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03-27-2004, 03:29 PM
As I'm sure many of you know, the GDC was held this week. I've just had a quick browse over the GameSpy coverage and picked out some interesting looking articles - there's plenty more but here's my personal items of interest.

Note that these are all naturally more focused on the development side of the games, so if that stuff doesn't interest you.. run!

Tim Schafer: Adventures in Character Design (http://archive.gamespy.com/gdc2004/schafer/)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (http://archive.gamespy.com/gdc2004/rollercoastertycoon3pc/)
Painkiller (http://archive.gamespy.com/gdc2004/painkillerpc/)
Peter Molyneux on Artificial Intelligence (http://archive.gamespy.com/gdc2004/molyneux/)
Creating Half-Life 2 Characters: Behind the Scenes (http://archive.gamespy.com/gdc2004/hl2chars/)
Black and White 2 (http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/black-white-2/502142p1.html)

03-27-2004, 05:12 PM
I want to see the new trailer. :~

03-28-2004, 05:42 AM
"have other [NPCs] respond to their awesomeness."

Man, this guy sounds like Info Cow!

Doing the dishes.
Walking around aimlessly.
Staring at the ceiling. Staring out a window.
Change all the details in your Friendster profile.

By creating mock Friendster profiles for each of the children, he was able to not only define their likes, dislikes, and favorite activities, but in addition he was able to develop the connections between the characters. Schafer even developed a vast number of testimonials for each of the children. He went as far as to scour the Internet for images he thought each of the characters may choose to post to better illustrate their personality.

So that's that the Friendster thing was about!!! Ha ha ha!!!

I am delighted with myself.

Wait... if that was really Tim... then that means....

....It wasn't Raz at all! That guy is such a liar.

Now I am delighted with myself, but I also feel betrayed.