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04-08-2004, 04:33 PM
The year is XXX?(Maybe XXXX I don't know) and net crime is popping up everywhere it is up to you to stop that crime or make that crime the choice is yours

Char creation should be like this

Name Lan Hikori
Age 10
Net Navi Megaman
Bio Grew up with his Mom his Dad was busy at work most of the time and never realy got to know his Lan but Lans Dad worked for the Goverment creating Net navis and one day he gave his Lan a net navi called Megaman.

Net Navi
Name Megaman
Normal Attack Buster
Owner Lan Hikori
Bio was a proto type Net navi at first who felt emotiond for his owner with a strong connection but the bond was so strong that if Megaman got hurt the owner would get hurt so they fixed megaman but in the process made Megaman weaker then before so Lans dad gave Mega man to Lan. Onece with a battle agenst magic man Megaman was about to be destroyed Lans dad gave Lan the proto type data so Megaman could live but that would bring back the bond betwean owner and net navi but that could mean the death of Lan and it would be if Mega man gets deleated.

Black Knight of Keno
04-08-2004, 04:56 PM
Allright... So... Where would I start...


Name: Dex
Age: 10
Net Navi: Gutsman
Bio: A big guy. That explains him. Dex is a friend of Lan's and is the operator of
Gutsman.EXE. He has an attitude and thinks he's the best netbattler around.

Name: Gutsman
Normal Attack: Gutshoot
Owner: Dex
Bio: A big Navi. Gutsman is a huge navi compared to Megaman. He has a big arm for smashing his opponents. Dex always thinks that Gutsmans power can crush Megaman, but you can try and beat Gutsman.

((I made this profile from the MMBN3: White))

"Jack out!" Dex shouted and grinned to the year younger elementary student than him. "So, you want to hand over the chips?" Dewx asked and got two chips. "Thank you. You are a good opponent in netbattle's. Now go back to your friends" Dex said and left towards the school door as the bells rang for the students to get back. The school past by and Dex stopped taking notes. "Ok, students, that's it for today. Remember to give me your projects on virus busting on Monday. See you all on Monday!" The teacher said in the front of the class and left the class. Dex went to Mayl and Yai. "I heard that the new ACDC square has been opened. It's been a while not to go there because of all the fixing. So, you wan't to meet in the entering area at six?" Dex said and looked Mayl and Yai that agreed. Dex left towards the door.

04-08-2004, 10:27 PM
(I have only played MMBN1. Thanks for joining I love Mega man too.)

Lan is walking out in the street when he sees Dex "Hey Dax want to net bettle?"

Black Knight of Keno
04-09-2004, 04:41 AM
((You really gotta do something to your writing man... A few letters mixed up isn't bad but like in every word there is something wrong... How could you be so bad in writing if you are ten? You should be on the fourth year in school or something))

"Nyah... Not now. I'm going to do my homework and then meet Yai and Mayl in the new ACDC-square. You wanna come? We meet on the entering area at six? Oh, look at the clock. Gotta run. See ya'" Dex said and ran to his home. He linked to his PC and ran the homework program. After that he linked to the network and headed towards the entering area

04-09-2004, 11:53 AM
(Hey, mind if I join in the fun? :D )

04-09-2004, 01:14 PM
(Sure Topshot)

Lan goes to his house and jacks in "Jack in Mega man EXE." mega man goes to the entering area to meet guts man, roll and Yais net navi(I forgot the name).

04-09-2004, 02:29 PM
(Yai's is Glide. And currently, I'm looking for a strong chip combo *I'm still playing Blue version*. I just need to find a way to crack the firewalls in Secret Area 1. Anyone got any suggestions? All I've used is Z-Step1, Z-Strength, ZBomber (lol, I made a funny! That combo's not real!), and Proto Man 60+10+30, but my efforts failed.)
(Is creating our own characters acceptable, or do we have to resort to currently existing characters?)

Name: Brak
Age: 18
Navi: Kyo.EXE

Bio: A netbattler from Swapopolis, Brak has begun travelling the world looking for strong opponents. His navi, Kyo, has a somewhat similar appearance to Kendo Man ( possibly a navi from Battle Network 4, which hasn't come out yet, but who cares? I found screenies! :D).

Kyo: A wooden sword wielding navi who boasts about his skills in battling and defeating strong viruses. He's lighter in weight, compared to Wood Man and FlamMan. His true power, Falling Leaf Slash, is at its maximum effectiveness when running at his maximum speed. His ego is his 2nd biggest weakness, the 1st one being vulnerable to fire-type attacks.

Normal attack: Falling Leaf Slash
Operator: Brak

04-09-2004, 02:35 PM
(Sure topshot you can make your own char)

04-11-2004, 06:46 AM
((I've never played MMBN. I have no idea what it's like or anything. It sounds a bit like pokemon and Megaman mixed up. Well anyway I'll give it a shot.))

Name: Alex
Age: 25
Navi: Vampire.EXE

Bio: Alex works for a secret orginization of Navi Terrorists. Though branded as Terrorists and wanted for criminal activity, their organization is very secretive and has thier own agenda.

Vampire: A dark Navi which infects other navi with viruses which transfrom them into Vampi Navi. (Not Vampire navi, vampi navi. don't confuse them they are different.)

Vampi: A weaker version of Vampire, it is a coruption of it's orrigional form, though still controlable by it's origional master, it has uncontrolable fits which get worse with time and eventually completely take over so that the master looses complete control.


((Yes well there needs to be a bad guy. I don't know where the story's going and really have no idea what to make my terrorist group do since I've no idea what MMBN is. So if you could make a terrorist group to be the bad guys and I'll just be one of the members? Let me know what you think.))