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Ok we will start with the Mandalorian wars when compleated choose your side for the Sith wars but keep your profile the same.

1 (The number one rule is most importent:D ) NO (And I mean NO ) SWEARING (Or unapproipreat Languege of any kind)
2 No god modeing
3 No char controling (But if you are a high Ranking Officer you can command armys)
4 Dont just walk up to a person and go BANG "You'r dead."

That is about it have fun

Name Gret Gadev
Allaigence Republic
Rank Super Admiral (Highest ranking soilder) (The highest you can be is leader of Mandalorians (Can only be one) for republic it is Commander admiral (There can only be one super admiral) for the sith it is A member of the Commanders guild (Can be as many as you want)
Race Human
Age 30
Flag ship The Ladger Alpha (Looks like the Endar Spire and Gret is in command of the ship)
Personel ship S 46 AKA Flame runner kind of ship a Z-wing (Sister ship to the X-wing)
Bio Unknown

Gret lands on the planet Ras III (3) and goes to the cantina.

08-10-2004, 03:55 PM
Name- Dan Drung
Allegaince- Republic
Rank- Jedi Knight
Species- Sullustan
Age- 27
Personal Ship- Cloakshape fighter, heavily modified.
Bio- Jedi Knight, sent to escort the Admiral.

Dan follwed Gret into the cantina

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((I'm sorry, this sounds stupid but, what is a Sullistan?))

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ooc:can i be revan??

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Name: Kahn Wolfe.
Homeworld: Alderann
Alignment: Neuteral/light.
Age: 26
Allegiance: Republic.
Rank: Star Captain
Race: Human (male)
Flagship: Ender's Shadow, Republic Heavy Cruiser Class.
Personal ship: Y wing intercepter, heavily modified.
Republic light battle armor, Republic Special Forces Mesh Armor.
Weapon(s) of choice:
Blaster pistol
Ender's Shadow's turbolasers.

Green eyes
Long blonde hair
Long crooked nose
Lean, physically fit.
Small, curt mouth.
Long, pointed chin.
Lightly tanned skin.
5 foot, 11 inches
162 pounds
Muscular arms

Emotional/neural traits:
Supreme tactician
Angers slowly

BIO: Kahn Wolfe was born on Alderann, but was captured and forced into slavery at age 4. However, his master was kind to him, and taught him both how to work in the fields, and how to fight a war. When Kahn was 12, a Sith supply raid killed his master and left him homeless. He hitched a shuttle, but the shuttle was captured by a Sith heavy cruiser. He hid in the cargo holders, but the Sith found him during the sweep. He was confined, and sentenced for "interrogation", then death. Just before his sentence was to take effect, he was able to best a guard that brought him food, and made a daring escape from the ship. Ever since then, he has been fighting against all cruel forces in the galaxy, usually those who oppose the Republic. After being recognized by the fleet, he was given command of a heavy cruiser, the Ender's Shadow, and a small battle fleet. He has been assigned to sweep outer rim territories where strange aggressors have been reported...


Kahn Wolfe stood on the bridge of the Ender's Shadow, wondering for the hundreth time WHY he was sent to investigate the small territories outside the Republic's influence. There was nothing even out here! Probably the "aggressors" that were reported were little more than pirates. Just then, he heard the clunking footsteps of one of his Aides walking through the bridge. "Sir, we have only one area left to go. It's out by the Naboo territories, it's pretty desolate out there. We could probably just cut it off..."
"But Sir..."
"Move the fleet to Naboo. I'm not disobeying orders."
"Yes sir."
The Aide walked away, mumbling something about mixed up orders and a rotten Republic. Kahn turned away and looked out the front windows. "I've got a bad feeling about this..."

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((Looks like we're going to need someone else to play Admirals Bodyguard, other guy got banned!))

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(('Tis a month since the thread was last posted in, tho...

Originally posted by LukeKatarn
((I'm sorry, this sounds stupid but, what is a Sullistan?))

Ever seen Return of the Jedi, when Lando flew the Millennium Falcon? His copilot was a Sullustan.))

09-11-2004, 09:26 AM
Is there a Narrator, or do we all tell the story?

09-11-2004, 10:23 AM
Name: Gage Turnstar
Jedi Watchman/ Republic Spy
Far Light Side
Rank: Commander
Race: Human with Driod Left Arm and several implants
Age: 25
Flag ship: The Ladger Alpha
Personel Ship: Modified Naboo Fighter
Armor: Republic Modified Armor with Jedi Cape
Weapon(s): Left Arm repaced with crude appendage from scraped droid. His arm was destroyed at a young age during a mandalorian raid.
Hold Out Blaster
Modified Baster Carbine
Broad Light Saber that detatches into two. A standard and short variety. (Think about stacking one on top of the other; making the blade 30% longer than the standard.
Concussion Grenades
Assignment: Commander of the Ladger Alpha and advisor to Admiral Gadev.
Bio: After his Fathers ship was raided by Mandelorians, He was placed in a escape pod with his Protocol Nanny Droid B3-m2 (or "BEE"). The pod crashed into the Tatooiene Desert. The Jawas took the young boy and fragged droid to their enclave. The boy's injuries were life threatening, the droid insisted that the boy needed to be saved. "She" used her extensive data bace to instruct the Jawas to rebuild the child using parts from her chasis as well as her main frame. "Bee" is now part of Gage and serves as his concious, teacher, and annoying know-it-all friend. Most of the implants and modifications have been replaced or improved and through the force, most have been grown over with skin and hair. Gage keeps his arm bare as it is used far too often and needs near constant repair from combat, but also as a reminder of all the people that allowed him to live all those years ago. He trained many years and often visits Dantooiene to speak to the students.

Gage was reluctant to let the Admiral go into the Cantina without him, but he knew that he would surely be safe with Dan at his side. Dan had quite a reputation and could handle near any thing. Gage had seen Drung in action and was impressed to say the least. Turnstar had many allies and informants that frequented the cantina. Walking in with the Admiral would blow his cover and make big trouble in the little watering hole.

"Are you sure it is wise to let him go?" Bee said.
"Both Drung and the Admiral can take care of themselves, besides I have a nice veiw from right here." Gage said.

Several passer-bys stared at the man in the street talking to himself.

"Bee, Holocreate."
A hologram of a tall, elderly woman appeared to his left.
"I don't need people need to think that a man as well armed as myself is crazy, nice dress by the way." he said.

"It's new from Naboo, I could order you new clothes if you li..."
"Shh!... Somethings happening!" He interjected.
The hologram vanished.

09-16-2004, 08:24 PM
Side:Jedi Mercenary for the republic
Weapons:Short saber (blue
Armor:Jedi knight (white robes)

09-16-2004, 08:27 PM
Trent walks into the cantina and buys a drink then grabs a seat and sits there quietly giving a mean look at Gret.

09-16-2004, 08:36 PM
Heres a more detailed bio:

Side:Jedi, Mercenary for the republic
Weapons:Short saber (blue) Blaster pistol
Armor:Jedi knight (white robes)

Bio:Trents parents left him at the age of 12 where he could already wield a lightsaber, his dad taught him. At first getting by in the shadowlands was hard then one day he stole a czerka hunters Gryffin tk-97 starship and went off to join the republic hoping one day to find his parents.

