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03-25-2004, 02:47 PM
Ok I will be makeing a RPG called Galactic Quest here is where you make your char!

FlAG SHIPS for rebels hihest rank ship you can have is a MON CALAMARI CRUISER for imps it is a SUPER STAR DESTROYER there can be only 3 be cause the executer is vaders.

ship count for imps it can be 10 dreadnoughts and stardestroyers! for rebels it is 50 of any star fighter!
Rank highest for imps is ADMIRAL highest for REbels COMMANDER! Alleigance can be rebel or imp!

Name Gew Lopter
Alleigence Empire
Age 35
Flag ship Empires fury (A SUPER STAR DESTROYER)
Ship count 9 star destroyers 1 dreadnought.
Personel ship modafied krat yards fighter known as the DEATH FLAME or flame!
Bio a soilder by the age of 18 he was born into the empire and started training at the age of 10!

03-25-2004, 03:03 PM
oh heck why not...

Name: Maggi Knorr
Species: Mandalorian.
Affiliation: Empire.
Rank: General.
Flag ship: The Doombringer, just a normal star destroyer aboard the Emperor's Fury.
Personal Ship: A modified TIE defender with extra cargo space, just like Korbassks. It's called the Grim Reaper.

Bio: One of the first to join the Empire, Maggi has been in Imperial service for almost seven years. First as a bounty hunter, but he quickly became an officer, and both because of his skill, and because Vader found many people's 'lack of faith desturbing', he is now one of the most accomplished generals in the Imperial Navy. He is a brilliant tactical mastermind and a good fighter. His only flaw is that he mostly serves the Empire TOO well... and some more stuff.

03-30-2004, 08:34 PM
Name: John Clark
Alleigence: Rebel Commander
Age: 37
Race: Human
Flagship: The Forrgotten Republic
Personal Ship: A Prototype R-75 X-Wing (Later to be after the Battle of Endor to be the best X-Wing in history)

Bio: At the age of 8 he started training in the Empire but relized what they realy were like after his parents and siblings were killed on Kyyaskic the Rodian planet after an Imperial Raid on the city, Mor'seu. They had no mercy for his parents. He joind the Rebels at 15 by jumping ship with Wedge Antilles and some other future Rouge Squadron Pilots. He was promoted at 30 to the Rank of Commander and is incharge of his Super Mon Calimarie Flagship, The Forrgotten Republic. He has be awarded over 50 different medals.