View Full Version : Debugging Scripts with SendMessageToPC function

03-28-2004, 02:29 AM
Has anyone found a simple function (like a one or two-liner) that can be used for debugging scripts during the game?

I'm sure somebody out there has a clever debug technique.

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09-02-2004, 06:45 PM
I posted this a month or so ago, but I figured I would add it to the sticky post to help anyone new to scripting KOTOR.

The command SendMessageToPC will print a message to the ingame feedback screen. The proper syntax is:

object oPC=GetFirstPC();
string cmMessage = "This is a test";
SendMessageToPC(oPC, cmMessage);

This script will print out "This is a test" in the Feedback screen. You can also print out variables, as long as you convert them to a string. It is also helpful to include the creatures name in your debug string so you know what creature is firing the script. Try the following:

object oPC=GetFirstPC();
string cmMessage = GetName(OBJECT_SELF) + "-" + "This is a test";

SendMessageToPC(oPC, cmMessage);

Or if you want a 1-liner:

SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(),"OBJECT_SELF's name is: "+GetName(OBJECT_SELF));
I hope this helps.