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03-31-2004, 12:19 PM
Sorry to be the asshat posting this but according to some German IT news site Microsoft canceled "Psychonauts"!!

Link (only in German sorry)here (http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/46168)

This news tidbit says that MS will not spend so much money into making software this year than last year because they realized that their sport games sucked.
The news says that other projects like "Mythica" and also "Psychonauts" were canceled, too...

Nothing to be found on Doublefine's website and I hope it's a mistake from the German website but they are normally reliable...
Unfortunately there is no link to some official MS statement or something alike.

First "Sam & Max 2" now this!

/me prays it's not true

Sorry busy at work (I usually check the website a few times a day during some 5 min breaks) and no time to verify / falsify this by doing some web research right now!

Update: As Thrik pointed out MS will not PUBLISH the game.
Thank you Thrik for pointing this out :)

03-31-2004, 12:45 PM
Nope, totally incorrect.

Microsoft have pulled out of publishing the game. The chances are, somebody else will take the game on and distribute it.,

(psst (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?postid=1489789)).

03-31-2004, 01:14 PM
Thrik: Thank you for pointing that out.
I changed the subject and updated my post.

Is this old news? I didn't see something like that before.
Then again I don't daily visit Doublefine :p

Sorry again for any confusion caused by this

03-31-2004, 01:59 PM
Here a freetranslation.com of the article:

Microsoft wants to stick in the future yet less money into the development of computer game. After that in February Mythica declared confessed given stop of the role play the software group now, also the sports game-row XSN paint to want.

The group had applied in May past year the sport games with much Trara as a purchase-argument for the Xbox, remained obvious the quality of the Games however behind the expectations back. To the sales figures of the titles, Microsoft did not express itself. It should give new sport games now probably not until again to the next year and then probably also first for the successor of the first generation of the Xbox. Without successor is adjusted also the Xbox-role play Psychonauts.

03-31-2004, 02:17 PM
Yeah this service should stay free because the translation sucks.

Hell I don't want to work right now so let's do a real translation:

<start translation>

"Microsoft will not bring (publish?) new sport games this year"

Microsoft wants to put even less money into the development of games in the future.
After the announcent of the cancelation of the role-playing game "Mythica" in february Microsoft now said that it will also cancel the sport game series "XSN".

In May last year Microsoft had promoted the sport games heavily as a reason to buy an Xbox.
It seems as if the quality of the games is disappointing and doesn't meet the high expectations.
Microsoft didn't comment on sales figures for these games.

New sport games will probably not come out until next year and those might be developed for the successor of the Xbox only in the beginning ("Xbox2 exclusive").
The Xbox role-playing game "Psychonauts" will also be canceled without hope for a successor

<end translation>

Note: "eingestellt" = discontinued (out of a dictionary)

If MS is only publishing this game it means not published by MS.
If MS pays at least partly for the development it will mean it will not pay for it anymore.
I don't know if the game is fully financed by Doublefine or if MS paid them to develop it.

You can see that because of this news I said "canceled" since it's not clear what MS did do for the game.
A German reader thinks it means "canceled".

03-31-2004, 02:26 PM
Or you can just go over to IGN and read it in English there. ::

Oh, and it's not cancelled, Double Fine is still working on it and I'd be majorly surprised if they didn't find a publisher for it.

The Tingler
04-01-2004, 06:35 PM
I don't get why they're not publishing it. If trash like Grabbed By The Ghoulies can get published by MS, why not Psychonauts? Being on the Microsoft stand at E3 would really have helped...