09-16-2004, 08:37 PM
Oh and he's 17 right now

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((This isn't RP, but please combine your last 4 messages using the edit key or the moderators will not be happy! :eek: )

"Well Sir, are you happy with yourself?"
It was the Aide who had just talked to Kahn not too long ago, now whining about the "desolate areas of the disgusting outer rim."
"Plenty happy, thank you." was the Star Captains response.
"We've completed the sweep...Radar shows nothing."
"Well then, I guess we can give the order to return to Corusca...wait a minute, what is that!?"
The radar on the Ender's Shadow was going insane, reporting hundreds of ships. Just then, a massive fleet emerged from hyperspace, turbolasers blazing.
"What the hell are those!?" shrieked the Aide.
"I've seen their ships before somewhere...wait a minute...those are mandalorians! Damnit! There's no way we can hold out against their numbers! Retreat!"
"We can't sir, they are cutting us off!" shrieked the Aide again, looking like he was ready to wet his pants.
"We need support, are there any other ships in the area!?"
"Not that I know of...wait a minute, Gret Gadev is on Ras III! That's less than a parsec away, Sir!"
"Get him on the line! I'm losing my fleet here!"
"Yes sir, right away!"

The Aide ran to the interstellar radio, desperately trying to contact Gret Gadev. Kahn ran across the bridge to the holoprojector, directing the fleet. Just behind him, the Aide's voice echoed throughout the bridge.

"This is the fleet of Star Captian Kahn Wolfe! This is the fleet of Star Captian Kahn Wolfe! We have been waylaid by heavily armed attackers, cannot hold position! Hyperspace coordinates read 24, 77, 19, 02, 103. We request immediate assistance!"
"Could you get him?" asked Kahn.
"No way to tell for sure."
"Try again! This time, send it out to the whole fleet!"
"Yes sir!"

The Aide tried again, using the same words. As Kahn turned to the holoprojector, he saw a small opening in the Mandalorian lines. To get attackers in the breach wouldn't win the battle, but it would creat heavy casualties for the enemy, and buy them time.
"Red squadron, into the breach!"
a momentary pause, then
"This is read squadron into the breach! We're through! We've broken their lines!"
"Green squadron, reinforce them!" The Star Captain was in luck, as the Mandalorians didn't seem to be expecting a counterattack in force.
"...This is green squadron...We're breaking through! Reinforcing Red!"
"Excellent. Capital ships, reinforce their position!"

The capital ships slugged through, launching laser fire in every direction. On the holoprojector, mandalorian casualties were mounting, but Republic casualties were falling.
"Sir, the radio's dead. We have suffered damage to power turbines. All we can do now is sit and wait." The Aide was serious, and his voice quivered with fear.

"Let's hope they heard us. Purple squadron, assault the left flank!..."

09-19-2004, 07:32 PM
Gage clutched his lightsaber hilt and ran a steady eye over the exterior wall of the cantena. He could feel the emotions of all the patrons inside. Someone wanted to move in... But, who? His force sight was clouded by something or someone. he wanted to go in there but he knew that would cause more trouble than it was worth. Drung has the chance to further impress the wise Watchman that heald him in high reguards.

"I'd hate to interupt you, Gage, but the Alpha is calling all hands..." Bee said

"Put them through..." Gage responded

A trembling voice squaked over the Com "Commander, where is the Admiral?! We can't reach him... We need him!!"

"Enhance your calm and tell me the problem..." Gage interupted

"Sorry, Commander, we got a partial signal from the Ender Shadow... It sounds like a distress call..."

"The Admiral is busy... I'm acting on his behalf. Go and investigate and be ready to fight. send me the coordinates of the Shadows last position. We will meet you there as soon as we can." Gage said while wondering who was supposed to in command while both he and the Admiral were away. The Alpha did have a Captain before the Admiral took over. Gage wasn't even a republic soldier. Commander was the title given to most Jedi Advisors, but did have it's place in the chain of command.

"Bee, who was left in charge up there?" he said.
"One moment, Gage..." She responded.

09-20-2004, 04:35 PM
"Kahn, the mechanics have the power turbines back on line! Our interstellar radio is now functional, and...wait a minute, hologram on the projector, someone is patching through!"
The Aide, who Khan now knew was named Lieutenant Kadir Korchslov (core-sch-lov), was punching numbers onto the hologram.
"We've got them through sir. Look's like some Jedi, Gage Turnstar, is pending contact. Put him through?"
"Absoloutely Korchlov. Patch him through."
"This is Kadir Korchlov, acting on behalf of Star Captain Khan Wolfe. You are accesing the Ender's Shadows hologram projector as Gage Turnstar, Cyborg Jedi. You are asked to immediately identify yourself." After some static and a slight pause, a fuzzy hologram started to appear...

09-21-2004, 11:00 AM
"This is Commander Gage Turnstar with the Alpha Ladger. We seem to think you're having some trouble... The Admiral is indisposed at the moment. I'm sending you our fleet for the time being and will meet up with you when we can. The fleet should be there shortly and will provide assistance. May the force be with you." Gage said.

"Gage, are you sure you should sent the Ledger and the fleet there?" Bee said.

"I sense a disturbance in the force, If my feeling is correct the Shadow may need more than our help... We need to do our business and go, now! The Amiral needs to know... His comminicator is off, and I can't reach him through the force. I'm going in." He said.

09-21-2004, 04:29 PM
"Captian, we have recieved Gage's message. He said the Starfleet with the Lager Alpha will be arriving shortly. Any chance we could hold out until then...?"

After a long pause, Kahn answered,
"No, we cannot Korchslov."
"NO! Sir, we must!"
"All forces sent into the breach have been neutralized. Our flanking force was pushed back, and our rear assault couldn't make it through. I am losing 2 Capital ships every 10 minutes. Our fleet is decimated, and we can't wait for Turnstar. Give the order to fall back."
"But they have us surrounded! We can't retreat without the fleets help!"
"Do not question my orders Lieutenant. I am having the fleet assault a weak spot in their defenses. It will open up a lane for us to move back. Now, contact Turnstar and tell him to pull back the fleet. Ensure he does not disobey."
"Wait a minute. There is an alternative. We could have his fleet hold position behind us, fall back, and take the Mandalores with us in a trap. If he brings the fleet here, they are most likely expecting it, and either have reinforcements lined up or are well-prepared. Or both. Tell him that."
"Y...yes sir. Right away."

Kahn turned back to the holoprojector, and watched ther fleet make a gaping hole in the Mandalore lines. Perfect for a fall back. "This is Captian Kahn Wolfe to all Ender's Shadow Battlefleet ships. There is now a hole bearing South, 27 degrees from the main battlefleets current position. Alpha Captial squad, you are tasked with keeping that hole open, along with Blue E-Fighter squadron. We only have to hold it until Gage Turnstar responds to our message."

