View Full Version : Anyone want to analyze a model in Max?

03-31-2004, 09:55 PM
Anyone want to analyze a model i made in Max, and tell me what i've been doing wrong? i think if i can get an expert to look at it in max (Psyk0Sith, chairwalker, monsoontide, AaronSmith, Kevin Coyle, keshire, Duncan 10158, HapSlash, Infinity Blade, Antizac, etc, etc.) they might be able to tell me what i'm doing wrong. this community is very helpful, and truly awesome, and i don't know where else to turn. it's a model of Slave Leia. the model looks pretty good, but i just can't get it to assimilate properly. as far as i know, i've skinned and weighted everything as best as i know how, but that's probably where i'm screwing it up. i'm not asking someone to DO it for me necessarily, but if someone wants to, that would help alot. Anyway, i'm just looking for pointers on fixing it. Many Thanks!!

either post here or send an email to: Romulus(at)ev1.net

04-15-2004, 08:46 AM
if you give us the errors you get back when trying to assimilate your model, we probably can figure out whats wrong. most of the errors are known. post here whats in the error message in the dos window. or anything else that looks like something gone wrong.