View Full Version : EMI Tile (background) Viewer

04-02-2004, 05:47 PM
Here (http://quick.mixnmojo.com/files/EMITileViewer1.0.zip) is my new EMI tile viewer.

For those that dont know .til's contain the backgrounds in EMI. So its a background viewer/saver.

It supports both the pc and ps2 versions of EMI as well as the demo. You can view backgrounds, save backgrounds and batch-rip all backgrounds to either jpeg or bitmap.

I've released it mainly because I was bored last week and also because John_Doe's excellent EMI Resource Viewer doesnt support the PS2 .til's and doesnt do batch ripping of .til's. Many, many thanks to John_Doe for his .til specs :)

I can also finally add a little to the .til specs:

Bitmap header:

id long "BM "
? 3*long
notiles long no of tiles
? 4*long 4 longs
format long if=16 then format=ps2 tiles, if=32 then format=pc tiles
? 22*long 22 longs

PS2 Tiles (16 Bit):

Colourdata word Colour data
Red=(((Colourdata shr 10) and 31) * 255)div 31;
Green=(((Colourdata shr 5) and 31) * 255) div 31;
Blue=((Colourdata and 31) * 255) div 31;

I've been trying to plug some of the other gaps in the specs by comparing Pc and PS2 tiles and by comparing tiles with and without the extra masking graphics. I havent had a lot of success so far though.