Kahn turned back to Korchlov, and asked him whether or not Turnstar had responded.
"We are getting small blurbs of his holocron but nothing clear...wait a minute, he is pending contact! Patching him through..."
"Excellent. Tell him to have his fleet try to hold position 1/8 of a parsec away, and fill him in on ambush detail, and my reasoning on that. Now."
"Yes Sir...here he is!"

A fuzzy hologram appeared on the projector...

Revan Solo
09-23-2004, 06:38 AM
name: Revan Solo
homeworld: moon
job: smuggler
question: is that enough for you??:confused:

I can say that the game plays in the sith wars. But in the official Star Wars storyline the game does not exist ( I mean the storyline). The game is made by new ideas. The technics in kotor are to high developed for this time.

resumee: It is a very good game! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Revan Solo
09-23-2004, 06:38 AM
name: Revan Solo
homeworld: moon
job: smuggler
question: is that enough for you??:confused:

I can say that the game plays in the sith wars. But in the official Star Wars storyline the game does not exist ( I mean the storyline). The game is made by new ideas. The technics in kotor are to high developed for this time.

resumee: It is a very good game! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Revan Solo
09-23-2004, 06:39 AM
Sorry, I have posted twice! :rolleyes:

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((Welcome to the Mandalorian and Sith wars RP Revan Solo! Just to clue you in on a few things;

1. This is a RPG board so we make our characters (Please, see previous posts to find out the perameters for characters) and create a storyline.

2.Your character needs more detail, and a part in the story.

3. Combine your last posts.

4. I can say that the game plays in the sith wars. But in the official Star Wars storyline the game does not exist ( I mean the storyline). The game is made by new ideas. The technics in kotor are to high developed for this time.

Yep. However, this roleplay isn't based on events that follow your characters in KotOR. This is about our role (with our RP characters; see #1 or previous posts) in the Mandalorian wars, and when the time comes, the Sith wars.

so to sum it up...

Give your character more detail, a part in the story, and replace the part about "the star wars storyline" with a part (See all previous posts, by LukeKatarn, me, UrchSr etc))

09-24-2004, 10:35 AM
(i'm tired of waiting for LukeKatarn, so...)

Gage kicks the cantina door open and scans the room. It is empty. His right eye runs over every glass and every stool looking for a reason why he could not sense anything in the building. His left eye wanders over the front room scanning for signs of struggle or even footprints, but nothing. Naked eye, technology, and even the force have all failed him... at the same time. He ran into the back room and into the rented rooms on the second floor, and no one. A second sweep of the back room brought the back door to Gage's attention. Just then, He could hear the sound of turbine engines powering up. He ran out the door and saw a freighter about to take off. Mandaloriens have the Admiral and his young bodyguards and are leading them onto the ship. Beside the ship is a small pile of cantina patrons dead or dying. Gage reached for his blaster carbine and opened fire at the bully invaders. Three of the guards returned heavy cover while the others loaded the "cargo". Gage could not survive a gun fight against three heavy repeaters fired by the very people who perfected them. He took cover behind a nearby speeder he knew whould not give him much cover for long. Gage threw a concussion grenade and stunned one brute long enough to put him down with several bolts to the chest and abdomin. His carbine ceased to fire after a direct hit to the firing mechanisim. Only one shot left to save the admiral. Holdout blaster in one hand, short lightsaber in the other, he rushed at the last two attackers. the ship was starting to lift off, and the hatch was closing. The rear entire power cell for the holdout blaster was used with deadly accuracy in the second's chest. He finally fell still and down to the ground. Gage could feel every bolt that hit his armor. There were to many to deflect. Two down, one to go. The holdout blaster flew into the air hurling right at the rear hatch of the freighter and stopped right in between the hinge and ram closing it. the hatch stopped closing and steam started to billow out of the opening. They could not leave the planet with that hatch open. Gage turned on his standard saber and deflected more bolts with every step he took. The speeder that once gave him cover erupted in flame and blew up as the fuel cells ignighted. Gage closed in on his attacker and could feel a bolt hit him for every one he deflected. finally, his droid arm took a hit in the nape of the elbow taking out the controls for the hand. The short saber deactivated and fell to the ground and was followed by the whole arm from the shoulder. It was dead wieght, now. one last force jump closed the gap. A quick swipe of his saber cut the repeater in half. Gage's foot found the side of the mandalorian's head ripping his helmut clean off. The damage done more to Gage's foot, no dought. The brute reached for his vibrosword and was knocked down by a harsh force push. The freighter turned and opened fire on Gage. The fire seperated he and his dueling partner and then ran up the bully's chest and making quick work of him. An uppward strike with the lightsaber takes out the right stablizer. the frieghter makes a slothy retreat. Gage could still not follow as it was still going to fast. He was also damaged and could not provide a rescue in his condition. Flesh and steel both needed to be mended. He'll need assistance with his arm.
The stunned mandalorian quicky sat up and reached for his repeater. Gage force pulled it out of his hand. The mandalorian spoke. " You will never find him, he's already dead." He then activated a thermal detinator and laughed like a mad man. Gage turned and dived for cover. The brute was gone with a large firery flash. Gage had no leads and no way of knowing where the Admiral was. He was now in charge.
"In-coming message, Sir." Bee said, as if knowing what he was thinking.
"Put it threw... I understand... I'll relay the message... Commander Turnstar out." Gage said as he listened to the message.
"Bee, run the message by the fleet and prepare them for my arrival. I'm not in the condition to fly so you'll have to. And get the droids ready for me, I'm going to need them..." He said.
"Aye, aye... Commander" she said as Gage collected him self literally and figurally and doubled back to his ship.
"How long 'til we reach the Ladger?" He said as he sat in the tiny infermary in the aft of the ship.
"45 minutes, Sir." Bee said.
"Good, I'll only need 30... And stop calling me that, it's wierd." He replied.
"As you wish, Gage." She said

09-24-2004, 04:36 PM
(For this, sort of imagine the Endar Spire, but worse)


"Where the hell is Gage Turnstar!? I just lost another Capitol ship! His hologram is off the projector as well!" Kahn Wolfe was in a dimension of fear he'd never been in before.


"Sir, Our engines have taken a direct hit from Mandalorian turbolasers! Any longer and we won't be able to retreat!" Lieutenant Korchslov was grim and frightened.

BOOM. The ship shuddered.

"That was crippling damage! All power turbines are down! Holoprojector is off, radio deactvated, and we can only run emergency power for our lasers!"

Not long after that, the Ender's Shadow gave a massive lurch. Explosions were everywhere, and all power was lost. The gravity projectors were gone, and everything was floating. All lasers were either out of power, or disabled by fire from the Mandalorians. Computers were exploding all over the bridge, electricuting the crew. As more explosions rocked the ship, entire tunnels caved in, killing more soldiers. After another almighty lurch and massive explosions all over the bridge, doors began shutting due to massive damage. There were only 3 men left on the bridge besides him, and the man monitoring the life support systems gave him the grim news.

