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03-28-2004, 05:24 PM
I dont think the mp jetpack is very good. I test alot of mods because I run 4 servers on ja and in 'The Last Hope' mod there is single player style jetpack. I was wondering if OJP might have a single player jetpack.. and can someone help me put the single player style jetpack in an upcoming mod called 'Defenders of the Force + 1.0' also known as df+1.0 that Sephious, and I are working on with the help of one other person that I might not be alowed to name ... If anyone has the code or helpful information on how I could make the single player jetpack in mp please post here.


Defenders of the Force - The Jedi Academy Clan-

03-28-2004, 07:16 PM
Well, it's possible. I've been talking to SuperDindon about him submitting some of his stuff to OJP. However, his main consern involves him releasing his own source code if his mod is based on OJP code.

I think he has a good point and I'll take it up for discussion.

03-29-2004, 12:43 PM
Whoa - I thought basing your mod on OJP meant you did not have to release your source - so he should have no problem, right?

If not, tough luck enforcing it.

03-29-2004, 01:09 PM
:vadar: okay razor ive resolved all problems.


03-29-2004, 01:40 PM
I am not aware of us drawing up any 'requirement' which states that to use OJP code in your mod, you are required to make all your code open source!!

As far as I'm concerned, this was never part of the original plan.

...as far as the jetpack issue, I've ported over the old MP jetpack implmentation from JO - used in my Movie Battles mod, as well as JediMod, OmniMod, ForceMod etc. etc.
I can quite easiely submit this to the OJP - if it's wanted.

03-29-2004, 04:59 PM
Actually that's not the issue. The problem involves SuperDindon wanting to releasing his own code, which would be based on OJP code, seperately under a different license. I don't think we've ever discussed that possibility and it could present a whole barrel of problems.

I want to get SuperDindon involved but I also don't want to have a disaster on our hands by risking people stealling the OJP code or getting confused by the different licenses. However, on the other hand, authors also need to have a right to open source the bits of code that aren't included in OJP.

I had suggested that maybe the best solution would be to just release all his code under OJP, but he never got back to me on this.

03-30-2004, 07:59 AM
The problem involves SuperDindon wanting to releasing his own code, which would be based on OJP code, seperately under a different license.

Hmm, well, he certainly couldn't claim that it was all his own code.

I would say as long as he stated clearly that the code he is releasing is a combination of his own code and OJP code -wouldn't that be OK?

03-30-2004, 07:48 PM
Yeah, that was along the lines I was thinking. However, I didn't want to go ahead and clear that without discussing it first.