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Black Knight of Keno
04-06-2004, 03:56 PM
Ok, I have made:
-Star Wars
But... I havn't yet done anything about super heroes *wink wink*
I know that there was a super hero thread in the past but now I think its somewhere in the fourth page so I made a new one :p
No god-moding, CCing... you know the rules. If someone's beating up a thug, you can only interrupt when he's in a very bad situation and on the ground or being hit by four thugs that have metal pipes on the stomach and chest or something like that :p
You don't know any other super hero you meet except from rumors and reputation. Take example from my profile and modify the sections as much as you like.

Real name: James Slater
Hero name: Spider shield
Special abilities: Climb walls, see very long distances and throw his shield like a boomerang, Launch a spider looking laser into the enemy to disable or kill him
Things: Shield(blocks bullets and other things like throwing stars), Mask(Like a knights helmet except the back of it is cut off and the eyeholes are blocked with red glasses so the eyes wont be sawn), Rope launcher(Launches a rope that stickies into the anything so you can swing around the place like spiderman)
Bio: Nothing known except that he works for a magazine called the weeks top.
James walks towards a huge building when he hears something and looks behind him to see a sewer hole to be uncovered. He goes to close it and then walks into a dark alley nearby and changes his clothes. He is now in his super hero costume and opens the sewer hole. He jumps down and lights a small lamp on his belt. He starts searching something.

04-07-2004, 02:18 AM
(( I have two Super hero RPGS on this page))

Name Jack Nads
Hero name Green Gaurdien
Special abilitys Flight and shoot lasers out of his hands
Items A Beem saber that appears in his hand (It justs spawns) and a Shield and a Bomb pack
Bio When Jack was a boy his parents were Murdered and he was forced to live in the streets one day he found something then a strange creature appeared and granted Jack speciall powers!

Jack was out in the streets when he heard people shouting "There is a bomb in that building!" so he goes in the shadows and emerges as Grreen Gaurdien.

Black Knight of Keno
04-07-2004, 11:33 AM
((Yeah, but those are heavily based on something allready known, like comics.
And where did that understandable writing go? And you shouldn't use th !-mark on the end of the last sentence))

Spider shield hunts down the man that hid in the sewers. Spider shield had heard the shouts about the bomb and was sure that this man was the one who planted he bomb. He had a view on the running man and threw his shield at the man. He had the man now. Spider shield ran to the man and took his shield from the mans jacket. The man dropped to the watery floor of the pipe and Spider shield took the man to his back and ran back up and left the man to the police stations door. He left for the building where the bomb was. He got to the roof after a long journey and started to climb down the stairs.

04-07-2004, 11:47 AM
Green Gaurdien rushes up the stairs of the building looking for the bomb.