"Only 11 soldiers remain, Sir! They are heading for the escape ships, and are trying to make it off! We, however, are trapped because of the doors! Our last hope lies within the forces making the escape lane, and with Commander Turnstar!"


More explosions rocked the ship, this time due to direct fire from Mandaloiran fighters on the bridge. The sheilds were waning, and fighter fire was increasing. Finally, they were gone, and the bridge was unprotected.
"Commander, look out...aaah!"

Korchlov tried to warn the commander of an incoming fighter, but it was too late. The fighter fired it's torpedos, and crashed into the bridge. The explosions killed everyone left on the bridge, and severly wounded Korchslov and Wolfe. Korchlov tried to crawl over to the holoprojector to send one last distress signal with the last blurbs of emergency power, but he never made it. A volley of Capital-class turbolasers hit the bridge. The explosion killed Korchslov, but it blew off the door to the portside section where fighter ships were docked.
"Perfect..." Kahn muttered, realizing how lucky he was to have had the door to the fighters open. Knowing that his last chance to get off of the Shadow before it blew up was to join the fighters trying to free up the lane, Kahn sprinted down the corridors as fast as he could. Kahn pulled out his modified blaster pistol out for comfort, and began running to the hangar. When he was nearly halfway there, he heard chillingly metallic voices that sounded like they were coming from behind armor. Two mandalorians were running up, and he heard them talking about "capturing the captain". Khan activated his Stealth Field generator, barely sneaking past the mandalores. He breathed a sigh of relief, and continued on. When finally he reached the fighters, he saw a dying pilot squirming in agony. When he got close, the man croaked for "wa...ter." Kahn pulled out a small jug of water, and poured it into the mans mouth. Slightly revitalized, the man told Kahn,
"Th...the controls for th...the door are jam...jammed! You ne...ed to disable ener...gy shields and fi...re at the doors!" Khan fired three well placed shots at the energy controls and overloaded them. "Ve...ry good Cap...tain! Now we can le...leave!" The man tried to crawl to the cargo hold of the Y-wing, and he was able to make it with Kahns help. Now that he had saved the last soldier of the Shadow, it was time to get off. Kahn climbed into the Y-wing (khan's personal fighter), and blasted open the doors. he flew out, and behind him, he saw the Shadow crumble into destruction. First, small chunks began to fly off, then large chunks, until the power turbines broke off. The already mutilated ship split in half, and finally, each half exploded in a spectacular fashion. Kahn sighed, seeing how his beloved ship was destroyed. As he flew to help the ships making the breach in the lines, he heard a roaring and saw the ships emerge from hyperspace. The fleet had arrived.

09-25-2004, 12:07 PM
"The Ladger has come out of Hyper Speed, Gage." Bee said in a calm voice. "I'm picking up a large number of vessels in the area."
"How much longer?" Gage said
"Thirty seconds..." Bee replied
"Good" Gage said as he stood up. His arm was fully functioning. I did not look like it was in the best of shape, but was good enough. The armor plating needed to be replaced as well as a new set of radial actuators to control the hand and wrist. He got to add on the Carbonite Mark II projecter with the extra time. He knew he'll need it on this mission. His Blaster Carbine did not need as much attention as he thought. The first aid droids had an easy time mending his wounds, as they were mostly minor bolt burns. His Body armor was useless but could be replaced. He always carries a spare. He would also need a new cloak, but he won't need one until he goes to another planet. Suddenly they dropped out of hyperspeed and Gage could see the Ladger. The bay doors opened. and his charter came to a rest.
"Gage to the bridge, report!" he said
"This is the bridge..."
"You have your instructions... Keep that hole open and protect those running through it! I'm taking my fighter and going in after them... I'll be in contact..."
"Commander, the Shadow has been destroyed... We didn't make it... Escape pods away and one fighter got out..."
"I'm going after that Fighter... I'll be in contact."
The Naboo fighter Turnstar was so partial to was lighter armed and much faster than the Republic E-wing, but was Gage was not looking for a fight. He wanted to draw fire from the E-wing, He had a feeling who was in it, and needed a win badly. Losing the Admiral was one thing, losing an entire fleet was an other. He took off an headed strait for the other fighter head on. Gage had his hands wrapped tightly around the controls. The E-wing had company and could not shake them. With meters to spare, the E dove under the Naboo fighter. Gage tapped off five shots... three direct hits! The E-wing took heavy damage but turned to assist. Gage knew there were two more. They both broke off and started to chase him. The enenmy fighters were closing in on the nimble Naboo fighter. Gage entered the mind of one pilot and managed to make him think the fighter was on fire and it was "forced" to return to the flag ship. Gage was not so lucky with the fifth. The enemy fired at him and took out the port engine. Gage slowed to a crawl, he was a sitting duck.
"E-wing pilot, if you can hear me, I could use some assistance." Gage said in a monotone voice. There was static in his helmut.

Solidus Matt
09-25-2004, 10:59 PM
Name: Solidus Matt
Age: 26
Alignment: light (For now)
Allegiance: Republic.
Rank: Jedi Master sent to escort the Admiral.
Race: Human
Weapons: 2 Saber one contains the Heart of the Guardian Crystal
and the other contains Mantle of the Force Crystal.

Grey eyes,
Black hair that over shadows top half of face,
Brown jedi robes.

Ship: A stolen Sith flag ship, that has been modifed with republic markings, and a small crew of 8 rebublic officers. weapons have not been changed, but now carries weapons and medical supplies to republic fleets.

09-26-2004, 02:30 PM
(FYI Urch, I changed it to my perosnal Y-wing ;) )

Khan sped through space, and breathed a sigh of relief at his luck with the Naboo fighter. He had taken only light damage, and was ready to assist the fleet. However, out of his rear view mirror, he saw the Naboo fighter take heavy damage, and it was unable to shake his pursers. He knew that Gage was in there, and knew he could not afford to lose him. Khan wheeled his Y-wing around, and fired three shots. Two missed, and one barely grazed the fighter, but it wasn't enough to shake him. The Mandalorian fighter fired another volley at the Naboo fighter, hitting the wing twice. The Naboo fighter could barely move, and two fighters streaked across space to take it out. Khan did a loop-the-loop, and yelled into the helmet, "Not on my watch you don't!" 12 laster bolts shrieked through space, crushing the Mandalorian fighters.
"Haha, how about that! Gage Turnstar, if you are in the Naboo fighter, please respond. I'll bring you into the Lager, and you can take command of the...Hold on! All fleet forces, be prepared! Second Mandalore Battle fleet approaching from hyperspace! Their numbers are too many! I don't think we can hold them off! Repeat, Second Mandalore battle fleet approaching from hyperspace! Prepare for a massive dogfight!" No sooner had he said this, the enemy fleet emerged from hyperspace. Their numbers blocked out the stars and the sun. Moving to a closed channel, he said, "Commander Turnstar, the Mandalore are fierce fighters, and their numbers are too many! We MUST retreat, but it's your call!"

Khan watched the Mandalore blaze through Republic lines, who were taken by complete suprise at the counterattack.

