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04-03-2004, 05:10 AM
The battlecruiser, Death Nester BC1027, spiraled apparently out of control towards the planet Sepia. The battlecruiser was heavily damaged and parts of it's mass broke off from the main bulk as it entered the planet's atmosphere.

Onboard the Death Nester:

Comander Jaxeth awoke and found himself on the floor. The Orc Comander tried to get up, but his leg was broken and the pain shooting through his leg collapsed him back onto the floor. He let out a roar and glanced down at his bloody twisted leg. Other than his leg he was not too badly injured, only minor bruises and cuts. His head throbbed with pain and his wrist felt as though it had been bashed by a power hammer.

Jaxeth pulled himself into his command chair and gave a look around the room. Dead orcs lay scattered across the comand deck's floor, and some wounded orcs were gathering themselves.

Jaxeth recognized the nearest wounded orc, Victish. "Victish, give me a status report!" Jaxeth ordered.

Victish looked towards the comanding voice, "Oh, Commander, we thought we'dd lost you. Right I'll get right on it." He saluted and limped towards a consol. Jaxeth waited impatiently as Victish worked at the consol.

What was talking the gimp so long? Jaxeth wondered. Finally his patience ran out, "Well?!"

"The ships hull is intact and will hold, but the rest of the ship has sustained heavy damage. All four Cargo holds have been raptured and our cargo is spewing into the planets atmosphere."

Jaxeth interupted the analasys. "Planet?"

"Oh!" Victish scrambled at the consol for a moment, "I'm not sure which planet sure, but we have drifted towards an uknown planet and are entering the atmosphere."

Jaxeth mused to himself, "Continue the status report."

"Our long-range radar has been knocked out, our secondary radar is damaged. Main body has several fractures. Engines are down. Most of our guns are unoperable. The artificial gravity is working but was temporarily knocked out a while ago. And we're spiraling into an unknown planet's atmosphere." Victish finished and turned to face Jaxeth.

Jaxeth was displeased but at least they were alive. "I want crew reports from every sector able to make radio contact."

"Yes sir." Victish said and hobbled over to the radio. The radio orc lay on his stomach on the floor with his neck broken and his head turned around. Victish made a disgusted face and turned to the radio. He keyed the comunicator to send a message throughout the ship. "All capable crew make radio contact with the bridge as soon as possible."

The ship suddenly shook. Jaxeth almost fell out of his chair. Victish crashed into a railing. "We've entered the planet's atmosphere!" He said after he had gotten back up.

"I know!" Jaxeth snarled and climbed back into his comand chair.

Before the Death Nester crashed on the planet's surface several crew members made contact with the bridge to report their condition. But no more than a few were able to. The ship crashed on the planets surface throwing the entire crew despite their brace for impact. The smoldering wreackage that was the Death Nester lay at the end of a quater mile long trench in devestation.

04-03-2004, 04:54 PM
On the planet Surija:

A Surijan scout rode through the thick forests towards the global disturbance that had left a smoking trail through the planet's atmosphere. The scout wore a black battle suit with yellow armour plating. And rode a green skinned reptilian beast.

Three buttons glowed with dim lights on the scout's left chest plate. His helmet concealed his whole head and a thin glowing line circling the entire helmet at eye level was the helmet's only receptor. From inside the helmet the scout could see everything around him.

His reptilian mount was also armoured in some places; the beast had two legs and two small hands; a long neck streached from it's body and a many toothed head sat on top with farocious glaring red eyes; the green scaly reptile also had a long tail streaching out behind it which hovered above the ground and swayed side to side. The beast was called a Jausour.

The scout reached the forest line and haulted his Jausour. With his helmet he scanned the area in the valley below where the ship had crashed. "This is Siaf, I have located the unidentified object." The scout said through his helmet's comunication link to his home base.

"And what do you detect?" Came a base operator.

"It is a metalic structure..." He paused waiting for his scans to take more information in. "It has sustained heavy damage in the crash. It also apears to be an alien vessel."

The operator speculated with a base officer for a moment leaving Siaf waiting patiently.

The operator spoke again, "Do you detect any alien life?"

"I can not detect anything from this range, do you wish me to investigate closer?"

"Yes, report back when you can be sure of weathor or not there is life aboard this alien vessel."

"Acknowlaged, Siaf out."

"Base out."

Siaf urged his Jausour forward and down into the valley...