files you need.(I must warn you I am not a very good teacher so

if anything doesn't make sense jusst ask me.)
-baseitems.2da :Bifs/2da.bif/baseitems
-upcrsystals.2da :bifs/2da.bif/upcrystals
-w_lght_xxx.mdl :Bifs/items.bif/w_lght_xxx.mdl (xxx reprsents the model #)
-w_lght_xxx.mdx :Bifs/items.bif/w_lght_xxx.mdx
-iw_lghtsbr_xxx.tga :ERFs/texturepacks/swpc_tex_gui.erf/iw_lghtsbr_xxx.tpc
-g1_w_lghtsbrxx.uti :BIFs/templates.bif/g_w_lghtsbrxx.uti
-w_lsabreturq01.tga :ERFs/swpc_tex_tpa.erf/w_lsabreturq01.tpc
-w_lsabregoldxx.txi(you need to create text doc and add: blending additive )
decal 1
=11 files

Do not copy HotG of MotF as a saber template.for some reason they don't work like the others there

values kept changeing for me after I saved the files.It is ok to use there model though.

ok lets build a lightsaber(you can do this by useing Fred Tetra's kotor Tool

lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=121572 and GFF Editor and tlkedit1.1 if you want to

change the name of your custom Lightsaber ) :

1.open the Lghtsbr.uti in GFF editor

(this will refer to your custom name which you must add to dialog.tlk if you want your name to

LocalizedName: the # in STRREF box refers to the dialog.tlk

ModelVariation = (the number of the saber model )sinse I chose MotF the number is 8 I will change

this to 10
Tag: same as file name create unique name
TemplateResRef: same as file name create unique name

ok done. save.

2.open sabercrystal .uti in GFF editor
The only thing you have to change is

Tag: same as file name create unique name
TemplateResRef: same as file name create unique name

ok done. save.

3.now we open the mdl in a hex editor in my case the file is w_lghtsbr_008.mdl we can rename this


the lines you need to change is this. (is done to point the Lightsaber mdl to your skin)

00004470=w_lsabreturq01 change to w_lsabreturq02
00006670=w_lsabreturq01 change to w_lsabreturq02
00008880=w_lsabreturq01 change to w_lsabreturq02
0000aa80=w_lsabreturq01 change to w_lsabreturq02

ok done.hit ctrl+s then close the hex editor
now rename the .mdl and .mdx to the lightsabers ModelVariation which is 10 ie* w_lghtsbr_010.mdx


4.next rename the w_lsabreturq01.tga to w_lsabreturq02.tga. now create a text doc and write:

blending additive
decal 1

and save as w_lsabreturq02.txi (this file name must have the same name as the texture file or the

skin will not work right.

5.now you need to edit baseitems.2da and upcrsystals.2da
5.a.open baseitems.2da with Kotor tool and click on line 8 which is baseitem Lightsaber.
line 8 should be completly highlighted so hit ctrl+c and paste the line in note pad as you will

have to enter all the values your self.

Now start a new line at the bottem of baseitems. If baseitems.2da is clean your line will be 92.now

enter in each value.the "quoted" values are the ones you need to change

"8"(92) 496 "Lightsaber"(yourlghtsbr file name) 0x00030 **** 0 w_Lghtsbr 0

0 "w_Lghtsbr_001" (changeto mdl name) "iw_sword" (change to iw_lghtsbrxxx) 0 2

1 4096 3 **** **** 0.5 0 10 S 2 8 2 2

10 99 2 **** 1 8 0 0 43 **** **** ****

**** 0 0 -1 0 0 **** 0 1 30 1 **** 1

cb_ls_powerup cb_ls_powerdown cb_ls_humgood 41 ***
* 50 36 1 0x00000000

**** 30

5.b.open upcrystals.2da this where you add your crystal to the list of game color crystals

{row label} label template shortmdlvar longmdlvar doublemdlvar

#of line (your sbrcrystl) (your crystlfile name) (row for srtsbr) (row for normal) (row double)

You need to place the file name of your saber in the appropriate collum depending on the saber you

chose.if your not going to make all 3 versions of sabers for your crystal then you need to type

**** in the spaces your not useing. (side not you can also use the crystals in other sabers as long

as the saber is in your upcrystals.2da

6.last thing Is to enter your saber in the itempalstd.itp open it in Gff editor and open the menu

tree to main[list]/5/list/4[melee]/list . there should be 94 entries select one hit ctrl+c then

highlight list and hit crtl+v now sroll down to the bottom there will be an entry 001 double click

the tree and on the right there will be a box labled fieldID. change 001 to 95.hit enter.now

highlight name [cexostring]= and change the name entrie to you Lsbr's name. the highlight
ResREF [CResRef] = and change that tothe name of your lightsaber's uti file without the

uti extention.

7.and last reskin the textures to your likeing and save them. Drop the 11 files in override and

your new saber should work.

03-25-2004, 02:30 PM
Wow! Great tutorial!


03-25-2004, 04:15 PM
actually, it's about 100,000 times easier since fred released the new kotor tool (look at the downloads sticky at the top of the page if you don't already have it).

from what you said, it sounds like you've already got all the texturing, etc. done, so i'll just skip to item properties.

open your .uti file in the kotor tool, and go to the properties tab. you can give your item all kinds of cool powers, and it's really hard to not make it over powered :) .

if you want it to be upgradeable, all you have to do is give it properties (i think there are 14 crystals, so you'll need at least 14 properties), and where it says "upgradetype", just select each different type of crystal.

be careful though, there are 3 extra ones near the bottom of the list, the rest are in order at the top.

hope that helps.


d'oh, i forgot the most important part!

you'll need to make an update into the upcrystals.2da.

it's really easy, just copy the other lines, but change the numbers at the end to the number of your custom saber. let's say it's g_w_lghtsbr55.

then you'll need to make a .uti file named "g_w_sbrcrstl55". don't change anything here except the tag and template reference, and save it.

NOW it should be upgradeable.