09-27-2004, 01:42 PM
(The Captain has control over Commander, dude you lead, I follow... I'm in control of the flag ship in my fleet, so I control my fleet. Who's in control of yours or what's left of it? Y-wing, huh?.. 10-4, good buddy!)
(Hey, Matt, where ever you want to jump in is cool. We could use some fire power in this dog fight!!:thumbs1: )

"Captain Khan, I'm glad to see you're still alive... Unless someone else heard your distress call ( Ahem Matt... you there?...), I'm suggesting you call the retreat!" Gage said
"The closest Republic base is on Mannan, Gage. The Selkath ground defences will neutralize the Mandalorians." Bee said
"Attention all Members of the Ladger fleet, This is Commander Turnstar Of the Alpha Ladger. Full retreat to the Mannan base. Capital ships, Pick up any pods you find. With any luck, there will be a fleet there to assist (MATT!!!)." Gage said.
"Retreat is in progress Gage. Fleet at 80% The Ender Shadow's Fleet is at48%" Bee said
"Captain Khan, I'm going to need a piggy-back... The first round of Tarisian Ale is on me when we get to Mannan!" Gage said

09-27-2004, 03:58 PM
"Glad to hear it, Turnstar! Khan Wolfe to Ender's Shadow fleet, pull back to Manann. Set coordinates 091, 207, 366, 21, 005. Repeat, pull back to Manann. Set coordinates 091, 207, 366, 21, 005." Closing that link, he called up the one of the last Capital ships in his fleet, the Freedom.
"Khan Wolfe to Freedom, come in."
"Gage Turnstar needs a lift. Pick him up with the tractor beams before you blast into hyperspace!"
"...Copy! (static)...Moving to intercept."

Watching the Freedom move to pick him up, Khan alerted Gage. All that was left was to retreat. Firing up the universal com link, he said, "Prepare hyperspace jump on my count. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Solidus Matt
09-27-2004, 11:41 PM
"Master Jedi we're ready for combat, all we need is your command!!!" said republic solider 1 (I'll give them names later I can't think of any just now)
"Wait until our fleets are at a safe distance then target all enermy ships and fire. Also be ready with small cargo ships with
medical surplies." Said Solidus Matt

One of the consoles started to beep as Number 1 moved over to the console and looked at the data.
"Sir we have ships closing in!"Said Number 1
"Are they Rebulic or Mandalorian ?" asked Solidus Matt
"From what this shows the Ships that we're intercpt first is our fleet, but the Mandalorians aren't all that behind tem!" Said Number 1
"We have no choice but to engage the enermy, and remember may the force be with you." Said Solidus Matt over the communications grid.

09-29-2004, 11:37 AM
Gage felt the tracter beam lock in on his Naboo fighter. The faint hum was rather soothing and he was drifting off to sleep. Gage hasn't slept much since his childhood trama. His cybornetic implants freed him from the need to sleep. Bee was still communicating to the Ladger fleet. the jump to hyper speed alowed the long range sensers to pick up another republic fleet.
"There's a supply fleet at Mannan, Gage." Bee said
"That's wonderful news, Bee.. We're saved..." Gage said as he closed his eyes and slept.

09-29-2004, 03:10 PM
Khan Wolfe punched three buttons, activating his hyperspace jump. He gritted his teeth, narrowed his eyebrows, and prepared for the 4G blast. Blue mass enveloped the blackness, and his engines roared. Fighter lasers fired at him, one barely missing. Slowly at first, but then very quickly, his ship was being pulled into the blueness. With one last burst, he catapulted into hyperspace. He was being crushed back into his seat, his breath was knocked out...and just as quickly as it started, it stopped. He had arrived at the peaceful blueness of Manann. Circling the planet was a small Republic supply fleet. Knowing his role as Captain, he began running checks.
"Republic supply fleet, and Solidius Matt, check in."
"(static): We're here Captia; ready to assist.
He switched channels to the Manann ground forces.
"Selkath Ground Forces on Manann, check in!"
"Eeeksh Conahkchs, bwena staach."
"I'll take that as a copy, ready to assist! Now, Commander Gage, check in".
From the other line, a loud snore and a groan could be heard.
"He's sleeping at a time like this!? Admiral Dadonna's gonna give him a demerit when we return to Coruscant, I'll see to it! Now, since your commander is sawing logs, I need Alpha Ladger fleet to report in!"
"Alpha Ladger fleet, ready to assist."
"Excellent. Now we just wait."

Everything was silent on the comm. No-one was even breathing. Khan was watching the sensors, but was disturbed to find the Mandalores holdinmg position. As he continued to watch, he realized they were recieving more reinforcements, in addition to the second battlefleet. But this wasn't like the Mandalores, Khan rationalized. Then he realized something. They weren't moving to engage, they were conquering the worlds that the Republic had left behind! They were getting a fight in the worlds, so they didn't care about fighting the combined fleets. The fleet was useless just sitting there.

"Gage, wake up and check your sensors. What do we do?"

09-29-2004, 04:16 PM
"Whoa, what? What's wrong?!" Gage said responding to the shock Bee gave him.
"Khan needs you, Gage..." Bee said
"Where is theMandelorian fleet?"
"They did not follow, Gage. They are attacking planets in that quadrent we just left."
"Ladger, this is Commander Turnstar, restock and repair what you can. I'll need a lift. Alpha, come get me. Ready the officers. I want a full report when I get back!" Gage said
"Yes, sir." said a voice from the Alpha
"Gage, I have Sam Turnstar on the mini-holocron." Bee said
"Hey, sweetie. What's going on?" Gage said
"Asleep?! You fall asleep in a fire fight?! What would Jolee say if he found out?!" Sam said
"It was the tracter beam hum... Nevermind!! And don't bring up that old man again! He left us!" Gage snapped back
"There is no passion..." she said
"There is only peace." They said together
"I know, I know... That part was always funny coming from two married Jedi." Gage said
"They made an agreement with us... Our connection and combined powers are too important to turn away." she said

(I'll make a profile for my wife... Or maybe she will, I dunno... There will be one, though)

09-30-2004, 03:17 PM
"Gage, we don't have the forces to engage 2 and a half mandalore battlefleets! If we stay here, we serve NO purpose! Our only choice is to return to Coruscant! Admiral Dadonna will need to hear about Gret being captured, and of the Mandalorians! She may have new orders as well!"

There was no answer.
"Oh of course...leave it to a Jedi to fall asleep in the middle of battle. Unreliable little..."

Khan's com link showed RC (Republic Crusier) Freedom requesting a link. He patched them through, and he heard the officer telling him that Turnstar was heading back to the Ladger Alpha.
"Oh, so he's been awake!? Tell him when we get back to Coruscant, he's being stripped of Commander powers! I'll see to it!"
"Yes sir, I'll do that. However, the more...er...pressing matter is that he wishes to talk to you. He says it's urgent."
"(grumbles) Patch him through..."

