View Full Version : Custom item help!

03-27-2004, 02:34 AM
Custom item help!

I have ( KT, tcp2 tga, Gff editor and now hexeplorer, )

I am working on a new vacuum mask as itís a personal favourite of mine.

I want to make it in to a new item I have done the graphics and Iím pleased with the results in game. I have modified the existing .utl mask file to my liking

I donít know the first thing about hex editing and I have read just about ever post here pertaining to editing this game. I could really use a hand from some of the more experienced moders out there.

What I need is to point the existing model of the mask to my graphic and I donít know how to do that? By the way I have already extracted the .mdl ,.mxl and tga fileís that I need

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Edit: problem solved thanks T7nowhere