View Full Version : 5 new lightsabers, completed

03-29-2004, 02:00 AM
okay, i was bored, so i quickly whipped up five semi-elemental lightsabers. they're not all elemental, but i was trying to create sabers that all work on a theme, so here they are:

Fire Saber (red blade)
+5 Fire damage
On Hit- Fear, DC 14
+5 Attack Bonus
Immunity- Fire, 100%

Sonic Saber (yellow blade)
+2-12 Sonic Damage
On Hit- Confuse, DC 14
+6 Attack Bonus
Immunity- Sonic, 100%

Shock Saber (purple blade)
+5 Electrical Damage
On Hit- Stun, DC 14
On Hit- Slay Droid, DC 100
+4 Attack Bonus
Immunity- Electricity, 100%
Immune to Paralysis

Scorpion Saber (green blade)
+3 Acid Damage
On Hit- Poison, Virulent- Weakness
On Hit- Poison, Virulent- Damage
Attribute Damage- Dexterity, Poison
On Hit- Slow, DC 14
+3 Attack Bonus
Immune to Posion

Frozen Saber
+5 Cold Damage
On Hit- Paralyze, DC 14
+4 Attack Bonus
Immunity- Cold, 100%

you can download them at www.geocities.com/marccentury

but it'll go down if too many try it at once.

i was basically trying to get some nice, unique lightsabers that weren't overpowered (which is hard considering all the cool effects you can put on these puppies).

oh, and they're not upgradeable, like i said, i just did these because i was bored, so they're pretty lazy.

03-29-2004, 02:10 AM
what about just making thes effects into crystals.. and seeing if they can be dropped into the game somewhere..

03-29-2004, 03:30 AM
that's not really how crystals work.

actually, crystals don't do anything.

the lightsabers themselves carry the upgrade properties for when you put the crystals in. if someone wants to put the lightsabers in-game somewhere go for it. i was personally thinking of putting one near each star map (since you find five of them), or maybe on the unknown planet or star forge.