10-01-2004, 03:26 PM
Name: Sam Turnstar (Maiden name: Aduleye)
Affiliation: Far Light Side
Rank: Jedi Spec Ops Team Leader
Jedi Watchman/ Master-instructer
Race: Human
Age: 25
Flag ship: The Ladger Alpha
Personel Ship: Modified E-wing fighter/ Iron Condor Freighter
Armor: Yellow w/ purple flare Jedi Watchman robe and purple Jedi cape. Upgraded Aduleye Fiber Armor
Weapon(s): Purple Bladed Lightsaber
Aduleye Blaster Pistol
Concussion Grenades
Assignment: Leader of Jedi Spec Ops team code named The Chasers. The team consists of two teams of five Jedi Knights.
Equipment: Aduleye Sensor Band, Aduleye Gloves, Aduleye Utility belt, Aduleye Energy Shield, Aduleye communicator arm band, Aduleye Enhancement Package III.
Bio: The Aduleye Family have been making unique and personally customized items for over 130 years. The items that Sam wears were made by her Father for her. The Aduleye and Turnstar families were close business partners and friends. Sam and gage were born around the same time and both families agreed to join through a marriage. Much of the Aduleye family fortune came from the Turnstar mines and it's miners. Weapons and utilities for minig were very important for the miners. Sam and her family were on the Turnstar's ship when they were attacked. Her brother, Ollie, was killed when he assisted in the escape of the people on board. Sam and Gage had not seen each other for many years. She was trained on a differant planet and was unaware that Gage was alive. A mission on Kashyyyk brought them together. A rogue Jedi named Jolee Bindo was found in the shadow lands on the planet's surface. Jolee recognized them both immediatly. Jolee had done business with there families in the past. He could see the strong bond between them and told them to follow their hearts and be wary of the darkside. The three of them were attacked by a swarm of Kinrath spiders. The force flew through them as if they were the same person. Their movements complimented each other like a quickly paced ballet with Lightsabers. They felt stronger, faster and could use the Force with the littlest of effort. They knew now what Jolee was talking about; the love thier families shared and the sacrifices they made an impression in the force and is reflected in them. The threat was over and like all young Jedi Jolee encountered, they tried to coax him to come back to the order. Jolee was furious and ran off leaving them in the shadows. His hasty departure awoke a pair of sleeping Tarentartek beasts. The force has nearly no effect on them, and conventional weapons are nearly as effective. A near two hour fight tested their teamwork and stamina. The battle ended with the beasts dead and both Jedi poisoned. Gage's implants delayed it from spreading, but could not stop it. Sam used an antidote pack, but did not work. Both tired from the fight, they could not travel far. They finally combined thier abilities and group healed each other. They could not find Jolee. His disapeerance left questions and fustration in the mind of Gage. After the mission, they approached the Jedi Council and told them about the bond. They agreed to allow the relationship and were curious to see how powerful they were together. A romance budded and they wed. As a young couple, the council agreed that they needed many masters and much more training than the average. They now only answer to to the high council. Sam suggested that similar training be put into use. The council agreed and the Chasers were born. Gage's apeerance often allows him to blend in well in dangerous areas and his savy and quick tounge gets him much info needed for missions. Though he is not currently a member of the Chasers, he was one, and still works closely with them. He can not normaly be seen with Jedi for it will blow his cover. They are both assigned to infiltrate the Mandalorians and neurtalize the threat.

10-02-2004, 07:33 AM
(Man, can she talk!! Err, umm... Nice back story, Hunny... Ha, ha)

Strip me if you want, soldier, but I'm sure the Republic will miss the jedi's assistance. Dadonna will not like the news. I believe you are right... The only way we could ever win against these tyrants is with some kind of assistance and direction. We should stay in the area and use long range communications to talk with the admiral.

10-03-2004, 08:34 AM
(psst urch, Revan dosen't come till much later in the war, while we're getting our butts kicked ;)...edit your last post :) )

Khan heard Gage's communication, and responded, "Heh, just jokin' about the commander powers uh...Commander, but next time, DON'T get your shuteye in the middle of battle. We're too far from Coruscant for long range communications, and due to Mandalore jammers in the system, and heavy damage to our comlinks, we can't contact anyone else. All we have are extremely close range communications. Requesting fall back"

10-03-2004, 12:45 PM
"The outer rim planets are holding with out our assistance... for now, Gage. We could go in a smaller ship and leave the fleet here." Bee said
"If we go, we will risk capture or worse." Gage said
"We may also risk the entire fleet in the same scenario, Gage." she said
"Maybe you are right, Bee. Commander Turnstar to Chaser leader, come in." Gage said

Gage was standing in the fighter bay and was near overwhelmed with soldiers eager to report. While he waited for a reply from Sam, he dictated instructions and gave orders. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Tilooba (Iridorian male) and Slimbacca (Wookie female) loading the Iron Condor. Lisha and Nisha Minka (Twie'lek female twins) were Assisting each other into their armor, and Vark (Cathar male) was in deep meditation Floating a meter above the floor. The rear hatch opened up and Sam stepped out. Gage quickly dismissed the remaining crew and walked quickly than sort of jogged and finally ran over to her. He scooped her up and kissed her and put her down.
"Hi, I was wondering if you and your team wanted to escort me to meet with Admiral Dodonna. I wouldn't want to fall asleep again."

10-03-2004, 01:15 PM
She quickly scolded Gage "NOT IN FRONT OF THE TEAM!! You know well enough that Passion is forbidden. We don't need to be showing off in front of the others!! Now, what is it? You want me to 'escort' you, do you? I see what you did to your fighter...again!! You want me to give you a ride!! Ha, I'm fully aware of the situation. We can't all go to see the Admiral, can we? If one person were to go, they'd be captured for sure. I'll agree to take you, but the council wants to speak to us anyway. By the way, My father finished your new arm as per your specifications. If you weren't my husband, it would have cost you 50,000 credits. Come on, Gage. We need to get you ready. Don't mind the team, they are ready for anything."

They both boarded the Condor and Gage was immediately pulled aside by Jumta Beltu (Human male) and Milla Neti (Human female). They sat him in a chair that quickly became a table. They began taking his arm off and replacing it with the new one. Sam's father had also made a custom occular inhancer implant for his droid eye. The costly upgrades were a serious improvement and were expected to be stronger than his last ones. The arm looked more like a human's if only for the metallic "skin" made up of the cortosis weave and heavy plating. Sam took her seat at the helm and was flanked by the last members of her team Rampo Giit and Remy Stag (Human Males).

"All team members to stations, we're going to take off. Open a channel to Captain Khan... Captain, as per Commander Turnstar's request, we will be *ahem* 'escorting' him to see the Admiral." She said

She shortly filled him in on the plan and why it was the best way to go. The trek to the Admiral's currant position was long even in hyperspeed. Sam decided to turn in and walked back to the area Gage was in. he was reading over the stats that were with the new occular enhancer. By the look on his face, he was both pleased and impressed.

"I believe it will no longer short out in bad weather conditions. the eye movement is much smoother, no?"

After some idol chit chat, they both entered the aft sleeping quarters for some alone time.

10-04-2004, 10:47 AM
"Copy that, Turnstar and uh..Turnstar. I'm holding position and preparing a defensive perimeter. We're slowly inching up to the edge of the outer rim. The fleet is spreading out, and awaiting the Mandalores in case they come callin'. I need you to return with new orders for me. Holding here at Manann for any longer will be suicide." Khan, without waiting for a response, continued on. "Before I got my Capitol ship, I was part of the B squadron, Elite Fighters under "A" for Andy. You don't need to worry about my history, I'm just telling you that I am organizing a reconnisance mission in the form of a fighter wing to asses the situation at the outer rim."

Khan, taking a deep breath, said to the Turnstars,
"Good luck...over and out."

Khan swooped off toward the front of the fleet, and called his fighter wing up to the line.

"Fighter squadron C, E-Wing batallion, report in."
"This is left shoulder, "B" for Bravo reporting in."
"Neck, "C" for Charlie, I copy."
"Right shoulder, "D" for Delta, I copy."
"Left Arm, "E" for Echo, reporting in Sir."
"Torso, "F" for Foxtrot, ready."
"Right Arm, "G" for Golf, weapons hot."
"This is left hand, "H" for Hotel, shootin' to kill!"
"Right hand..."I" for India, ready."
"Left Leg, "J" for Juliet, reporting all systems nominal!"
"Right leg, "K" for Kilo, awaiting orders."
"Left foot, "L" for Lima, bringin' up the rear!"
"Right foot, "M" for Mike, ready op."
"Excellent guys. This is Head, Squad Leader, "A" for Alpha (Khan Wolfe), reporting in. Our job is to recon some strategic Outer Rim planets, with places like factories, weapons plants, et cetera, et cetera on them. I'm uploading the area's into your Nav computer. You are NOT to engage the enemy unless they spot you. "A" for Alpha will be on point. Let's move!"

The E-wing's, led by Khan's Y-wing, blasted off to their first target.

10-04-2004, 12:14 PM
Gage Could feel something in his gut, something was wrong. He saw the look in Sam's eyes that she felt it, too. The Condor came out of hyperspeed suddenly. They could see on the ship's sensor that they were headed right for the Admiral's fleet.

"Sam, Admiral on the comm..." said a voice from the front.

The admiral was concerned and angry over the events that hte two had to offer. A missing Admiral and two fleets nearly destroyed. The Admiral put Khan in charge of both fleets and sent another three fleets for support.

"I understand, Admiral. I'm going to talk to the council and tell them the situation. I hope they will offer full co-operation. The resources of the council will help."

The fleets were already on their way. Sam and Gage continued on to meet the council. The condor was nearly there when they saw a Mandalorian flag ship and fighter squadrin coming right at them. They were trapped. The fighters surounded the freighter and escorted it into the flagship docking bay. Once the doors in the hanger closed, they started planning the escape. Two Jedi Masters and nine Jedi Knights have to take out an entire mandalorian flag ship.

10-04-2004, 01:46 PM
""C" for Charlie reporting Nav point 1 reached an clear, Sir."
""A" for Alpha, squadron leader confirming "C" for Charlie's visuals. Continue to point 2"

Once again, the small fighter squadron blasted off into space, this time to the second target. It was a peaceful blue world only a parsec from Manann.
""E" for Echo reporting Nav Point 2 clear."
""A" for Alpha confirming visual. Halfway done guys and gals, move to Nav Point 3."

Khan flew off to the third Nav point, and as soon as they arrived, they found themselves tangled up in an entire mandalore battlefleet, which proceeded to surround them.
"Stagger! C Squadron, stagger the lines!"
As he said this, some fighters moved straight up, and others down, making it much harder to hit them.
"This is "E" for Echo, there's no place to retreat! We're surrounded!" No sooner had he said this they were in a tractor beam being sucked into a Mandalore capitol ship. Various other tractor beams went on and the rest of the ships in his squadron were being pulled up. Khan knew he couldn't escape, and wasted no time in contacting the fleet, and putting the crew of RC Freedom in charge. When he was finally in the docking bay, several Mandalorians came to get him. He saw similar things happening to the rest of his fighter squadron. Then he heard the Mandalores talking, saying:
"Wow, look, another officer. to go with that Turnstar one."
"Ha! Let's take him to that sector. We'll see what the commanders have to say when we bring in a Captain and an Elite fighter squadron..."

So Turnstar was captured too huh...what have I gotten us into?!

10-05-2004, 12:07 PM
It slowly dawned on Gage that the condor is not an official Jedi vessel. One look at Sam, and she knew, too. It would be hard to hide Gage's advancements, but a few lightsabers would be easy. Vark stood up and handed every one a map of the ship. Gage was given a small metallic card that was placed into his shoulder. It came out faster than it went in. They all had maps, and they all had lightsabers. A few big repeaters and explosive devices were all they needed. The twins manned the gun turrets and Tilooba and Slimbacca retrieved the repeaters and guarded the rear hatch. The rest took up arms and stuffed ammo anywhere it would fit. Sam wasn't much of a blaster person, but she knew how to use one. She pulled her father's pistol out of her holster and stood ready at the hatch door controls. The mandalorians Couldn't open the hatch from the outside with the shields up. If they attacked the ship, the riccochets would tear the hanger up. They would have to wait until they come out. The turrets started to move, and the battle began...

10-05-2004, 06:46 PM
"Move faster, Republic SCUM!"

For the umpteenth time, Khan got whacked by the heavy repeater. He was being led into a prisoner transport ship, and he knew where they were going to go. To the Mandalore flagship they were calling the Overlord Three. He knew it was where Gage was being held. He saw most of his crew, some knocked out my the mandalore's blows, be herded into either his ship or into a second ship. Inside the ship, things looked pretty grim. All that were there for holding prisoners were energy cages. Khan paled when he looked to the bottom of the cages, and saw that each one was equipped with an interrogation system. Ouch. Another whack by the Mandalore with the heavy repeater send him careening into his sell, cursing and holding his head. A Mandalorian flipped a switch, and they flew from the capital ship. Khan seemed to be trapped in a void of no thoughts, jst gazing straight ahead while the transport ship creaked and groaned. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the transport ship came upon the mother ship. It's hull was black and massive, and it stretched for at least 10 KM. Then, he heard the Mandalorians breathe something.
"Looks like the Republic are putting up a fight"
"Yeah, look at that..."
"Hah! Call the gunnery officer and have him prepare lasers. Fire at the ship."
"Yes sir."
"Contact gunners in the other transport as well. If the Republic fights, kill them. Kill them all"

After less than a minute, Khan felt the ship shaking with the effort of leveling the laser cannons to fire at the Republic ship. Mortified, he watched the red lasers from both transport ships open fire on the Jedi...

10-14-2004, 01:26 PM
(Jeez, quit following me!! J/k)

"Open the door!!" Gage barked. Sam reached for the controls when Vark graspped her wrist.
"Open the door!!" Gage repeated. Vark pointed a finger to the bright radar screen. Gage's eyes fixed on the screen and then the viewer. (Mandalorian ships are going to fire at them!! How would they sacrifice the whole hanger for one small republic ship?! The shields will hold, but the hanger will be destroyed!! The shields are far too strong. The enemy is unaware of the modifications made, aren't they?) Gage thought to himself.

Milla said "That's a prisoner transport ship. They must have a prisoner!"

"They are firing at us!!" Rampo said.

"Good, open the door!!" Gage said. "Let's go!"

The door opened slowly and the mandalorians opened fire at the hatch. the bolts zipped off of the shield and riccocheted off of every surface. They were taking heavy losses. The blaster fire from the other ship had little effect until the restraining bolt holding the Condor in place was struck hard. It tackes normally three bolts to hold it down and one was gone.

"What was that?" sked Sam
"One of the bolts is gone, we're almost free!! Said Jimta

"Open fire on the ship. Target their radar." Gage said
"Radar?!" said Nisha
"We don't know who is on that ship! They can take out the other bolts. We might be able to get out of here!" said Gage

The ship started to roar as Remy powered up for a quick get-away. Tilooba took a hit in the thigh and cried out.
"Sam, I'm hit!!" He fired back at what hit him and noticed it was a heavy ripper!! "They got a ripper!! Close the hatch, Our shield is useless!!"

The hatch quickly shut as the second bolt was destroyed. the prisoner ship was attacking without abandon. It would have to dock soon. Remy hit the accelerator the ship rocked hard and knocked the crew to the bulkhead floor. The bolt was giving up a good fight. the Condor was getting hit hard form the rippers outside. The prisoner ship continued it's attack and fired directly at the turrets. Lisha fell off her perch and onto the floor. an electrical fire started in her area. The crew came to her aid and pulled her outof the smoke and flame. The ships extingisher kicked in and took the fire out. With only one turret remaining, Nisha opened fire on the pilot compartment. Seeing her sister thrown to the floor angered her greatly, but she would not harm captured in the belly of the transport. Two small explosions in the front of the ship sealed it's fate. It began to drift twoards the Condor! The last bolt would not give and they were trapped. the heavy transport will cut through the small Condor and shred it to pieces. In one last effort to save the crew, Gage took Sam's hand and focused all his thought on the ship. Sam could see what he was doing and joined in the effort. The ship started to turn away from them slightly. Tilooba and Lisha assisted in thier efforts as best as they could. The others were still fighting off the foot soldiers and droids or getting them out of there. The Prisoner ship crashed onto the flight deck and skidded towards them again. It started to slow down and finally stopped after slamming into the remaining bolt. The ship was free!!

"Hold on to something!" Yelled Remy from the front end

The Condor lifted off of the deck and sped to the bay doors. Nisha opened fire on the fighters still on the deck ensuring thier escape. Slimbacca had an other idea, however. She had constructed a very large ion bomb. It was fastened to the hull and would deploy and detonate by remote. One switch and the bomb was off... bouncing off the flight deck and landing near the fuel cells. She then hit the second switch and the device split in two causing the cells to rupture. The chain reaction crippled the dock and any droids still on the deck. the ion wave reached a stablizer and nearly caught the Condor before it went into hyperspace.
"Who was in that transport, and why did they fire like that?" Asked Milla
"-Not sure, but a rescue mission will have to wait. We'll find out when we reach back with Khan.

10-14-2004, 06:04 PM
(Well, since we are the only ones posting here, what else am I gonna do? :p)

The ship gave a massive shudder. Khan could see the crew
attempting repairs. The Khan noticed that the energy cage sheilds were flickerring out. They were still holding, but not for long. As more shots raked the ship, Khan saw more and more of the crew die. He looked at one of his crew members, "G" for Golf, and they each knew what the other was thinking. As the last flicker of the sheilds dissappeared, they both charged the mandalores. Golf picked up a repeater and offerend suppressing fire while Khan picked up a Mandalorian assault blade and charged. Another explosion nearby took out the remnant of the enemy crew. Khan looked around and saw that his entire crew was still alive, and realized that the energy sheilds must have protected them. Khan then realized that the ship was in trouble, and they needed to commandeer the ship. As he was running towards the cockpit, two explosions rocked the front. He ran in to find all of the insrtuments destroyed.
"Golf, get the rest of the crew and start repairing these things! You find out if the second transport ship is still under mandalore control!"
"Yes Sir"

Khan turned away and started moving the ship with the few resources he had. He looked down at the two bars that were still displaying data, ENGINE POWER and SHIP INTEGRITY. The engine power bar was ow, .5/5, and ship integrity was 1/5.
"Golf, we need a pickup! This rust bucket is too damaged to go anywhere!"
"Yessir. "B" for Bravo and "E" for Echo are fixing the com ray!

Turning back to the controls, Khan breathed...
"Man, I hope this works..."

10-19-2004, 06:47 PM
Gage turned his attention to the injured party members. Minor burns and cuts were all. Lisha got the worst with burns up both arms. Nisha was very concerned for her sister. Lisha was feeling the same for Nisha. Being twins with a strong bond with or without the force is a mysterious thing to understand.
Satisfied with the progress of his friends, Gage noticed a large crate with small metal parts in it. Sam could see him eye-balling the the contents.
"Those are the pieces to your carbine you wanted. I also picked them up from my father with your arm." she said

"I figured... May I use the work bench?" Gage said.

"Ask Slimbacca, she's in charge of it."

After a stern warning from Slimbacca not to mess her area, Gage took out the damaged carbine and started to remove his upgrades. Some of the old ones were less powerful than the new ones, and he needed to upgrade some others to be compadible with his new occular implant. He studied the gun and turned it over. The cell was still good, but the rest of the gun was useless. It was tossed for scrap. Slim could find a better use he thought. The new carbine was fitted and mocked up for the add-ons. The gun was heavier, but the power it had more than made up for it. Having a droid arm also made it easier to aim a heavy gun. The carbine he used was newer than the last and was made by the republic. It had room for one more upgrade. Tilooba limped into the cargo hold where Gage was. He pulled a box out from under his arm and shifted his weight onto his crutch. Gage reached out and took the box and opened it.
"It's the final piece of your blaster." He said.

Gage looked inside and said "A grenade launcher? I'm going to like this."
"It can also be customized... Fuse length, blast size... You know."
Tilooba said.

Gage looked down and said a quick "thanks" and continued to fix his new toy to his carbine.
The fit into his holster was snug but it still fit. A small pouch in his belt carries a spare mag for the launcher. The Condor stopped and rested in the bay of a neighbor republic ship. The teamates were quick healers and Tilooba was nearly limping. Lisha wasn't wearing her bandages. The hatch opened up and they were met by the welcoming party. The news of Khan was not very "welcome" by the crew. They all turned around and stepped back onto the Condor. It took off again and knocked over some of the droids that were doing rutine mantainance on the Condor. Every one knew that Khan was in that transport. A message to the ship requested a fighter escort to aid with the rescue effort. The Mandelore will not have recovered yet. They were all ready for more.

10-30-2004, 11:08 AM
I'm sorry guys, I've been gone for awhile. Mine clueing me in on what's going on? I'll get back in if you do.